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Dallas is the epitome of Texas that ticks all your boxes: awestruck places, great cuisines, and a large pool of talent. 

However, Dallas has also become the talk of the tech town in recent years. In 2020, Forbes ranked Dallas as the second Best Place for Business and Career, driving many entrepreneurs to build their tech companies in Dallas city. 

It has caught the attention of many reputable tech companies, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Atos, and Amazon, which are expanding their businesses in this region. This also highlights that if you want to build an app, partnering with a mobile app development company in Dallas will help you save a lot of money.

Now the question arises, “Can Dallas be the next Silicon Valley?

Dallas has many things in common with the California tech hub that referred to them as the Next Silicon Valley title given by Forbes. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 big tech companies in Dallas that have contributed to creating advancements in the tech industry.

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Top 20 Tech Companies in Dallas to Watch Out!

list of top 20 tech-companies in dallas

Dallas is the most populous city in Texas, ranking fourth after Houston and San Antonio. The city previously gained prominence for the Interstate Highway System, making it the transportation hub.

Later, the tech sector grew in 2015, and since then, it has been evolving rapidly with the emerging technology trends. Do you know about the popular IT and software companies in Dallas?

Let’s dive in to explore the top 20 best tech companies in Dallas:

1. Trango Tech

trango tech logo

Industry: App/Ecommerce Development

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Overall Rating: 4.7

Founded: 2003

No. of Employees: >200

Trango Tech is a top-tier app development company based in California that provides various mobile app development solutions globally. Since 2012, the company has catered to various reputable businesses globally and aims to deliver innovative solutions that improve user experience. 

Also, Trango Tech has achieved the milestone of featuring on Design Rush as the Top App Development Companies 2022. Furthermore, it has also achieved two prestigious awards by Expertise as the Best Mobile App and Software Development Company 2023 in San Francisco.

If you’re wondering what makes it stand out from others, we’ve found some of the major pros and cons of one of the company:


  • Trango Tech has an excellent portfolio of successful mobile applications
  • The company comprises 200+ expert mobile app developers
  • Trango Tech has expertise in various app tools and platforms, including Android, iOS, PWA, Cross-Platform, React Native, Ionic, Kotlin, Objective-C and Swift


  • The app development industry is highly competitive, and Trango Tech needs to intake innovative approaches to stand out 
  • The team has expertise in limited industries, including retail, e-commerce, health, fintech, restaurant, real estate, transport and navigation and education

Partner with Trango Tech for Expert Mobile App Development 

Trango Tech is known for its expert development team, which is familiar with the latest technology stacks and frameworks. The use of recent tools and coding methods provides compatibility with various platforms and devices, and the crucial app store optimization methods help you boost downloads and visibility.

Are you looking for top Dallas tech companies? Reach out to Trango Tech today for premium mobile app development solutions.

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2. AT&T

AT&T logo

Industry: Telecommunications

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Overall Rating: 3.7

Founded: 1983

No. of Employees: >5,900

AT&T is a multinational telecommunications company based in Dallas. Its services include local and long-distance phone, wireless, and data communications, internet access and messaging, IP-based and satellite television, telecommunications equipment, and directory advertising and publishing services. 

n 2023, AT&T was ranked among the Top 13 Fortune 500 Companies. According to the US Mobile Union report, AT&T has contributed to delivering the best overall performance across the USA in the second half of 2021. 

Let’s dive in to explore the pros and cons of the Dallas tech company:


  • AT&T has a strong wireless network that can handle a large number of users
  • The company has a diverse portfolio of services, including mobile, fixed-line telephony, internet and television
  • AT&T has invested significantly in Research and Development (R&D) to stay ahead in the competitive market


  • Telecommunication is rapidly evolving, and it may be a challenge for AT&T to survive in the market
  • The cost of telecommunication services can be costly for small and mid-sized companies

Dallas’s Leading Connectivity Provider

As businesses move towards digital, building a connection is crucial for streamlined operations. AT&T aims to deliver the best experience through broadband connectivity, fiber network, and wireless network enhancements. 

Furthermore, AT&T is one of the best tech companies in Dallas, offering the most reliable 5G network and serving nearly all Fortune 1000 companies. 

If you’re looking for prompt telecommunication solutions, partnering with one of the well-known IT companies in Dallas is a great move to uplift business operations.

