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Trango Tech’s Comprehensive Suite of iOS App Development Services

Trango Tech offers full-cycle iOS app development services to support the development plans and ventures of startup founders, early-stage entrepreneurs as well as established enterprise-grade corporations.

Custom iOS App Development

We build custom iOS apps utilizing Swift, Objective-C, XCode and battle-tested user interface kits. iOS apps from Trango Tech boast stunning graphics, exceptional user experience and robust backend to handle user requirements in most sensitive sectors.

iOS Game Development

At Trango Tech, we have a dedicated team of game developers certified in strongest game development technology stacks like Unity and Unreal game Engine. In addition to game design and strategy, we also consult for habit loops and monetization.

Social Media iOS Development

As an iPhone app development company, Trango Tech can help you build an application so your target users can connect, communicate, share their best moments – and with peace of mind. We develop social media apps that have high-end security, exceptional privacy features and smooth load distribution to host visual content.

Enterprise iOS App Development

We build commercial, large-scale applications for B2B businesses. Trango Tech’s developers build feature-rich applications laser-focused to meet the usability requirements of organizations. Our apps boast secure encryption, workflow supper and strong backend.

iOS Widget Development

We create custom widgets to optimize the performance and functionality of iOS applications. These widgets help reduce development time, effort and storage. In addition, these widgets improve the user experience of apps by displaying specific app information on home screens.

iOS App Testing & QA

We provide iOS app testing services in two different packages. The first tier is for existing apps that start with code review and iOS update recommendations. Second is for new apps that have just executed backend and frontend and are ready to deploy APIs. 

iOS App Maintenance

Trango Tech provides robust maintenance and support services for iOS applications. Our maintenance and support packages include bug identification and fixes, security monitoring, performance optimization, feature updates and architecture scaling.

iOS App Support

At Trango Tech, we provide full-cycle and tailored iOS app development coverage to support entrepreneurs at different stages of businesses – and our standard UI/UX design services are part of this. We build wireframes, app screen mockups, design assets and high-fidelity prototypes.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

We help businesses of all sizes unlock their full potential and grow by focusing on the business's vision, goals & objectives. As an iPhone app development company, we love to create iOS Apps that bring reality to your vision.

Why Our Clients Love Trango Tech

From concept to delivery, we are committed to working with our clients to create apps that are intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and our team of experts.

We're Here To Help Businesses Of All Sizes


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Compelling Reasons to Choose our iPhone App Development Company

We have a team of highly skilled iPhone developers who are experts in Objective C and Swift. We have developed many iPhone apps that have been successful in the App Store. We are always up-to-date on the latest Apple development guidelines and technologies.

We love working on new and innovative projects. Whether it be an MVP or an integration, we do it all.

Holistic App Solutions

Our developers are highly experienced and have a deep understanding of the iOS platform.

Certified In-House Developers

We have a strong focus on usability and design, and make sure that our apps look great and are easy to use.

Customized & Scalable Approach

We have created several B2B apps with custom functionalities and integrations.

Enterprise App Solutions

We work on multiple models like team-based, project based, hourly-engagement etc.

Multiple Engagement Models

We provide top-notch 24/7 customer support and are always available to help.

27/7 Technical Support

We offer competitive pricing and always work within your budget. We deliver on time, always!

Competitive Pricing & Delivery

We are Agile! We use the latest tools and technologies to create top-quality apps.

Proven Outcomes

Our Tech Expertise For Custom iOS App Development


Swift is a powerful programming language created by Apple Inc. It's easy to learn and fun to use, making it the perfect choice for beginners and experienced developers alike. Swift is used to create apps for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS, making it a vital tool for anyone looking to build mobile apps. You won't find another more fitting or suitable platform than this one when you're looking at your next iPhone App development project - especially if you require fast loading speeds and concise code.


Objective-C is a powerful Objective-C programming language created by Apple Inc. It's been around since the early days of iOS development, and is still in use today. While it's less popular than Swift, Objective-C offers more flexibility and options for developers. Objective-C is a powerful programming language that helps developers create high-quality iOS apps. It's based on the C language, so it's familiar to many developers. Objective-C provides features that make it easy to create complex apps, and it has a large community of developers who are always willing to help.

Swift UI

Swift UI is a set of tools and libraries that make it easier to create user interfaces in Swift. With Swift UI, you can quickly create interfaces using standard Swift code, without having to learn any new syntax or frameworks. Swift UI provides a clean and concise way to create user interfaces for your apps. With its use of closures and data types, you can quickly create the interfaces you need while keeping your code easy to read and maintain.


Cocoapods is a dependency management system for iOS development. It allows you to install and manage third-party libraries and frameworks easily, making it simpler to build complex apps. Cocoapods is an essential tool for any iOS developer.

Oracle Database

The Oracle Database is a powerful and scalable database management system that offers many features to meet the needs of any business. The ORACLE platform includes core components, administrative functions such as creating databases or views; programming interfaces for building programs on top of its operating systems with various languages like JDBC/ODBC drivers which allow access from different applications written in C. Our company has experience working with Oracle databases. We are quite confident in our iOS app development services and our team has the skills and expertise necessary to handle any Oracle-related development needs you may have.


