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WooCommerce Certification & Affiliations

WooCommerce Development Services We Offer

Our experts here at Trango Tech have so much to offer that can help you transform your eCommerce business, thanks to our WooCommerce development services. Here’s everything you need to know.

WooCommerce Migration Services

Are you an online retailer who wants to move your WooCommerce store? Just give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest. Platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Shopware, and BigCommerce are just some big names we excel at. Moreover, when you work with Trango Tech, you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data. Our experts safely migrate EVERYTHING from your current platform to WooCommerce, yes, including plugins, third-party integrations, and themes.

PSD to WooCommerce Services

Have you ever wanted to turn a PSD design into a fully functioning WooCommerce store? Or maybe you have an existing WooCommerce store that isn’t meeting your needs and want a fresh look. Either way, you’re in luck. Our PSD to WooCommerce conversion services are designed to help you quickly and efficiently scale your online business. Our developers deeply understand how each module works and can make the conversion happen without compromising the code quality.

WooCommerce Maintenance & Support Services

Say goodbye to worrying nights and hello to restful sleep. We’ve got your back, no matter the time of day or night. With the average eCommerce business losing over $2,000 in revenue per minute when their site goes down, you need a system to ensure your WooCommerce store is up and running at all times. With our 24/7 maintenance and support system, you can rest assured that your site will never go down.

WooCommerce Native & Third-Party Integration Services

When you need WooCommerce experts for native and third-party integration services, you need Trango Tech. We've got the skills and experience to help with everything from small stuff to big projects. Get a head start by quickly integrating your WooCommerce store with native and third-party apps with the help of our dexterous WooCommerce development experts. From rendering your large projects effortlessly to developing creative WooCommerce integration solutions, you can depend on us for it all.

WooCommerce Plugin Development Services

We can create ingenious customized WooCommerce plugins that can solve your e-store problems within seconds. Our plugins are designed for users of any skill level and can be used in any WooCommerce website, regardless of its theme or plugins. The best part of WooCommerce plugins is that they’re easy to install and configure. You can create an attractive store without hassle with Trango Tech. Who thought Custom WooCommerce plugins could be this easy to get? - and they’ve never looked better.

WooCommerce Customization Services

Want a customized theme for your WooCommerce store that's flexible enough to cater to your needs? We have just the thing you need. Stay on top of the game with our WooCommerce customization services that offer fresh, new, and improved WooCommerce themes. Our WooCommerce developers are skilled, versatile, and innovative. We create professional and customized designs for your unique needs. We also offer creative UX/UI theme designs for WooCommerce that match you and your brand's needs.

WooCommerce Web Design Services

As a leading WooCommerce development company, we offer a wide range of website design and development services for our WooCommerce clients - and since Woocommerce is so easy to customize, there’s nothing that we can’t create for you. Catalog management, SEO-friendly e-stores, shipment tracking, and order management are some features we love to offer. With Trango Tech, you get the finest WooCommerce web design solutions at a budget thanks to our expert in-house developers and designers.

WooCommerce eCommerce Development Services

Take your eCommerce store to the next level with our expert WooCommerce developers, that are determined to deliver the best solution for your business. Our team has extensive experience in e-commerce and has been helping business owners in launching their online stores. That means we can do lots, from building android applications to progressive web applications and backend development; no matter what you need, just come to us!

Why Clients Love Working With Us!

TrangoTech has been a part of the development and design industry for over a decade. Our team comprises over 100+ certified and trained developers with experience of 15 years or more, making them the best at what they do. No matter what your company size or needs are, our team knows how to create a spectacular app. Here are some of our clients from various industries who’ve been with us since the start.

Why Trango Tech For WooCommerce Development Services?

Wondering what makes us a better fit for your WooCommerce development needs than the rest? Here’s why!

Get all-rounder solutions to all your problems and needs with our impeccable developers.

360-Degree Solutions

From designing to programming and final tweaks, everything is done in-house so that you can control everything.

Seamless In-House Development

No matter what you need, our developers can customize it exactly as you need for maximum hits.

