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Message From The CEO

“Effective leadership in today's digital age brings even greater challenges. We’re here to simplify these challenges and make you the trendsetters. While drafting this approach, how positively we impact society and surrounding communities is what we care deeply about. Your business is personal to all of us.”



What We Do

We are a Digital Transformation Company that offers unmatched IT services, business, and digital solutions to strengthen, simplify, and transform our client’s businesses, allowing them to grow.

Trango Tech is a part of the ePlanet family, established in 2003, with more than 1500 employees worldwide. Trango Tech itself has been providing pristine digital transformation services for more than a decade, where our team of experts helps steer clients through the advancements of the digital age. Our AI-powered core enables enterprises to unlock new opportunities and grow while empowering them with agile digital transformation to deliver unprecedented products and services to customers.

We at Trango Tech are always eager to continue on our learning journey, following various industry trends and taking an all-hands-on approach toward new digital and technological advancements. This is what makes us unstoppable.

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What We Believe

We are committed to ethics, strong corporate governance, and human rights, which is the key driver of all our business strategies. At all times, it's essential for us to safeguard our employees, clients, and brand while maintaining a transparent system since we believe long-lasting relationships are built on trust.

Respect for Individuals

Our workplace values diversity and unique contributions that allow employees and clients to foster a trusting, open, and all-inclusive environment. How clients treat our employees, and vice versa, reflects Trango Tech’s true values.

Equal Employment Opportunities

Trango Tech follows an anti-discriminatory approach toward all aspects of the business. We use a unified recruitment process that prioritizes the skills and qualities of the applicant itself. Our workforce comprises a diverse workforce belonging to all major and minor races, cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities.

Data Privacy

As a digitally engrossed business, safeguarding our client's data is our utmost priority and responsibility. Our team continually evolves and uses various approaches to protect all sensitive data and provide data protection.

Responsible AI

As a leading digital transformation company, our footsteps matter. That’s why we’re acutely sensitive about data extraction and considerate about AI-related technologies to ensure we’re positively impacting society.


    Because We Create and Deliver Valuable Moments That Matter to Our Client's Believe

  • Modern Approach to Digital Transformation

    Similar to our employees, we want our clients to thrive too. Because when we all thrive together, it makes the world a better place. That's why we use powerful and modern technology that allows our clients to offer spectacular service to their customers.

    We Focus on People

    Contrary to other companies in the industry, our focus is on the people because we believe in creating long-term relationships. Our amazing culture in every location allows employees and clients to grow. When you partner with Trango Tech, we all become a family.

    People Advantage

    People are the heart of our work, whether employees or clients. We believe in our people, their approach, and their dreams. That’s why our modern approach to digital transformation allows us to create products that change perceptions.

    Experience Advantage

    Trango Tech is a part of the ePlanet family, which has been a part of the digital transformation industry for more than 15 years. This gives us a competitive advantage and expertise over the rest because we know what works and what doesn’t. We have the resources necessary to bring your concept to life within the timeframe and budget decided.

    Technology Advantage

    Our outcome-based and scalable solutions integrate automation, integration, and platforms for the highest delivery volume and accurate tasking solutions. With the help of our latest AI technology, data modeling, and machine learning, we’re the best at what we do.