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Trango Tech helps businesses transform by taking their idea and nurturing it into a physical product that offers measurable and noticeable results.


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Our MVP Service Development

Market Research

We initiate the MVP development process with in-depth market research to strategically select and prioritize the right features of the future MVP.

Refine Objectives

Once we have the market input, we refine the objectives (such as the features and purpose of the app) and align them with the business's goals.

Platform Selection

After the features, interface, and other details regarding the MVP are confirmed, it's time to select the platform where the MVP will be launched for a test run.

Measure Performance

We measure performance by setting up the analytics to determine the success of your MVP project based on a data-driven approach.

Record Feedback

The feedback that we gained in the previous steps then helps us to refine the product and make the necessary changes that are required.  

Develop Product

Based on the feedback attained in the earlier steps, it’s time to tweak the MVP project and prepare the final version.

Launch MVP

The MVP is launched in the determined market. The user feedback is analyzed to see how well it's meeting the expectations and needs of the market.

Changes & Amenements

Even an MVP must constantly evolve to meet the market's changing requirements. Since time and trends keep changing, our team keeps improvising the product as per your needs. 


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Trango Tech helps businesses transform by taking their idea and nurturing it into a physical product that offers measurable and noticeable results.

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Why You Need MVP Development Services

Wondering what we have that others don’t? It's everything. We’ve built a detail-oriented MVP development process with room for minimum errors and maximum success.

Idea Validation

A minimum viable product approach allows businesses to see how well the solution will handle end users’ pain points. With this approach for MVP development, you can change the hypothesis of your business idea before everything crumbles down. 

Long-Term Planning

It's essential to create an MVP that meets the business’s needs rather than merely signing off on a new project. With fool-proof and long-term planning, you can create an MVP that is bound to be successful.

Improve Scalability

If your MVP idea succeeds, a good and experienced MVP development company has the resources needed to take it to the next level and expand your market reach, such as a large team of developers, IT consultants, UI/UX designers, etc.

Market Examination

When approaching experienced MVP professionals, you get fool-proof market examination before they even begin working on the project, allowing you to make edits to the hypothesis as needed. This enables businesses to save money, time, and overall energy on the wrong project.

Why Choose Trango Tech

Because We Create And Deliver Valuable Moments That Matter To Our Clients

Our prompt and iterative nature of MVP delivery allows businesses to get early feedback from the market and win the target audience accordingly. 

Launch Test

Being in the MVP development industry for almost a decade has made us agile, which is vital for creating a successful MVP. Within the first few weeks, our clients get a fully developed plan and feature to test and see how the market responds.

Agile & Lean Methodologies

When opting for custom development, there’s always a high risk associated. But with our experienced and skilled MVP software developers, you have less to risk and more to look forward to

Risk Handling

Even after the market launch, our team keeps improvising on the MVP development until the business and audience are pleased with the end result.

Ongoing Improvements

Trango Tech is always experimenting with innovation and technology to offer a unique selling point to our customers. This means that every time you work with us, you get something new in return that others don’t offer.

Driving Innovation

Once your MVP has been developed, we don’t call it a day. Our team is available for 24/7 support in case you face troubles or need immediate assistance

24/7 Assistance

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TrangoTech offers a diverse reach by offering industry-specific applications for every client


Want to make healthcare easily accessible for all? Well, you can come to us. Our immaculate developers have been catering to the healthcare industry for the longest time. From telemedicine apps addressing specific diseases and healthcare needs to patient apps and hospital apps, there’s a lot we can do for you.


Make your eCommerce website innovative and tech-savvy with our expert development solutions. Our team knows the latest trends in your industry, helping you accelerate your business with our innovative solutions. Track orders and shipments or take a quick overview of your inventory; our solutions can make your life easier. You can also improve customer experience by offering a mobile app to shop on your eCommerce store.


Gone are the days of relying on telecommunication to run your restaurant. We’re here to help you adapt to modern technology by making customized apps that allow you to make reservations, update dining preferences, and order takeout.


Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, websites are good, but mobile apps are better. It allows customers to refine and customize their searches in various ways. Whether you provide rental real estate services or purchase, we can help you conquer the real estate world with our unique and innovative mobile app solutions.


Make your FinTech company tech-savvy with our expert solutions to give you an edge over your competitors. From secure apps for financial data to portfolio management websites, there’s nothing we can’t do. Double your investment with our innovative and secure FinTech digital solutions.


Transport & Navigation

The transport industry is growing and getting increasingly competitive by the day. Give your opponents something to stress about with our innovative digital solutions. Whether you need a mobile app to track nearby transports or build a brand-new navigation tracking system, we’re your team.



Make education easily accessible for all with our expert digital solutions. Create eLearning applications and websites with unique features and designs to set yourself apart. Have a new concept in mind altogether but not sure how to bring it to life? No worries, just tell us what you need.

