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AI-based field tracking and management system for Khaity to revolutionize farming for more productive results.

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A farms-to-businesses technology platform dedicated to uplifting the farmers by facilitating them with efficient Ai-based end-to-end solutions. Despite the agriculture sector contributing 19% to its GDP, our farmers remain the most underserved and neglected. Khaity aims to create an ecosystem that puts the farmers first and brings them the financial prosperity they deserve.

Crop monitoring using satellite and drone
Laravel app, GIS System - Flutter App


The major concern with the app was to make it simple enough for farmers to use on a regular basis. The features and functions of the app were required to represent the needs of the niche and offer them unmatched value.

Image processing challenges

Satellite imaging is widely adopted in precision agriculture because it helps to reduce costs, time, and resources. Satellite data collects detailed information related to crop yields.

  • Farmers’ area verification with satellite image
  • Crop identification using satellite images
  • Diseases identification through satellite

The technology awareness gap in farmers was a big challenge as they aren't technically updated and it's useful to provide them with technological training for them to be fully trained before getting them to use the app.

Khaity Fresh – logistics challenge to deliver the output to vendors, inventory movement which involves fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to the seller and then eventually to the end customer.



With a simple and intuitive user interface and a visually rich experience, we have designed and built the Khaity app to provide users valuable experience. We have also offered impeccable ease for farmers with a seamless and well-planned user journey.

  • WMS system for logistics management played a crucial role as it helped with the integration of inventory movements and tracking. WMS helped to make sure that the products move through warehouses in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

  • In-house (GIS geographic information system)– this system will identify the land analysis to allocate how much land in acres a farmer owns and if it's officially under his name. The Geographic Information System (GIS) analyzes and displays geographically referenced information. It uses data that is attached to a unique location.

  • Train farmers by providing an in-app community system for them to communicate with the farmers' community. With the help of a Farmer's community feature in-app it's easier for them to help each other related to crop-related diseases and prevention.



  • WMS (warehouse management system)

  • Laravel

  • GIS (geographic information system)

  • Satellite image processing.

  • Contact Center Solution (call center) calls of all the customers in Khaity are handled by the contact center.

  • Drone technology for data visualization and cost-effective spraying/ Vaccination.



Khaity app is very advanced for its industry and it enables farmers to get ahead of the ineffective conventional practices and revolutionize farming for more productive results.

This user-oriented mobile app provides a personalized experience and serves its targeted audience very well.

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