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Web App Development Services at Trango Tech

Trango Tech is your place to find a full-cycle, commercial-scale, comprehensive suite of web application development services. Take an insider look at what we do in our dedicated web application development department. 

Custom Web Application Development

Get a bespoke web application 100% tailored to meet your business requirements, match your revenue targets, overcome industry challenges and engage your customers. 


B2B Admin Portal Development

We utilize web architecture and technologies like HTML, CSS, Laravel, and Python to build B2B admin portals for businesses that want to manage customers and employees on single platforms.

Web App Maintenance and Support

As an elite web application development company, we also provide 100% remote web app maintenance, updates, security and technical support services. Our deliverables includes regular monitoring and penetration assessments.

Ecommerce Web Application 

We have a team of e-commerce app developers who are masters in building & launching scalable online stores. So whether you need a multi-vendor marketplace, or planning to launch a dedicated store, we’re here to assist.

Node.js Web App Development

We utilize Node.js for building robust, event-driven architectures and data-intensive server-side applications that are highly performant. Earlier, we have built small-scale streaming platforms & organizational chat solutions using Node.js.

SaaS Web App Development

At Trango Tech, we build and launch enterprise-grade SaaS, Software as a Service programs on the cloud for businesses that want to help their professional customers and make money through subscriptions.

Backend Development

As a leading web app development company, our backend programs are reliable and secure, and seamlessly blend with business’ internal and external services to support data management and reporting functionalities. 

Case Studies

Trango Tech replaces the guesswork with strong strategy and development execution to set up your business for success. We have a proven track record of creating meaningful web applications and a portfolio built on projects that we are incredibly proud of.   

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Why Choose Trango Tech for Web App Development Services 

Our clients understand that working with Trango Tech means tapping ROI, going beyond project-level support and long-term viability. With client-centricity and business growth as our key pillars, here are 8 reasons why businesses like you love working with Trango Tech in different capacities. 

Our offerings for web app development services are the most economical one in the USA. Because we want to support business growth in this thriving ecosystem, we are always open to working on basic to large-scale projects. 

Competitive Pricing

Trango Tech uses sustainable and scalable development environments and tools so our resulting apps are efficient and exceed user expectations. We build web applications using HTML, CSS, and Java, and deploy modern stacks based on MEAN and MERN. 

Technology Stacks

Dedicated teams are assigned on every app project. We create meeting schedules for clients beforehand, during which we provide transparently all the updates and underlying additions in scope of work as required. 


As a full-cycle web application development company, Trango Tech provides complete coverage from web app concepts to deployment and analytics.

Full-Cycle Development 

We have a dedicated web app development team with solid design, development and testing skills. Our key internal stakeholders work collaboratively from ideation to deployment to build web apps. 

Technical Expertise

Alongside a talented workforce and modern technology stack, Trango Tech has robust sector experience and a powerful portfolio of niche and micro-niche applications.

Niche Experience 

Our project managers follow agile methodologies and the underlying scrum approach to help deliver more than web applications and digital experiences.

Project Management

While we do have physical headquarters across the globe that operate during business hours, we also entertain business and technical queries remotely.

Get 1:1 Support 

What Clients Say About Trango Tech’s Web Application Development Services

At Trango Tech, we have set excellence as the minimum bar for client delivery – and this approach has helped us achieve a business-wide 94% client satisfaction rate. We uphold transparency, updates, professionalism and strong communication about project progress as well as bottlenecks. And these words from the clients are the result of our drive to do better, every day!

Benefits of Building a Business Web App

As a business owner, a web application gives you the limitless opportunity to target an individual user to an organization of professionals – and for all of them, you can offer diverse digital experiences, simultaneously. Besides the strong user base, here are six reasons why businesses like yours are investing in web application services. 

  • Cross-platform Availability The biggest business benefit of a web application is its availability on web browsers. Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox combine report more than 6 billion monthly active users of browsers. This means with a web app, you can reach think chunk of users across diverse devices.  
  • Reach and Accessibility  A web application is more accessible and teleports your products and services into your target customers’ hands and palms because of its stems in platform independence. Reach the number of profiles your business envisions without the need for downloads and installs. 
  • Cost-Effective Business Asset  A web application is way more economical to develop and deploy than typical mobile applications. At Trango Tech, we offer custom web app development services that are affordable for businesses at different levels of growth and support their stable to fast-paced journeys. 
  • Data-Driven Insights  A web application gives you more freedom and tools to make informed decisions – and that’s because of all the data and meaningful information you can draw when your target audience are in the app. Target users by tracking metrics like their session durations and purchasing habits. 
  • Search Engine Potential  A web application helps you attract search engine traffic – and again, it means more than 7 billion profiles that use web browsers. With the services of a web app development agency like Trango Tech, You can optimize your web app on industry-relevant commercial keywords, connect with content, and convert visitors.
  • Business Expansion  As a web application development company, we have witnessed businesses expanding to the newest target audience segments, demographics and geographical locations all with PWA that has the potential to reach millions and billions of profiles through browsers. 

