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Real Estate Mobile App Development
Services We Offer

Each aspect of our service has been meticulously designed to create an experience unlike ever seen before. We are intent on creating and maintaining a standard of excellence in terms of quality, design, and functionality, helping set us apart from the bleak and menial.

Mobile App Development

Build an all-in-one mobile app that's exclusive to a single platform with our Native Mobile App Development services. We’ll create an app that is built with programming tools and languages specific to the single platform being used, such as Android or iOS.

Hybrid Mobile
App Development

Want to conquer the app store and play store? Let our hybrid mobile app developers make the magic happen by creating a single app that runs on multiple operating software. They’ll use a single code bar that can be run anywhere.

Progressive Web
App Development

Looking for app-like functionalities, but on mobile devices? Progressive Web App Development allows you to achieve this and much more by mimicking desktop websites in a mobile-friendly manner.

& Embedded Software

Whether it's a mobile application or a special idea just for wearables, our developers can create specifically optimized software for wearables, android and iOS, and other embedded devices.

Types of Real Estate Apps We Can Create

Help your customers find new listings, whether they wish to buy or sell a property, and refine is based on their preferences.

  • 1
    Dedicated User Profiles (User, Sellers & Agents

    Users should be able to create their profiles in the app to perform different activities in the app. There should be different profiles for different sets of users.

  • 2
    Customized Filters & Categorization

    To simplify the property searching process, we provide advanced search options to users, add categories and filters, so users can easily locate properties that suit their needs.

  • 3

    You can find location-wise information such as crime rate, infrastructure, nearby schools, average income, and the risk of natural disasters on government websites.

  • 4

    If buyers want to schedule an appointment with the agent or seller, they can directly check the available dates and schedule the appointment right in the app.

Target a whole different market with this app that makes finding valuable real estate investment opportunities effortless.

  • 1
    Property Cost Calculators

    Our calculator is detailed enough to help users estimate the final amount based on various factors, such as initial payment range, taxes, loan interest amount, etc.

  • 2

    Analytics gives you valuable insights into your app's performance, what needs to be done to improve it and get helpful information about the users and their in-app behavior.

  • 3
    Property Profiles

    These profiles include extensive information about the property, such as descriptions, photos, videos, rich media, price details, value propositions, and so on.

  • 4
    3rd Party Integrations / Gateways

    This will help you to link your app with your partner banks to provide the best payment plans to customers so that they can enjoy all services from a single windows.

Want to dominate the virtual real estate market? All you need is our AR/VR modeling app that allows you to create and represent 5D models of buildings and houses.

  • 1
    Virtual showings

    Virtual property viewings have become the norm since the global COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s easy to offer intimate showings to remote and distributed buyers worldwide (or across town) with the support of AR tools.

  • 2
    Architectural mockups

    Whether a new building is under construction or internal renovations are underway, augmented reality can help realtors and buyers visualize built spaces.

  • 3
    Virtual Tour

    A virtual tour or 3D walkthrough is an incredible way to give buyers a real-time feel of the home they want to purchase.

  • 4
    Engineering Visualization

    Our specialists build three-dimensional models to demonstrate the property, and such full-scale models of the yet-to-be-constructed properties help users look both outside and inside the property.

Our Work!

TrangoTech has been a part of the development and design industry for over a decade. Our team comprises over 100+ certified and trained developers with experience of 15 years or more, making them the best at what they do. No matter what your company size or needs are, our team knows how to create a spectacular app. Here are some of our clients from various industries who’ve been with us since the start.

Tech Stack For Custom Mobile Apps


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and an open-source and free programming language by Microsoft. It’s used to help manage and build large-scale JavaScript projects. Apart from the standard features of JavaScript, developers have access to some additional features with TypeScript, such as static typing, object-oriented programming, and compilation.


JavaScript is a very popular programming language used for the web. It creates interactive and dynamic web content, such as browsers and applications. JavaScript allows developers to store useful values inside variables, operate on pieces of text (known as strings), and run codes in response to specific events that occur on the web.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a platform-independent coding language used to structure web pages and their content. HTML helps tell the web browser what each part of the website is and what it's supposed to do. HTML allows you to add everything from defining headers and paragraphs to links, images, and videos.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a core technology used to build web pages and give them a look and layout one desires. CSS is fundamental to building web designs since, without it, the website would just consist of plain text with a white background. Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet (SASS) is an extension of CSS, a preprocessor scripting language, that allows developers to use added things, such as nested rules, variables, inline imports, and much more.


Oracle is an RDBMS that helps implement object-oriented features, such as polymorphism, inheritance, and user-defined types. It is the first ever database designed to assist with enterprise grid computing while being flexible and cost-effective. Oracle database uses memory structures and processes to access and manage the database.


