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At Trango Tech, our people and processes make us the top mobile game development services provider that game entrepreneurs can trust. We combine the epic game development ideas of our clients with the ingenuity of our talented game developers and time-tested technology to build stunning games with exceptional player experience. Each game we develop is a masterpiece of collaborative effort and the contribution of dedicated mobile game development teams that comprise game development strategists, project managers, creative game designers, UI/UX designers, senior frontend and backend developers, game testing analysts, and launching and deploying experts.

Together, we are a top mobile game development company that has excellence as the minimum bar for game delivery! We develop games that acquire, attract, convert, retain and engage your players with unforgettable and groundbreaking user experience.

Trango Tech’s Comprehensive Suite of Game Development Services

At Trango Tech, we offer crossplatform and mobile game development services in different niches to support game startups as well as enterprise-grade media companies.

2D Game Development

As part of our full-cycle game development coverage, Trango Techalso builds 2D games that have two-dimensional graphics and mid-level game play mechanics. We build retro-style, casual and side-scrolling adventures in 2D games.

Unity 3D Game Development

We have a dedicated team for building and launching stunning games with Unity game development engine. At Trango Tech, our game developers utilize Unity for diverse game apps and with time-tested technology stacks to build high-end user experiences across screens and devices.

Unreal Engine Development

We use Unreal Engine to build games with highly appealing graphics and immersive player experiences on PC, consoles, smartphones and VR platforms. Our game developers utilize Unreal Engine to build photo-real games with strong animation and battle-testing.

3D Game Development

We have a dedicated team for designing and developing 3D games. These games have three-dimensional graphics and offer realistic gameplay experiences. Our 3D game development department is an alpha team for building action-packaged games in diverse genres and micro-niches.

Metaverse Game Development

With AR, VR and blockchain-based NFT games, we also build stunning games that have near-real environments for players with a combination of these three simulations. These are enterprise-grade games and have given our clients endless opportunities to monetize and grow at scale.

Web/HTML5 Game Development

We also develop games that run on internet browsers – and hence have strong cross-platform capabilities because they run on mobile as well as desktop browsers. Our web game development team builds casual games that earn from AdSense and premium downloads.

VR Game Development

At Trango Tech, we build high-end virtual reality games that take players to virtual worlds. These games require additional specialized equipment like VR headsets and devices. Our developers utilize unmatched development practices and stunning graphics to meet the immersion demands of players.

NFT Game Development

For forward-thinking entrepreneurs, we also build NFT games with stunning graphics, third-party payment gateways, blockchain wallets and marketplace integrations. These are play-to-earn games and have a strong target audience that is willing to spend if the user experience justifies the payer demands.

AR Game Development

For building AR games, our game developers closely collaborate with our Augmented Reality development team. Together, they design and develop virtual elements that simulate in real-world environments. We build games that engage players to interact with digital content in real-world experiences.

Case Studies

We have a strong portfolio, robust social proof and a proven track record of building great digital products – mobile apps, super applications and games right! 

Capitalize in the market that will yield US$118 billion in 2027 with a mobile game development company that boasts

Dedicated Game Developers


Client Maintenance Retention

Games Developed

Industries Transformed

Our Game Development Services Go Beyond Mobile

Building onto this, the success of game businesses lies in two factors: a brilliant game idea and a user experience that acquires players from unlimited platforms. And if you have a brilliant game idea, we have the team to help you expand your game business beyond platforms.


    Android currently has a market share of more than 70% - and let us tell you, Android users have a high demand for all types of games in diverse genres. That’s why our game developers and Android product team work together to build games that reach a massive user base in this leading marketplace.

  • IOS

    iOS has reported the biggest chunk of app revenue from ad spending, in-app purchases and subscriptions. For businesses, iOS opens dynamic doors for monetization. Our iOS game developers build games that run on iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches – all with high revenue potential.


    Want to tap users outside of smartphones? We have a crossplatform development team that builds gaming applications for Android and iOS, desktop, web browsers, consoles, PCs and ones that run on cloud – while delivering similar player experience and more economically.

