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Trango Tech’s Comprehensive Suite of React Native App Development Services

Our React Native app developers offer top-tier solutions to businesses with brave ideas and the goal to make a difference. We help our clients claim sustainable growth and scalable revenue while helping them simplify the most complex problems in their industrial sectors.

Mobile App Design

This is where we design the overall visual look and feel of the mobile app. We offer UI/UX design services for mobile apps with core emphasis on Android and iOS device performance, value delivery for users, easy navigation and smooth user flow. Clients signing up for mobile app design service get React Native specific:

  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes
  • Style guide
  • Accessibility guidelines

App Code Review

App code review is ideal for app businesses that already have an app in action. In code review, we thoroughly evaluate the app’s programming – especially for React Native components. Our expert review panelists analyze app’s security, backend strength and performance, adherence to development best practices. Deliverables include:

  • Detailed code audit report
  • Potential bugs with React native-based solutions
  • Update and growth recommendations

React Native Development Consulting

Trango Tech has a team of product development strategists who perform strong market research with competitor analysis to guide entrepreneurs and businesses on market fit. This development consulting service is ideal for startup founders and entrepreneurs planning their prototypes for funding acquisition.

  • Scope of work and level of execution
  • Technology stack
  • Product development roadmap with timelines

App Migration

Has your app been on native or crossplatform frameworks? Trango Tech can help you plan a smooth migration to and from React Native so you can leverage the advantages of development frameworks depending on your business requirements and provide a unified experience to your app users.

  • Fully-functional React Native codebase
  • Modern codebase in Native frameworks
  • Integration and backup documents

Cross Platform App Development

We offer comprehensive cross platform app development services using React Native as well as Flutter. So if you are planning to build apps for two platforms with one codebase in half of the development time that you’d need otherwise for native architecture, we’ve got your back.

  • Platform-independent React Native code
  • Platform-specific app UI and UX
  • Native-like apps for Android and iOS

React Native App Testing

We battle-test the app for bug fixes and data security. There are three major areas of our React Native app testing service. With device testing, we ensure your React native app works on prescribed operating systems (with versions) and adjusts to diverse smartphone screens.

  • 36-degree audit and test reports
  • Functional and unit testing documentation
  • bug fixes with traffic and data reports

React Native App Maintenance

This is where we design the overall visual look and feel of the mobile app. We offer UI/UX design services for mobile apps with core emphasis on Android and iOS device performance, value delivery for users, easy navigation and smooth user flow. Clients signing up for mobile app design service get React Native specific:

  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes
  • Style guide
  • Accessibility guidelines

App Marketing

App marketing is our dedicated promotion service where we assign app marketing managers to our clients. We have teams for physical and digital marketing with expertise in organic marketing, listing optimization, authority building, Google and Bing marketing, paid ads, social media and community management.

  • App Store Optimization reports
  • App analytics and metrics
  • Search engine and social media marketing roadmap

Case Studies

When we say result-oriented, we are talking about these masterpieces - projects and partners we are truly proud of.


$675 BILLION IN 2027

In 2027, mobile apps will report a projected market volume of more than $675 bn. Yes, you read it right! And top grossing apps are claiming their chunks by capitalizing the potential of this market!

Why Clients Appreciate Trango Tech’s React Native App Development Services

So we let our clients and B2B review platforms do it! Here’s how globally credible B2B third-party independent platforms and customers acknowledge Trango Tech’s contribution to the business.

Why Choose Trango Tech As Your React Native Mobile App Development Company

Choosing Trango Tech for development means working with the leading app development company in USA. Here are top 5 reasons why our clients and app partners love outsourcing their react native app projects to us:

We have our flagship development process that is thorough, stable and ensures secure coding across projects.


At Trango Tech, we believe technology can solve the most pressing problems of the global business infrastructure.

Modern Tech

We love making better things and making things better. This belief helps our clients become early adopters and gain competitive advantage.


We provide full-cycle app development services – this means you can get consulting to design, development, test, launch and marketing under one roof.

Full-Cycle Development 

We have achieved appreciation and accolades in using conventional technologies that make up half of today's world.

Technical Expertise

We understand the international business ecosystem and app users’ psychology. Building B2C mobile apps to B2B portals has equipped us with the right sector experience.