3. Texas Instruments

texas instruments logo

Industry: Semiconductors

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Overall Rating: 4.1

Founded: 1930

No. of Employees: <27,279

Texas Instruments is an American semiconductor company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits. The company’s product portfolio includes amplifiers, data converters, interfaces, motor drivers, sensors, switches and multiplexers, microcontrollers, processors, and isolation products. 

In 2022, Texas Instruments won a bronze trophy in the Leap Awards Electronic Category

To learn more about the company, let’s dive in to get insights on the company’s pros and cons:


  • Texas Instruments has built a strong foundation in the technology and manufacturing industry
  • The company has a broad portfolio of more than 80,000 products and has extensive market channels
  • The company is based on product diversification, which is one of Texas Instruments’ greatest strengths


  • The company is working globally, which poses great risks in terms of the political, social, and economic landscapes
  • Texas Instruments relies on global suppliers for materials and parts, which introduces risks of limited and delayed access to key inputs

Partner with Next-Gen Electronic Solutions

Texas Instruments operates in a highly competitive industry and continuously evolves in innovation and technology to maintain its market position. The continuous progression of the market expansion assists in enabling semiconductors to permeate every aspect of electronic devices.

Moreover, the company offers cost-effective solutions that cater to all business sizes and cultures. 

Are you searching for top-tier tech solutions in Dallas? Partner with a leading semiconductor company today to streamline operations.

4. Ascendix

ascendix logo

Industry: Salesforce Consulting & Development

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Overall Rating: 4.9

Founded: 1996

No. of Employees: >136

Ascendix is a CRM consultancy and development company that has been driving the tech sector’s landscape for decades. The Dallas software company focuses on helping businesses maximize their efficiency with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic CRM software. 

Moreover, Ascendix offers specialized tools and add-ons for commercial real estate companies. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of one of the best tech companies in Dallas, TX:


  • Ascendix is one of the top software companies in Dallas that has a team of 70+ highly skilled consultants and developers 
  • The company’s CRM system provides in-built robust functions with Salesforce licensing pricing already included
  • The vast area of customization makes Ascendix a great choice for organizations that are expanding rapidly


  • Ascendix needs to be efficient in the customer support area
  • The competition is high in the CRM market, and they need to expand their offerings in order to stand out

Resolve Business Technicalities with Ascendix

Salesforce offers a centralized platform where businesses can store and manage all customer data, ensuring it is organized, accessible, and secure. In order to nurture client relationships, businesses need to opt for industry-tailored CRM solutions to streamline processes. 

As a result, a robust Salesforce base allows the company’s CRM to be integrated efficiently with other Salesforce products. It provides access to the AppExchange marketplace for advanced features and integrations. 

If you’re in the commercial real estate industry looking for specialized CRM solutions, partnering with a reputable software company in Dallas is a way to foster a loyal customer base. 

5. StackPath

stackpath logo

Industry: Edge Computing Technology

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Overall Rating: 4.3

Founded: 2015

No. of Employees: >250

StackPath is an edge computing company focusing mainly on providing real-time content delivery networks (CDN) and cybersecurity services. The company’s product portfolio includes virtual machines, containers, web application firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Virtual Public Network (VPN), DNS Management, and DDoS mitigation.

According to Tech Tribune, StackPath has been named the #1 Best Tech Startup in Dallas and ranked in the Top 5 Tech Startups all over Texas in 2021. 

Here we uncover the following pros and cons of the reputable Dallas IT company:


  • StackPath is a great partner for developers to innovate, accelerate, and protect cloud properties
  • The company caters to millions of customers, including startups and Fortune companies
  • StackPath has built an extensive product range by collaborating with big players, including VPN services, MaxCDN, and Highwinds


  • Many users find StackPath’s pricing complex 
  • Some of the third-party integrations may be limited, which can impact the overall usability of the platform
  • StackPath needs to upgrade its security measures to provide robust protection from cyber threats

Get Enterprise-Level Security and Performance

StackPath is the world’s first platform to deliver computing and services at the cloud’s edge. It operates in over 13 locations in North America and 9 locations in Europe. 

As far as security is concerned, StackPath has the potential to make the internet a safe place for users. Building a secured edge platform allows developers to seamlessly access control, performance, and security. 

So, if you’re a developer looking for fast and reliable computing solutions, collaborate with one of the leading IT companies in Dallas, TX, to gain massive scalability and global reach. 

6. Sparkfish

sparkfish logo

Industry: Software Development

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Overall Rating: 5.0

Founded: 2002

No. of Employees: >49

Sparkfish is one of the renowned software companies Dallas that is changing the world with expert tech solutions. The company primarily focuses on custom software solutions and rescuing failed development projects outsourced overseas by American corporations. 

