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Our Flutter app development services have been meticulously designed to create an experience unlike ever seen before. We are intent on creating and maintaining a standard of excellence in terms of quality, design, and functionality, helping set us apart from the bleak and menial.

Customer Flutter App Development

As the leading Flutter App Development Company, we develop a custom and beautiful cross-platform Flutter app with near-native performance.

API Development & Integration

We can add all the custom features you’ll need through APIs and other 3rd Party Integrations, helping enhance your app’s performance, functionality, and User Experience.

Support & Maintenance

Our Flutter app development team is ready to cater all your needs, from app development, to technical assistance, and app maintenance, we have it all.

Flutter App Consulting

Not sure if you need a Flutter app or not? Well, our expert Flutter app development consultants are here to answer all your queries and will assist you in making the right call.

UI/UX Design For Flutter Apps

Whenever designing an app, we make sure to understand the needs of your target audience, which enables us to holistically cater their needs and preferences.

Progressive Web App Development

Our Flutter app development services also include Progressive Web Apps, a cost-effective alternative to a full-fledged Flutter app development framework, equipped with all the functionality, bells and whistles you and your audience will need.

Desktop App Development

Our Desktop Flutter apps are built specifically to run on Windows, macOS, and Linux with zero compromise in quality, design, and performance. Get the best of both worlds with Trango Tech, the leading Flutter app development company.

Our Work!

Having been in the market for 10+ years, our work on a myriad of projects has allowed us to culminate in a beautiful portfolio. Here are some of the success stories we’ve worked on over the years.

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Why Our Clients Love Trango Tech

From concept to delivery, we are committed to working with our clients to create apps that are intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and our team of experts.

Flutter App Development: From Planning to Execution

At Trango Tech, innovative design with a focus on User Experience are essential to our Flutter mobile app development approach. We are a leading Flutter app development company, and we have created a plethora of stunning cross-platform Flutter apps with native level performance and high-quality design. Here’s our roadmap to your success;

Understanding Project Intricacies

We’ll research and study your project and its requirements to help us better understand it, aligning you with success.

Setting SMART Goals

After assessing the needs of your project, we’ll set SMART goals to help us envision and quantify your success.

Wireframing Design & Features

We’ll design a stunning UI wireframe for your app that will fully encompass the needs of you and your audience.


After designing the wireframe, we’ll start coding the app while also adding all the relevant functionality and features you need.

Why Choose Us

At Trango Tech, innovative design with a focus on User Experience is an essential aspect of our services, helping us holistically meet and exceed your expectations with a bang!

Get all-rounder solutions to all your problems and needs with our impeccable developers.

360-Degree Solutions

From designing to programming and final tweaks, everything is done in-house so that you can control everything.

Seamless In-House Development

No matter what you need, our developers can customize it exactly as you need for maximum hits.

Customized & Scalable Approach

Get the same superior quality of work for a fraction of the price with Trango Tech. Unlike others, we want our services to be persuadable.

Competitive Pricing & Delivery

Convert your ideas into a successful gaming app using our proven methodologies and creative team.

Proven Methodologies

Our team ensures that every revision is backed by an automated build and test with the help of our continuous integration process.

Continuous Integration

We don’t sit back and relax until the architecture of your gaming app is perfect.

Perfect Architecture

We’re here to enhance the efficiency and operations of your mobile gaming apps with our enterprise app solutions.

Enterprise App Solutions

Can’t find the right engagement model for your mobile gaming app? Don’t worry; we have covered you with our flexible engagement models.

Flexible Engagement Models

Day or night, our 24x7 technical support team is always here to fix the issues for you and your users.

24/7 Technical Support

How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost

At Trango Tech, we offer on-point, business-centric React Native development services for startups, SMBs and enterprise-grade corporations – with different tiers of React Native app development cost starting from $3500 USD. Find free costing of your app now! 

$4K - $10K

This tier is ideal for early-stage startups and entrepreneurs planning to strategize their crossplatform mobile app as an MVP with 3-5 user-centric features. 

$11K - 30k

This tier offers complete React Native app development including discovery, design, development, testing, launch and post-launch maintenance.   


Get full-cycle React Native app development service for mobile apps and B2B portals. This tier offers advanced, feature-rich apps with automated service deliveries and personalized user recommendations.  