Niche Experience 

We love updating our clients about the project progress. And part of it comes from our strong project management and communication skills.

Project Management

Our clients get to work with dedicated project managers. This way, we give direct consulting and support to our clients during the discovery and scope of work.

Get 1:1 Support 

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Cost of React Native App Development

At Trango Tech, we offer on-point, business-centric React Native development services for startups, SMBs and enterprise-grade corporations – with different tiers of React Native app development cost starting from $3500 USD.

$4K - $10K

This tier is ideal for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs planning to strategize their crossplatform mobile app as an MVP with 3-5 user-centric features. 

$11K - 30k

This tier offers complete React Native app development including discovery, design, development, testing, launch and post-launch maintenance.   


Get full-cycle React Native app development service for mobile apps and B2B portals. This tier offers advanced, feature-rich apps with automated service deliveries and personalized user recommendations.  


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Benefits of React Native App Development

As an experienced React Native development company, we can vouch that it has technical and business advantages that go beyond time and investments. Here are top 8 reasons we choose React Native for building mobile apps.

Over-the-Air updates

React Native apps enjoy the flexibility of code push and OTA updates – which means your users can use an updated version without downloading the app again.

Integration with existing code

React Native provides a simple approach to adding new code in existing mobile app. This way, our clients’ apps are always ready for growth and scalability. We can update and scale React Native apps 3X faster.

Single codebase

React Native is one of the best platform-independent technologies to create apps that work seamlessly on Android and iOS. We reuse 90% of the same code between Android and iOS when working with React Native. 


Single codebase saves time and money! And what’s in it for businesses like yours? You get two apps for the price of one and save 50% of app development cost. Our clients typically allocate this budget to market testing and scaling for revenue growth.

Cross-platform scalability

With React Native, you can launch an app that works on 10s of diverse smart devices. With little adaptations, we have helped our clients build healthcare mobile apps that work on smartphones, watches and TVs. 

Native-like user experience

With a top React Native app development company like Trango Tech, you can give your target audience a near-native experience without spending fortunes. Yes, because React Native uses native components, we utilize it to build apps that provide a high-end, future-ready experience. 


If you are a new entrepreneur or startup founder, our React Native app development services will help validate your app idea with real users and receive funding. Relatively more economic than native.

Development speed

With React Native, you can design, develop, launch and monetize before your competitors. While this gives you a competitive edge in terms of revenue, publish-ready React Native apps are also ideal for brand reputation.

Industries We Have Transformed

We use tech as a force for good - good for businesses in diverse sectors and niches. 


React Native is one of the best frameworks to develop small-scale online stores to marketplace apps. As an ecommerce app development company, we have utilized React Native several times to send out Over the Air updates for our retail and ecommerce clients. In addition, we consider React Native the ideally-economic platform to deliver personalized experience to users of auction apps, large-scale ecommerce stores and digital marketplaces.

Health Care

As a prominent healthcare app development company in the US, we extend our React Native app development services to bridge the gap between healthcare demand and supply. At Trango Tech, we develop cost-effective apps faster with React Native to improve remote access to healthcare services. We work with hospitals, clinics, medical institutes, practitioners and nurses on impactful projects that create convenient experiences for patient engagement. 

Food and Hospitality

In the food and hospitality industry, Trango Tech has utilized React Native app development services to build custom and white-label food delivery apps that offer personalized food recommendations, order tracking, and delivery updates. Our food delivery app development department has launched 6 mobile apps in the quick service restaurant micro-niche.  

Real Estate

To cope up with the growing competition in the global real estate industry, we utilize React Native to build and launch real estate apps for our proptech clients including realtors, property consultants, brokerage firms and marketplaces. With React Native, our real estate app developers have built conventional to modern real estate solutions like tenant management apps, mortgage calculators, property listing portals, and house hunting apps.   


At Trango Tech, we love creating apps for future-proof sectors like fintech. Our clients in the sector include financial institutions and digital banks that have automated delivery of financial services with apps based on React Native. With React Native, we have developed small-scale digital wallets and APIs, loan management apps, personal budget management apps, credit analysis tools and financial education platforms. 



