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Why Choose Us As a Doctor App Development Company

Our mobile app solutions have been shaping industries for digital transformation for 10+ years, including medical and healthcare facilities. We deliver customized, white-label and highly interactive doctor app development services with the best audio/visuals.


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Our Doctor App Development Services

We empower healthcare experts, medical services providers and patient-care facilities with customized and automated doctor app development services to streamline appointments and ensure seamless connection.

App Development

As a leading doctor appointment mobile app development company, we carefully understand the app’s objective, refine the app idea, define healthcare compliance standards, and choose the best tech stack for the app’s success.

UI/UX Design

Our creative UI/UX designers can craft highly interactive and intuitive interfaces that prioritize usability and accessibility. The designs reflect your brand’s vision and improve patient engagement, making it easier for users to interact.

Doctor App

Our on demand doctor app developers leverage future technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT to develop feature-rich and future-proof mobile apps that streamline healthcare operations and enhance experiences.

App Deployment

Our doctor on demand app development company is expert in deploying mobile apps on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store while adhering to industry’s best practices, healthcare regulations and medical standards.

Types of Apps a Professional Doctor Appointment App Development Company Can Make For You

Trango Tech specializes in crafting a wide range of mobile apps for hospitals, patients, doctors and specialized medical facilities, revolutionizing the healthcare industry. As a dedicated app development company, our medical app developers consider your unique requirements and deploy optimal tech stack to deliver exceptional solutions.

These types of On Demand Doctor apps will allow your app users to connect with licensed healthcare professionals for virtual consultations through video or audio calls and conferencing. These are the top in-demand features, and more, we’ll integrate into your Virtual Consultation Apps:

  • 1
    Telemedicine App

    Facilitate remote consultations between patients and healthcare professionals via video calls. Our telemedicine apps allow users to seek medical advice, prescriptions, and diagnoses from the comfort of their homes.

  • 2
    Appointment Scheduling App

    Streamline the process of booking appointments with doctors with our appointment scheduling apps. Enable users to view doctors' availability, book slots, receive reminders, and manage their schedules efficiently.

  • 3
    Health Tracker App

    Monitor health metrics such as heart rate, sleep patterns, calorie intake, and exercise routines with a health tracker app, offering personalized insights and recommendations to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • 4
    Medical Records Management App

    Securely store and manage patients' crucial medical records with medical records management apps. Get access to users’ essential health history, lab results, prescriptions, and treatment plans conveniently on mobile devices.

  • 5
    Medication Reminder App

    Promote medication adherence with a friendly medication reminder app to send timely reminders to users for taking prescribed medicines, including dosage instructions and refill alerts when due.

  • 6
    Symptom Checker App

    Assist users in understanding and assessing their symptoms by providing information about potential illnesses. Our symptom checker app offers guidance on when to seek medical help, and also suggests initial steps for selfcare.

  • 7
    Healthcare Marketplace App

    Enhance communication and connection between patients and various service providers, including doctors, clinics, hospitals, and wellness centers. Healthcare marketplace apps also enable users to compare services and make informed choices.

  • 8
    Mental Health Support App

    Our mental/cognitive health support apps are designed and developed with the purpose of mental well-being, offering resources like meditation guides, mood trackers, therapy sessions, and mental health assessments.

  • 9
    Chronic Disease Management App

    We specifically tailor chronic disease management apps for individuals to carefully manage their chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or asthma, while assisting in tracking symptoms, monitoring progress, and offering healthy lifestyle management tips.


These types of On Demand Doctor apps will help provide your users immediate access to emergency medical services such as ambulances and ER services. These are the top in-demand features, and more, we’ll integrate into your Emergency Care Apps:

  • 1
    Access to emergency services

    Users will be able to access and connect with emergency services such as ambulances and hospital ER’s from within the app.

  • 2
    Real-time location tracking and sharing

    Users will be able to share their location in real-time with emergency services and first responders for easier navigation and tracking.

  • 3
    SOS Feature

    App users will be able to activate the SOS feature or call emergency services with the click of a button to minimize delays in seeking emergency services.

  • 4
    Medical information

    Users will be able to provide healthcare professionals with critical medical information such as known ailments, allergens, and past diseases for better diagnosis.

  • 5
    SOS Alerts

    Users will be able to send SOS signals with geo-location tracking to selected contacts and family members in case of emergency.

  • 6
    Remote Diagnosis and Assessment

    Users will be able to connect with healthcare professionals for easy remote diagnosis and medical assessments through telemedicine capabilities.

  • 7
    Information Storage

    Users will be able to store and designate contacts in case of emergency as well as critical medical information that can be used by first providers.

  • 8

    The app will be equipped with accessibility features for disabled users as well as support for multiple languages to ensure inclusivity for all.