Customized & Scalable Approach

Get the same superior quality of work for a fraction of the price with Trango Tech. Unlike others, we want our services to be pursuable.

Competitive Pricing & Delivery

Convert your ideas into a successful gaming app using our proven methodologies and creative team.

Proven Methodologies

Our team ensures that every revision is backed by an automated build and test with the help of our continuous integration process.

Continuous Integration

Day or night, our 24x7 technical support team is always here to fix the issues for you and your users.

24/7 Technical Support

Can’t find the right engagement model for your WooCommerce website/app? Don’t worry; we have covered you with our flexible engagement models.

Flexible Engagement Models

Need Expert Advice On Your Project?


Industries We Have Conquered

TrangoTech offers a diverse reach by offering industry-specific applications for every client.

Real Estate

Managing real-estate business is now a breeze. With extraordinary features and unlimited scaling-up options, WooCommerce development offers realtors, property dealers, industry veterans and newbies comprehensive elements including countless themes to choose from, featured listing and property updates, tailored services for a more personalized experience and a lot more. Have a look at WooCommerce development features for: Responsive Design, Search Engine Friendly, Bootstrap and Ajax Support, Mobile Layout Included, Sliced PSD, Dropdown Menu, Google map, Sample content, Quickstart Package, Advanced Theme Options, Drag and Drop Content, Performance Optimization Blog, Online Store/Shop Gallery, Portfolio Builder, HTML 5, JQuery, Parallax, Lazy Load effect, Website Builder, etc. Power up your real estate and property management business for the digital era.


To own and run a restaurant digitally has never been easier. With WooCommerce development for restaurants, food and beverage businesses, unlock the secret of your recipes to the world with amazing features that enables you to customize your online restaurant, the way you want. Enable fast cart to pay directly with a promo code, manage deliveries and style your cart for ease of customer, make your menu more enticing with add-ons and extra options plus, filter to ease your search. WooCommerce for restaurants also offer support for Loco & WPML translation, integration with WC product vendors plugin and composite products plugin.


Experience ultimate flexibility and customized features to your eCommerce store with WooCommerce development. Benefit from a handful of plugins and extensions, 140+ region-specific payment gateways and integration with Stripe, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Square, Google Pay, Apple Pay and many more. Boost sales of your products with Google Shopping and market through integrated email marketing and social media handles. SSL certification installation, third-party vendor integration, built-in tracking & reporting further adds value to your ecommerce store with WooCommerce.


WooCommerce development for healthcare with Trango Tech guarantees integration of ERP, CRM and HIPAA compliant systems to minimize the back-end labor for stock management as well as significant improvement in order cycle times. Our digital healthcare solutions with WooCommerce also cater to pharmacies in delivering prescription drugs and other essentials within a day. Video examinations and various other forums are used to connect with patients remotely anywhere across the globe. Features such as email, social media, chats, and medical boards allow GP’s to communicate with their patients without being physically present. An extensive feedback and rating option further allows patients to make an informed decision. An integrated payment gateway ensures your transaction remains safe and secure.


Manage your day-to-day retail business with the flexibility of WooCommerce and benefit from synced products, inventory, customers, and orders. Enjoy a solution truly tailored to your business using WooCommerce while adding customized features whenever you need. Flexible inventory across platforms, real-time visibility into sales and inventory, enable selling on Instagram, Facebook and more social channels, grow your customers keep a check on your performance in real-time, centralized in-store and digital operations are few of the many other pros that you get when you sign for our WooCommerce development for retail.

Why You Need WooCommerce Development Services?

If you’re still unsure why you should opt for WooCommerce development services, It's because you need experts to build a fool-proof internet business that provides an edge over the rest. Our expert WooCommerce development team can provide you with all the latest functionality and features needed to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Saves Money Reduces Hassle
  • Simple & Effective Design Solutions Qualified SEO Experts
  • No Site Crashes Improved Site Speed
  • More Free Time to Focus On the Business 24/7 Support
  • Premium Store Security No Worry About Plugin Updates & Conflicts

Let’s level up your Brand, together

    Other Services We Offer

    Apart from WooCommerce development, we have a wide range of other services in store that you might need to offer an explosive customer experience. Here are some other development-related services we offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products.

