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What The Best Shopify Development Company Offers

We at Trango Tech have gathered a team of tech-gurus who understand all the ins and outs of Shopify. We’ll sow the seeds of your success to help your brand reach heights unlike ever before.

Shopify Store Development Services

Are you looking for the best shopify store development services? Well, you are at the right place! We’ll create stunning stores for you that will be powered by light themes giving you speed and a unique customer experience. Our team will professionally handle your eCommerce store setup from start to finish, so you can just sit back, relax, and reap the rewards. Shopify eCommerce development services are one of the most esteemed services we offer at this Shopify website development company.

Shopify App Development Services

Besides Shopify web development, we have expertise in developing smooth Shopify app for your store. Our Shopify app development team of experts will seamlessly integrate third-party apps from the Shopify store onto your app, making sure to weed out any glitches or potential errors so your customers have a flawless and frictionless shopping experience and the store maintains optimal performance at all times.

Shopify Integrations Services

With our Shopify Integration service, we’ll integrate all the extra functionality you want onto your online eCommerce store. From real-time inventory management, a secure POS system, to tracking stock movement, and more, our Shopify integration service will help optimize your business operations and enable rapid growth of your eCommerce business. Our Shopify development service is designed to offer nothing short of perfection.

Custom Theme Development Services

If you’re looking for a custom designed theme for your online eCommerce store, our custom Shopify development services have got you covered! We will meticulously design and develop a unique and custom Shopify theme which will holistically encompass your brand’s color scheme, helping to drastically enhance your store’s User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) ten folds while staying true and consistent to your brand message.

Shopify Migration Services

At Trango Tech, our Shopify development service team includes Shopify migration experts who are here to aid and assist you in switching from any platform such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, OpenCart, or other, over to Shopify with ease. We’ll address all the hassles that come with migrating to another platform while holistically meeting and exceeding your needs. You can be rest assured, your experience in Shopify migration will be a seamless and frictionless one.

Shopify Store Support Services

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a pickle, not to worry! Our Shopify development services store support team is here to help guide you in anything you need assistance in. We’ll address and rectify any and all the issues you’re facing, providing you with step-by-step instructions along with all the relevant documentation needed to help rectify and overcome the obstacle. If you still can’t find the solution, we at the leading Shopify ecommerce development company will handle it for you.

Our Portfolio

TrangoTech has been a part of the development and design industry for over a decade. Our team comprises over 100+ certified and trained developers with experience of 15 years or more, making them the best at what they do. No matter what your company size or needs are, our team knows how to create a spectacular app. Here are some of our clients from various industries who’ve been with us since the start.

Why Choose Trango Tech for Shopify Development Services

With over a team of 100+ certified Shopify eCommerce developers and +10 years in the industry, here is what sets us apart from the rest and why you should always choose Trango Tech, the industry-leading Shopify development company.

We believe in customer retention and to achieve said retention, trust and transparency are vital. We always provide a complete breakdown of the quote with zero hidden surcharges.

Total Transparency

We ensure all the code we’ve written is clean with zero room for errors. Using core web vitals metrics along with other code testing tools.

Clean Coding

One of the aspects we focus on when delivering a service is optimization. Because no matter how well your website is designed or how much-added functionality it has integrated, it's not converting if not optimized.


Our team of Shopify developers will ensure your eCommerce website is prepped, ready, and responsive for a wide array of devices, browsers, screen sizes, and viewports.


Your project’s Driving Need will help us understand and quantify the scope of your project, its requirements, solutions, to help set SMART goals

360-Degree Project Management

Our team will discuss what your expectations are of us, what metrics will be used to measure the results achieved, and what input we will need from your end.

Transparent Communication

You’ll receive regular progress reports from our team to help keep you looped in at what stage your project has reached and what the estimated time of completion will be.

Regular Updates

We offer our superlative services at an affordable pricing to provide the best value for money, appeasing a much grandeur audience along the way.

Affordable Pricing

Need Expert Advice On Your Project?


Industries We’ve Catered

Our expertise expands into almost every major industry, from healthcare, real estate, education, to fintech, and more. Over the course of 10+ years, we’ve compiled some of our magnum opuses. Have a look at them!


