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eCommerce App Development Services We Offer

Each aspect of our service has been meticulously designed to create an experience unlike ever seen before. We are intent on creating and maintaining a standard of excellence in terms of quality, design, and functionality, helping set us apart from the bleak and menial.

Mobile App Development

Build an all-in-one mobile app that's exclusive to a single platform with our Native Mobile App Development services. We’ll create an app that is built with programming tools and languages specific to the single platform being used, such as Android or iOS.

Progressive Web
App Development

Looking for app-like functionalities, but on mobile devices? Progressive Web App Development allows you to achieve this and much more by mimicking desktop websites in a mobile-friendly manner.

& Embedded Software

Whether it's a mobile application or a special idea just for wearables, our developers can create specifically optimized software for wearables, android and iOS, and other embedded devices.

Hybrid Mobile
App Development

Want to conquer the app store and play store? Let our hybrid mobile app developers make the magic happen by creating a single app that runs on multiple operating software. They’ll use a single code bar that can be run anywhere.

Why Trango Tech

Because We Create And Deliver Valuable Moments That Matter To Our Clients

Platform Expertise and Partnerships

We are certified partners with some of the best eCommerce platforms which makes us a legit eCommerce app development company. Our expertise in Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion and many others can build you a powerful online store.

Strategy and Consulting

We can accelerate digital transformation for ecommerce businesses by employing state-of-the-art technologies. Our specialists offer dynamic solutions that result in process automation, workflow digitization, and enterprise upgrade.

Association with Global Industry Leaders

Our digital footprint expands worldwide, touching industry leaders and largest tech companies operating within and out of the ecommerce realm, boosting the community’s influence, reach and credibility.

Scalable Solutions

Our ecommerce team is trained on the principles of six sigma, agile development, and modular development to ensure each project has been developed on a strong foundation. We can scale up your app at lightning speed, set up the infrastructure, and code in a way that guarantees a seamless user experience.

Cloud Hosting

We empower businesses for higher scalability by integrating cloud-native development into their Ecommerce systems. Our cloud developers are veterans in the latest programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, etc. ensuring a seamless workflow of all your online store’s activities.

Agile Methodology

We are a team of engineers, app developers and designers for the ecommerce industry, capable of integrating agile methodology techniques to ensure your data is easily managed, protected and accessible from any device. We deliver exceptional projects via our well-structured ecommerce app development process.

Types of eCommerce App
Development Services We Offer

We can build efficient and powerful B2B eCommerce websites with unique branding and website design. 100% flexibility and scalability for enterprise, specialized B2B pricing and login per account, and multiple payment options.

  • 1
    Sample Product Ordering

    This feature enables the website to offer sample products to customers before ordering in bulk quantities.

  • 2
    Multiple Pricing

    Create pricing based on different parameters such as volume-based purchases, customer groups, regional pricing, and much more. These are specifically necessary for wholesale accounts.

  • 3
    Flexible checkout

    Make checkout flexible with our exclusive features, such as going for guest check out, retrieving address information, or even keep placing previous orders repeatedly.

  • 4
    Real-time inventory levels

    Avoid the risk of overselling and not having enough for your potential customers. With our real-time inventory updates to track customer service and more.


Need a B2C eCommerce website that allows you to sell more while forging great customer relationships? All you need in Trango Tech. Our empowered teams can create an independent website with end-to-end control so that your website represents what you truly stand for.

  • 1
    One-Step Registration

    Simplify the registration process by allowing the users to login via email, phone numbers with OTP, and even external accounts like Google and Facebook.

  • 2
    Advanced Search Capabilities

    This feature is for online stores with an extensive catalog of products. Implement advanced search capabilities like sorting and filtering.

  • 3
    Detailed Product Information

    Long and detailed product descriptions may seem unnecessary, as it is a notion that good product images are enough to attract potential customers.

  • 4
    Multiple Payment Methods

    Our payment methods are endless because the sky’s the limit – Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other quick and convenient payment experiences.


We’re here to build a scalable, powerful, and robust eCommerce app that incubates advanced features for a seamless user experience.

  • 1
    Easy login & registration

    Streamline the process of logging into your app by simplifying registration forms and allowing customers to use multiple login methods.

  • 2
    Customized Product Gallery

    Make customer shopping experience easier by adding many item pictures showing the item from different angles and contexts.

  • 3
    Secure and easy in-app payments

    By offering the customer a selection of secure payment methods, you streamline the process of completing the purchase and deliver a great user experience.

  • 4
    Personalized product recommendations

    Many online stores use sophisticated recommendation engines to deliver the most relevant product offers to customers while browsing or after making a purchase.


Looking for custom eCommerce app development solutions to re-invent your retail store into a powerful eCommerce store? We have exactly what you need and much more to create a final product as unique as your brand.

