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Full-Cycle Flutter App Development Services at Trango Tech

As a business-centric Flutter app development company in the USA, Trango Tech offers a comprehensive suite of development services that help businesses become brands with beautiful, performant and exceptional applications that run across Android, iOS and web.

Customer Flutter App Development

We use Flutter to develop client-centric, secure mobile and desktop applications that serve end-users and business stakeholders alike. These apps have custom features based on the users’ accessibility requirements and experience expectations. Our Flutter apps deliver near-native experience with the capacity to extend for more operating systems and devices in future. 

API Development & Integration

We also build and integrate APIs – Application Programming Interfaces that help different applications communicate and exchange data. To ensure your Flutter app has the best functionality and unbreakable access to data, we ensure we are only integrating the best in best of APIs that help the app perform better, faster and ultimately smarter.

Support & Maintenance

As a full-cycle Flutter app development company, Trango Tech also provides support and maintenance services to help app businesses maintain and scale the performance of their mobile apps. We monitor and analyze mobile app performance, identify and fix app bugs and crashes, implement updates and launch new features, respond to users’ technical queries and increase monetization opportunities.

Flutter App Consulting

For entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, we also provide Flutter app consulting services in which we cover product idea validation, market research via paid surveys, competitor analysis and technical discovery. The deliverables of our flutter app consulting service includes Flutter app development strategy, with app vision and roadmapping, technology stack document and app development lifecycle.

UI/UX Design For Flutter Apps

At Trango Tech, early-stage startups and businesses can sign up for standard prototype development services as well. We design user journeys and feature maps – then translate them into wireframes. In addition, we design mobile app screens, create high-fidelity mockups and build interactive, clickable prototypes so you can share with your business stakeholders, test for usability and begin development when you are ready.

Flutter App Testing

We also provide Flutter app testing services that include code review for existing Flutter-based mobile, desktop and web applications. We evaluate the functionality, performance and loading, traffic handling and data security and assess the overall user experience. We create a set of recommendations for the app to meet quality standards. Our tests include unit and integration testing, performance, security and device testing methodologies – exactly similar to what our clients receive with full-cycle coverage.

Crossplatform App Development

Using Flutter, we o build crossplatform applications that run on multiple operating systems – Android, iOS and web browsers. With a single codebase, our cross-platform apps provide a similar user experience across devices but at the price of one – so aspiring entrepreneurs and MVP investors can save time and resources, yet establish and grow their businesses with an app that’s more functional than it could be! 

Case Studies

Here are our most prominent development projects – these are mobile apps and programs that are currently solving real-world problems, transforming their industries and we are incredibly proud of our people and processes for materializing these apps.

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Why Our Clients Love Trango Tech

From concept to delivery, we are committed to working with our clients to create apps that are intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and our team of experts.

Benefits of Flutter App Development

It’s the combined strength of Flutter’s internal development processes and the expertise of our people that make us the best USA Based app development company you’ll work with. Here is why we love our people and processes.

Efficient development process

Flutter has an inherently efficient development process – it takes less time to develop code because of the huge library of assets and user interface components.


Flutter has fully customizable library of widgets that help our developers create any and every functionality without spending hours – more choice and less time!

Beyond Mobile

Flutter’s strengths extend beyond mobile. So if you started your business app with Flutter, you’re all covered for expansion because that one code would work on phones, TV devices, and desktop screens.

Fastest MVP Development

Flutter’s efficient development environment is super beneficial for MVP entrepreneurs who either want to test the user experience with real target audience, receive funding from investors or build a prototype for future native development.

Here’s Everything That Makes Us the Top Flutter App Development Company for Clients

Because We Create And Deliver Valuable Moments That Matter To Our Clients

Get all-rounder solutions to all your problems and needs with our impeccable developers.

360-Degree Solutions

From designing to programming and final tweaks, everything is done in-house so that you can control everything.

Seamless In-House Development

We conduct thorough user research and perform usability testing on different stages starting from wireframing to high-fidelity prototypes. All of our website, mobile and software UI/UX designs are made with keeping accessibility, navigation, and one-touch functionality in mind. 

User-Centric Design

Our Flutter app development services are the most economical you’ll ever find in the USA. We support businesses and so, are always ready to work on basic to large-scale commercial tickets by customizing the KPIs. We also offer flexible pricing models, such as fixed-price outsourcing, development hours subscription, and dedicated team engagement. 

Competitive Pricing

We offer standard development services – like design, backend and frontend programming, code reviews, maintenance and support – as well as full-cycle coverage from concept to execution and launch to support businesses in different levels of growth. So whether you need only technical discovery or a full-fledge app package with marketing – Trango Tech is by your side. 