Shopify’s is an easy to use eCommerce platform widely used in the retail industry. If you’re using Shopify for your retail store, we’ll help you stand out from your competition with a variety of stunning, scalable, and robust Shopify website. Our Shopify website development services include enhanced security (SSL certification, multi-factor authentication, and more), checkout functionality for a personalized experience, payment integration for multiple payment options. Regardless of your unique business needs,  choose our Shopify development services to get a Shopify website developed now that meets and exceeds your needs.


Whether you’re looking for a telemedicine platform or an online healthcare store, our Shopify development service will surely come in handy for you. Using the power of Shopify to build your project, we’ll make sure its HIPAA compliant, has Patient History Management and Analysis, is ERP integrated, is equipped for Audio and Video Conferencing, has EHR database integration, has remote scheduling and appointment option, automated invoice generation, e-prescription features, and has browser-based Web App Architecture to enhance and maximize accessibility, as well as dozens of other features. No matter what your healthcare needs call for, we’ll make sure to holistically meet and exceed them.

Real Estate

When it comes to the real estate industry, we are at the top of our game. Powering your real estate website with Shopify, we’ll make sure to incorporate User Account Login and Signup, Listing and database management, custom property profile filter functionality, map integration, real estate property cost calculator, appointment scheduling and reminder features. No matter what your needs entail, our Shopify development services are designed to help your business holistically overcome any obstacle.


Owning an eCommerce store with a unique, grand, and memorable experience is now possible with our Shopify Development Services. Whether you’re looking for enhanced store functionality, or looking to give an enhanced experience to your customers, we got you! From AI Chatbot and FAQs Automation, Abandoned Cart Recovery, Automated reward and discount coupon generation functionality, Marketplace Integration, SEO Management and Optimization, Email Marketing, Order Management, Processing, and Fulfillment, Inventory Management, to Personalized Checkout Experience, we’ll integrate all these features when building a Shopify store to ensure all the needs of you and your customers are met and exceeded.


Optimize the functionality of your restaurant website while holistically catering the needs of your audience with our pristine Shopify development services. Automate and streamline your business with our restaurant website development packed with tons of features like multiple payment gateway, store pickup and online delivery, custom menu, meal nutrition to alert customers of allergens, restrictive items, table reservation and scheduling, table management, employee management, staff shift-scheduling and time-tracking, inventory and order management, and much more! We’ll make sure to holistically cover all aspects of your business.

Why choose Our Shopify Website Development Services

With our esteemed Shopify Website Development services, you’ll gain access to a boatload of perks, from enhanced mobile responsiveness, improved performance and scalability, to improved security, and so much more! Get in touch with us to learn more about our shopify web development services.

  • Marketplace Ready Mobile Optimization
  • Social Ecommerce Responsive Designs
  • Product Management Secure Shopping Cart
  • Vendor Management Reporting & Analytics
  • Customer Management Add -on, Plugin, Module
  • Customer Management Multilingual & Multicurrency

Let’s level up your Brand, together

    Our Other Services

    We have everything in the store that you might need to offer an explosive mobile experience. Here are some other mobile app development-related services we offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products.

    Ask Any Questions

    Got some questions on your mind related to Shopify eCommere development services? Here are some frequently asked questions that our experts have answered for you.

    The best Shopify Development Services would be from none other than Trango Tech. But regardless of whichever Shopify development companies you choose from, there are a few things you should keep in mind before giving the green-go.

  • Transparency
  • Always make sure to be as transparent as you can and openly communicate what your expectations are from them. This will clear and fill up any communication gaps that may arise and help you make informed decisions about your business, which aspects to prioritize and focus on first.
  • Budgeting
  • Communicate what your total budget for the project is and how flexible or inflexible it is.
  • Deliverables
  • Ask how long it will take to complete your project from start to finish and get it in writing if you can. Also ask them for regular updates regarding what stage your project is in to keep you looped in at all times. Use this opportunity to discuss how you will measure the project’s success (KPIs).
  • USPs
  • Whichever Shopify Development Services you're discussing your project with, ask them why you should choose them? What is the unique aspect of their service that differentiates them from their competitors? Analyze their Unique Selling Proposition and see if it can help give you an edge over the rest of your competitors.
    After you’ve received their quotation, juxtapose what they’re offering with our offer and the answer will automatically become clear which is the best Shopify Development Services.