In addition, Sparkfish also offers application integration, custom ERPs, data warehousing and management, enterprise architecture, legacy software modernization, and project rescue. 

In 2021, Sparkfish landed on the Clutch’s list of Top Software Development Companies in Texas

Let’s look into the pros and cons of one of the trusted tech companies in Dallas, Texas:


  • Sparkfish caters to various industries, including healthcare, insurance, and private equity
  • The company doesn’t outsource services, which ranks them in the top status among software companies
  • The team is in direct contact with the clients and offers them transparent and efficient services


  • As the company is growing, Sparkfish needs to expand its team to deliver projects in a scheduled timeframe
  • Sparkfish needs to expand their services in order to build an edge in the software development market

Acquire High-End Software Development Solutions

Sparkfish works with the notion of a “homegrown mentality.” This means that it doesn’t approach outsourcing development solutions, and its expert team is 100% based in Dallas. The experts specialize in upgrading your existing software systems and bringing them up to the current market standards. 

With a track record of 1000+ successful projects, the software development solutions Sparkfish delivered have received immense success.

Are you looking for top tech companies in Dallas? Reach out to Sparkfish’s development experts today to enhance business operations.

7. Cisco

cisco logo

Industry: Networking 

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Overall Rating: 4.4

Founded: 1984

No. of Employees: 15,000

Cisco is a multinational digital networking company that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunication equipment, and other high-tech solutions. The company specializes in various tech sectors, including the Internet of Things (IoT), domain security, videoconferencing, and energy management. 

In 2024, Cisco was awarded as the Best Company in the USA by Outlook. 

For the past three decades, Cisco has gained popularity in the Asia-Pacific region and is a prominent vendor in the Australian market. 

For more insights, let’s dive into the pros and cons of the company:


  • Cisco is highly reputable for its industry-leading catalyst and Nexus switches, as well as Integrated Services Routers (ISR) and Aggregated Services Routers (ASR)
  • The company offers robust security solutions to protect businesses from major cyber threats
  • Cisco offers expert technical and professional services to help clients design, implement, maintain, and optimize networks
  • The company operates globally, with a presence in over 165 countries


  • Their core services are networking-related, making them highly reliant on this industry. Cisco needs to focus on other areas as well
  • Cisco has been criticized for its slow adaptation to modern tech trends, which can be a risk for it to maintain its position in the market

Reputable Telecom Service Provider in Dallas, Texas

Since 1984, Cisco has revolutionized the technology landscape and helped various businesses streamline and enhance their networks. Its well-built network helps in creating a structured and upgraded work environment.

However, many businesses have to restrict them from achieving the highest networking potential due to budget constraints. 

Here’s when Cisco is the best option. It equips users with the tools and features to maximize their communications and facilitates future changes. 

If you’re searching for technology companies in Dallas, reach out to Cisco to create a streamlined network with great affordability.

8. SAP

sap logo

Industry: Software and Cloud Computing

Headquarters: Walldorf, Germany

Overall Rating: 4.4

Founded: 1972

No. of Employees: <24,299

SAP is a market leader in enterprise-level software solutions that help businesses improve profitability and streamline internal processes. The company is the world’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor and sells database software and technology, cloud-engineered systems, and other ERP software products. 

Moreover, SAP is situated in Walldorf, Germany, making it the world’s third-largest publicly traded software company by revenue. For 16 years, SAP has also ranked as the #1 Software Company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Let’s move forward to get insights into the pros and cons of the company:


  • SAP offers a wide range of software solutions that cover various business functions
  • The software products are more convenient and cost-effective than approaching multiple software vendors
  • SAP has a global presence, with operations in over 130 countries, and caters to nearly every industry
  • SAP’s software solutions are highly scalable and serve a broad range of businesses of all sizes


  • SAP’s software products and services can be complex and challenging to implement and use for certain IT departments
  • The cost of licensing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance can be expensive for many businesses
  • SAP may not integrate easily into already available software solutions

Build Efficient Collaboration Between Departments

SAP is founded on the notion of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. The first software solution was developed specifically for payroll and accounting, which then expanded to various business operations. 

Today, SAP has over 230 million cloud users covering all business processes, making it the largest cloud service provider globally. 

If you are looking to accelerate workflows and simplify planning processes, partner with a globally recognized software company in Dallas to make seamless future decisions.

