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Trango Tech’s Comprehensive Suite of iOS App Development Services

Trango Tech offers full-cycle iOS app development services to support the development plans and ventures of startup founders, early-stage entrepreneurs as well as established enterprise-grade corporations.

Custom iOS App Development

We build custom iOS apps utilizing Swift, Objective-C, XCode and battle-tested user interface kits. iOS apps from Trango Tech boast stunning graphics, exceptional user experience and robust backend to handle user requirements in most sensitive sectors.

iOS App UI/UX Design

At Trango Tech, we provide full-cycle and tailored iOS app development coverage to support entrepreneurs at different stages of businesses – and our standard UI/UX design services are part of this. We build wireframes, app screen mockups, and prototypes.

iPhone App Development

We have a dedicated team of iPhone app developers at Trango Tech that works on building iOS mobile apps for smartphone users. While building these apps, we hyperfocus on building intuitive user interfaces that are secure and responsive.

iPad App Development

With expertise in iPhone apps, we also build and optimize applications for iPad. Our iPad apps boast an additional tier of features including Split View and Slide Over. These features make our apps more responsive and compatible for iPad’s screens.

iWatch App Development

We build apps for Apple’s wearable devices using WatchKit framework to complement iPhone apps. At Trango Tech, we design and develop wearable applications keeping convenient access and easier navigation on top of priorities list.

Apple TV App Development

At Trango Tech, we offer Apple TV app development services to thrill your users on the big screen with immersive multimedia experiences in video streaming, gaming, and content delivery. We utilize tvOS SDK and UIKit to build apps for the Apple TV.

iOS Maintenance and Support

Trango Tech provides robust maintenance and support services for iOS applications. Our maintenance and support packages include bug identification and fixes, security monitoring, performance optimization, feature updates and architecture scaling.

Enterprise iOS App Development

We build commercial, large-scale applications for B2B businesses. Trango Tech’s developers build feature-rich applications laser-focused to meet the usability requirements of organizations. Our apps boast secure encryption and a strong backend.

Work With An Alpha iOS Mobile App Development Company

Apple's user base is a large and active audience with exceptional buying power and thoughtful priorities for user experience, design and engagement. As an app founder, entrepreneur or a brand, if you want to take advantage of this fastest-growing, financially lucrative marketplace, you need to join hands with an iOS app development company that has a deep understanding of the Apple’s environment, as well as strong technical expertise in a technology stack that’s primarily based on Swift and Objective-C – their simulators, development frameworks, UI tools and APIs. With Trango Tech’s iOS app development services, you get all of this and much more because our iOS app developers and product strategists do iOS literally every day and are active contributors in the Apple community. With Trango Tech, here is what you get access to:

  • A team of dedicated iOS developers
  • Visually appealing and engaging UI/UX
  • Feature-rich application
  • Scalable iOS technology
  • Secure backend
  • Sustainable code


Why Clients Love Working With Us!

TrangoTech has been a part of the development and design industry for over a decade. Our team comprises over 100+ certified and trained developers with experience of 15 years or more, making them the best at what they do. No matter what your company size or needs are, our team knows how to create a spectacular app. Here are some of our clients from various industries who’ve been with us since the start.

What Clients Appreciate About Trango Tech’s iOS App Development

While we are too decent to brag about services, we let our clients do so after project handovers and deliveries. Listen from clients who have experienced working with the top app development company in the USA.

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Trango Tech’s iOS App Development Cost and Budgets

As a dedicated iOS app development company for different kinds and sizes of businesses, startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, Trango Tech has a diverse set of iOS app development costs ranging from single service to full-cycle coverage.


This iOS app development cost tier is for aspiring appreneurs that want to start building their iOS app and are currently in the ideation phase. This is ideal if you want to build a quick iOS app with 2 to 3 core features.

$6K - 25K

This iOS development tier provides full-cycle iOS app development services for small businesses and startup founders who have brilliant ideas and want to quick start their app development process. In this tier, you can get a complete iOS app with 3 to 6 features.

$26K + $75K

This tier is ideal for B2B enterprise-grade corporations building commercial mobile apps. These apps also have high-end user experience and entertain a super secure backend with a rich frontend based on 7 to 12 features.


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Here’s What Makes us the Top iOS App Development Company

When you trust Trango Tech for development, we give you all the reasons to keep working with us in future to complete all your tech ventures and development endeavors. Discover why our clients simply love our iOS app development services.

