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Powerful Platforms We Use For Uncompromised Services

Choosing the right platform for your eCommerce business determines its success and failure. To provide the finest and uninterrupted user experience, here are some powerful platforms our developers love working on.

  • bigcommerce-image


    BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that provides SaS services to all small or enterprise-sized retailers. This includes everything from online store creation to hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) security, etc.

  • magento-image


    This powerful platform by Adobe is primarily used for eCommerce websites since it offers access to over hundreds of unique features that helps your business connect with the targeted customer base and increase sales.

  • shopify-image


    Shopify is an ideal platform for merchants who wish to build and customize their online store and sell on multiple platforms, such as mobile, web, in-person, pop-up shops, and much more.

  • woocommerce-image


    WooCommerce is a top pick for our developers because it offers a wide range of flexibility with several vital features to simplify business management, including a secure payment gateway, tax management, and shipping integration.

  • prestashop-image


    PrestaShop allows you to create a remarkable eCommerce presence. With its amazing tools to build websites and unique range of features, our developers can create the masterpiece you need.

  • sap hybris-image

    SAP Hybris

    SAP Hybris caters to mid to large-sized companies that already use Hybris in their applications. Thanks to Hybris, you’ll have all the connections necessary to develop and grow your business.

  • salesforce commerce-image

    Salesforce Commerce

    Salesforce Commerce empowers businesses to create a seamless eCommerce experience. Their cloud-based software platform allows businesses to tap into the market faster with personalized customer experiences.

  • squarespace-image


    Our developers have access to the paid subscription of Squarespace, allowing them to utilize some of the most magnificent tools to design a remarkable website for your business. Get your eCommerce website without any hassle.

  • volusion-image


    Our developers use Volusion to create eCommerce websites for small and large businesses that meet their online store needs. It also offers essential tools, such as payment processing, checkout, and order management.

Industries We Have Conquered

TrangoTech offers a diverse reach by offering industry-specific applications for every client.

Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, websites are good, but mobile apps are better. It allows customers to refine and customize their searches in various ways. Whether you provide rental real estate services or purchase, we can help you conquer the real estate world with our unique and innovative mobile app solutions.


The days of running your restaurant only through communication are long gone. By creating specialized apps that enable you to make appointments, update your dining preferences, and place takeout orders, we're here to help you adjust to modern technology.


Make your eCommerce website innovative and tech-savvy with our expert mobile app development solutions. Our team knows the latest trends in your industry, helping you accelerate your business with our innovative mobile app solutions. Track orders and shipments or take a quick overview of your inventory; our mobile app solutions can make your life easier. You can also improve customer experience by offering a mobile app to shop on your eCommerce store.


Want to make healthcare easily accessible for all? Well, you can come to us. Our immaculate developers have been catering to the healthcare industry for the longest time. From telemedicine apps addressing specific diseases and healthcare needs to patient apps and hospital apps, there’s a lot we can do for you.


There's nothing we haven't already done, whether you’re looking for a loyalty app for your brick and mortar store or an online eCommerce mobile app for enhanced CX and targeted marketing, we’ll make sure what you receive is nothing short of excellence.

Ask Any Questions

Got some questions on your mind? Here are some frequently asked questions about our eCommerce Development Services that our experts have answered for you.

When starting a new small business, choosing the right eCommerce solution plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of your venture. Since there are so many eCommerce development companies and solutions today, it can be overwhelming deciding which one to go for. However, the top pick for most small businesses is Shopify. Shopify is an excellent eCommerce solution that offers a wide range of eCommerce-focused content management systems along with many additional and exciting features. It offers an easy-to-understand setup, eliminating the need for backend or coding knowledge. However, the options are not limited to Shopify. There are many other eCommerce solutions small businesses can consider too, such as Magento, WordPress, and much more. Connect with our rep today to learn more.