Sustainable and Scalable Game Development Technologies

At Trango Tech, we make games that we are incredibly proud of - and it's our talent and technology that help us achieve chart-busting game revenue targets. These are time-tested frameworks to support the game architectures of today and tomorrow!


We utilize the Unity game development engine because it helps our developers pick and choose native and cross-platform development offerings. Yes, Unity has got the strongest cross-platform coverage and powerful 2D and 3D capabilities. With around 2 codebases, we can deploy our client’s app on their desired platforms like Android, iOS, consoles, PCs. More importantly, Unity has a robust Asset store for plugins, third-party tools and APIs which facilitate our game development processes by decreasing the development time and effort and benefits our clients because it is budget-friendly.


CryEngine is a game development framework from Amazon. A lot of our clients opt for CryEngine when they want to build roleplaying RPG games – that’s because this framework supports visual fidelity and realism. It has real-time rendering capabilities with more graphic strengths like dynamic lighting and shadows. All in all, CryEngine helps our developers build breathtaking visual experiences for players that prioritize value and engagement.

Unreal Engine

We build games with Unreal Engine for clients with high-end graphic requirements and vast scope of work for enterprise-grade monetization. This game development framework helps our developers build cutting-edge player experience – with photoreal visual and advanced rendering. More importantly, our clients are from B2C and B2B backgrounds – and Unreal Engine helps us scale and grow the architecture whenever our clients need us to. Unreal also supports our NFT and VR game development services because of its robust toolset and immersive gaming capabilities.


Amazon Lumberyard is Amazon’s development kit for games – but is open-source and supports high-fidelity graphics. It helps Trango Tech’s developers render in real-time and deploy on diverse platforms including mobile and PC. More importantly, it offers strong integration with Amazon Web Services so, if you are an entrepreneur planning to launch a cloud game, this is for you. It has a built-in multiplayer networking feature – an in-game communication protocol suited for enterprise-grade gaming applications.

Solar 2D

Solar 2D is a game development toolkit that helps build game apps for diverse devices and operating systems. It uses Lua Scripting language – is accessible, light-weight for players, and super streamlined for rapid prototyping. If you’re a game entrepreneur who want to invest in game development, but require external funding to proceed with the game development process – we recommend you go for our Solar 2D game development services, build an MVP, impress investors, and then scale as you envision.


Maya is a game development framework that comes from Autodesk and has a premium seat fee – but for graphic-centric games, this is the ideal choice because it helps our developers with high-end 3D modeling, texture and UV mapping, rigging and animations, rendering and lighting. Most importantly, Maya blends and integrates well with other game frameworks and so, it makes game code review and scaling easier. It is also a suitable choice for building VR games because of its pixel-perfect particle effects and dynamics.

Mobile Game App Development Cost at Trango Tech

At Trango Tech, we offer different tiers of mobile game app development cost to support startup founders, SMBs and enterprise-grade corporations in their specific game development endeavors. 

$5K - $10K

Our game development costs start from $5000 and cover basic gaming applications and standard game development services like simple gameplay mechanics, 2D graphics, simple sound effects and integration of in-app purchases. 

$11K - 32k

This tier is suitable for growing game entrepreneurs who want to build intermediate-level, multi-featured games on 3D visuals. We offer full-cycle game development coverage in this tier with FREE post-launch maintenance for 30 business days. 


These are multi-player games with stunning graphics and audio, immersive playing experiences, and top-tier monetization values. These are advanced games with integrations in AI, ML, blockchain, robotics and AR/VR.


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Why Choose Trango Tech As Your Partner in Mobile Game Development Services

As a leading app development company, here's what makes us clients' favorite choice for their game development projects.

We build sustainable games that earn – and have robust architectures so they can grow at scale as enterprise-grade businesses.


We love measuring the ROI of our games’ user experience. We gather data and real user feedback then create a roadmap to make the game more engaging and appealing with habit loops and push notifications.

Player-Centric UX

While we do build apps, the most powerful factor we deliver is the monetization framework so your mobile game can do what it’s made for – earn money!

