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Goto app and website infrastructure are capable of handling 80 million users/ per day revolutionized by Trango tech. Goto app has 100k+ Downloads with 25% returning visitors and gets 20.3 million visitors each day.

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Goto is your one-stop online shopping marketplace bringing a reliable, hassle-free, and convenient shopping experience to your fingertips. Founded on the precipice of trust and peace of mind, Goto aims to provide an unfailing and absolutely trouble-free shopping experience to people. Online shopping has seen a significant boom in the mainstream over the last few years.

Android Native & iOS Application
Backend & Frontend (YII2 & vueJs)
MySQL, MongoDB, Elastic Search


The client has his vision clear, he wanted us to create a retail-based marketplace that can be a no1 solution for the people looking to buy original products and for the sellers to navigate easily through their inventory management system. The idea was really impactful if done correctly. We initially started with the market research and analyzed the potential. These are the challenges that were faced during the process:

Below we have listed some of the challenges:
  • Shopping cart rules for discounts, coupons, promotion integration, and application over the app and website which was essential as a cart rule is supposed to add discounts to the items based on a set of conditions
  • Fraudulent transactions which involve unauthorized usage of an individual’s payment details, and stolen cards usage could potentially harm the solution
  • Gap in communication and technical knowledge among the sellers played a vital challenge since its important to train the sellers fully during the onboarding process
  • Lack of consumer goods and inventory impacting timely delivery could create a poor shopping experience showing products out of stock
  • Consumer satisfaction and complaints were a drastic challenge as a retailer company gets a lot of consumer queries and requests


Driving for success, we created a super intuitive platform, that allows Goto personalization and organization, and has built-in eCommerce features where multiple buyers and sellers can create and maintain their profiles.

  • Dynamic cart rule management system to solve shopping cart rules which enabled them with these cart value rules, you can deliver specific promotions to shoppers based on that specific condition.

  • Fraud management system to avoid fraudulent transactions, multiple transaction systems, and frequent order cancellation systems.

  • Educating sellers to use the dashboard and orders management system helped to aware and train the sellers on the technicalities of using the dashboard.

  • Inventory switching system on the unavailability of product to switch the order to another seller which helps us in dealing with the challenge of inventory out of stock managing and assigning the order to another seller who has that particular product in stock

  • Complaint management system to cater the complaints according to the department which assisted in building trustful relationships with the customers.



  • Contact Center Solution (call center) calls of all the customers in Goto are handled by the contact center.

  • HRMS (employee attendance and payroll, OPD)

  • Warehouse management system (Inventory management through WMS, Inbounding, and outbounding of products, the assortment of the product)

  • Android Native-based application that generated around 100k+ downloads on Google Play.

  • TMS (Transport management system) is integrated to automate delivery and fleet management system.

  • FMS (Finance management system) is utilized to manage daily financial operations making sure to maximize profit and company sustainability.



Goto, as it was supposed to be, matched our overall quality standards and passed the testing phase as smoothly as we had envisioned. It is now a bug-free, e-commerce platform with an intuitive interface, one-touch functionality, and a marketplace that’s becoming more popular each day. Goto generated around 2 Billion users on the website through leveraging the technologies that Trango provided.

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