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Why Hire Laravel Developers from Trango Tech?

As the leading php developers hiring company, we can find you the best developer with the right skill sets within 48 hours. We’re your one-stop shop for all development-related needs. Not sure why? Here are some things we do better than your ordinary staff augmentation company

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100% Confidentiality Assured

We care about you; that's why every detail shared about your company or project only stays within the parties involved.

Dedicated Professionals

Our team of dedicated professionals won’t sit back until you’ve found the right fit for your project and company needs.

Minimum Downtime

We ensure to find you the right php developer within 48 hours of having you on board with us.

Effective Communication

We provide real-time and timely updates regarding the talent hunt

On-time Delivery

We follow a set of processes to deliver your project within the committed deadline.

Cost Savings

With our expertise and already available talent pool, you’re signing up to save lots of money and resources.

10+ Years of Experience

Our staff augmentation experts have over 10 years of experience, giving us an obvious edge over the competitors.

Dedicated Professionals

Our team of dedicated professionals won’t sit back until you’ve found the right fit for your project and company needs.

Broad Talent Pool

We’ve access to a broad php developers pool from all around the world. With a minimum experience of 5 years and a detailed vetting process,

TrangoTech Vs Others

Trango Tech Standard Recruitment Process Recruitment Agencies Freelancing
Time Invested Maximum 4 weeks Between 6 & 12 weeks Around 4 weeks Between 3 & 4 weeks
Total Cost Incurred None, you only pay for the expert hired Minimum 20% from hire's annual salary Minimum 25% of the hire's annual salary Up to 20% depending on the platform fee
Research Process Trango Tech runs a thorough interview and test process to determine the soft and hard skills of the applicant From searching for potential candidates to vetting, interviewing, and testing; everything must be done yourself Agencies conduct the screening and interviewing From searching for potential candidates to vetting, interviewing, and testing; everything must be done yourself
Legal Protection Yes Yes No No
Free Replacement Yes, with knowledge transfer facility No Limited to 1 replacement within a few months Yes
Pricing Model Monthly Salary + additional costs (such as legal, administrative, and HR expenses) Hourly and monthly plus additional costs (such as legal, administrative, and HR expenses) Hourly rate card
Staff Augmentation Success Rate High High Medium Low

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Our Works

TrangoTech has been a part of the development and design industry for over a decade. Our team comprises over 100+ certified and trained developers with experience of 15 years or more, making them the best at what they do. No matter what your company size or needs are, our team knows how to create a spectacular app.

5-Step Laravel Developer Hiring Process

To help you succeed, we ensure you find the most talented Php developer with the needed skills to ace your project. Wonder how we do it? Here’s what you need to know.

Laravel Services

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Custom PHP Development

Our certified PHP developers have mastered Laravel (PHP) framework to ensure you get secure and high-performing web apps to meet your goals. Our custom PHP development solutions include PHP web development, PHP programming, front and back-end services, and web design. No matter what you need, our PHP developers can create it for you

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PHP Enterprise Development

Are you looking for high-quality coded solutions with robust architecture and strong features? If yes, then all you need is our PHP enterprise development. To match the needs of your enterprise, large or small, our PHP developers can create a robust website and application to boost efficiency and maximize goals

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PHP Third-Party Integration

Although PHP is a complete web application framework, having a seamless third-party application makes the entire website/application smooth as butter. That’s why our dedicated PHP developers ensure your end product has end-to-end third-party integration, whether it’s a payment gateway or a social media platform.

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PHP Migration & Maintenance

Our work doesn’t end by simply creating a PHP website or application for you, we stay by your side until you need us with our migration and maintenance services. No matter what issues you might face, our 24/7 support staff is always here to help – and if you need assistance with data migration, our PHP developers can do that too .We’ve helped over 100 customers choose the right cloud alternatives in our time, and trust us: only Google App Engine is better than our PHP development services. .Cloud-based PHP development services let your business work without interruption.

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Industries We’ve Worked & Developed For

TrangoTech offers a diverse reach by offering industry-specific applications for every client. Over the span of years, we have tapped into multiple industries and helped businesses transform from small startups to multinational corporations. Here are some industries we’ve worked for rigorously over the past decade.


With more than 100+ projects completed and delivered in the eCommerce industry, our staff augmentation services for this industry are bespoke. From the finest software developers who understand customer-centered designs to adding unique custom features that set you apart from the competition, we have the right candidate for every need.

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As a healthcare provider, the solutions to your healthcare software must be fool-proof, efficient, and have the finest data protection features, something we already excel at. Our years of experience in the healthcare industry have provided us with pristine expertise in medical security and legal requirements that makes our work robust.


Get the best of both worlds with our innovative resource pool through Trango Tech’s staff augmentation services. We can connect you with the finest developers to create a customized retail app for easy online shopping or an out-of-the-box website that blows your audience away.

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Unable to track how many days until your shipment arrives? Or want your clients to place repeated orders automatically with a seamless app? Our staff augmentation team has the right fit either way. We can help you run a smooth and efficient manufacturing business with top developers.

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Expand your agricultural business beyond imagination with the help of top and expert developers from around the world. Our team can connect you with innovative developers to create customized apps or websites that reduce downtime and increase efficiency with the help of AI-driven and satellite traceability-based technologies.

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When it comes to the food industry, the rules are simple. You need solutions that make business management easy and allow you to offer the finest service to the customers, such as an iOS app or easy-to-use website. Either way, we can find the right developer for your food business.

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Every business, whether eCommerce or brick-and-mortar, needs a smooth system to safely deliver products to and from customers and warehouses. Our credible staff can create everything to help you achieve it when it’s a reliable supply chain management software and an easy tracking logistics app.

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Do you want to make learning easily accessible through a cutting-edge application or an innovative e-learning platform? Our experts have found the right fit for many other name-brand eLearning platforms, and we can do it for you, too – just tell us what you need.

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Real Estate

We’re here to help your customers find exactly what they need through our AI-driven and all-inclusive apps, website, and portal developers. Our top developer picks can help you conquer the real estate world with their expertise and innovative solutions.

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Our Other Development Expertise

We have everything in the store that you might need to offer an explosive mobile experience. Here are some other mobile app development-related services we offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products.