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OUR PORTFOLIO Delivered With Perfection

The Bridge

Trango Tech's collaboration with The Bridge was driven by a clear and purposeful objective: to strengthen the bond between churches and musicians in the holy music community through the development of a custom cross-platform mobile app.


Trango Tech embarked on a transformative journey with Ahyon, driven by a visionary approach to revolutionize marine transportation services. The core of our collaboration was centered around the development of a customized website and a mobile app using the Flutter framework.


Trango Tech collaborated with NightLife-E on a transformative journey to revolutionize the nightlife experience through an innovative platform.

Super Flex

Trango Tech embarked on a transformative journey, driven by a visionary approach to revolutionize package delivery services. The core of our innovation was centered around developing a customized platform.

Construction Connect

Teaming up with Trango Tech, Construction Connect played a pivotal role in a mission to revolutionize the hiring process within the construction industry.

Maids On The Fly

In partnership with Trango Tech, Maids on Fly is at the forefront of revolutionizing the domestic services landscape.

Kitty App

Empowered by Trango Tech, Kitty Token offers effortless trading at your fingertips! Immerse yourself in a realm of opportunities with our user-friendly dashboard, standard orders, and customizable options.


Trango Tech provide Shifaam with Native Apps and HRMS. Shifaam is a telemedicine platform with 2500+ doctors and a platform powered by Machine learning, AI and Cloud technologies.

Click n Collect

Complete digital transformation of Click and Collect by providing HRMS, WMS, Call Center software & Flutter App solution powered by AI.


Trango Tech digitalized the Matchmaking process for Matchbox by integrating an AI-based system to help the users get the perfect match.


With the help of a Fully automated home services system provided by Trango Tech, Helpp was able to book 23000+ orders and fulfilled them successfully till now from zero and continuing to increase.


Oaks has grown sales 12X more and retained 50% more customers with Trango Tech custom digital E-commerce and PHP website development and design solutions.


Built an AI-based field tracking and management system for Khaity to revolutionize farming for more productive results.


Provided an App, Ecom Website, WHMS, HRMS, Call Center Solution, Transport Management Solution and Finance Management solution to one of the biggest Ecom stores in Pakistan.