  • 9
    Feedback & Review

    Users will have the option to rate the services after availing the app's emergency services as well as a detailed feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.


These types of On Demand Doctor apps connect patients with specialist doctors in specific medical fields, such as cardiology, dermatology, neurology, or orthopedics. These are the top in-demand features, and more, we’ll integrate into your Specialist Consultation Apps:

  • 1
    Doctor Discoverability

    Users will be able to easily scout through a list of certified doctors, specialists, and professionals from within the app to choose from.

  • 2
    Filtered & Faceted Searches

    Users will be able to search for doctors through filtered and faceted searches so they can easily find the right one for their needs.

  • 3
    Encrypted Virtual Consultations

    Patients and doctors will be able to efficiently communicate with each other through safe, secure, and end-to-end encrypted video and audio calls.

  • 4
    In-App Messaging

    Users will be able to send and receive messages, documents, images, videos, and more by using the in-app messaging feature for convenient and quick communication.

  • 5
    Centralized Information

    Users will be able to upload, store, and access their medical history, previous consultation records, and other medical information from a centralized database.

  • 6
    Payment Gateway

    Users will be able to conduct online transactions and make payments to healthcare professionals in a safe and secure manner from within the app.

  • 7
    Rating and Review

    App users will be prompted by a rating option which they can use to provide feedback on healthcare providers by leaving a review and rating.

  • 8
    EMR Integration

    Doctors will be able to access and track patient health history, such as diagnoses, medicines, tests, allergies, and immunizations, for better medical treatment.

  • 9
    Appointment Scheduler

    Users will be able to schedule and reschedule appointments from within the On Demand Doctor app while also receiving reminders through push notifications.


Our Portfolio

Trango Tech helps businesses transform by taking their idea and nurturing it into a physical product that offers measurable and noticeable results.

Our Technology Stack

Our doctor appointment app development company holds experience of crafting superlative apps using powerful, secure source code and multiple advanced technologies, frameworks like HTML, JS, CSS, MVP Code Pattern, Viper Code Pattern, and many others for platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS.


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    Google Firebase

On Demand Doctor Appointment App Development Solutions

We create doctor apps that deliver efficient patient consultations and engagement, convenience of managing health records, billing, with top-notch mobile solutions.

  • Blockchain

    We leverage blockchain technology to ensure end-to-end security, streamline patients’ record management, and facilitate secure transactions. Blockchain-powered apps are capable of maintaining data confidentiality and authorized accessibility.

  • AI/ML

    We are a trusted doctor on demand mobile app development company with years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our developers create AI/ML-powered apps to boost diagnostic accuracy, enhance user experiences, and offer personalized treatment plans.

  • IoMT

    Our expertise with the Internet of Medical Things can connect medical applications with different systems and wearables. IoMT-powered doctors apps augment real-time patient monitoring and maintain proactive control of patients’ health.

  • Wearable Technology

    Trango Tech’s doctor app development services support wearable technologies for continuous health monitoring, enabling integration of apps into wearable devices like fitness trackers, allowing users and healthcare experts to monitor their vitals and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Panel Features of Doctor App Development

Admin Panel


Admin panel will have a centralized dashboard that displays key metrics such as the total number of patients, active doctors, appointment schedules, and more.

User Management

Admin can manage all users profiles, patients and doctors, add or delete users, change their profile information, and access their appointment history.


The admin can generate reports on various aspects of the application, such as appointment scheduling, revenue earned, user activity, etc.

Payment Management

The admin panel can manage all the payments that are made by patients for the consultation of doctors, including processing refunds and cancellations.

Appointments Management

The doctor on demand app admin panel can manage appointments, including scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling appointments.

Complaints and Feedback

Admin can receive and manage complaints and feedback from patients, view ratings and reviews of doctors, and take corrective action when necessary.

Communication Management

The on demand doctor app admin can manage the communication between patients and doctors, including email, chat, and video calls.

Privacy and Security

The doctor on demand app admin panel will ensure the privacy and security of patients and doctors' data by enforcing robust data protection policies.

User Panel

Profile Management

Patients can manage their profiles by updating their personal information, uploading medical records, and adding insurance details.

Appointment Booking

Patients can search for available doctors, view their profiles, and book appointments based on their availability and specialties.

Payment Integration

Patients can pay for their appointments within the on demand doctor app using multiple payment options.

Medical Records

Patients can access and manage their medical records, including test results, doctor's notes, and prescription history.

Prescription Refill

Patients can request prescription refills from their doctors through the on demand doctor app, which can be approved or denied by the doctor.

Health Information

Patients can access a comprehensive library of health information, including articles, videos, and infographics, to help them make informed decisions.

Medication Reminders

Patients can set reminders for taking medication, appointments, and other important events related to their health.

