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Shopify App Development Services We Offer

Shopify App Development

Stop feeling limited by your store! We build custom Shopify apps that explode your sales, automate tasks, and create customer experiences that have them raving.

Shopify App Integration

Data drudgery? Not anymore! We seamlessly connect your favorite tools to your Shopify store, boosting efficiency and freeing up hours for what matters.

Shopify App Listing

Millions of potential customers? We got you! Our experts craft killer listings and optimize your app for the App Store, putting your game-changer front and center.

Shopify App Theme Development

Don't blend in, stand out! We design unique, branded app experiences that perfectly reflect your vision and make a lasting impression.

Shopify App Maintenance & Support

Bugs? Never heard of her! Our team provides ongoing maintenance and support, keeping your app running flawlessly and optimized for peak performance. ️

Shopify App Custom Design

Happy users = happy sales! We craft beautiful, user-friendly interfaces that make your app a joy to use, driving conversions and keeping customers coming back for more.


Why Clients Love Working With Us!

TrangoTech has been a part of the development and design industry for over a decade. Our team comprises over 100+ certified and trained developers with experience of 15 years or more, making them the best at what they do. No matter what your company size or needs are, our team knows how to create a spectacular app. Here are some of our clients from various industries who’ve been with us since the start.

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Why Our Clients Love Our Shopify App Development Company

We hand-pick only the best features and functionality for our clients. As a full-service Shopify app development company, we also integrate third-party apps and craft bespoke features to create tailored ecommerce solutions.

Industries We’ve Catered

Our expertise expands into almost every major industry, from healthcare, real estate, education, to fintech, and more. Over the course of 10+ years, we’ve compiled some of our magnum opuses. Have a look at them!

Real Estate

Dealing with properties is no longer a hassle with Shopify. We specialize in custom Shopify app development solutions for real estate to assist realtors, stakeholders and builders using advanced technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, MLS, CRM automation, Workflow management, meeting scheduling, invoicing, document management, API Integration, Location Mapping and so much more. More interactive features that our custom shopify app development can offer real estate and property management businesses include (but not limited to): User onboarding, Listings and database, Buying properties, Selling properties, Tenants, Database, Filters and Categories, Property Profiles, Favorites or wish list, Maps, Push Notification, What’s happening around my property, Virtual Tour.



With our Shopify App Development for F&B, and restaurant businesses, we cover everything from ingredient and product sourcing to ready-to-eat restaurant-style dishes, everything is on your fingertips. Our on-demand Shopify apps offer high-tech, top-notch technology integrations with a creative approach for innovative, creative and futuristic food & beverages mobile solutions. We cover different aspects like delivery, cost analysis, order placement, execution, inventory management and so much more. Your digital kitchen is powered by leading technologies like AI, IoT to facilitate and automate tasks like menu tracking, food costs, catering, kitchen management, reports and more.



As a leading Shopify App Development Company for Ecommerce, our stores are highly functional, eliminating human bias and duplication of data with automated processes that are faster, efficient and more accurate. Developers and merchants are always on the same page with integration of apps whereas store modification is also possible based on custom requirements like secure payment gateways, CRM, user-experience design, shipping and fulfillment. Enhance and augment your ecommerce business accessibility with integration of Shopify apps. Want something different and more exciting for your customers, let’s build you a custom ecommerce app with Shopify.



Energize your core healthcare and medical operations with our custom healthcare solutions, powered by Shopify app development services. Our healthcare apps offer one-tap access to quality care, augments patient outreach, data safety, a centralized system covering patients, doctors, technicians and staff members alike on a single platform. Integration of advanced AI and ML modules further self-optimized system performance while providing accurate insights, boost uptime and auto-scale valuable resources. Remote patient monitoring, diagnostics and storing of sensitive medical data is possible with integration of DICOM and PACS. If there’s more you need, we can customize your healthcare services with Shopify.



No matter what extra features or added functionalities your retail store needs, we’ve got you covered. Our retail app development services with Shopify promises flawless supply chain management, smooth and error-free handling of all sales, purchase and returns orders. We further add value to your Shopify-based retail store by introducing automated internal operations, reducing the workload of warehouses, inventory management and supervision. A navigable and 24/7 active application will incentivize your customer base and motivate them to keep coming back. Streamline your business operations as per your retail store needs and make informed decisions with our custom shopify app development services.


Types Of Shopify App Development

Not all Shopify apps are created equal. Discover the key types of Shopify app development to find the ideal solution for your unique business needs.