MySQL is used to create databases for manipulating and storing data while defining the relationship of each table. Developers can make specific requests by typing specific SQL statements on MySQL. In turn, the server application responds with the information requested and makes it appear on the developer’s side.

SQL Server

SQL Server is an RDBMS by Microsoft that assists developers in a wide range of transaction processing, analytics applications, and business intelligence in the corporate IT environment. SQL Server uses Java, C#, R, and Python as the main languages. Five types of SQL Servers mostly used include Enterprise, Web, Standard, Developer, and Express.


MongoDB is a non-relational document database with a flexible data model. It enables developers to store unstructured data, provide full indexing support, and replicate with initiative and rich APIs. MongoDB uses a scale-out architecture that allows developers to store data easily. It uses MongoDB Query Language (MQL), very similar to SQL.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an integrated development environment (IDE) by Microsoft that is used to create websites, computer programs, web services, web apps, and mobile applications. All leading Microsoft software development platforms use Visual Studio to generate native and managed codes, such as Windows Store and API.


NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java that allows apps to be developed from modules, a set of modular software components. This free and open-source IDE is for many operating systems, including Android, that uses the internal API of Javac for syntax highlighting, compiling, and error detection.

Android Studio

Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) by Google that is used for Android operating systems. It provides a unified environment where you can build Android tablets, phones, wearables, TV, and auto apps. Android Studio uses structured code modules to divide the project into units of functionality that can be built, tested, and debugged independently.


Eclipse is a free Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) known for its functionality and simplified user interface. Eclipse allows developers for easy coding with rich-feature-based applications. Its plugins also allow developers to develop and test written codes in other programming languages.


Ionic is an open-source UI toolkit used to develop high-quality mobile apps using web technologies, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is also popular for integrations with other frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. Ionic leverages some of the most powerful native mobile features, such as device orientation, hardware accelerated 3D graphics and more.


Flutter is also an open-source framework powered by Google, that allows developers to build beautiful natively complied multi-platform applications using a single codebase. Flutter is an excellent framework for building apps since it provides a high-level Dart API that can run on all the latest versions of Android.


.Net is a software-building platform framework that is not a language itself. It is based on C# and Visual Basic for building a wide range of applications. Most developers prefer .Net since it can be used with multiple languages, libraries, and editors to build apps for desktop, mobile, web, games, IoT, and more.


Django is a high-level Python-based web framework allowing developers to rapidly develop secure and maintainable websites. Since experienced developers have developed this framework, it takes care of every hassle-based element of web development, allowing developers to focus on writing the app itself.

Real Estate Apps
Solutions We

Trango Tech offers a wide range of real estate app solutions to help you run your business smoothly and effortlessly. Here are some solutions we have in store for you.

  • Real Estate ERP/CRM Mobile App Development

    Whether you need an app to trace every transaction with clients or software that allows you to manage business effortlessly, our ERP/CRM apps are all you need.

  • Lead Management App Development

    Real estate is all about finding qualified leads and maturing them into sales. That’s why we offer lead management app development services that help you track how you deal with new leads.

  • Property Management App Development

    Need a specific app to keep your properties well-maintained and track maintenance? Let our experts create a property management app based on your needs.

  • Online Property Booking Solutions

    We can create a special online property booking app for you to help list your rental properties for vacations, living, and much more.

Integration We Provide

Steps of the App Development Process

Trango Tech uses a full cycle of the mobile app development process that starts with the key features you need in the app to planning, creating, testing, and maintaining!

Software Requirement Specification

Our mobile app development process kicks off once you share your vision, mission, and app needs with us. This is acquired through the requirement engineering document that will discuss everything you want in the mobile app, from its looks to the features, UI/UX designs, and much more. 


Once we have all the information needed to bring your concept to life, our developers start making a beta version of the prospective app. This is where the trial and error begins. From little to major changes, we do everything to ensure the final product is nothing less than a piece of art.

UI/UX Design

The prototyping phase helps us know all the features that we want to include in the mobile app. UI/UX takes it a step further by ensuring the app looks and feels as promising as the concept itself. Our team focuses on creating a final product that enhances user experience, such as easy navigation, responsiveness, quick checkouts, and so on. 

Application Development

Now that we have everything needed, it's time to put the puzzle together to create a riveting final product - your mobile app.

Quality Assurance

Once the final mobile app is ready, our developers put it through rigorous testing to find bugs and issue necessary patches. Quality assurance aims to ensure that the app is as seamless as possible when launched.

Support & Maintenance

Do you think we’re out of the picture once the mobile app is launched? We’re better than that. Our team is always on standby for any additional support and maintenance our clients might need. We stay with you throughout the journey, from upgrading the app to introducing changes and tweaks.

Trusted Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our company, and we're grateful for their support.

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