Monetization Framework

We give our clients a comprehensive suite of game development services to choose from as well as full-scale development so you can get design, development, testing, and launch under one roof.

Full-Cycle Development

We have a team of skilled developers who are well-versed in diverse game development stacks based on Unity, Unreal Engine, Amazon Lumberyard, and Maya.

Technical Expertise

After spending prominent years in the game development industry, we have developed sector-sensitive knowledge and gained hands-on experience in genres.

Niche Experience

We offer transparent communication throughout the game development lifecycle – we give our clients access to a CRM dashboard so they can view their game development progress in real time.

Project Discussion

We utilize the most modern technology stacks so that our games become sustainable assets in the present and scalable business to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Technology Stack

Why Clients Love Trango Tech's Mobile Game Development Services

We have spent years building masterpiece apps and this reputation. Hear a part of them in our reviews.

Experts At Building Niche-Specific Games for Diverse Players

At Trango Tech, we have subject-matter experts who collaborate with game designers and developers during the strategy phase. This helps bring logic, spatial reasoning, narratives and creativity to the games for our clients. Here are top game niches we love working on.


In the strategy niche, players actually plan and make specific decisions to achieve goals and accomplish tasks. Strategy games often require players to show resource management and teamwork skills, tactical combat and long-term planning. These games stimulate critical thinking – and that’s why, these become highly profitable when niched down.



Action games with intense mechanics, engaging story and dynamic environments have high earning potential because of the habit loops they utilize that keep players coming back. These games require players to utilize reflexes and hand-eye coordination and so are ideal for single as well as multi-player games. 



If you have a storyline that has an attention-grabbing hook, a character-driven plot and rich narrative that’ll make a great climax, RPG is you go-to niche. These games help users plan their own destiny in the game and they are always curious about the results of their own steps. These games can be monetized easily with ads and freemium models. 



Typical shooter games challenge players to eliminate targets and enemies with fascinating and powerful weapons. These games feature fast-paced combat in multiplayer modes. As a mobile game development company, we have witnessed these games hitting big with two factors: stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. 



These multiplayer games cover a wide range of niches within themselves. In these games players connect and compete with each other in real-time, either sitting in-person or virtually. With the right game story, characters, environments and gameplay mechanics, your multiplayer game can capitalize the interaction, retain players and earn app revenue.  



Considering the widespread popularity of sports culture, app founders who tap this niche typically stay profitable if they provide high-end player experience, realistic graphics and exciting user interface. With the right mobile game development services and strong marketing, multiplayer experience and seasonal updates, this niche has the highest potential.


Single Player

As the name suggests, singleplayer games focus on individual experiences. These games also come in diverse niches, including virtual world, puzzles, arcade and endless running, shooter and sports. Because these games can be played at players’ own pace, it is ideal to design and develop habit loops to engage and retain the players.



Board games in mobile apps resemble typical tabletop games that take place between robots and humans in singleplayer modes and between human players in multiplayer modes. These board games often have components like dice, cards and tokens. These games challenge players to practice critical thinking and cognitive skills. 



These games help children, students, professionals and even business owners learn academic concepts, time management, stress reduction, social skills, critical thinking and teamwork. Typically, these games have micro-niches in specific subjects and then content is gamified. History games, math games and coding games are ideal examples of educational games.



Puzzle games offer mid-level gameplay mechanics and challenge players to solve puzzles while applying problem-solving skills. These games often combine tactics of strategy and casual games, have diverse interfaces and rewarding progression systems. 



The most important type in casual games, arcade games are basic games with colorful graphics and quick controls to enable excited reflexes. At Trango Tech, we develop addictive, time-bound habit loops in arcade games so players can strive for high scores, view ads to increase rewards and make in-app purchases.



These are typical gambling games happening online - with or without real money depending on the scope of the game, the target audience and the vision of the game founder. In the casino niche, we develop games like poker, slots and blackjack to get players the thrill and adrenaline rush they always look for in games. 


Play To Earn

These games excite players into winning real-world rewards in form of discount vouchers, loyalty cards and even digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Most of these play to earn games are made on Blockchain strings and they feature player-driven ecosystems. Popular examples of play-to-earn games are Zed Run and Cryptokitties.