  • Customer Support Management

    Our Shopify mobile app development encompasses a customer support management app to help you to track, organize, analyze the needs of your audience.

  • Accounting & Finance

    Our accounting, sales, and finance Shopify apps will enable you to automate tasks from bookkeeping, invoicing, time tracking, to sales tax management and more.

  • SEO Friendliness

    Our Shopify app development services will help develop a Shopify app that is optimized for SEO in every aspect, giving you an edge over your competition.

  • Workflow Automation

    Our Shopify mobile app development team will design a flawless workflow automation app that will automate and streamline your business operations.

  • Custom Pricing Apps

    Our custom pricing app for Shopify will enable your customers to compare prices from other sources, making sure they get the best deal, helping enhance your UX.

  • Custom Marketing Apps

    We’ll create, launch, and optimize your marketing campaigns, helping you target a much wider audience and generate more leads to convert.

  • Cart Management

    We’ll develop an easy-to-use cart loaded with extra features and functionalities, best catering the needs of your audience and offering a unique and personalized UX.

  • Order & Shipping Management Apps

    We’ll help streamline your business operations by automating workflow, end-to-end order fulfillment, and organizing consumer data, helping save time and money.

  • Custom Inventory Apps

    We’ll integrate a custom inventory app into your Shopify store to automate your inventory management with real-time tracking and a variety of other metrics.

Why Choose Shopify App Development Services?

Shopify will bring about a plethora of benefits to your business, from better mobile responsiveness, improved performance and scalability, to improved security, and so much more!

  • Easy to Use Visually Appealing eStores
  • Magnificent Themes Premium Support
  • Large Marketplace 3rd Party Integrations
  • Multiple Industry Support Low Start-up Costs
  • Perfect for Dropshipping Multichannel Support for Businesses with Shopify POS
  • Powerful Marketing Tools Lightning Fast Loading Speed

Our Shopify App Development Process

Here is our Shopify app development process from start to finish. We always make sure to holistically encompass all your needs in an effort to create a unique experience and build rapport.

Understanding Project

We start with a formal meeting to understand your business model, determine specific needs to build a Shopify app and your long-term achievements with the ecommerce solution. The details help us in tailoring to your unique requirements and present just the perfect Shopify solution.

Research and Planning

The next step is to understand your target industry and challenges at hand through a detailed market analysis. During this phase, our Shopify app development team understands your business needs, target market, deliverables and also sets the budget and timescales. We always keep our clients updated on the project and welcome feedback.

Design and Wireframing

By now, we will have a clear understanding of the project and our Shopify app developers will execute with sketching concepts and interactive wireframes. To boost front-end experience or add functions to the backend, the initial drawings help in piecing together the user experience (UX) and all the possible app’s visual elements.


This is where the fun and magic begins as our expert Shopify developers finally unleash their full potential in building you a mighty powerful, stable and secure Shopify ecommerce app. We code and test every single element carefully to ensure the highest quality. Any feedback and changes from the client’s end are also catered during this stage of development.

QA Testing

The finalized app is internally tested by the team to make sure it functions appropriately. Our QA experts test the app through different and rigorous stages in a controlled environment to identify possible bugs, issues and have them resolved immediately. The final solution is sure to meet the highest industry benchmarks set upon the client’s vision and mission.

Launch and Support

Post-testing and confirmation with the client, the grand moment of publicly launching the Shopify eCommerce App arrives. We also provide post-launch support and maintenance, backed by version upgrades and patch releases to make sure your app continues to function effortlessly.

Trusted Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our company, and we're grateful for their support.

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    Other Services We Offer

    We have everything in the store that you might need to offer an explosive mobile experience. Here are some other mobile app development-related services we offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products.

    Ask Any Questions

    Got some questions on your mind? Here are some frequently asked questions about our Shopify App Development Services that our experts have answered for you.

    Shopify is a holistic eCommerce platform that lets you start, run, and scale your online business.
    A Shopify App is an eCommerce application designed to add features to your Shopify store, allowing you to better manage your eCommerce store, process orders, target new and existing customers, run marketing campaigns to generate leads, and so much more!

    Yes! You can turn your Shopify store into an app by getting in touch with us at Trango Tech, the leading Shopify app development company. By turning your shopify store into an app, you’ll be able to directly connect and engage with your audience and generate more leads. It will also lead to improved brand recognition and enhanced marketing capabilities. You will even be able to offer a much more personalized and tailored experience for your users, helping to further enhance the user experience and buying experience.