In the education niche, we help institutes, trainers, coaches and universities build custom and differentiated learning pathways for their students and trainees. As a React Native app development company, Trango Tech utilize React Native to build web-based learning management systems, language learning apps, AI-based math checkers, study tracking apps and learning chatbots. 


At Trango Tech, we have utilized React Native technology stack to develop custom restaurant apps in the food and hospitality industry. Our quick service restaurant apps entertain features like order booking and tracking, live delivery updates, review collection and management, online payment, table reservation and customer support via in-app messaging.

The Strongest Technology Stack For React Native App Development 

While this is our favorite technology stack for mobile app development with React Native, we do create custom stacks based on project requirements, scales and timelines. 

React Native Tools

  • icon


  • icon

    React Nav

  • icon


  • icon


  • icon

    Studio Code

  • icon


Frontend Tools

  • icon


  • icon


  • icon


  • icon


UI Kits

  • icon

    React Native Elements

  • icon

    React Native Paper

  • icon

    Native Base

  • icon

    Shoutem UI

  • icon

    React Native Material UI


  • icon

    Rest Api

  • icon


Test & QA Tools

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  • icon


  • icon


  • icon


  • icon


  • icon



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  • icon


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React Native App Development Process at Trango Tech

As an agile React Native app development company, we have a flagship development process based on scrum methodologies. All of our design and development projects start with understanding your needs. Get an insider of Trango Tech’s React Native mobile app development process:


We perform competitor analysis and understand industry standards. Then create a proposal with a target audience, list of features, development roadmap and monetization strategy.


We create wireframes of each feature of the react native app. Then design variants for Android and iOS screens where applicable. After approval of wireframes, we create app screens and send for development.  


We develop secure frontend and backend codes with platform-agnostic components for user-centric experience. Then integrate APIs like maps and payment gateways.


We have a team of QA analysts and app testing professionals who battle-test the app for functionality, performance on diverse Android and Apple devices, loading time, traffic handling and data privacy.


We deploy apps for diverse devices. We also help our clients with keyword research and description for App Store Optimization. Then the apps are ready to publish on leading stores: Google Play and App Store.

Post-Launch Maintenance 

We give a free post-launch maintenance service to our clients for a specific number of days determined in the contract. During this maintenance period, we analyze real user feedback and fix issues.  

Trusted Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our company, and we're grateful for their support.


Let’s level up your Brand, together

    We Are More Than the Top React Native App Development Company in USA

    At Trango Tech, we enable businesses to take a step ahead in their business journey through time-tested development services. Check our core development-side offerings. 

    Ask Any Questions

    Got some questions on your mind? Here are some frequently asked questions about React Native App Development Services that our experts have answered for you.

    As a React Native app development company, we can say that building a React Native app is more economical and cost-friendly than native frameworks. At Trango Tech, we use a single codebase to develop React Native apps for Android and iOS – which means you get two apps for the price of one. Also, React Native development saves coding hours and lowers the overall cost.  
    Our clients consider us the best React Native app development company in the USA because of our full-cycle development support, technical expertise and niche experience. We offer comprehensive React Native development services including:
    • Mobile app design 
    • React Native code review 
    • React Native development consulting 
    • App Migration 
    • Crossplatform App Development 
    • React Native App Testing 
    • React Native App Maintenance
    • App Marketing 
    The hourly rate for Trango Tech’s React Native app developer is $35. However, this is an estimate and the final rate may vary depending on the scope of your app project.
    A basic React Native app can be completed and deployed in 3 months. While this is an average estimate, here is a more detailed rundown of the time required for React Native app development:
    • Basic React Native apps like calculators and pill reminders can take anywhere between 2 months to 4 months depending on design and number of features.
    • Multi-featured, intermediate-level React Native apps like patient records and appointment booking apps can take 4 months to 9 months for development. 
    • Advanced React Native apps with at least 9 user-centric features and comprehensive scope of work typically takes more than 10 months. 
    Yes, React Native is one of the best frameworks for mobile app development because of the singular codebase. Here are the top 5 advantages of using React Native:
    • low development cost
    • high development speed
    • native-like user experience 
    • crossplatform scalability 
    • real-time testing and over-the-air updates