    There is no fixed cost for the development of your Shopify website, there are a lot of factors that influence what the total cost will come up to about. We’ve listed below some of the factors that affect the overall cost of your Shopify website project:

  • Individual Details
  • Each project entails a unique set of essentials. The cost is completely dependent on the details, challenges, requirements, complexities, and intricacies your individual project holds.
  • No. of Products 
  • Another influencing factor for how much your project will cost is how many products you want uploaded and how many variations will each product have individually. The higher the number of products, the more the total cost.
  • No. of Features
  • Depending on how many custom features and custom functionalities you want integrated into your store will be a key player in determining how much the cost of your project will come up to. Each feature will have to be individually tested to ensure it is working as intended and adds to the User Experience instead of hindering it.
    These are just a few of the plethora of factors that go into deciding what the total cost of your shopify store will be. But if we were to average out the cost of a barebone Shopify project which has nothing special or intriguing about it, it should start somewhere around $5000. The upper cap has no limit though.

    If you want to build a Shopify website yourself, it should take you somewhere between 3-4 days. But what you will end up with will just be a bone-stock eCommerce store with nothing special about it. But if you want a fully optimized and functional eCommerce store, it would be in your interest to outsource to a Shopify store development company.
    How long it will take them to create a fully functional Shopify website is completely dependent on the complexity and needs of your project. Some of the factors that affect how much time it will take to create a Shopify website are:

  • Individual Details
  • Depending on what are your needs, objectives, requirements, and complexities, will play a significant role in increasing or decreasing the total time taken.
  • UI Design
  • Whether you have a simplistic User Interface in mind or a complex User Interface, plays a pivotal role in determining how long it takes to develop your Shopify website. The simplicity and complexity of the User Interface is also influenced by your niche and UX research.
  • Features
  • Depending on how many and what type of features you want added into your Shopify website directly influences how much or how less time the development of your Shopify website will take. If you want to add custom features, it will take more time compared to a pre-made feature as they will have to be designed from scratch and coded into existence.
    These are just some of the many more variables that directly or indirectly affect how much time it will take to complete your Shopify website project. Although the development of a Shopify website takes time, by choosing a proper Shopify store development company you’ll have a lot more customization options which you wouldn’t be able to implement if you tried to do it yourself.

    It’s no surprise why Shopify is the go to eCommerce platform for newbies, experienced, and veteran store owners. Why? Well, for starters:
    Support: Shopify has one of the best after sales support, available for users 24/7.
    Hosting: Using Shopify as your eCommerce platform helps you avoid the entire hassle of getting a hosting service provider or building your own physical servers altogether as Shopify provides hosting for your eCommerce store themselves.
    Secure POS: Shopify boasts a built-in POS system with multi-layer encryption to secure the data of your users.

    Shopify is an eCommerce platform with a monthly subscription-based model that business owners use to power their online stores, it even comes equipped with a Shopify Point Of Sale system which you can use to help run and manage your physical store(if any). Shopify development on the other hand refers to the entire development process of having your Shopify store developed.

    Yes, we offer weekly and monthly progress reports to keep you looped in on which developmental stage your project is in.

    There are a plethora of reasons why you should choose Trango Tech as your Shopify Development Services provider. Few of those reasons are;

