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Virtual Reality App Development
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Virtual reality development services are the latest technology taking the world by storm. They can help you test ideas and products, obtaining instant user feedback without the need for full development. Intrigued? Here are some virtual reality app development services we offer.

VR App

To make the most of the VR headsets, such as Oculus Quest or Samsung Gear VR, we can help with virtual reality app development that’ll unlock the headset's full potential. 


The design field within the virtual reality world is nascent that’s still being explored. Our expert VR developers can help with VR solutions and design, prototyping, and 3D modeling for all your VR projects.


With the help of computer visions, you can create merged reality in the VR environment that updates based on the real-time photos being captured by the headset,

Google VR

We can help you with virtual reality app development quickly using Google VR SDKs, a toolkit from the lower-end segment of the VR world by Google.

Oculus Rift
App Development

Break into the VR headset world with our virtual reality app development services for the Oculus VR headset by Facebook. 

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Trango Tech helps businesses transform by taking their idea and nurturing it into a physical product that offers measurable and noticeable results.

On-Demand VR App Development Solutions We Offer

Virtual reality app development can be a complicated and multifaceted process. Still, some of the most popular VR app features are those that improve the users immersive experience and make the app more engaging and interactive. These are some examples of such features

High-quality graphics

One of the most important aspects of a prosperous VR app is its ability to provide users with a realistic and immersive environment. High-quality graphics and visual effects can help achieve this by giving the VR games development world a sense of depth and detail.


Multisensory feedback

VR apps must also include features that provide the user with multisensory feedback, such as haptic feedback, spatial audio, and other types of sensory input. This can enhance the user's sense of immersion further and make the VR experience more realistic.


Interactive elements

Many VR apps include interactive elements that allow users to interact with the VR environment and complete tasks or challenges. This can make the VR experience more engaging and keep users returning to the app.


Social features

Some VR games & apps include social features, such as chat or voice communication, allowing users to interact with one another within the VR environment. This can foster a sense of community within the app and enhance the user experience (UX).


Cross-platform compatibility

With the growing popularity of virtual reality, it is critical that virtual reality applications work with various VR devices and platforms. This helps ensure that the app reaches a larger audience and provides a consistent user experience.



Many VR apps use gamification elements like rewards, achievements, and leaderboards to make the experience more enjoyable and engaging for users. This can encourage users to return to the app and discover new content.


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Trango Tech brings your virtual reality (VR) dreams to life. As a leading VR app development company, we understand the power of immersive experiences. Here's why we should be your top choice:

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Our VR App Development Process

We have a very straightforward VR development process that helps our clients understand our way of work. If you’re planning to come on board with us, here’s everything you need to know about our VR development process.


Planning & Conceptualization

Our app development journey begins with understanding your app needs. In this stage, we listen to your idea, offer efficient solutions, and finalize budgeting and delivery time. That is why we recommend that our customers who plan to connect with us for AR development services complete our requirements form, which requires some special project details.


UI/ UX Design

We put together everything that is necessary and we then move to creating a prototype of your AR application. Besides, we’ll create a design that perfectly complements your brand voice and enhances visibility. Our goal is to design an app considering a seamless user experience in mind.


Programming & Development

Once we are done with the design phase, our AR app developers move toward programming your app. Then the development phase takes place. Our team will take a beta version and change it into the final version with all the changes you would suggest after analyzing the prototype developed by our professionals.


Project Delivery

At completion, the final version is sent to you. Once you are satisfied with the project, we will assist you in publishing it on app stores. Consequently, we, with other services of ours, commit to post-sales support, which ensures that any bugs or performance problems you are facing are fixed timely.

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    Virtual reality is a simulated three-dimensional environment that allows users to interact and explore with a virtual environment in a way that approximates reality as perceived by the users' senses. Although the environment is created using computer hardware and software, users may need to wear devices such as helmets or goggles to interact with them. The deeper users immerse themselves in a VR environment and block out the physical surroundings – the more they can suspend belief and accept it as real, even if it is fantastical in nature.
    The cost of VR games development can vary significantly from one another since there are multiple factors that can affect the overall price. However, for a rough estimate, keep in mind that even the simplest VR game development starts from $5,000 and builds up. Some common factors that affect your cost include:   
    • The hardware that’ll run your VR game app.
    • The 3D engine being used for VR game development, such as Unity or Unreal Engine.
    • The user experience features you’re interested in offering, such as short VR sessions, natural movements, property head motions, etc. 
    • The cost of building a smooth and realistic user interface. 
    Just like the cost of VR games development vary based on the features and complexity of the project, there is no specific timeline for the delivery period either. However, again for a reference, a basic to moderate VR game development can take anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks. The more complex the idea is, the more time it can take. 
    People often get confused between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and think the two can be used interchangeably. However, that's not the case. While they might feed of similar technology, they deliver different purposes.    Basic differences between AR and VR can be broken down to the following:   
    • AR uses a real-world setting, whereas VR is entirely virtual.
    • AR users have control over their physical presence in the world, whereas VR users are controlled by the system.
    • While VR requires a headset device, AR can be accessed via a smartphone.
    • AR improves both the virtual and real worlds, whereas VR only improves a fictional reality.
    Trango Tech is a digital transformation company that provides every solution under one roof, including virtual reality development services. Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us.   Hand-Picked Developers We carefully screen and hire experienced and professional developers to ensure you get the best end-product.   Optimum Cooperation Our team doesn’t shy away when it comes to going above and beyond for the clients.    Top-Notch Skills No matter what you need, we have just the person with the right skills to fill your needs.    Wide Array of Features Within Virtual Reality itself, we offer an extensive array of features that’ll leave you speechless.    Lower Turn Around Time The deadlines are decided at the start of the journey; we ensure to deliver even before that!    Premium Support Our journey doesn't end after delivering the product; that's merely the starting point of our premium support services.    If you’re interested to learn more about our virtual reality development services, contact us now.