Time-Tested Technology Stack for Web Application Development

As a web application development company with more than 10 years in service, we have utilized this technology stack to develop web applications – and we have strengthened it with each new development experience. There are top three qualities of our technology stack that are ideal for your business: it’s sustainable, secure and scalable. So at any point, your business can keep replying on the code, and expand it whenever you and your business are ready!  


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    Ruby on Rails

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    SQL Server

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    Amazon DynamoDB


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    Microsoft Azure

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Trango Tech’s Custom Web Application Development Features

Here is what it means to have a PWA custom-designed, developed, and deployed by Trango Tech’s expert team of custom web application developers. 

  • Sustainable Code

    We build robust web applications by employing modular, well-documented code using popular open-source and proprietary technology stack so your business can rely and build on this digital asset. 

  • Secure Backend

    We build the backend of web applications that form the bedrock of trust for your app users online and offline. We safeguard sensitive data with rigorous authentication, encryption and access control measures. 

  • Engaging Frontend 

    We create the frontend of web applications that serve as the real gateway to digital experience. These are the user-side faces of the web app that are functional, intuitive, aesthetic, and engaging on the top. 

  • Scalable Architecture 

    We ensure building a scalable web application that evolves faster than your business does – to support increasing demand and traffic, your expansion goals and your revenue targets. 

Build a B2B Web

A business-centric web app is an asset that will generate leads, bookkeep, manage inventory, sell, engage customers, and market for you – so you can focus on your business’ most crucial tasks! Not sure which business app to build first? 


Industries We Have Transformed

We help businesses disrupt their industrial sectors with web applications that challenge traditional business models and reshape customer experiences. Through our web apps, our clients address the unmet needs of their stakeholders, improve accessibility to products and services, collect and utilize data for business-wide analytics. 

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Types of Web Applications We Have Built

As a dedicated web applications development company, Trango Tech has a solid portfolio in the web domain. Considering our track record in build web apps and SaaS, here are the programs we are strongest at:  


These are digital platforms for buyers and sellers and everything from physical artificial plants to digital downloads are traded. The main features of our marketplaces include:

  • Online payment integration 
  • Security and data privacy with SSL and end-to-end encryption 
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Detailed product listings 
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Smooth checkout
  • Robust search functionality and categories 


We develop high-end CRM portals that help our clients manage communication with their past, existing and potential customers. The main features of our CRM portals include:

  • Lead management 
  • Client contact management 
  • Tracking customer interactions
  • Data and analytics
  • Automated marketing campaigns
  • Sales pipelines 
  • Automated funnel-wise email and messaging 

Productivity Tools 

We build workflow management tools that help with project tracking and completion. These web apps are typically SaaS programs that help with task management and keep teams laser-focused on KPI completion. Features include:

  • Project updates and Gantt charts
  • Time-tracking and organization tools
  • Communication and in-app messaging
  • Team management 
  • Team evaluation

File Sharing and Storage 

These are B2B web application development platforms with limited scope and help with exchanging information securely within and outside organizations. Trango Tech develops file sharing and storage tools on Cloud to support the increasing storage space requirements. Features include:

  • Integration with project management programs like Jira and Monday
  • Connection with professional communication platforms like Slack
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Password-protection and security 
  • Remote access management

On-Demand Solutions 

These are web application development solutions that help end users book relevant services. At Trango Tech, we have built niche-specific web apps for pet-care to super applications that give access to more than 15 domestic care services. The main features of web applications include:

  • Mobile booking availability
  • In-app scheduling and calendars
  • In-app messaging 
  • Built-in cameras to support gigs and requests 
  • Bill calculation and bill-splitting
  • In-app map integration 
  • Profile creation
  • Reviews and rating 

Learning Management Systems 

Because we love the sectors of education and training, we build customized learning management systems to support the initiatives of academic institutions, professional development programs and universities. The main features of our LMS programs include:

  • Customized student learning pathways
  • Learning and grade tracking 
  • In-app teacher-student communication
  • Announcements, events and logs 
  • Content delivery and file submission
  • Co-curricular activity tracking and reporting 
  • AI-based assessment grading 

Content Management Systems 

These CMS programs work well for brands that want to self-manage their content marketing efforts. These are user-friendly portals that help clients create, publish, delete and manage branded and unbranded content that goes on official platforms like company websites and social media, as well as third-party channels like guest blogs and press releases. Features include:

  • Keyword research 
  • Keyword optimization suggestions
  • Content scheduling 
  • Content reach metrics 
  • Content distribution analytics and reports  
  • Content-led lead generation data 

Looking for web app development services?

At Trango Tech, we utilize web architecture to build next-gen applications and amplify business success for our clients and partners. You and your business could be the next!


Trango Tech’s Web Application Development Cost

As a prominent web application development company prioritizing business value, standard delivery and competitive pricing, we offer three ready-made web app development cost packages along with the complete flexibility to build a custom quote for supporting your unique organizational requirements and budget. 