    • Competitive Pricing
    We keep our prices low and competitive without any compromise on standard and quality design, giving you optimal value for money.
    • Prompt Delivery
    We ensure quick delivery of each project while making sure we go above and beyond to holistically fulfill your needs. Our service model ensures we complete the projects and deliver them to you within 48 hours.
    • Complete Data Confidentiality
    We sign NDA’s and Terms of Agreement to ensure all your data remains safe, secure, and confidential. At the end of each project we hand over the source files to you.
    • Industry-specific Resources
    Our developers have a vast experience, averaging around at least 10 years. They’ve mastered their skills by taking on projects from a variety of industries and niches. We always assign each project keeping in mind the developers specialization so they can bring out the best in your project.
    • Cutting-edge Technology
    Our cutting edge tech-stack guarantees that you receive only the trendiest, most successful, and optimal technologies for your needs, requirements, and projects.
    • Optimized Strategies
    Before we work on your project, we analyze your requirements, the complexities of your project, study your target audience, what are their needs and constraints, and how you can help them overcome it. This helps us develop a personalized strategy to help bring out the best in your brand. These are just six of the dozens more benefits you get whenever you choose Trango Tech, the best Shopify Development Services.

    Shopify development services refers to a variety of different services you can use to build, scale, improve, and migrate your Shopify store. We at Trango Tech offer a wide range of Shopify development services which include but are not limited to, Shopify store development, Shopify integrations, Custom Shopify theme development, Shopify migration, and Shopify store support. Each aspect of our services is designed to holistically encompass all your needs, make sure your store offers optimal performance, unique customer experience, and seamless customer touchpoints.

    With over 4.3 million ecommerce sites powered by Shopify, it has proven to be highly beneficial for business owners. Shopify offers several benefits which helps businesses establish and grow their online presence. Some of the key advantages you get using Shopify eCommerce platform (or availing our shopify ecommerce website development) services are:

        • User-friendly interface: Shopify is renowned for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is designed to be accessible to users of all technical levels, making it easy for beginners to set up and manage their online stores without extensive coding or development skills.
        • Quick setup and launch: With its pre-built templates and themes, Shopify allows you to get your online store up and running quickly. This can be crucial for businesses looking to enter the market swiftly and start selling products as soon as possible.
        • Customization options: While Shopify offers ready-made templates, it also provides a high degree of customization. You can modify the appearance and layout of your store to match your brand's identity and tailor it to your specific requirements.
        • Secure and reliable: Shopify takes care of security and hosting for your online store, so you don't have to worry about technical aspects like server maintenance and security updates. They handle the platform's infrastructure, ensuring a secure and reliable shopping experience for your customers, at all times.
        • Mobile responsiveness: In today's mobile-driven world, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial. Shopify themes are designed to be responsive, providing a seamless shopping experience across various devices like smartphones and tablets.
        • Payment options: Shopify supports multiple payment gateways, making it convenient for customers to make purchases using their preferred methods. This flexibility can help improve conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.
        • Robust support and community: Shopify provides excellent customer support and has an active community of users and developers. You can find help through forums, documentation, and customer support channels whenever you encounter any issues.
        • SEO-friendly: Shopify is designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. It comes with built-in SEO features, making it easier for your store to rank well in search engine results and attract organic traffic.
        • Scalability: Shopify can accommodate businesses of various sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. As your business grows, Shopify's infrastructure can handle increased traffic and transactions.

    Shopify has a variety of different monthly subscription charges, ranging from as low as $5 per month, to upwards of $2000 per month. Below is a breakdown of the monthly charges of Shopify.

    Starter Subscription

    • Pricing Per Month: $5/month
    • Pricing Per Year: Not available

    Basic Subscription

    • Pricing Per Month: $25/month
    • Pricing Per Year: $19/month

    Shopify Subscription

    • Pricing Per Month: $65/month
    • Pricing Per Year: $49/month

    Advanced Subscription

    • Pricing Per Month: $399/month
    • Pricing Per Year: $299/month

    Plus Subscription

    • Pricing Per Month: Starting from $2000/month
    • Pricing Per Year: Not available

    Learn more: https://www.shopify.com/pricing



    While the regular version of Shopify gives you access to a suite of core ecommerce tools that are suitable for small or medium-sized businesses, Shopify Plus gives you a range of enterprise grade features, including increased access to the Shopify API, unlimited user accounts, better multi-currency selling features, the full suite of Shopify POS tools and a fully-customizable checkout process.

    Shopify Pricing

    Shopify has straightforward and easy-to-understand subscriptions. The Basic Shopify plan is for $29 per month or $19 per month (if paid annually). The Standard Shopify Plan is for $79 per month or $49 per month (if paid annually), and the Advanced Shopify Plan is for $399 per month or $299 per month (if paid annually).

