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Trango Tech helps businesses transform by taking their idea and nurturing it into a physical product that offers measurable and noticeable results.

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Service We Offer

Our Salesforce Services and Consultancy helps solve complex problems through holistic data-driven strategies, slowly helping shape the future of businesses. No matter what your needs entail, we’ll make sure to give you a bang for your buck!

Salesforce Maintenance & Support

Our maintenance and support service ensures that your Salesforce account stays up-to-date and running smoothly. We offer troubleshooting and technical support, as well as ongoing updates and improvements to the platform.

Salesforce Integration

We offer a range of integration services to help businesses connect Salesforce with other systems and platforms. This can include CRM systems, accounting software, marketing automation tools, and more.

Salesforce App Development

Our team of developers can create custom applications or integrations that can be used within Salesforce. Whether you need a custom interface for a specific business process or an integration with another system, we can help.

Salesforce Customization

We offer a range of customization services to help businesses tailor their Salesforce account to their specific needs. This can include creating custom fields, building custom objects and workflows, and integrating the platform with other systems.

Salesforce Consulting

Our consulting service is designed to help businesses get the most out of their Salesforce account. Our team of experts will assess your business's needs and goals, and provide guidance on how to best use the platform to meet those objectives.

Salesforce Implementation

We offer a comprehensive implementation service for businesses looking to set up and configure their Salesforce account. Our team of experts will handle the entire process, from data import to user training, to ensure a smooth and successful rollout of the platform.

Salesforce Products We Offer

As a certified Salesforce Partner, we understand the value and pivotal role each Salesforce product plays in transcending your business to the next level. Here are the Salesforce products we offer that you can use to revolutionize your business.

Marketing Cloud

Sales Cloud

Customer Data Platform

Audience Studio

Experience Cloud


Interaction Studio

Social Studio

Why Choose Trango Tech

Wondering what makes us a better fit for your app development needs than the rest? Apart from our keen attention to detail and more than a decade’s worth of expertise, here’s why!

Get the same superior quality of work for a fraction of the price with Trango Tech. Unlike others, we want our services to be pursuable.

Competitive Pricing & Delivery

Our team ensures that every revision is backed by an automated build and test with the help of our continuous integration process and proven methodologies. 

Continuous Integration

Day or night, our 24x7 technical support team is always here to fix the issues for you and your users. 

24/7 Technical Support

We don’t sit back and relax until the architecture of your system is perfect. 

Perfect Architecture

Can’t find the right engagement model for your CRM system? Don’t worry; we have covered you with our flexible engagement models. 

Flexible Engagement Models

We’re here to enhance the efficiency and operations of your customer management solution with our enterprise solutions.

Enterprise App Solutions

Industries We Have Conquered

TrangoTech offers a diverse reach by offering industry-specific applications for every client


Widely used in the eCommerce industry, the Salesforce system has helped various eCommerce companies to streamline operations, improve customer service, better manage customer relationships, improve orders and shipment tracking, and customer data analysis to efficiently personalize marketing tactics and drive more sales. 



From managing patient records, schedule appointments, to tracking patient outcomes, the Salesforce system has helped revolutionize the healthcare industry by enabling enhanced patient care and centralized operations.



Salesforce has helped speed up retail transformation by helping businesses thrive in a digital-first world. Their integrated platform helps teams coordinate more efficiently, creating and curating engaging and converting marketing experiences, and helping maintain consistency in their service. 



Salesforce has been used in the wellness industry to manage customer relationships, track orders and shipments, and analyze customer data to personalize marketing efforts. The Salesforce system has helped wellness companies streamline their operations, improve customer service, and drive sales.



Salesforce has helped revolutionize the Food & Beverage industry by optimizing field execution, streamlining mundane and repetitive tasks, and maximizing ROI, all while enabling food businesses to reach their zenith through exponential growth.



Every business, whether eCommerce or brick-and-mortar, needs a smooth system to safely deliver products to and from customers and warehouses. Our credible staff can create everything to help you achieve it when it's a reliable supply chain management software and an easy tracking logistics app.



Salesforce has provided solutions to holistically cater the needs of the eLearning industry. From helping manage student records, scheduling classes, tracking student progress, to helping organizations further enhance the students learning experiences and streamlining operations.


Real Estate

With a plethora of applications within the Real Estate industry, the Salesforce system is being used to manage leads, track properties, analyze market trends and help real estate professionals stay organized and provide an enhanced experience for their clients


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