There is no simple figure answer to this question since there are multiple factors that need to be taken into account when determining the cost of website design and development. Here are some factors you should consider when asking for a quote:

  • Website Design
The cost for a custom website design will always be higher than choosing a design from pre-made templates.
  • eCommerce Platform
The platform you choose to create your website affects the final cost of building your eCommerce website greatly as the pricing model for each platform is different, such as Magento, Shopify, WordPress, etc.
  • Functionality
The more unique the features you choose are, the higher the price will be since the smoother the functionality, the higher the price.
  • Data Migration
The cost associated with importing the data from past orders can be quite costly. Moreover, it needs to sit well with the website, which is a time-consuming and costly process.
  • 3rd Party Integrations
If you’re using your website with 3rd party integrations or ERPs, it can also cost thousands of dollars.
  • Marketing & SEO 
Just building the website is not enough, you need the traffic to generate leads and convert them to sales. These leads come from marketing and SEO efforts that add to the overall website cost.
  • Company Selection
The company you choose to help you create your eCommerce website also creates a difference in the final cost. You need an experienced and reputable eCommerce company that can provide you with much more than you’re asking for while trying to stay within your budget. And that’s something you get with Trango Tech. We offer a high level of services at the fraction of the cost as compared to other eCommerce companies. Our qualified and certified staff has over 10+ years of experience, making them the best at what they do.

The type of eCommerce development company you choose determines the fate of your business. One wrong move, and it can diminish the entire progress you’ve made since you started. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the best eCommerce development company in the USA:

  • Past Record 
Whichever eCommerce development company you’re considering, make sure to take a deep look into their past record and see the projects they’ve completed so far. This allows you to match their claims made on the website to the work they’ve done and help you understand whether they’re the right match for you or not.
  • eCommerce Development Process
Every eCommerce development company has its own development process that works for them and their team. However, there are some key variables that every ‘good” eCommerce development company should include in the process. Before you pull the trigger and get on board, make sure their development process matches what you’re looking for.
  • Project Management Skills
A company can have the best development process and people on board to help you accomplish your business goals, but without the right project management skills, it's not as effective. If you’re wondering how you can determine their project management skills, here are some questions to ask:
  1. What type of development and project methodology is your company using?
  2. How do you scope and organize each part of the project, from designing to developing and testing?
  3. How do you progress from one phase to the other?
  • Design Abilities
When building an eCommerce website, design plays a crucial role in grabbing customer’s attention. Make sure the eCommerce development company you’re choosing is up-to-date on the latest design trends and understands what's happening in your industry. Moreover, check if they have a dedicated in-house UI/UX team or do they outsource their tasks? Will they keep you in the loop regarding all the obstacles? Do they have the ability to provide prompt solutions for those obstacles? All these factors need to be considered.
  • Maintenance & Support Services
Just building the website and taking it live is not enough, there are many issues that occur after the website goes live, which is why you need prompt and effective maintenance and support services. For example, Trango Tech offers a high level of post-launch support services that ensures your business keeps running smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, with our post-launch support, you can make amendments to the website and add/remove features as per your requirements.

Each eCommerce development platform has its own set of pros and cons that make it the right choice for some, and not so much for the others. However, when talking about a large organization, there are many complexities that need to be considered before making the final choice. Here are some eCommerce development platforms that are optimal for large organizations and projects:

  • Magento
Magento is a renowned eCommerce platform that is free and open-sourced. Even though it requires a big price leap, it's all worth it for large organizations since it's feature-rich and highly robust. It also offers SEO optimization along with multiple templates and add-ons that makes the price worth the plunge.
  • Shopify
Does your eCommerce store experience high volume traffic and sales? Then all you need is Shopify and Shopify Plus. With Shopify, you can apply discounts, complete manuals and documents, and create clean and effortless themes for a premium shopping experience.
  • BigCommerce
Want the best of both worlds? Then all you need is BigCommerce, the shark of the eCommerce sea that rules them all. Its robust search engine makes it the perfect choice for large businesses, since it also offers flexible APIs with cost-effective and fast integrations.
  • WooCommerce 
If you need an ultimate eCommerce platform that can turn your WordPress website into an eCommerce store, then all you need is WooCommerce. Whether you’re an eCommerce beginner or an expert, there are many benefits large businesses can reap from WooCommerce.

An eCommerce website agency, such as Trango Tech, is an external team that assists online merchants build a successful eCommerce website and sell more products while increasing their search engine presence. Such agencies usually provide a wide array of other services along too, along with eCommerce website services. For example, Trango Tech is a successful eCommerce website agency, but we also offer other services, such as Next-Gen services, BPO services, mobile app development services, and much more.

Just like there is no fixed cost of building a Shopify website, there is no fixed time it can take, either. The amount of time it takes to build a Shopify website from scratch depends greatly on the features you want, whether it's a custom-built theme or a template, and so on. Even with the most basic features, it can take a minimum of 4 days to build a Shopify website, however, keep in mind that it won’t be as mind-blowing as you’d want. The more the features and other details, the longer it takes.