Our quality assurance steps are based on five internal standards that optimize the apps for performance, functionality, load handling, data privacy and compatibility.

Testing Practices

We provide our clients with access to a CRM dashboard to maintain transparent communication, provide regular updates and actively involve our clients in the process.

Project Communication

We don’t just build apps – we innovate ideas and engineer monetization assets for businesses. This helps our clients establish differentiation and acquire cost leadership in their markets.


Because we support businesses, at least 86% of our clients choose our iOS development services to scale the architecture of their mobile apps.


We have a track record of building high-quality iOS applications – ones that capture the attention of iOS users who are popular for seeking experiential value in apps over price!

Technical Expertise

We specialize in 11 most prominent industrial sectors of the USA. We have a strong portfolio, case studies and testimonials that demonstrate our commitment to impact businesses.

Niche Experience 

We boast timely delivery of all development projects – and our agile-based project management style helps us achieve targets and deadlines.

Project Management

We ensure the long-term success for our app clients – and that we make possible with our strong support for security, maintenance and app updates.

Post-Launch Support

Trango Tech’s Traditional Technology Stack for iOS App Development


Objective-C has been the conventional choice for iOS app development for years. It has a mature ecosystem with a variety of choices in libraries, tools and development resources. It’s highly stable and reliable for building robust iOS applications. It’s also ideal for business apps that are built either on legacy projects or require compatibility with existing iOS-based solutions. Most importantly, it provides deep integration opportunities with Apple’s framework. That’s why, our developers can use APIs and access system-level functionalities, hardware features and platform-specific capabilities when building feature-rich iOS applications.


Swift is the post-modern choice for iOS app development. It has the latest syntax and ready-made features that help Trango Tech’s developers build applications smartly – less time and more opportunities with ready-to-market iOS apps. Most importantly, Swift’s laser-focus on experience and privacy help with building apps that are high quality, have sustainable code and are super scalable. If you’re a business planning to use emerging technology integrations in your app like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Virtual Reality frameworks or Internet of Things for smart home automation – Swift is your way to go!

Xcode 15

Xcode is Apple’s official integrated development environment that helps our developers build and test apps faster with smart code completion. It works exceptionally well with iOS, macOS, watcOS and tvOS application development. It has a comprehensive suite of built-in tools for editing code, debugging, testing and analyzing performance. Trango Tech’s developers utilize the Interface Builder from Xcode to design user interfaces visually.

Swift Plagrounds

Swift Playgrounds is basically an interactive development environment that helps developers write, edit and develop code for Apple apps. It’s in the form of an application that runs on iPad and Mac and ideal to experiment with Swift code and APIs.  



Firebase is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database from Google. It offers real-time data synchronization and integrates well with iOS apps through the Firebase SDK. Because of its powerful synchronization capabilities, it provides real-time updates and connects through multiple clients and devices simultaneously. It is the ideal backend solution for iOS app development because of its features like authentication, cloud messaging, analytics and hosting.  


UIKit is the official framework provided by Apple to design user interfaces for iOS applications. It has a set of classes and APIs that help with building user interactions, displaying content, managing views and implementing important UI elements.

Foundation Framework

Foundation Framework is a core framework that has essential classes and functionalities for iOS app development. Most important assets of Foundation Framework include data type collections, file management assets and networking.

Cora Data

This is Apple’s framework for managing the model layer objects in iOS apps. It provides object graph management which allows developers to store, fetch and utilize data in different forms in their applications.

Benefits of Custom iOS App Development for Businesses

iOS is a complete technology ecosystem which goes beyond smartphone devices. It has high adoption on personal and professional levels and enterprise-grade corporations are utilizing iOS development capabilities to enhance the customer experience and employee well-being. Here is a quick snapshot of why your business needs an iOS app: 

  • Market Share

    iOS is the second leading operating system and preferred smartphone choice for around 30% users across developed economies including UK, USA, Canada and UAE.

  • Experiential Value

    iOS users value exceptional experience over anything else. Businesses are leveraging this need for high-end usability and privacy as the USP of their iOS apps.

  • Spending and Monetization

    iOS is the biggest platform that yielded more than 500 million in app spending and revenue of in-app purchases and premium subscriptions.

  • Brand Loyalty

    Since Apple is synonymous to innovation, quality, and excellent user experience, all of these features of your app will translate into long-term brand loyalty from your users, which is the primary step for growing businesses. 

Industries We Have Transformed As An iOS App Development Company

We are proud of our people and processes - and do you know why? That’s because they help us create meaningful impact in the most production-sensitive and customer-centric industries across the USA and throughout the world.