Adventure games focus on exploration and light-weight critical thinking skills  in environments like forests and stranded islands. To deliver the best player experience in these games, we build rich narratives in gameplay mechanics and design exciting interfaces so players come back for more. 



Social games increase interaction and improve engagement among players; typical teamwork and multiplayer strategy games are social games. As an app founder, if you choose to build a social game, you can launch it on social communities and networks as well to acquire that chunk of users in addition to app marketplaces. 


Game Development Process At Trango Tech

At Trango Tech, we have a streamlined game development process which is based on agile approach – and more specifically scrum methodology. Take an insider look of our process here.


This starts with FREE post-launch maintenance. 86% of our clients choose ongoing support and maintenance for users. During this stage, we monitor performance, fix issues and plan scaling features.


With testing and quality assurance concluding, we forward the game build to the marketing department and product strategist – they create keyword-optimized descriptions, take screenshots and submit for approvals on app marketplaces.


This is our quality assurance stage where we perform 5 tests at different levels to battle-test the performance and functionality of the game. We ensure the app is performant and compatible, secure, bug-free and user-centric for high-end player experience.


We start development execution with sprint planning and review. We translate the game screen mockups into frontend code, then build the backend and integrate APIs. We setup database, check features and forward the game for testing.


After getting the tech stack, monetization framework and game story approved from the client, we build a feature map and create a user journey. Then we illustrate characters and environments, wireframe and prototype features and build game screen mockups.


We start with business and technical discovery with strong market research, competitor analysis and code review if applicable. Then we create a technology stack and build a monetization framework for the game.

Working With The Best In Business

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    Comprehensive Suite of App Development Services at Trango Tech

    Trango Tech has a reputation for its growth-centric development services. If you have an epic idea and strong motivation to build it into a successful digital asset, here are our services with which we can support your vision. 

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    Game app development is the process of designing and developing gaming applications that run on mobile devices, consoles, PCs, web browsers and desktops. The process involves steps like game strategy development, game monetization, UI/UX design, frontend and backend development, API integration and database setup, testing and quality assurance.
    At Trango Tech, we have an agile-based mobile game development process. It is a 6-step process and includes:
    • Discovery – the planning and strategy stage
    • Design – the creative stage for building game stories, characters and user interface 
    • Development – backend and frontend coding, API and database integration  
    • Testing – quality assurance for performance, functionality and security 
    • Launch – app store optimization, submission to stores and publishing  
    • Maintenance – post-launch maintenance, marketing, ongoing development and game support  
    At Trango Tech, game development cost starts from $5000. This is the basic tier and goes up as the scope adds more design complexities and features. We have a comprehensive suite of game development services that go up to $95,000. We do, however, create custom quotes for game development and consider factors like timeline, monetization framework, overall game concept, illustration requirements, use of third-party tools, technology stack requirements and the launching timeline.
    Like the cost of game development, the duration also depends on the scope of the game. At Trango Tech, we have a track record of building and launching basic games in three months, mid-level games in 4 to 7 months and advanced NFT-based and VR games in around 9 months.
    As a prominent game development services provider, we recommend you check at least these five factors when hiring or outsourcing to a game development company:
    • Technical expertise with Unity and Unreal Engine
    • Niche experience in building games
    • Portfolio of successful game development projects 
    • Budget and timelines so you get on-point services 
    • Strong social proof, testimonials and client reviews
    Why should I outsource mobile game development services? There are several business-friendly reasons why you should consider outsourcing mobile app development services instead of hiring in-house teams and staff augmentation. Firstly, you get solid cost savings. That’s because outsourcing will offer you one upfront cost – and that’s all. You don’t have to hire, manage, lead, or test because a reputable mobile game development company will give you full-cycle coverage. Secondly, with full-cycle coverage, your game app gets access to specialized talent and development tools that startups can often not afford or handle in-house. In addition, outsourcing also helps you monitor development KPIs and manage launching within a timeline. Your development team stays laser-focused on launching, while you plan ahead for scaling and growth.