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We have everything in the store that you might need to offer an explosive mobile experience. Here are some other mobile app development-related services we offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products

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    Minimum viable products are versions of software products that meet the most basic requirements for the software. These MVPs are generally based on Agile development. What this means is that once the application s deployed, it is continually improved and updated using valuable customer feedback. This helps minimize time and effort in development, while also testing how the market reacts to our MVP app. MVP apps are only successful if you have expert MVP companies by your side to maintain and expand the apps.
    It is essential to have an MVP development company by your side. There are other MVP development companies as well, but what sets Trango Tech apart from those are our applied Lean and Agile process methodologies that ensure quick product development. Similarly, we ensure that the apps are always undergoing improvement by utilizing customer feedback. Our launch testing and risk handling ensure that the pushed products are always feasible for our clients. Additionally, we here at Trango Tech are always driving innovation to offer unique selling points to our customers those others are unable to provide.
    The notion that MVP products are exclusively reserved for startups is a common misconception. Established businesses, startups, and even governments can make use of MVPs. The reason for this is that MVPs focus on simple features and developing the product in iterative cycles. These cycles always improve the product so this means that anyone can use MVP for an entry into the market. Major tech companies today, push out MVPs to see how the market reacts to them and then these companies improve their apps. Likewise, startup ideas use MVPs and stick to them, developing them in cycles. If you are looking to launch an MVP app and are confused, contact us now to get a free consultation.
    Whenever companies plan to try a new idea whether it be a service or a product, they will describe these initial versions as minimum viable products. This is because they are looking to reach a benchmark in finding the least costly and the most viable products for the business. However, prototypes are developed to decide whether a devised solution or concept works in real life or not. MVPs help innovators to check whether customers would pay for a solution. Prototypes are also used as visualizers for clients from software companies to give them an idea of what the product will look like.
    At Trango Tech, we have our own dedicated MVP development services. Our teams that work on MVP projects have a well-defined development lifecycle. The steps comprise market research, which is followed up by the refinement of objectives. Then platforms are selected and test runs are performed. We measure the performance and then test the app for the market. We record the feedback and then incorporate this into product development. When the product is ready, we launch the MVP app. From then onwards, we continue to make amendments to meet the dynamic market requirements.
    There is a need for MVP approaches in today’s dynamic market. MVP is required to ensure that the applications always stay up to the mark and are not pushed out by competitors. Likewise, MVP allows for idea validations for businesses to see how the solutions will handle user pain points. Once the MVP idea succeeds, you can easily scale the app with a good development team. Your business can then also perform market examinations that can help in producing long-term planning which will ensure success for your business along the way. You can reach out to us for the development of complex MVP solutions.
    The success factors for minimum viable products can be narrowed down to five major factors. These factors include:
    1. Assurance that the app is built for an audience that you know very well and is highly like-minded. You need to identify your targets clearly or else the concept of an MVP is defeated.
    2. Feedback from multiple people. This means making sure that the feedback is from a diverse panel of people who fit the ideal customer profile for the MVP.
    3. An adequate number of features to showcase the actual value of your product to the users. These features have to be unique to give your idea uniqueness.
    4. Testing your MVP thoroughly. First, you need to make sure that you attract users to the app and that has to be done by making the app usable and bug-free, at least in the beginning stages.
    Make sure that your launch is small, highly organized, and contained. When you are sure of your research, launch in an organized manner to the point you start to increase your customer base.
    Agile Manifesto has four values, individuals and interactions over processes and tools, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, working software over documentation, and responding to change over following plans. All of the manifestos are present in an MVP. This is why agile required MVP. The agile product focuses on the market over the tools used, it produces quick cycles of working software, collaboration with customers, and consistent improvements in the product. We could safely say that an MVP is the manifestation of agile software models. At Trango Tech, we have the best standards and procedures that assure that our agile products are innovative and unique.
    If you are looking to make an MVP product, you can prefer to make it after you meet some premises. Make sure that you have performed market research, have a refined objective, select a platform and most importantly, find a company for MVP development that can help convert your creative idea into a successful app. The best time to make an app is when you have met all of these requirements. If you are still looking for some expert advice, reach out to us and get a free consultation.
    There is a wide variety of types of Minimum Viable Products for businesses and startups today. MVPs may be in the form of:
    1. Landing pages. Instead of developing actual software, you can create a landing page that will promote the expected features of the product.
    2. Explainer videos. You could even create a video to show your product in action once it gets ready. This can help generate some traction for the product and also increase awareness.
    3. Marketing MVP. Stakeholders could also utilize social media to connect with their intended users directly. You can highlight your product here and hopefully, your idea will resonate with the intended users.
    4. Single feature MVPs. These are actual products developed and deployed into the market to see how the audience uses the product and also incorporate their feedback to improve the app continuously.