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From ideation to implementation, our professional team of Microsoft Experts assists Businesses to thrive.

Our Microsoft offerings

Transforming businesses with exclusive Microsoft services and solutions for unparalleled growth and success

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Microsoft SharePoint

Streamline collaboration and improve productivity with our high-end Microsoft SharePoint services and solutions using online data updates and efficient project monitoring.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accelerate your business growth and efficiency through our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services that help you with enhanced customer engagement, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

microsoft dynamics365
microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure

With our Microsoft Azure services, you can take advantage of the full functionality of the cloud. We provide scalable, secure, and innovative solutions for your business application and data hosting.

power platform

Power Platform

Leverage Microsoft Power Platform to revolutionize your business processes, incorporating automation, data analytics, and customized solutions for enhanced efficiency.

microsoft security

Microsoft Security

Secure your business from cyber threats with our professional Microsoft Security solutions. Our advanced threat protection and secure data access ensure that your business remains protected. 


Achieve Unprecedented Success With Our
Microsoft Cloud-Based Services

At Trango Tech, we offer a suite of expert services to transform your business operations and drive growth and success. Our Microsoft Solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Application Modernisation

Our expertise lies in speeding up the process of creating and modernizing applications through the use of smart engineering and AI-guided development that helps improve user experience as well as improve your business performance.

ERP & CRM Transformation

The ERP & CRM Transformation services offered by us result in the streamlining of your business processes, and improved efficiency as well as customer relationship management through advanced Dynamics solutions.

Cloud Migration

Trango Tech facilitates the seamless transition to the cloud, expertly managing the entire process to ensure safety and simplicity. Hence, your business operations will see a boost in scalability and accessibility. 

Microsoft Solution Consultation

Our Microsoft Solution Consultant services assist you in choosing the right strategies for your business needs. By leveraging our expertise, you can make the right decisions that drive growth, and maximize the value of your Microsoft investments.

Power Platform Services

Trango Tech's Power Platform Services can provide you with cutting-edge tools for advanced automation and analytics, which can drive your processes to unimaginable heights and take your business productivity to the next level.

Custom App Creation

Our custom app creation services enable you to develop tailored applications that address your specific business requirements, enhancing productivity in the long run.

Data & AI

The Data & AI offerings of Trango Tech can be used to employ big data to enable smart decision-making across the organization and get maximum return out of the resources. The solutions we offer allow you to gain actionable insights, and help your business standout

Cloud Infrastructure

Trango Tech's cloud infrastructure solutions offer a stable and scalable platform for your business. With our data-driven services, you can scale teams to actualize real-time effectiveness and give your company the needed edge to grow and innovate with confidence.

Modernize Cloud Security

Our Modernize cloud security services enhance your cloud infrastructure's security posture, protecting your data and applications from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Our Vision As Microsoft Solutions Consultants

As an elite Microsoft Partner, our vision is to innovate and assist businesses with streamlined business operations through customized Microsoft services and solutions. We have a veteran team of professionals who deliver a wide variety of services that drive growth and enhance your enterprise's operational activities.


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Industries we Cater as an Eminent Microsoft Partner

Say goodbye to Mediocre Microsoft solutions! Trango Tech doesn’t utilize a one-size-fits-all approach. Our experienced team of Microsoft experts has expertise in diverse sectors and industries. 

We offer a wide range of services in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance, and many other industries. We also provide tailored solutions to our clientele aimed at revenue maximization, customer retention, and business promotion.

Trango Tech is Making Strides As An Expert Microsoft Partner

Our unique strategy and competent technical abilities in the industrial field make us a front-runner in the Microsoft world as well as across various sectors. Our innovative approach and dedication to offering the best solution have led us to obtain a global reputation where we have been recognized for the awards we have attained.

Moreover, the scalable solutions that we offer are governed by our specialists to make sure that they are in line with our client’s targets. Our versatile business track record and familiarity with multiple markets allow us to be unique and distinct from other companies.

Trango Tech – A Reliable Microsoft Partner with 1000+ Contented Customers & Growing!

We don’t just provide you with Microsoft solutions; rather, we will customize your experience according to your specific business needs in particular. Our unwavering quest for excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the best choice for businesses that require state-of-the-art Microsoft-related services


Our Esteemed Affiliations & Partnerships

Our Microsoft experts at Trango Tech have 20+ years of experience working with diverse Microsoft ERPs, CRMs, and Modules.


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    Trango Tech possesses strong technical abilities and diverse knowledge that helps them create and customize indigenous Microsoft products. Our experienced team of makes sure each implementation is customized rightfully and in the best manner to suit your business' specific needs. For us, our customers’ contentment is our priority, and we believe that an innovative approach, reliability, and responsiveness are the means to achieve an unequaled customer experience

    Trango Tech is a leading Microsoft Solution Partner, providing customized solutions for various industries such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. With our in-depth understanding of your particular industry, we are capable of identifying your specific needs and developing tailor-made solutions that lead to improved productivity, growth, and success of your business.

    Absolutely! Trango Tech empowers you to optimize the applications in Microsoft according to your organization's distinct preferences and capabilities. Microsoft demands uniqueness and customer specifications like workflows, modules, and integrations, our team is knowledgeable enough to implement them accordingly. We are committed to providing solutions more than the mere level of fulfilling your expectations.

    The Microsoft solutions implementation timeline might vary based on your organization's needs and the complexity of the processes that need to be automated. However, we as a team are committed to making sure that everything is done correctly on time and this should not downgrade the quality. We consistently cooperate with you towards providing your business with a timeline that is attainable and, at the same time, we guarantee the high-end final delivery of your product.

    At Trango Tech, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services for all our Microsoft Implementations. Our support team is always ready to have a look at any issues or concerns you might experience with your ERP or CRM systems. Moreover, we often provide changes and updates to your products’ implementation in a timely and secure way. Reach to our expert team of Microsoft experts today and get all your queries resolved.