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Oaks has grown sales 12X more and retained 50% more customers with Trango Tech custom digital E- commerce and PHP website development and design solutions.

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A clothing brand started back 8 years ago by Star textile mills, offering a fashionable yet the most comfortable and long-lasting cloth to wear in four seasons. Oaks opt for a brick-and-mortar business model from the beginning. Where stores were less challenging e-commerce as the market they were penetrating is the most unpredictable.

Call Centre Solution, WMS
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As Oaks is an e-commerce apparel brand, the biggest challenge was a fully optimized and excellent user experience avoiding load speed issues and lack of security authentication and trust marks. We made sure throughout the whole process that Oaks was delivered with an optimized e-commerce platform backed with Laravel which was best suited for this type of customized heavy website

Below we have listed some of the challenges:
  • Credit/Debit card payment activation: API setup and we have added an additional security layer so, when our customer uses their Master/Visa Cards to shop online.
  • Sales and inventory management for the online market: with a non-automated inventory inflow and outflow mismanagement and wrong stock keeping was a serious issue.
  • Late delivery and wrong article deliveries: Since Oaks was managing deliveries on their own the cost and out-city deliveries were concerning.
  • Gap between the warehouse stock and online stock: The demand generation of restocking the out-of-stock materials and GR if the warehouse ran out of that particular inventory.
  • Gap between brand and consumers: The organic reach was lowest at a 0.6% growth rate.
  • Low brand awareness and brand recognition: we have been in the market for 8 years but we still occupy a share of ⅛ of the total share.


Trango Tech team not only developed and delivered the customizations Oaks had in mind but also suggested a number of enhancements to the site’s shopping experience, after conducting an in-depth audit of the site’s performance and user experience. Some of the customizations implemented by Trango tech include:

  • Tested and a secure online payment gateway. They will be required to enter OTP (One Time Password), which is sent to your registered mobile number or email address, whenever a transaction is conducted on the Oaks website.

  • Inventory and product management system in the shape of WMS. The software was custom designed to cater to the needs of Oaks inflow and outflow.

  • From its own delivery system to a tri-outsourcer TPL i.e DHL, TCS, and TRAX.

  • Creating linkage between website inventory with the warehouse through a customize solution known as WMS(warehouse management system)

  • In-depth dashboards for brands to see their sales and growth performance.

  • Facebook campaigns were readjusted and a new audience was created to generate awareness by PR to celebrities and influencer marketing.

  • A market survey was conducted to understand the brand knowledge of the average customers and understand the reason behind a large canceling ratio.



  • Contact Centre Solution (call center) calls for all the orders to be verified in 3 points, first verification is on the name, the second is on the address and the third is the product they have selected.

  • Backend custom dashboard showing sales, trends, revenue, and growth.

  • Warehouse management system (Inventory management through WMS, Inbounding, and outbounding of products, the assortment of the product).



By adding our expertise we have provided our client with Payment modules, a fresh way to look at numbers via the dashboards. With the help of a marketing survey, we have identified the demographics of potential customers like age, location, behavior, and interest.

Which has led them to grow ~26X more than before us. The Tri-outsource delivery mechanism helped them to deliver in 24hrs in some cities and 48hrs in most of the cities. WMS barcode verification has reduced the wrong article dispatching to ~ 0.5% and cancellation of orders has dropped to ~50%.

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