$5K – 10K

Web application development cost at Trango Tech starts with their tier covering standard services with options for strategy, UI/UX design, frontend and backend development, code review and web app testing and deployment. This tier is ideal for new startup founders, solopreneurs who are bootstrapping and businesses planning to build MVPs for market testing. 


$15K – 20K

This is the second tier which covers full-cycle web app development. We build multi-featured, intermediate-level web applications utilizing HTML, CSS and Laravel in this tier. This is ideal for businesses that already have a decent digital presence on a website or social media, and now want to scale their businesses with a robust digital asset. 


$25K – 30K 

This is the third tier of web app development cost and again, offers full-cycle development from creativity and discovery to launch and post-launch maintenance, and all key stages in between. This tier is ideal for production-sensitive and service-centric industrial leaders that want to expand their revenue and transform digitally by offering a robust web experience to their stakeholders: employees and/or customers. 


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Trango Tech is Setting the Benchmark as an Elite Dynamics 365 Partner

Experience excellence with Trango Tech – An expert Microsoft Dynamics Partner, nowadays. Our innovative approach and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions have earned us global recognition and prestigious awards. Also, our experts ensure to deliver scalable solutions that align with our clients' goals. We have an extensive experience across diverse industries, which makes us stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with us today and get the best services related to your ERP and CRM solutions.

Web App Development Process at Trango Tech

At Trango Tech, we follow a 6-step, flagship product development process that runs on Agile and Scrum methods. Here is an insider look at our web application development process. 

Post-Launch Maintenance

All of our projects qualify for a standard FREE post-launch maintenance, with periods specific to client contracts. During this post-launch maintenance, Trango Tech’s team rigorously supports your users in navigating the technicalities, for example making accounts and setting up payment methods. We also monitor the performance of the web app, maintain error logs and fix issues in real-time.


Web applications are delivered through the web and typically hosted on cloud. For deployment, we utilize a domain name and hosting solution so that you can distribute your web application to your internal stakeholders, like employees, suppliers and vendors, and announce it to your customers.


After major development execution, the first build of the web application is ready to be pushed the quality assurance department. We have a dedicated team of testing analysts who rigorously test web apps on five fronts: performance, experience, compatibility, security and responsiveness. During the testing procedures, our analysts document error logs and create dedicated reports for reporting integration, device, unit and functional testing.


At Trango Tech, development execution happens in 4 major steps: we start with sprint planning. Each sprint is dedicated to the development and evaluation of 2-3 key features and can take 4 to 8 business days. The second step is frontend development, which in the case of web app development, utilizes HTML, CSS and Java. The third step is backend development for which we utilize Laravel, PHP, and Node.js depending on requirements. The fourth step is API integration where we employ external services and plugins like online payment and real-time maps.


This is the UI/UX design stage where we look into the product development roadmap, then build wireframes to further clarify the user journey within the web application. Based on the user journey and the list of features decided in earlier steps, we create a feature map, allot priorities and resources and associate development hours. Then we create a prototype and web app screen mockups that are clickable and interactive enough to explain how the web application will work with the end users.


Key design, development and prototyping processes at Trango Tech start with strong technical and business discovery. So as a business, if you have opted for full-cycle development, we kick off the project by listening to your business nature, understanding the industry dynamics, researching your competitors, and then developing roadmaps and strategies including technology stack and monetization framework.

Working With The Best in Business

We bring together the human ingenuity of our clients and developers to materialize brilliant ideas into web applications.


Let’s level up your Brand, together

    Ask Any Questions

    Because web app development is a business case, we always recommend our clients study our portfolio and social proof before deciding if we really are the best web app developers near you. You can verify our project successes by talking to our previous clients and app founders, then verify the same from B2B independent review platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and Sortlist.
    A web app typically needs 3 to 7 months for complete development execution, deployment and launch. However, basic web applications, like niche-specific ecommerce stores take less than 2 months. B2B admin portals and Content Management Systems take an average of 4 months. High-end Customer Relationship Management systems, productivity tools and communication apps take around 6 months.
    Web application development cost starts at $4K and can go up to $48K depending on the scope and features of the web application. The average web app costs $8K.
    Our PWA development services are full-cycle, so we support businesses from ideation to design to development and launch for making Progressive Web Apps. As a business, you can choose to subscribe to standard services stage-wise, or work full-cycle.
    Yes, as a web application development firm with comprehensive coverage, Trango Tech offers custom web app development consultancy with deliverables including: web app development roadmap, market research and competitor analysis, web app development product strategy, technology stack and monetization framework.
    While we do offer full-scale web app development services, we have a technology stack that helps us build
    • Customer Relationship Management tools
    • User management tools
    • Content management systems
    • Project management portals 
    • B2B admin portals
    • Organizational communication and collaboration tools 
    • File sharing and storage platforms
    Yes, we have a dedicated department that develops groundbreaking digital experiences on Java. Most of our B2B admin portals that allow clients to self-manage their website’s content and user registration have backends that we power through Java.