Full-Cycle Development

As mentioned earlier, we assign a dedicated team of project managers and business analysts to app projects. This way, you attend a monthly progress meeting with your project manager who gives you a complete comprehensive walkthrough of all the progress we have made in your app project. You also get access to a personalized dashboard to witness the progress of development tickets. 


We follow agile methodologies and underlying scrum approach to build user-centric mobile apps. This means we divide your development work in sprints – which are warmed up before starting, reviewed upon completion and each feature is tested right after it’s built. This saves us from arduous work during the testing process and helps us achieve committed timelines. 

Project Management

We have headquarters around the globe - and so, we are available 24*7 for business queries and technical support. Our customer support service is super personalized and our clients are always entertained by their assigned project managers.

1:1 Support

With domain experts onboard, Trango Tech has developed a robust portfolio of niche and micro-niche applications in production-sensitive sectors like healthcare, real estate, fitness and sports, travel and logistics, education and fintech. We have the specialized knowledge along with the experience to create user-centric Flutter apps in these industries. 

Niche Experience

We have highly skilled designers, developers and testers that collaborate to build highly functional flutter apps for our clients. In addition, as a prominent Flutter app development services provider, our development teams receive continuous support and participate in Google’s certifications to stay innovative. 

Technical Expertise

Estimates for Flutter App Development Cost

We are laser-focused on helping B2C and B2B businesses realize their app development goals – and so, we have different tiers of Flutter app development cost. So whether you are a startup founder, want to build a prototype to receive funding, launch an MVP to test the market, or develop a large-scale, commercial business mobile app – Trango Tech’s ready-made and custom quotes will suit you!


This is the first tier of Flutter app development cost at Trango Tech. These are basic standard custom services including UI/UX design, prototyping, backend and front-end development, testing and maintenance. This tier is suitable for startup founders planning to build MVPs of their commercial apps.

$6K – $25K

This tier offers a full-cycle coverage of Flutter app development services covering discovery and technology stack, design, development, testing, launch and maintenance. This is ideal for businesses building multi-featured, intermediate level applications like ecommerce solutions and food delivery apps.

$26K – $75K

This tier also offers large-scale Flutter app development services with discovery, design, development, testing, post-launch maintenance, marketing strategy and monetization framework. This is ideal for businesses planning to develop advanced applications with AI and VR integrations.


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Leverage Flutter App Development Services for Diverse Devices and Operating Systems


Flutter is ideal for developing near-native applications for Android-powered devices, including smartphones and tablets. For Android apps, this framework seamlessly blends the customizable widgets with material design assets and helps with creating beautiful interfaces and exceptional user experiences.


iOS applications should deliver experiential value as a top priority – and Flutter helps with the same. We build native-like iOS applications, as well as cross-platform apps that work on other devices including iOS, and during and after the development process, Flutter’s Cupertino always exceeds interface expectations.


Flutter is the most efficient framework that helps with building a web application in the time of a website. We surveyed at least 500 users of progressive web apps, and one thing was common in their feedback – while they loved the user interface, they also appreciated the near-native look and feel of the web app.


Flutter is great for building a brand-new desktop application or a desktop extension for an existing mobile app. With Flutter, Trango Tech has developed applications that run well on Windows and Linux. The development experience becomes all the more user-friendly as developers can hit reload and test instantly.


The biggest reasons why Flutter works for masOS is the smooth animation system and responsiveness of the Flutter apps. With macOS software increasing in number, the community experimenting and making flutter better for macOS is also growing – and this has helped our clients gain confidence in the development process.

Embedded Devices

The post-modern application of Flutter-based app development extends beyond mobile and helps development companies build for embedded devices like IoT sensors and smart TVs. Flutter is secure for smart development, and highly developer-friendly to support diverse functionalities.

Industries We Have Conquered

TrangoTech offers a diverse reach by offering industry-specific applications for every client


For Trango Tech’s clients in the sports sector, we have enhanced the user experience of apps by integrating real-time updates, adding more engaging Flutter-based user interfaces and providing cross-platform deliveries so diverse device users can benefit. We are currently working on a live score tracking app, a calorie counter and sports event management app and leveraging Flutter for powering the frontend.



In the healthcare sector, Flutter’s hot reload and Over the Air updates help our developers scale apps that upgrade in real time – without the need to download the app again. According to our clients, our healthcare apps and their updates have actually added to the user experience and engagement. In the healthcare sector, we have developed telemedicine and remote consultation app and a health monitoring and medication management app. You can check Shifaam for inspiration.  


As a prominent ecommerce app development company in the US, we use Flutter to build digital marketplaces, niche online stores, and multi-vendor online shopping apps with features including online payment integration and delivery tracking. Our ecommerce apps boast a highly user-centric interface and exceptional cross-platform experiences on Android, iOS and web browsers. 