    Ask Any Questions

    Got some questions on your mind? Here are some frequently asked questions about our Shopify Development Services that our experts have answered for you.

    WooCommerce is an open-source and customizable eCommerce platform for WordPress websites. This free tool allows businesses to transform their WordPress website into an eCommerce store to sell products and services. WooCommerce provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for experts and amateurs.  WooCommerce development refers to the process of using WooCommerce to transform WordPress websites into eCommerce stores.

    WooCommerce web development is a popular source for many businesses using a WordPress website. However, the size of the business has a huge role to play in deciding whether WooCommerce is the right way to go or not. If you’re a large-scale organization looking to create an eCommerce store of an equal or greater size, here’s why WooCommerce is a good option.

    • Designed to Sell
    Since WooCommerce was created to help transform normal WordPress sites into eCommerce selling platforms, it has everything you need to sell your products. With more than 100 payment gateways and easy 3rd party integrations, it makes life easy for large-scale businesses.
    • Fast 
    When WordPress and WooCommerce are combined, it creates a robust and fast platform that is very responsive. It has the power to tackle online stores of all sizes, including large businesses. Moreover, when combined with WooCommerce’s hosting capabilities, its performance optimization becomes unmatched. 
    • Remarkable Content Management 
    The success of a business, whether large or small, depends greatly on the efforts being put into content for eCommerce marketing, sales optimization, and search engine optimization. When combined, WordPress and WooCommerce offer a wide range of content management options, such as email marketing, blogs, and product descriptions.
    • Ability to Grow with the Business
    As a large business, you’re always looking for growth, more than small or mid-sized businesses. WooCommerce is capable enough to scale quickly according to businesses’ changing needs, whether that's adding a new product or an entirely new category.
    • Massive Developer Community
    Since WooCommerce is an open-source platform, retailers can conveniently add/change core features, create new extensions, or even build custom themes for free. Moreover, WooCommerce developers also access a community of expert developers and WooCommerce professionals without incurring any cost.
    • Modular
    WooCommerce offers a rich set of functions that can be availed in combination with plugins. Retailers can also take full advantage of its modularity through a plethora of WordPress themes & plugins for added customization.
    • Helpful in Increasing Sales
    In the end, it all comes down to sales. Since WooCommerce is highly flexible, retailers can sell anything under one roof, such as digital products, appointments, physical products, or even subscriptions.

    Our basic pricing model for WooCommerce website development services starts from $15 per hour. However, the price can vary based on a wide range of factors, such as the feature you’re looking for, customized plugins required, and so on. Moreover, if it's not a new WooCommerce website development process, data migration from another eCommerce platform will also increase your total costs; the more complicated the migration process will be, the higher the cost. If you’re interested to learn more about data migration and WooCommerce website development process, contact us now.

    As mentioned previously, WooCommerce was made to work in conjunction with WordPress, which is why it's also available as a plugin that helps make the process easier. Here’s how you can download WooCommerce as a plugin for your WordPress website:

    • Step 1: Download the WooCommerce Plugin
    • Step 2: Go to your website and click on Dashboard
    • Step 3: From Dashboard, follow the following: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload
    • Step 4: Select WooCommerce plugin and install
    While it's effortless so far, from here things can begin to get complicated. If your website has customized plugins, customized themes, and a lot of data, the WooCommerce plugin itself won’t be able to handle everything. In such a case, you need WooCommerce development experts, such as Trango Tech, to migrate everything safely. Contact us now to learn more.

    WooCommerce is a world of its own, with millions of things to consider when determining the overall website building cost. Whether you’re migrating your current eCommerce store to WooCommere or want to build one from scratch, some factors can affect the overall WooCommerce development and design cost.