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Trango Tech’s iOS Mobile App Development Process

We have a structured, agile development process that helps our developers and project managers efficiently plan, develop and deliver high-quality iOS applications to our clients. Take an insider look at our iOS development process.


The main objective of our discovery stage is to understand our clients’ requirements, listen to their product vision and the ways how iOS app development can help their businesses. For this, we conduct FREE product validation sessions with the client and create market research reports including a thorough competitor analysis. Main deliverables of this stage include product development roadmap, monetization strategy for the iOS application, list of features and technology stack.


We follow a design-led approach to represent the user journey and feature map of the app. The process starts with initial sketches of the app features – these are wireframes with minimal drawing to understand primary navigation. Then we build brand assets based on style guide, app screen mockups for each navigation point and feature and turn them into a high-fidelity, clickable, interactive prototype. We use Adobe XD and Figma to create these prototypes and they are accessible by our client’s teams too.


The pre-development step requires us to do strong sprint planning in which we divide backend and frontend development KPIs, API integration KPIs and database setup KPIs. Each of our development sprints is 10 business days with a sprint preview and sprint review session before and after sprint completion. Our project managers keep the project on track while following this sequence: we code the face of the app first. This is the prototype translated into frontend. Then we code the backend for security and data handling. Then we integrate APIs to help users access external services and then we set up databases.


The development process is followed by the testing and quality assurance phase where our main objective is to put together an iOS application that is error-free and has the most excellent user experience possible. We start with identifying and solving bugs, then check the usability issues to make sure the app is stable, performant and compatible across devices. We perform five main tests that include: functionality tests, integration tests, device tests, unit tests and security tests.


After the testing step, the app is ready to deploy, publish on the App Store and ready to be downloaded and used by the target audience. We prepare the App Store Optimization documents, create keyword-based descriptions and take screenshots. Then we create App Store Connect account on behalf of our clients, pay the developer fee and submit the app for approval – which may take an average of 2 weeks.


All of our clients qualify for a standard FREE post-launch maintenance period specified in their contracts. After that, we sign new contracts for on-going app support and maintenance services, feature updates and development scaling. During this maintenance period, we provide technical support to app users, monitor app performance, document app crashes, check error logs and send out new updates to improve user experience.

Working With The Best in Business

Our clients, employees and partners make us who we are - we work with them to make the global business ecosystem more welcoming, adaptable and lucrative for everyone! 


Transform your business with an iOS app!

    Ask Any Questions

    iOS app development is the process of building mobile application for Apple’s iOS platform and primarily for iPhones, iPads and tvOS and watchOS. Trango Tech uses a dedicated Apple technology stack for developing iOS apps, which utilizes the Swift, Objective-C, Xcode 15, Core Data, Firebase and a set of integrated development environments.
    As a business, Android vs iOS is a subjective decision where you have to consider the target audience and their demographics, your app development idea and its device-level suitability, market preferences, launching timelines, budgets and business objectives. While it is a strategic choice, you can validate your idea and iOS app development by considering that it is the most financially rewarding app ecosystem because iOS reported highest app revenue from subscriptions and in-app purchases. Also, it is the second leading operating system in terms of user base.
    Basic iOS applications with 2 to 4 features typically take three months with full-cycle coverage from design to testing. Intermediate-level, multi-featured app with 3 to 6 features may take anywhere between 4 months to 6 months in design, development, testing, and launch.
    Advanced applications with more than 8 features can take anywhere between 6 months and 9 months. These timelines significantly vary because of design requirements, product vision and goals, development approach and technology stack and approval speeds from client’s side.
    At Trango Tech, the cost of iOS app development starts from $5000 and can go up to $75000 for advanced applications leveraging artificial intelligence, virtual reality frameworks and IoT-embedded smart development. We also provide subscription model where our clients don’t have to pay upfront but a subscription amount every month. While we try to keep our app development tiers on-point and in-budget for everyone with brilliant ideas, we also consider custom quotes that are tailor-made for specific apps.
    At Trango Tech, the cost of iOS app development starts from $5000 and can go up to $75000 for advanced applications leveraging artificial intelligence, virtual reality frameworks and IoT-embedded smart development. We also provide subscription model where our clients don’t have to pay upfront but a subscription amount every month. While we try to keep our app development tiers on-point and in-budget for everyone with brilliant ideas, we also consider custom quotes that are tailor-made for specific apps.