MySQL, the world's most popular server-side open source database management system (RDBMS) used by Facebook and Google as well other online websites/applications such like Adobe Systems Inc., Alcatel Lucent USA LLC., Zappos Corporation. We also have extensive experience with MySQL databases. We can create apps that use MySQL data, and we can also help you integrate MySQL into your existing system. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to make sure your MySQL integration runs smoothly and efficiently.

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful database management system that has been created by Microsoft. It's an enterprise-class RDBMS, which means it can hold and retrieve large amounts of data for use in different applications on computers all over the world without slowing down too much or crashing completely - even when dealing with thousands upon thousandsof records! The developers behind this product have truly gone above & beyond what most other companies would do; they've made sure your application will work seamlessly no matter where you are located geographically speaking (even if those locations differ greatly).


MongoDB is a popular database that can be used across platforms and it's open-source. It has documents with optional schemas, similar to JSON or XML but they are called "assemblies" instead of text strings; this allows for more programmatic access than traditional databases which make them easier to work with when developing apps on top of one another (for example: operating system commands).

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a powerful IDE that provides everything you need to develop iOS apps. It includes a code editor, debugger, and compiler, as well as built-in support for Xcode and Apple's development tools.


PyCharm is a Python IDE that offers everything you need to develop Python apps. It includes a code editor, debugger, and compiler, as well as built-in support for popular Python libraries and frameworks.

Net Beans

Net Beans is an IDE that supports several different programming languages, including Java, C++, and PHP. It includes a code editor, debugger, and compiler, as well as built-in support for popular Java libraries and frameworks.


Reactjs is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It lets you create reusable components so that your code is easy to read and maintain.


Vue.Js is also a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It has been gaining in popularity recently because it is easy to learn and provides a lot of functionality.


Angular is a complete JavaScript framework for building web applications. It includes everything you need to get started, including templates, routing, and data binding.


JQUERY is a library that provides powerful functionality for manipulating the DOM. It is one of the oldest JavaScript libraries, and it still remains popular due to its versatility.


Laravel is a PHP web development framework that helps you build websites and applications faster than ever before. It provides a number of features to make development easier, including an easy-to-use templating engine, powerful routing capabilities, and a robust database abstraction layer. Additionally, Laravel has been designed for performance, and includes built-in support for caching and security. iOS App development is most commonly done using Laravel framework.


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js applications can be written in JavaScript, and can also use Node.js modules, which are packages of reusable code written in JavaScript.


.Net is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across several programming languages.


Flask is a web application framework written in Python. It is designed to make getting started quick and easy, with the ability to scale up to complex applications. It began as a simple wrapper around Werkzeug and Jinja and has become one of the most popular Python web application frameworks. Flask has a large and supportive community and It integrates well with a number of different libraries and tools.

Benefits of Building iOS App with Trango Tech

We are a full-service iOS app development company. We build rich, interactive apps using the latest technologies. Our team of experienced iOS developers has the skills and expertise to create truly innovative and sophisticated apps that will meet your specific needs and requirements. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the final product. Contact us today to discuss your iOS app development needs!

  • Solve Business Problems

    Our company builds iOS apps that help businesses solve common problems, like increasing brand exposure, building engagement and loyalty, and improving business tactics.

  • Increase Brand Exposure

    iOS apps are a great way to increase brand exposure for businesses. By building engaging and visually appealing apps, we help businesses attract new customers and keep them coming back.

  • Build Engagement & Loyalty

    iOS apps are also great for building engagement and loyalty among customers. By providing an engaging experience and useful features, we keep customers coming back for more.

  • Improve Your Business Tactics

    iOS apps can be a great arsenal for your marketing squad. We build apps with a focus on usability and functionality, so you can get the most out of them.

We’ve Conquered All The Verticals

Solving unique mobility problems by providing iPhone app development services is our specialty - we take a data-driven approach to app design and development in order to help your company succeed. No matter what industry you belong to, we are the iOS app development agency you can count on!

Retail & Ecommerce

iOS apps are perfect for retail businesses of all sizes. They allow customers to easily browse your inventory, check prices, and make purchases. Additionally, iOS apps can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing you to target your marketing efforts more effectively.



iOS apps are a great way to improve communication and collaboration within healthcare organizations. They can help doctors and nurses access patient records quickly and easily, and they can also be used to provide educational content to patients and their families.

Real Estate

iOS apps are a great way to showcase your real estate listings to potential buyers. They can provide information about each property, including photos, floor plans, and neighborhood details. Additionally, they can allow potential buyers to contact you directly for more information or to set up a viewing appointment.


Our company specializes in developing financial technology applications for the iOS platform. We have years of experience working in the Fintech industry, and our team of experts has the knowledge and skills necessary to create innovative and effective solutions for clients of all sizes. Whether it be a wallet or a Blockchain app, our developers can create any iPhone app with ease.



Our company is also experienced in developing food, restaurant and delivery applications for iOS. We have worked on projects for a variety of clients, from small restaurants to large chains, and we are confident that we can create a solution that meets your needs.

