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Comprehensive Mobile App Maintenance Services At Trango Tech

Mobile app maintenance is highly important for keeping app’s performance and user experience stable and scalable. At Trango Tech, we offer full-scale to customized mobile app maintenance services to help our clients respond to user feedback and boost engagement.

Multi-tiered app support services

The main focus in this app maintenance service is identifying and fixing crashes. If you are an app startup founder with an intermediate level of active users, this tier is suitable enough and offers essential coverage.

We start with monitoring user feedback, crash reports and error logs to identify issues in the app. Then we analyse the root cause of issues in the code, pinpoint the source, debug or repatch depending on the case. Then we retest the fixes and release the updated version. We optimise app’s performance after identifying performance bottlenecks and optimising the code. We check metrics like loading time and speed, splash screen loading and take measures to improve the app’s user experience.

Full-Cycle Mobile App Support And Maintenance Services

Full-cycle mobile app maintenance at Trango Tech is high coverage of app’s performance and security. This is ideal for large-scale, commercial and B2B enterprise businesses that want a reliable maintenance partner by their side looking into six most important aspects of the app: regular audits, data privacy, functional optimization, user support, new features and version updates.

The key deliverables of this service include monthly audit reports with bugs and issues addressed, SLAs and response times, performance metrics, roadmaps for next reporting period and technology requirements.

Security And Vulnerability Patching

In security maintenance, Trango Tech offers four-dimensional data and vulnerability assessments to prevent cyber threats on app infrastructure and ensure optimal performance. Our app maintenance team regularly scans the backend of the app to identify and fix security flaws, and mitigates vulnerability risks by applying security patches.

Key deliverables of this service include regular vulnerability scans, penetration testing profiling and details, security patches, potential threat reports and workflow for in-house developers to handle vulnerability attacks.

Cloud And Server Infrastructure Management

Trango Tech's cloud and server infrastructure management services means you have an on-demand team to manage the computing power of your software program. While our team is active on your software performance metrics throughout the maintenance period, we scale the cloud resources to handle the rush traffic and surge load. When traffic is normal to minimal, we scale down the cloud resources and storage spaces to lower down your cloud computing costs.

On the infrastructure side, we take care of the basic backend architecture on which your application – software programs or mobile applications have their foundation. We look into and respond to server reports, backup schedules and data outputs.

User Analytics And A/B Testing

Trango Tech’s user analytics and A/B testing services in app maintenance and support service help our teams understand how users interact with the app within the interface. Then we check specific engagement metrics, identify areas that put users off and create a roadmap for improving the experience in those specific trouble areas.

Key metrics include usage patterns, user behaviour, feature popularity – these provide us clear insights into what is working and not working well in the app.

After recommending improvements, we follow the flagship development process, update, and then test the users’ behaviour again to understand the impact of new features.
With A/B testing, we ensure the app only delivers experience that REAL users prioritize.

Customised Mobile App Maintenance Services

This tier is highly suitable for businesses in their different levels of growth. As an app entrepreneur, you can pick and choose the app maintenance and support service package and get one tailor-made for your app depending on its infrastructure, number of users and business requirements.

We also offer hour distribution and level of support choices in customized maintenance services.

Looking for Mobile App Maintenance?

Trango Tech offers tailor-made app maintenance and support service packages to support the budgets for diverse niches and different levels of growth.


Benefits of Mobile App Maintenance Services

With strong coverage for existing and new features, app maintenance services impact the overall look, feel and use of the mobile apps. While these maintenance processes sustain and optimize the performance, ongoing progress also makes ways for the growth and scaling of the app – ultimately amplifying the value for users and monetization opportunities for the business.


App Performance and security

Regular app maintenance and security tests ensure high-end user experience because bugs are fixed timely and performance remains optimal. Regular updates further scale the user interface and features and add to the session durations users spend on your app. Security maintenance, in addition, prevents cyberattacks and protects users’ sensitive personal data.

Increased User Retention And Acquisition

With a highly-maintained app, it’s easier to retain existing users and acquire new ones. The updated features and functionalities connect and engage users. Trango Tech has experienced that solving issues identified by users in the review section is highly effective in retaining users – and it’s more economical than marketing for acquiring new users. In short, users feel heard when their highlighted concerns are catered to – in time!

Growth And Scalability

Regular app maintenance and support go beyond apps running smoothly. As a business, you can use maintenance services as your steps towards scaling the performance and features of your app. At Trango Tech, we look into user feedback, fix issues and keep close eye on features your users actually want – and create roadmaps to integrate and introduce those features accordingly.

Reduced Development Risks And Costs

As much as users love flawless apps that don’t crash, in-house developers and product owners love big-free code. With regular audits, maintenance reports and updates, product owners and businesses can rest assured that they are not sitting on potential issues. With cyclical maintenance procedures, even if new bugs arise, they are identified in time and so take less time and money to debug as compared to bugs that stay in the code inherently.