    Shopify Plus Pricing

    On the other hand, Shopify Plus’s pricing is a bit more complex compared to the standard plans as the subscription fee you pay is variable - based on your monthly sales volumes and revenue. Shopify Plus starts from around $2,000 per month which includes standard setups and integrations. Once the business records $800,000 per month in sales, Shopify Plus will switch over to a revenue-based model - charging 0.25% of their monthly revenue.

    Shopify Features

    Just like any business, Shopify wants its customers to remain both happy and loyal. It achieves so by offering some of the top features available in the eCommerce platform industry. For starters, creating your own (simple) store is a piece of cake for anyone. With the wide range of options available for themes, branding, domain names, and more, they help give Shopify an edge over its competitors. Shopify also includes a plethora of other features such as shopping cart and store management options, including abandoned cart recovery, automatic carrier shipping rates, customer profiles and refunds. There’s even plenty of features available for marketing and SEO as well, such as Google Ads credits, discounts, and social media integrations. You also have access to analytics and a support team that is available at your disposal 24x7x365, via the medium of your choice - email, live chat, or phone call.

    Shopify Plus Features

    Shopify Plus includes all of the standard Shopify features, plus a plethora of additional resources and features that are designed to aid and help businesses churn even more sales. Those exclusive features include management tools such as Users, Store and Shopify Flow. Access to advanced ecommerce store that are designed for high-growth businesses and support for integration with custom APIs. Along with additional integrations and permissions, users also get access to the Merchant Success Program, the Shopify Plus Partner Program, Shopify POS Pro and a Shopify Plus Community on Facebook. To learn more about Shopify Plus and how it can help your business, get in touch with a shopify plus development company, like Trango Tech.

    Out of all the Shopify development agencies available, choosing the right Shopify development company is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your online store. Here are some essential factors you should take into consideration when choosing a Shopify development company:

    • Experience and Expertise: When choosing a Shopify development company, look for one with a proven track record in Shopify development. Check their portfolio to see the online stores they have built and assess the quality of their work. An experienced shopify development company will be more equipped to handle challenges, unexpected hurdles, and provide you with effective solutions that best fulfill your needs.
    • Reviews and Testimonials: Check for reviews and testimonials from their past clients. This can help give you an insight into their reputation, reliability, and customer satisfaction rate. Look for feedback on their communication, project management, ability to meet requirements, and overall performance.
    • Services Offered: Make sure the company offers the specific services you need. This could include store setup, theme customization, website integration, SEO optimization, and ongoing support. Understanding their capabilities will help you determine if they can meet your requirements.
    • Communication and Support: Effective communication is vital during the development process. Choose a company that is responsive, communicates clearly, and understands your vision for the store. Also, inquire about the support they provide after the launch of the store.
    • Price and Budget: Compare the pricing of different Shopify development companies. While it's essential to consider your budget, be cautious of extremely low prices, as they may indicate a compromise in quality. Look for a company that offers a reasonable balance between price and value.
    • Client-Centric Approach: A good development company should be focused on understanding your business and its goals. They should be able to tailor their services to meet your specific needs and provide solutions that align with your brand.
    • Security and Compliance: Ensure that the company follows best practices for security and data protection. Your customers' data and transactions must be handled securely to maintain trust and compliance with regulations.
    • Project Timeline: Inquire about the estimated timeline for your project. A reliable company should be able to provide a realistic schedule for the development, testing, and launch phases.
    • Flexibility and Scalability: Your online store may evolve over time, so choose a company that can accommodate future changes and growth. The chosen development team should be able to handle updates, improvements, and additional features as your business expands.
    • Contract and Agreements: Review the contract thoroughly before signing. Ensure that it includes all the terms, project scope, pricing, and other relevant details to avoid any misunderstandings.