We build flutter-based restaurant apps to help food and hospitality entrepreneurs streamline their hotel operations. Our apps offers efficient order management, customizable menu displays, online payment methods, delivery status tracking and table reservation options. Within the last 5 years, we have built online food delivery apps, quick service restaurant apps for low-scale food businesses and rewards and loyalty app. 


Real Estate

In the real estate niche, Trango Tech is helping clients transform with proptech. Our real estate app developers have built property listing apps, virtual web-based property tours, mortgage calculators and tenant management apps. Our apps boast features like in-app messaging, document scanning for utility bills, built-in camera features, real-time interest and currency exchange rates. 


Fintech is the most advanced domain in app development and fintech development helps automate the financial services to domestic end users as well as institutional stakeholders. In fintech domain, we have developed B2C apps including personal budget management and interest calculators to B2B institutional claim estimation apps. 


Transport & Navigation

Flutter app development has nearly transformed the operational working internally and externally for several travel and logistics companies. Apps like driver monitoring systems, vehicle and fuel tracking, cold supply chain management solutions with Flutter-based integrations of maps and IoT sensors are reshaping the industry. 



Trango Tech loves building app for forward-thinking and evolving sectors like education. In this niche, we have developed custom learning management systems, whitelabeled educational system solutions, online tutoring and course management apps, virtual classrooms and language learning apps. 


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Flutter App Development Process at Trango Tech

All app development processes at Trango Tech start with a free mobile app idea validation call. We listen to our client’s vision about the mobile app, study the target audience and proceed with business and technical discovery. From thereon, our product development strategists perform with market research and competitor analysis; then create a monetization framework with a mobile app development roadmap.

Trusted Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our company, and we're grateful for their support.


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    Comprehensive Suite of App Development Services at Trango Tech

    Trango Tech is your partner in building right tech products. Whether you are a founder with an idea or an established technopreneur, or something in between, Trango can help you solve industrial problems with meaningful solutions through a design-led approach. With expertise in Flutter, here is a lot more we do:

    Ask Any Questions

    Got some questions on your mind? Here are some frequently asked questions about our Flutter App Development Services that our experts have answered for you.

    Flutter app development is the process of building mobile, desktop and web browser applications using the Flutter framework. Flutter is an open-source User Interface toolkit from Google and it allows developers to write a single code and deploy it on diverse devices. This way, clients, Flutter app developers, product owners and businesses save time and financial resources.
    Yes, Flutter is ideal for near-native and crossplatform app development. It is a highly effective framework with fast development cycles, hot reload for instant checks, diverse UI components and exceptional experience.
    We are a prominent Flutter app development company in the USA with a track record of building successful mobile apps. We have a robust portfolio that we are incredibly proud of, a team with high-end technical expertise and niche experience in healthcare, real estate, legal, education, food delivery, travel and logistics.
    Yes, our team of Flutter app developers can convert your existing app into Flutter. The conversion process typically starts with a thorough code review with a strong flutter migration and conversion roadmap. The development and conversion time depend on size and architecture of your existing app, the quality of code, the technology stack previously used and the level of customization that your team and end users need.
    There are two logical measures how Flutter reduces the app development cost. Firstly, Flutter is ideal for crossplatform development, which means you can create iOS and Android apps both in half the times. Less development hours means lower development cost. Secondly, Flutter has a lot of widgets and customization options, so again it reduces the development time and cost.
    Flutter apps are faster to build, especially if you are building a crossplatform app for two operating systems. Considering this, basic Flutter apps take 3 months in development. Multi-featured apps can take anywhere between 4 months to 7 months. More advanced apps can even take up to 9 months.  
    Yes, our Flutter developers use this framework for web development. We build commercial, large-scale organizational progressive web applications using Flutter. In fact, if you already have a Flutter mobile app and want to expand your reach and increase audience, building a website using the mobile app’s code is the ideal business move.
    The hiring process at Trango Tech is super simple. There are two working arrangements we are currently following: you can outsource the flutter app project to our development team and communicate bi-weekly with our project manager. Secondly, you can hand-pick a development team on a subscription model.
    Yes, Flutter is enough for app development especially in the case of cross-platform development. For native development, Flutter has user interface kits and studios that help developers build near-native user interface and experiences.
    Yes, Flutter developers at Trango Tech can use Flutter to enhance the user interface, performance and functionality of your existing native app. The process starts with a thorough code review and product roadmapping with detailed recommendations on when and where in the existing code the Flutter’s components should be embedded.
    Flutter app development cost at Trango Tech stats from $5,000 per month. We also have two more tiers with costs between $6,000 and $25,000 for multi-featured applications and between $26,000 and $75,000 for advanced applications.