Reduced Stress For Development Teams

Maintenance services at Trango Tech means that your app’s health is in safe hands. Your development and product team can have peace of mind that there is a team looking into the health of the app regularly. With regular audits, we identify potential issues and challenges and solve them even before they become too critical for developers, testers and quality assurance analysts.

Post-Launch Maintenance

Clients who outsource app development projects to Trango Tech get a standard post-launch maintenance package with their contract. In addition, if you are an app entrepreneur who just released an app and concerned about its user feedback, post-launch maintenance can help you address issues right after release – way before the issues start impacting your reputation on the leading app marketplaces.

Case Studies

At Trango Tech, we want to create sustainable and scalable success for mobile app businesses. That’s why, we provide complete coverage from product development strategy to development execution, maintenance and growth. Here are top 5 of our masterpiece projects – different niches – but guess what’s common in these projects – their confidence in Trango Tech’s team and the endless possibilities we created for these businesses.

Regular App Maintenance has 3X Boosted Our Clients’ App Performance


bugs fixed beforehand

new features in three months


security issues prevented


increase in app revenue

What Clients Say About Trango Tech’s App Maintenance Services

Excellence is our minimum bar for delivery – and that’s why, our clients always get results – app products, new features and updates that exceed expectations. Here is what our clients say about the smooth user experience they witnessed throughout the maintenance processes.

Why Choose Trango Tech for App Maintenance and Support Services

At Trango Tech, a forward-thinking mobile app development company, we believe tech can be a force for good. Our clients, partners and developers have brave ideas and strong values – and together, we are shaping the future of business – reimagining how sensitive operations work and impact the human life globally. We are solving problems, improving efficiency and reducing costs for our clients – and our mobile app support and maintenance services are a way to do so!

Apps on regular maintenance

Professionals on board

Months for strong results

25 Awards
150+ App Project

Streamlined App Maintenance Process at Trango Tech

Trango Tech’s app maintenance services are based on agile methodologies. With a dedicated department for app maintenance, our teams have vetted a simple and sustainable process to continuously improve the performance of the mobile apps. Take an insider look of the process here:

We start the app maintenance process with a thorough code review and analysing key metrics like error logs reported by client and users. We identify the sources of the issues and all the underlying, potential issues that users could face with the glitches. We go through app store reviews and scan common negative feedback.

After rigorous audit, we develop a roadmap for fixing the bugs, we prioritize critical security issues, then add necessary feature updates. In third priority, we recommend new features or screens that could optimize performance, simplify user journey within the app and highlight new options for monetization.

Based on the development roadmap, we work with frontend and backend developers for secure coding and updates in user interface. We integrate necessary – newer versions of APIs previously installed.

We battle-test the performance and functionalities of new features technically via feature breakdown, device testing and automated tools. With a testing group of at least 100 users, we analyze the new usage patterns and behaviour within the app, interactions and responses to newly added features. 

Once all the internal testing checks are marked, we launch the new features for users. After the deployment, we send out notifications for users to download the updated versions. We keep replying to user feedback on reviews and recommend them to download the updated versions too.

We strictly monitor the performance of the app, document the changes and responses and communicate to relevant teams accordingly. A support team works simultaneously to help users for technical part in real time. We keep collecting data, fix and repeat!

We are Transforming Industries Across the Globe

In addition to future-proof app development, our mobile app maintenance services are also our contribution to the global business ecosystem. In fact, production-sensitive sectors like healthcare, real estate, education and travel need proactive maintenance to grow and scale the user experience. Here are most popular industrial sectors where we are continuing to make a business-centric impact.

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We Are Working With The Best In Business

Around the globe, we have a network of clients, vendors and partners who are utilizing digital transformation to sustain and scale.


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    App maintenance and support is an ongoing process that helps stabilize the health and performance of the mobile app. It helps the app run smoothly and securely, with audits and measures for fixing bugs and security errors. App maintenance services further extend to optimizing the performance by developing and sending new features.
    Application maintenance and support have robust security-side and performance KPIs, including:
    • Monitoring and analytics of metrics like usage patterns and engagement sessions  
    • Real-time user support for issues arising with app usage  
    • Technical support for address code-related issues, glitches and bugs identified by users or monitoring  
    • Proactive maintenance for regular updates, performance optimization and feature testing 
    App maintenance typically costs 22% of the overall app development costs – starting from $3500 per month and going up to $55,000 depending on the current state of the app, development platform, scope and requirements of the maintenance process.
    While there are countless benefits of the app maintenance that go beyond app’s performance, here are top 3 that our clients have experienced:
    • Improved user experience and engagement because of performance optimization rounds  
    • Robust app security because of regular data privacy tests  
    • Reduced cost of app growth because of critical issues addressed beforehand