  • 1
    Customized UX/UI Design

    Our expert developers can do everything from giving your app a complete makeover to transforming the under interface.

  • 2
    Customized Augmented Reality

    An opportunity to showcase your product to the customer in a real-world context is what Augmented Reality equips your eCommerce app with. It has been in the market for a long time, but brands like IKEA have normalized augmented reality in the eCommerce world.

  • 3
    ERP Integration

    An ERP system deals with complete business activities like purchasing, invoicing, supply chain, stock management, inventories, etc.

  • 4
    Customized Experience Personalization

    Once customers browse products of interest and have completed the purchase, we deliver relevant product offers and recommendations for a personalized experience.


Our Stellar App Development Portfolio!

We are one of reputable eCommerce app development companies having successfully completed 200+ projects for different clientele from various businesses and sectors. Regardless of whether you need a customized e-commerce app or you want a specific platform app for mobile devices from scratch, we are skilled with building e-commerce apps that are unique and has the optimal performance. Have a look at our portfolio and determine why clients’ trust our business for e-commerce app development.

Why Clients Adore Our eCommerce App Development Company

Trango Tech is a premier ecommerce app development company that delivers the best ecommerce services to businesses. Our main goal is to create unique ecommerce experiences that stand out from your rivals and would be appealing to users. From the inception to creativity, we are with you all the way to be certain that your ecommerce idea not only becomes a reality but surpasses all your expectations.

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Tech Stack For Custom eCommerce Mobile Apps


Oracle is an RDBMS that helps implement object-oriented features, such as polymorphism, inheritance, and user-defined types. It is the first ever database designed to assist with enterprise grid computing while being flexible and cost-effective. Oracle database uses memory structures and processes to access and manage the database.


MySQL is used to create databases for manipulating and storing data while defining the relationship of each table. Developers can make specific requests by typing specific SQL statements on MySQL. In turn, the server application responds with the information requested and makes it appear on the developer’s side.

SQL Server

SQL Server is an RDBMS by Microsoft that assists developers in a wide range of transaction processing, analytics applications, and business intelligence in the corporate IT environment. SQL Server uses Java, C#, R, and Python as the main languages. Five types of SQL Servers mostly used include Enterprise, Web, Standard, Developer, and Express.


MongoDB is a non-relational document database with a flexible data model. It enables developers to store unstructured data, provide full indexing support, and replicate with initiative and rich APIs. MongoDB uses a scale-out architecture that allows developers to store data easily. It uses MongoDB Query Language (MQL), very similar to SQL.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an integrated development environment (IDE) by Microsoft that is used to create websites, computer programs, web services, web apps, and mobile applications. All leading Microsoft software development platforms use Visual Studio to generate native and managed codes, such as Windows Store and API.


NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java that allows apps to be developed from modules, a set of modular software components. This free and open-source IDE is for many operating systems, including Android, that uses the internal API of Javac for syntax highlighting, compiling, and error detection.

Android Studio

Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) by Google that is used for Android operating systems. It provides a unified environment where you can build Android tablets, phones, wearables, TV, and auto apps. Android Studio uses structured code modules to divide the project into units of functionality that can be built, tested, and debugged independently.


Eclipse is a free Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) known for its functionality and simplified user interface. Eclipse allows developers for easy coding with rich-feature-based applications. Its plugins also allow developers to develop and test written codes in other programming languages.


Ionic is an open-source UI toolkit used to develop high-quality mobile apps using web technologies, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is also popular for integrations with other frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. Ionic leverages some of the most powerful native mobile features, such as device orientation, hardware accelerated 3D graphics and more.


Flutter is also an open-source framework powered by Google, that allows developers to build beautiful natively complied multi-platform applications using a single codebase. Flutter is an excellent framework for building apps since it provides a high-level Dart API that can run on all the latest versions of Android.


.Net is a software-building platform framework that is not a language itself. It is based on C# and Visual Basic for building a wide range of applications. Most developers prefer .Net since it can be used with multiple languages, libraries, and editors to build apps for desktop, mobile, web, games, IoT, and more.


Django is a high-level Python-based web framework allowing developers to rapidly develop secure and maintainable websites. Since experienced developers have developed this framework, it takes care of every hassle-based element of web development, allowing developers to focus on writing the app itself.


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and an open-source and free programming language by Microsoft. It’s used to help manage and build large-scale JavaScript projects. Apart from the standard features of JavaScript, developers have access to some additional features with TypeScript, such as static typing, object-oriented programming, and compilation.


JavaScript is a very popular programming language used for the web. It creates interactive and dynamic web content, such as browsers and applications. JavaScript allows developers to store useful values inside variables, operate on pieces of text (known as strings), and run codes in response to specific events that occur on the web.