    Hiring a Shopify web development company can offer numerous advantages for businesses looking to build or enhance their online stores. Here are some of the key benefits:

    • Expertise and Experience: Shopify development companies specialize in building and customizing online stores on the Shopify platform. Our shopify development agency has a team of skilled professionals with expertise in shopify ecommerce web development and design. Their vast experience allows them to deliver high-quality solutions efficiently.
    • Customization and Personalization: A Shopify website development agency can tailor your online store to match your brand's identity and unique requirements. They can create custom themes, add functionalities, and implement design elements that align with your business vision.
    • Time and Cost Efficiency: With their experience and streamlined processes, a development company can save you time and effort. They can set up your online store faster than if you were to do it yourself. Additionally, their expertise can prevent costly mistakes that might occur with inexperienced DIY approaches.
    • Mobile Responsiveness: A reputable Shopify development company ensures that your online store is mobile-friendly and responsive. As an increasing number of customers shop using mobile devices, this feature is crucial for a positive user experience and improved conversions.
    • SEO Optimization: Shopify development companies understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for your online store's visibility. They can implement SEO best practices, including optimized URLs, meta tags, and other elements to improve your store's ranking in search engine results.
    • Security and Reliability: A professional development company ensures that your online store is secure and reliable. They follow industry best practices to protect customer data, implement security measures, and provide regular updates to keep your store safe from potential threats.
    • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: After launching your store, a Shopify development company can provide ongoing support and maintenance. They can assist with updates, bug fixes, and any issues that may arise, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.
    • Scalability: As your business grows, your online store may require additional features and optimizations. A development company can handle the scalability of your store, ensuring it can accommodate increased traffic and product offerings.
    • Focus on Core Business: By outsourcing the development tasks to experts, you can focus on other core aspects of your business, such as marketing, product development, and customer engagement. This allows you to allocate your resources more effectively.
    • Continuous Improvement: A dedicated Shopify development company can offer valuable insights and suggestions for improving your online store. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates in eCommerce, helping you remain competitive in the market.

    Whenever customers visit websites, every business owner strives to make a good first impression. But let's face the fact that not everyone has the skills and finesse to be a graphic designer or a creative writer. If you’re facing this problem too, then you should hire shopify website developers or experts to assist you in making your website stand out, without the need to invest in hiring a full fledged marketing team.

    If you wish to make extensive changes to your eCommerce store, sure, you can easily do it yourself, but to a limit. Shopify’s templating language, called Liquid, develops themes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Editing those requires, at the minimum, surface level knowledge of coding. If you do know who to edit code, then great! But if you lack the necessary knowledge and skills, hiring a Shopify website developer is your only lifeline. Another bonus of hiring Shopify website developers is that they can help develop and add custom features to your store, to help give you a unique edge over your competitors.

    Hiring a Shopify web developer will not only help ensure that your site is unique, fast, and has all of the features and functionalities your company needs, but they can also help identify and rectify any and all errors (that you may have missed). Helping instill a smooth, seamless, and frictionless experience for your customers at all times.

    Another benefit of hiring a skilled Shopify website developer is that they can help enhance your online Shopify store by integrating and enabling third-party APIs such as accounting, shipping, inventory, ERP, CRM, marketplaces, marketing tools, payments, and social media.

    Majority of Shopify website developers bill you on an hourly basis. The individual rates for hiring them is completely dependent on their unique expertise and experience, as well as some other factors, which we’ve highlighted below.

    • Project Complexity: The more complex a project is, the more experienced Shopify experts will be required, leading to an increased cost for hiring them.
    • Duration of Project: The cost of hiring Shopify experts is high for short-term projects and vice versa.
    • Location of the Expert: Hiring a Shopify developer from the United States & Canada starts at $50/hour, which can be as high as $150/hour for more experienced professionals.
    • Hiring Model: Experts from the official Shopify marketplace charge higher than the freelance platforms.
    Here are the (freelance) rates for hiring someone to build a Shopify website + the rates hiring of a Shopify developer agency.
    • Beginner: $15/hour
    • Intermediate: $33/hour
    • Expert: $95/hour
    • Trango Tech: $35/hour
    The median rate of Shopify store developers on Upwork is $20, ranging from $15 per hour to $29 per hour. Many of the Shopify store developers also charge a fixed rate depending on the requirements of the project in question.