    • Domain Name Cost Before you start planning your eCommerce store, you need to figure out what the domain situation can be like. If you look for a “.com” extension, it’ll always be more pricey than the cheaper alternatives of “.store” or “.shop.”
    • Hosting Service Cost In order for your website to perform effortlessly, you need a hosting service that allows you to publish your eCommerce store or website on the internet. Usually, there are two options to choose from, shared hosting or private hosting. Shared hosting can be as low as $2.75/month, whereas private hosting plans start as high as $200/month.
    • Theme Price WooCommerce offers many free themes that many businesses initially use to keep their costs low. With more than 7,000 free themes, businesses are deemed to find at least one theme that suits their business. However, free themes don’t get regular updates, so they quickly get outdated. If you’re looking for a customized theme, that can cost you under $100/year.
    • Essential eCommerce Plugins WooCommerce is a plugin itself that allows businesses to enhance the capabilities and functionalities of their website without using any complex codes. However, WooCommerce might not be enough, creating the need for other essential plugins, such as coupon management, email marketing, and store customization. The cost of plugins can vary based on the type and level of plugins required.
    While many other factors can influence the overall cost of building a WooCommerce store, these are some factors that affect WooCommerce development and design specifically. When asking for a quote from your preferred WooCommerce development agency, such as Trango Tech, make sure to discuss these factors in detail.

    If you already have a WooCommerce store struggling with conversions, here are some tried and tested ways to boost them over time.

    • Personalizing The Page
    Even though you have free and readily available themes, customers don’t like to see copy-pasting; they enjoy an element of personalization. Segmenting your target audience based on location and translating display content in their language is one simple way to personalize your page.
    • Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Site
    No doubt your website looks spectacular on laptops and tablets, but did you optimize it for mobiles? If not, this could be one of the major reasons why you’ve been struggling with conversions. The majority of people prefer shopping online via mobiles. So, put everything aside and work on getting your eCommerce site mobile-friendly.
    • Improving UI
    If your UI is unnecessarily complicated, it’ll push customers away, killing the conversion rate. Instead, ensure your UI is clear and easy to navigate. Here are some factors to check whether your UI is good or not:
    1. Is CTA clear?
    2. Is the “add to cart” button in the right and hot spot?
    3. Is your page visually appealing?
    • Product Reviews
    One of the biggest reasons for low conversions could be a lack of product reviews. When shopping online, most customers look for product reviews to see what previous purchasers say about these products. If product reviews are unavailable, the bounce rate increases, resulting in poor conversions.
    • Simplified Checkouts
    Is your checkout process too complicated, or does the checkout button have a poor placement? If yes, this could agitate customers and make them want to leave without completing the checkout process. Allow customers to link accounts with social media for an easy sign-in process and keep less than five pages for the complete checkout process.

    Multiple WooCommerce development agencies are out there, claiming to be the best at what they do. However, you only realize the many things they lack upon working with them. With Trango Tech, you get a complete all-in-one partner who’s not afraid to go above and beyond to help you create a robust and remarkable eCommerce website. Here is why Trango Tech should be your clear choice for WooCommerce development services:

    • Wide Range of Services Even if you’re looking for someone who can create a WooCommerce store or website, many other elements are needed to create a robust WooCommerce store, such as customized plugins, customized themes, and 3rd party integrations. Since we have over 200+ talented and experienced developers onboard, offering these customized services is a piece of cake for us.
    • In-House Developers Unlike other WooCommerce development agencies that work with freelance or out-house developers, we have a ready fleet of certified and trained developers onboard. This means you get uncompromised services, including after-sales support and services.
    • Wide Range of Portfolios We’re proud of the work we do. To help our customers understand the type of work we do, we have a portfolio on our website that shows all our past work. If there’s something you like from there, we can help you create something similar with customizations to suit your needs better.
    • Innovative Tools & Technologies To make a WooCommerce store ideal for today’s market, you need to use the latest and most innovative tools and technologies too. That’s why Trango Tech stays up to date on all the latest tech trends to ensure your customers are getting the best.
    • Quick Delivery Time As mentioned many times previously, the delivery time and cost of WooCommerce website development varies based on many factors, such as the amount of data that needs to be migrated, customizations required, the number of products and categories, and much more.
    However, to give a rough estimate, the most basic WooCommerce website can be developed in less than a week. By basic, we mean a simple website with minimum products).