    Of course you can, we specialize in Shopify Migration Services as well. Our adept team of Shopify developers, who have worked on a plethora of Shopify projects from almost every major industry for over 10+ years, will ensure that all of your data is imported safely and securely to your new Shopify eCommerce store with 0% loss in data integrity.

    We specialize in creating out-of-the-box Shopify apps as well as Shopify custom app development. It all depends on what your needs are. Whether you’re looking for order and shipping management apps, custom pricing apps, custom inventory apps, custom marketing apps, cart management apps, workflow automation apps, accounting & finance apps, or a customer support management app, we’ll make sure to go above and beyond!

    Each Shopify app development projects’ cost varies as each project entails its own set of requirements. The factors that influence the cost of your Shopify app include but are not limited to;
    Individual Requirements Since each project calls for a different strategy as it has its own set of unique requirements, conditions, needs, and intricacies, which band together to affect the overall cost of your project.
    App Design Depending on the UI design you have in mind for your app, simple or complex, will significantly affect the total cost of your project. The more complex the user interface design is, the higher your project will cost.
    Adding Features Depending on what type and how many features you want added into your Shopify app will affect the overall cost of your project. In case your requirement calls for a custom feature, said feature will have to be designed and coded to existence from the ground-up, adding up the total cost of your project.
    These are just a few of the dozen more aspects that play a pivotal role in determining how much your project will cost.

    The exact timeline to build a Shopify app depends on the many different factors including; features and functions you would like to have in the app, whether you are partnering with a Shopify app development company or hiring a freelance developer, budget, technology at hand and so on. Still, a Shopify app may take more or less 267 hours to build which may however exceed if you require highly custom designs, niche features, or non-standard release platforms. Please consider the following table for a better understanding.

    We at Trango Tech offer free Shopify support for a period of 6 upto months after you avail our Shopify app development service. After 6 months, if you still need or choose to get Shopify support, we will charge you separately for the period only. Click here on the link to learn more about our Shopify Support Services.

    You should choose Trango Tech for all your Shopify custom app development needs because we help give businesses an edge over their competitors. What sets us apart from the mundane is the wide range of benefits we have;
    Competitive Pricing We always keep our Shopify app development prices low, without ever compromising on quality and design, so everyone can avail them giving you the best possible deal. This is one of our key factors that helps give us a competitive advantage over other Shopify app development companies.
    Prompt Delivery We prioritize customer satisfaction. That is why we ensure each project works according to schedule without any interruption so you always get the deliverables before or on time (definitely before).
    Complete Data Confidentiality We sign NDAs and Terms of Agreement before the start of any project, to ensure that all the terms are documented, clear, read, and understood. This guarantees that all of your data will be kept private and that you will be handed over the source files after the completion of the project.
    Industry-specific Resources We boast a team of skilled developers with an average experience of at least 10 years. During those years, they polished their skills to near perfection, in turn building a vast portfolio simultaneously by taking on projects from every major industry and multiple niches.
    Cutting-edge Technology We only use the latest tech-stack to ensure you are getting the best according to your needs and requirements, helping you stay two steps ahead of your competition.
    Optimized Strategies Prior to beginning any project, we thoroughly analyze your requirements, the project's complexity, your target audience, their wants, their constraints, and how you can assist them in overcoming them, while always keeping your best interests in mind. Additionally, it aids in the decision-making process for your business and project.
    And so much more! These are just a few of the plethora of reasons why you should choose Trango Tech for all your Shopify app development related needs.

    At Trango Tech, building custom web and app solutions is part of our service. We will first take a project brief to understand the type of app you would require for your business, acquire all the necessary details and then settle on the delivery timeline and budget. So, yes we do develop custom Shopify apps.

    Just in-case an app is incompatible with different pricing and development plans, or for some reason it doesn’t coincide with the store’s settings, the app is marked as “Not compatible”. We make sure all our Shopify apps are compatible to different Shopify plans as well as flexible enough to scale up with your business.

    Customer data is highly confidential and we make sure it's always secure by taking the below protocols:

    • We only collect data that is crucial to proceed with the business decisions
    • We also limit data sharing and accessibility only to the appropriate authorities
    • We invest in the latest and most advanced grade cybersecurity tools as well as use password management tools for controlled access
    • All data is stored in a centralized repository so that nothing goes unchecked
    • Deploy CRM tools that maintains customer data
    • Enable two-factor authentication, integrate malware protection, blockchain-enabled security protection and advanced encryption