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a platform-independent coding language used to structure web pages and their content. HTML helps tell the web browser what each part of the website is and what it's supposed to do. HTML allows you to add everything from defining headers and paragraphs to links, images, and videos.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a core technology used to build web pages and give them a look and layout one desires. CSS is fundamental to building web designs since, without it, the website would just consist of plain text with a white background. Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet (SASS) is an extension of CSS, a preprocessor scripting language, that allows developers to use added things, such as nested rules, variables, inline imports, and much more.

eCommerce App Development Solutions We Provide

Trango Tech offers a wide range of eCommerce app solutions to help you run your business smoothly and effortlessly. Here are some solutions we have in store for you.

  • SaaS Platform

    Allow your customers to access your e-store and business remotely from anywhere through a cloud-based platform, SaaS. Our talented SaaS developers can help you create a remarkable eCommerce business. Want to outshine your competitors? Do it with SaaS!.

  • Multi-Channel Management System

    Want to make the most of your sales channel and optimize every individual selling channel to improve your overall customer experience? With the help of our Multi-Channel Management System experts, we can analyze who, what, why, where, and when of your sales and much more.

  • Product/Warehouse Inventory Solution

    Keep a close check on your products and the inventory in the warehouse with our specialized product and warehouse inventory solutions. Avoid products running out of stock, get pre-order notifications when stock is running low, and more with our smart inventory solutions.

  • Intelligent Automation Tool

    Take your eCommerce business to the next level with our IA tools. This combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) unlocks your business's true potential for rapid end-to-end business process automation.

Enhanced eCommerce App Development Features We Offer

Steps of the eCommerce App Development Process

Trango Tech uses a full cycle of the eCommerce mobile app development process that starts with the key features you need in the app to planning, creating, testing, and maintaining!

Idea Conceptualization and Research

The first step of creating a winning app requires in-depth research and idea articulation. This entails identifying your target audience, knowing who your competitors are, watching out for market trends, and trying to know what your potential customers want. An extensive research and creation of the app concept will serve as a solid step for a successful app launch.

Strategic Planning and Feature Set

After we have figured out the core concept of your app, next, we formulate a strategy that will differentiate your app. It entails finding out the basic features and functionalities. Besides, we carefully finalize the tech-stack and UI/UX design.  

Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing and prototyping are very important about visualizing the flow, layout, and the interface of your app. Wireframes can be used for laying out the structure of your app whereas prototyping lets you simulate user experience and assists in validating the overall functionality. 


In this phase the development process is being implemented and the front-end and back-end of the app are being built. Both frontend and backend sides play a significant part in your app working seamlessly. Frontend development is all about creating a consistent user interface through frameworks while Backend development entails coding a powerful infrastructure that will be used to store, retrieve, and secure user data while also allowing server-side logic.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and testing is a crucial step in the process of building a successful app. Functional testing guarantees that all elements are functional on the different devices whereas performance testing is to make sure the application is not slow/lagging and it responds within a certain time. In short, performing rigorous testing guarantees a high-end product.


The last stage in the app development process is the deployment. It involves submitting your app to app stores like iOS App Store or Google Play Store. The guidelines for the app submission are so important to the success of the launch. Moreover, adopting a continuous deployment strategy is critical for keeping the application up-to-date and competitive.

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    We have everything in the store that you might need to offer an explosive mobile experience. Here are some other mobile app development-related services we offer that can help enhance the performance and development of your products.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on eCommerce App Development Services

    Find quick answers to commonly asked questions about our eCommerce app development services in our FAQs:

    A mobile app opens can increase user engagement, provide great marketing opportunities, boost average purchase price and revenue, and build brand loyalty which allow businesses to stay ahead of the competition.
    The accurate time that goes on eCommerce app development depends on the goals and product requirements. Creating the first version of the minimum viable eCommerce app may take 3-to-4 months. Developing it into a medium complexity app usually takes an extra 7-8 months, or even an year. Again, it all depends on scope of the project.
    The first cost-affecting factor of an eCommerce app is the platform you pick for your app development. There are two major platforms- iOS and Android; however, the eCommerce app development cost for both platforms is more than $50,000.
    A few indications of the best eCommerce app development company that you should consider:
    • Experience
    • Expertise
    • Communication
    • Availability
    • Pricing
    • Free support
    • Remarkable User Experience
    • Portfolio
    Different types of application security features include authentication, authorization, encryption, logging, and application security testing. Developers can also code applications to reduce security vulnerabilities.
    NativeScript is a free and open-source framework to develop a mobile application for both Apple iOS and Google's Android platform. It allows you to build native mobile apps in both TypeScript and JavaScript and using Angular and Vuejs. But if your budget is limited, you need to consider the pros and cons of each platform to make the right choice.