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Singular Codebase

Singular Codebase

Flutter app development utilizes a single codebase. That means the codebase for Android, iOS, and other platforms is the same, with relatively very little to no change or modification. This can help drastically reduce development time while saving you money and resources.

Efficient Testing

The benefit of adopting an unified code structure is that it makes it easier to test the application quickly for both iOS and Android.

Peak Performance

Flutter doesn't require a bridge to interact with the underlying OS like hybrid mobile apps do. Flutter apps are therefore just as effective, if not more, as native mobile apps.

Hot Reload test

Our flutter mobile app development team can immediately see the changes to the code on a visualizer in real time with the help of the Hot Reload functionality.

Support for Older version

Flutter has an edge over other technologies with its own built-in rendering engine, which allows it to support many of the earlier iOS and Android versions.

Web Support

Our flutter mobile development team can package and distribute your current apps as PWAs without having to completely rewrite your mobile app.

Industries We Have Conquered

TrangoTech offers a diverse reach by offering industry-specific applications for every client


Our sports software solutions have helped shape and accelerate the sporting industry into the future. From athlete recovery, performance analytics, and venue management solutions, our sports solutions will holistically cater to the needs of you and your audience.



Want to make healthcare easily accessible for all? Well, you can come to us. Our immaculate developers have been catering to the healthcare industry for the longest time. From telemedicine apps addressing specific diseases and healthcare needs to patient apps and hospital apps, there’s a lot we can do for you.


Make your eCommerce website innovative and tech-savvy with our expert mobile app development solutions. Our team knows the latest trends in your industry, helping you accelerate your business with our innovative mobile app solutions. Track orders and shipments or take a quick overview of your inventory; our mobile app solutions can make your life easier.


Gone are the days of relying on telecommunication to run your restaurant. We’re here to help you adapt to modern technology by making customized apps that allow you to make reservations, update dining preferences, and order takeout.


Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, websites and mobile apps go hand in hand. It allows customers to refine and customize their searches in various ways. Whether you provide rental real estate services or purchase, we can help you conquer the real estate world with our unique and innovative mobile app solutions.


Make your FinTech company tech-savvy with our expert solutions to give you an edge over your competitors. From secure apps for financial data to portfolio management websites, there’s nothing we can’t do. Double your investment with our innovative and secure FinTech digital solutions.


Transport & Navigation

The transport industry is growing and getting increasingly competitive by the day. Give your opponents something to stress about with our innovative digital solutions. Whether you need a mobile app to track nearby transports or build a brand-new navigation tracking system, we’re your team.



Make education easily accessible for all with our expert digital solutions. Create eLearning applications and websites with unique features and designs to set yourself apart. Have a new concept in mind altogether but not sure how to bring it to life? No worries, just tell us what you need.


Explore Infinite Possibilites




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Power BI


R Studio

Steps of the App Development Process

Trango Tech uses a full cycle of the mobile app development process that starts with the key features you need in the app to planning, creating, testing, and maintaining!


Our launch and post-launch support have your real estate mobile app covered with future maintenance as part of the service


Our launch and post-launch support have your real estate mobile app covered with future maintenance as part of the service


Our launch and post-launch support have your real estate mobile app covered with future maintenance as part of the service


Our launch and post-launch support have your real estate mobile app covered with future maintenance as part of the service


Our launch and post-launch support have your real estate mobile app covered with future maintenance as part of the service

Consultation & Planning

Our launch and post-launch support have your real estate mobile app covered with future maintenance as part of the service

Trusted Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our company, and we're grateful for their support.


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    Other Services We Offer

    We have everything in the store that you might need to offer an explosive mobile experience. Here are some other mobile app development-related services we offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products.

    Ask Any Questions

    Got some questions on your mind? Here are some frequently asked questions about our Flutter App Development Services that our experts have answered for you.