Transportation & Navigation

We are also passionate about transportation and navigation. Our team has created some of the most popular navigation apps in the App Store, and we continue to work on new ways to make travelling easier for everyone.



We believe that technology can play a role in making education more accessible and fun, and we are working on a number of new projects to bring this vision to life. We have developed a number of educational applications in the eLearning space that have been quite successful and have landed numerous downloads.


Trusted Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our company, and we're grateful for their support.


Let’s level up your Brand, together

    Other Services We Offer

    We have everything in the store that you might need to offer an explosive mobile experience. Here are some eCommerce development-related services we also offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products.

    Ask Any Questions

    Got some questions on your mind? Here are some frequently asked questions about our IOS Development Services that our experts have answered for you.

    The iOS app development cost depends on the features and complexity of the app. The cost to design an iOS app varies greatly. A simple iOS app can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000. However, Trango Tech solutions offer tailored pricing packages for iOS application development that are economical. Our solutions start from $10,000 and include all of the essential app features. We provide all-in-one packages that make sure that all aspects of your app are handled professionally. For developing an iOS app at the most feasible price with the best features, get in touch with us now!
    As a top provider of iOS app development services, we are aware that customers are curious about the time it takes to create their iOS app. The time it takes to design an iOS app can vary depending on various factors, from a few weeks to many months. To fully comprehend our client’s needs and requirements, we here at Trango Tech work closely with you to develop a clear timeline for the creation of their iOS app. We work hard to provide high-quality, intuitive software in a fast and economical manner. A rough time frame for iOS application development ranges from 2 weeks and can go up to 10 weeks.
    We are quite confident that Trango Tech is one of the best iPhone app development firms in the US. We provide holistic and enterprise app solutions for our customers in a variety of sectors. Our certified in-house app developers are knowledgeable about the latest technology and market trends. We collaborate extensively with customers to fully grasp your business objectives before designing and creating custom iPhone applications. You can get in touch with us if you're searching for a reputable iPhone app development business in the US.
    Our company has several international clients and we have been providing them with the best iOS development services for 10+ years. If you are a new customer, you can always contact us and easily talk to our representatives who are available 24/7, to explain the payment procedures. Different countries have different constraints, so first reach out to us and we will solve this issue for you so that you can receive our iOS application services without any worries.
    Application deployment on the iOS store can also be handled in our iOS App support packages for customers. For assisting in application publication on the app store, our deployment teams can deploy your application. In case you prefer to deploy it yourself but run into issues, our deployment services could be hired to deploy the app for you. We can also maintain your applications as part of iOS app maintenance.
    Yes! We specialize in iOS application development and have dedicated teams and app developers in our company. Trango Tech has been providing these app development services for over a decade, and we have satisfied clients all over the globe. You can get in touch with us and define your requirements. Once you have explained to us what you need, we will provide you with custom packages that will meet all of your needs at the best competitive prices.
    The tech stack used at Trango Tech for iOS development is very diverse. For back-end technologies we make use of Microsoft .Net, Python’s Flask web app framework, the infamous Node.js, and the legacy Laravel web development framework. For the front end, our developers make use of React.js and Vue.js libraries, alongside Angular. The DOM manipulation is handled by JQUERY. Our developers are proficient in iOS programming languages such as Swift, Cocoapods, Swift UI, and Objective-C. We make use of SQL databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle Database. We use NoSQL databases like MongoDB. Our developers use environments such as Net Beans, PyCharm, and Visual Studio.
    Over the past decade, we have produced over 200+ applications that are still in use today. Some of our most noteworthy iOS apps were: Khaity: An Agtech-based AI application for field management for farms. We developed it on the Flask platform of Python. Help: An excellent app developed for clients who want to avail of home services such as plumbing, electrical work, etc. This was based on React Native as its platform. Oaks: This apparel brand was based on the Magento – SQL stack for iOS applications. We helped them shift into the digital realm via our app development services.
    Absolutely! When we deliver the application, we have dedicated iOS application maintenance and iOS App support so that your app runs bug-free and performs optimally. We have 24/7 customer support as we believe that we must keep our customers satisfied and provide them with the best of services.
    Yes, clients will have full control of the assets - your application code - as a customer of Trango Tech. You will also receive a written contract from Trango Tech specifying the ownership and license conditions for your application code. By default, the individual or organization who commissions a piece of work, such as a piece of software, owns the copyright to that piece of work and has the sole authority to decide how it is used, disseminated, and changed. However, if you are working on a project with many parties, using third-party libraries, or open-source software, it is crucial to carefully review the conditions of your deal with Trango Tech and get legal counsel if you deem it necessary.
    Like every professional company, our policy is to sign Non-disclosure agreements will our clients for their satisfaction. In the beginning, we sign this as the NDA is helpful in an array of circumstances for us and the clients. You can be sure regarding the safeguarding of your business processes, data, and operations. NDAs are typically necessary. In this instance, the NDA's wording prohibits all parties from disclosing information about any business procedures or intentions of the stakeholders involved.