Emergency Services

Patients can access emergency services through the doctor on demand app, such as ambulance services or contact details of nearby hospitals.

Agent Panel


Doctors can view their appointment schedules, patient lists, and revenue earned from their services.

Profile Management

Doctors can manage their profiles by updating their personal information, adding their specialties, and uploading their medical credentials.

Appointment Scheduling

Doctors can manage their appointment schedules, including accepting or rejecting appointment requests, rescheduling appointments, and setting their availability.


Doctors can prescribe medications to patients through the app, which are sent directly to the pharmacy.

Patient History

Doctors can access and manage patient history, including medical records, test results, and prescription history via on demand doctor app.

Video Consultation

Doctors can conduct video consultations with patients through the app, which are secure and private.

Payment Integration

Doctors can receive payments for their services through the doctor on demand app, which are processed securely.

Feedback and Ratings

Doctors can view feedback and ratings from patients, which can help them improve their services and build their reputation.

What We’ll Integrate Into Your On Demand Doctor App

Are you looking to develop an on-demand doctor app that can revolutionize the healthcare industry? We are here to help. Our team of experienced developers and designers can build an innovative and user-friendly app that can make medical consultations accessible to everyone.

Our On Demand Doctor App Development Process

This is how we at Trango Tech, the leading on demand doctor appointment app development company, map out our on demand doctor appointment app development process.

& Maintenance

Once your On Demand Doctor App has been developed, tested, and launched, we’ll keep monitoring the application, roll out regular updates, security patches and fixes, and be available to you for any support or maintenance needs that may surface. All in an effort to maintain optimal user experience and app performance.


Once your On Demand Doctor App has been developed, tested, and launched, we’ll keep monitoring the application, roll out regular updates, security patches and fixes, and be available to you for any support or maintenance needs that may surface. All in an effort to maintain optimal user experience and app performance.


Once your On Demand Doctor App has been developed, tested, and launched, we’ll keep monitoring the application, roll out regular updates, security patches and fixes, and be available to you for any support or maintenance needs that may surface. All in an effort to maintain optimal user experience and app performance.

UI/UX Design

Once your On Demand Doctor App has been developed, tested, and launched, we’ll keep monitoring the application, roll out regular updates, security patches and fixes, and be available to you for any support or maintenance needs that may surface. All in an effort to maintain optimal user experience and app performance.


Once we are finished with gathering and assessing all the pertinent information as well as developing the initial wireframe of the app, we’ll start working on developing the initial prototype of your On Demand Doctor app.

Assessment & Wireframing

Our on demand doctor app development begins with a careful and intricate assessment of your project, its needs, technical requirements, user experience research, and overall scope, to set SMART goals, a realistic development timeline, and a wireframe of the UI design.

Trusted Customers and Partners

Our customers and partners are the lifeblood of our company, and we're grateful for their support.


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    Essential features include user registration, doctor profiles, appointment scheduling, secure messaging, video consultations, electronic health record (EHR) access, payment integration, geolocation, push notifications, and administrative dashboards for managing appointments and patient data.
    On-demand doctor app connects patients with healthcare providers virtually. Users can register, search for available doctors, schedule appointments, have video consultations, access medical records, and receive prescriptions or advice through the app. Doctors can manage appointments, review patient history, conduct consultations, and provide necessary medical assistance remotely.
    Implement stringent security measures such as encryption protocols, secure authentication processes, compliance with healthcare data protection regulations (e.g., HIPAA), regular security audits, access control mechanisms, and secure storage of sensitive patient information. Ensure that all data transmission and storage adhere to the highest security standards.
    Technologies include programming languages like Swift (iOS) and Java/Kotlin (Android), frameworks like React Native or Flutter for cross-platform development, video calling APIs (e.g., WebRTC), cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud), database systems (SQL or NoSQL), and integration of third-party APIs for functionalities like payment gateways and EHR systems.
    Integration of features like secure messaging, real-time video consultations, and file sharing within the app facilitates seamless communication between doctors and patients. Ensure a user-friendly interface and responsive design for smooth interaction.
    Implement features like real-time location sharing, emergency call buttons, integration with emergency services, and prioritization of urgent appointments to address immediate medical needs. Collaborate with local emergency services for swift responses.
    Offer personalized experiences, send timely reminders for appointments and medication, provide health tips and resources, incorporate loyalty programs, encourage user feedback, regularly update the app with new features, and maintain responsive customer support.
    Incorporate multi-language support, accessibility features (such as screen readers), intuitive design, and consider user preferences in the app's layout and functionalities to cater to diverse user needs effectively.
    Monetization strategies include subscription models for premium services, charging consultation fees, partnering with healthcare providers and charging commission, offering in-app purchases for additional features or content, and integrating sponsored content or advertisements (if appropriate and non-intrusive).