    Flutter is an open-source UI framework/toolkit developed by Google. It is used to create native apps for desktop, web, and mobile. A Flutter app refers to any application that is created using the power of flutter framework.
    The flutter app development cost varies from project to project. For example, one of the key factors that influence a flutter app development cost is how simple or how complex your project is. Let us elaborate in detail some of the factors that will influence your cost;
    • Individual Requirements
    Since each project is unique, it has its own unique requirements and intricacies that need to be fulfilled. They sum up and affect the overall development cost of your flutter app.
    • App Design
    Whether you’re going for a simple User Interface design for your flutter app or if you’re going for a complex UI design for your flutter app will determine the total cost of your project.
    • Features and Functionalities
    Adding features into your flutter app costs time and money. But you know what costs more? Custom features! Adding custom features is not a big deal, but coding them into existence is what influences the overall time taken for the completion of the project and impacts the total cost of your flutter app development project. These are just three of the dozen more deciding factors that influence the overall cost of your flutter app development project. To learn about them in detail, just drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
    There is no fixed timeframe or duration the creation of a flutter mobile application takes. It depends on dozens of factors. Some of the factors that influence the total time taken to create a flutter mobile app development project are;
    • Individual Requirements
    Each project is unique and different. And since each project is unique, they have a different set of requirements and complexities that need to be fulfilled. That calls for a completely unique and personalized strategy for each project to ensure their needs are being met.
    • App Design
    How you want your flutter mobile application to look and feel is a very significant factor in determining how long it will take to complete your flutter app development project. Whether it's a simple UI design or an intricate UI design will determine the completion time of your project.
    • Features and Functionalities
    The more features and functionalities you want added into your flutter app, the more time it will take to complete the project. Each feature and functionality will have to be checked and tested to make sure it is working as intended while also enhancing the User Experience. These are just a few of the dozen more factors that increase or decrease the completion time of your flutter app project. To learn about these factors in detail, get in touch with us at Trango Tech.
    That entirely depends on the individual needs of your project. As each platform brings about its own perks and advantages.
    Flutter is a framework itself and does not require any such tools to develop. Although the programming language used to develop flutter app is Dart & visual studio code is the preferred ide for flutter.
    At the end of each project, the source-code is handed over to you with 100% ownership. We always sign NDAs and Contracts with transparent terms and conditions with each customer before the initiation of their project to ensure everything is read, understood, in writing, and concrete. This also helps protect and safeguard both yours and our rights.
    Choosing flutter for your project will help bring about a plethora of benefits for you. We’ve listed down some of the benefits you will receive from building your application using flutter framework.
    • Singular Codebase
    One of the biggest advantages of using the flutter framework is you can develop your application for multiple platforms using the same lines of code. This helps significantly reduce the development time for your application, ultimately your time-to-market is reduced as well. So you save both time and money.
    • Consistent UI design
    Because of the singular codebase and built-in high performance rendering engine, the UI design across all platforms is nearly identical, if not completely identical. This helps keep the User Experience across all platforms consistent.<
    • Hot Reload
    The hot reload feature helps developers visually see all the changes they’ve done to the code side-by-side. This helps give developers the opportunity to experiment with the application without causing them a headache. 
    • Near Native Performance 
    The reason why flutter offers near-native performance is because Flutter doesn't rely on any interpreters or intermediary code representations. Flutter applications are immediately incorporated into machine code, thus any performance issues resulting from the interpretation process are eliminated. Optimized performance also helps enhance the User Experience.
    • UI Customization
    One of the best advantages of flutter is the freedom it offers in terms of customizing the User Interface, basically anything you can see on the screen, you can customize in flutter. You can even create custom widgets and UI animations to add a touch of sparkle to your flutter application.
    • Built-in Rendering Engine
    Flutter framework uses Skia for rendering. This helps reduce development time and costs significantly and helps keep the UI design consistent across all platforms. And so much more! These are just a few of the many more benefits of using the flutter framework to build your application.
    Yes you can, one of the biggest benefits of using Flutter to develop a cross platform app is the code reusability feature it has. The code reusability feature enables the development of multiple apps such as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and web apps using the same codebase with very minor to no tweaks. This helps developers save a lot of time and help business owners save a lot of capital that would’ve otherwise been spent on hiring separate resources to build the app in-house or outsourcing the development of the app to the same or different company, from anywhere in the US or around the world.
    Whenever looking to hire dedicated flutter developers, whether locally in the US or from anywhere around the globe, be as transparent as you can. Communicate your expectations from them, your budget’s flexibility, when you will receive the deliverables, how you will measure the project’s success. Juxtapose the quotation with quotations from other flutter app development companies. Analyze which one is offering you the best value for money while assessing their USPs to choose the best flutter app development company for your project. Hint: It's Trango Tech!  
    Of course you can! Our Flutter app development services are designed to holistically cater all your flutter app needs, ensuring the end product received is nothing short of perfection.