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Shifaam is a telemedicine platform with 2500+ doctors and 700+ in the month of June completed doctor-patient appointments powered by Trango Tech. Trango Tech provides access to Machine learning, AI and Cloud Technologies.

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shifaam enables doctors and patients to conduct video appointments, schedule lab tests, deliver medication and provide first-aid on childhood epilepsy through a helpline, all from the safety and comfort of the home. Shifaam is simple to use and offers complete functionality via the website (desktop/mobile) as well as the android & iOS apps. You can now book appointments with ease using your credit card or choose from multiple payment methods.

Native (Android/IOS/Web App)
Frontend + Admin Panel (Yii2)
MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, RabbitMQ


Trango Tech has aided Shifaam in overcoming its day-to-day challenges. This software as a solution is the need of the time. It has made onboarding of healthcare professionals onto the virtual platform and online appointments extremely convenient and accessible.

Below we have listed some of the challenges:
  • However, in some areas connectivity issues remain a huge concern over the digital platform. Therefore, low bandwidth should be supported on the portal to make connectivity seamless.
  • Online doctor consultations lack trust and are viewed with suspicion as people of this generation prefer in-person visits to family doctors and specialists.
  • Patients' are reluctant to share their personal information, appointments, and payment credentials.


Before Covid, medical technologies were struggling to survive. However, the postCovid era marked a turning point for these technologies, allowing video consultations between patients and medical professionals.

  • RPM - Remote patient monitoring - was made available to help patients and doctors communicate more effectively. Within these, examinations for the heart rate, blood pressure, weight and blood sugar were given. For real-time information, an add-on function that allows patients to make reports has also proved beneficial.

  • The evaluation of patient data in bulk is performed using artificial intelligence (AI). As part of the solution, doctors were given options for treatment plans and diagnoses based on the medical histories of the patients.

  • By bridging the gap and enabling quick and effective video calling,Twilio was used to link doctors and patients.

  • The maintenance of Electronic Medical Records is maintained through this solution.

  • RHD stands for remote health desks while HIIPA refers to remote areas.Patients are more likely to trust Shifaam since compliance is integrated for the sake of privacy, data integrity and protection.

  • Apple Watches and other fitness bands provided iOS support for wearable apps through system integration.



  • HRMS (Employee Payroll etc)

  • Native Apps (iOs Android)



Shifaam's goal is to enable patients to stay in touch with their doctors from anywhere. With the help of virtual web solutions, patients are empowered to choose from multiple specialities, specialists and connect from anywhere at anytime. Currently, Shifaam ranks amongst the top telemedicine platforms serving patients across Pakistan.

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