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9. ServiceNow

servicenow logo

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Overall Rating: 4.3

Founded: 2004

No. of Employees: >10,000

ServiceNow Inc. is an American software company that develops cloud computing solutions for enterprise operations. The company’s core business involves managing IT operational events, including incidents, problems, and changes. 

Above all, ServiceNow covers extensive business areas, including governance, risk management and compliance, audit, business continuity planning, disaster recovery, vendor management, and environmental, social, and corporate governance. 

In 2023, Service Now introduced a generative AI speech-to-code feature, which can potentially reduce work time by 40%. 

Let’s check out the following pros and cons within the company: 


  • ServiceNow has invested in building a strong brand portfolio 
  • The company has delivered an outstanding performance in new markets and created new revenue streams
  • ServiceNow has built a strategic partnership with reputable companies to strengthen their competition in the market


  • The market is highly competitive, which poses a continuous challenge for ServiceNow to maintain its competitive edge
  • The evolving data security regulations may be a significant challenge for ServiceNow to adopt

Improve Customer Experience Today with ServiceNow 

ServiceNow has been at the forefront of the PaaS industry for over a decade, transforming many businesses into new heights. The company delivers a service model that defines, structures, and automates the workflow. 

Additionally, the best thing about ServiceNow is that it requires a relatively low configuration to get up and running in an enterprise.  It allows enterprise-level domains to withstand the pressure of the IT sector, scalability, and customer requirements. 

Are you interested in modern enterprise tech solutions? Reach out to a reputable IT company Dallas to get the best cloud-based support.

10. Microsoft

microsoft logo

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

Overall Rating: 4.4

Founded: 1975

No. of Employees: 53,576

Microsoft is an American multinational corporation founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company is best known for its software products, including the Windows operating system, the Microsoft 365 suite, and the Edge web browser. 

In 2022, Microsoft was ranked #14 in the Fortune 500 as the largest United States corporation by total revenue. 

Additionally, Microsoft is also considered one of the Big Five American Information Technology companies, alongside Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Meta. 

If you want to learn more about the company, scroll down to see the pros and cons:


  • Microsoft is recognized as the top leader in the software industry
  • The company operates in more than 190 countries worldwide and is globally recognized
  • Microsoft comprises of 1.2 billion Office users and 345 million Office 365 commercial users in 2022
  • The software products are user-friendly and deliver the highest quality standards


  • There are been many cyber attack reports reported in the Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft needs to catch up with the ever-evolving tech trends and innovation
  • Statista report reveals that Microsoft has a small market share of up to 5.92 in the US, lagging behind Apple Safari and Google Chrome

Get Advanced and Secure Solutions for Your Business

Choosing the right software and application has a big impact on your business operations and productivity. When deciding between Microsoft and Google, it’s surprising to know that nearly 880,000 companies choose Microsoft. The reason behind this is the streamlined processes and efficiency the company offers clients. 

If you’re looking to get a leg up on business operations, integrating Microsoft solutions into your business is the key to success. 

11. Wipro

wipro logo

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Overall Rating: 4.8

Founded: 1945

No. of Employees: 20,000

Wipro is an Indian-based multinational corporation that provides information technology, consultancy, and business process services worldwide. The company is also listed among the leading Big Tech companies operating in 66 countries. The services include cloud computing, computer security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, and consultation. 

Most importantly, Wipro has a profound history of contributing to US companies and building inventive products that drive support. 

Let’s assess the company’s reputation by exploring the pros and cons:


  • Wipro offers low-cost advantage and high-quality standards
  • The company has an excellent clientele list and collaboration, including Cisco, Oracle, EMC, Microsoft and SAP
  • Wipro operates in over 66 countries, helping it tap into different markets and customer segments


  • A significant portion of revenue comes from outsourcing services, which exposes the company to various economic and political risks
  • The IT industry is highly competitive, and Wipro needs to evolve its offerings to maintain its position in the market

Improve Business Reputation with Expert IT Solutions

Wipro focuses on building innovative solutions that cover all the complex digital and IT requirements. It covers various industries, including banking and finance, life sciences, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, media and entertainment, gaming, tech, travel and transportation, energy and utilities, and manufacturing. 

With over 250,000 employees worldwide, Wipro is dedicated to helping clients stay ahead in the industry and contribute in building a future in tech. 

Are you ready to collaborate for expert IT solutions? Check out the company’s reviews and ratings for expert, in-depth insights. 

12. Capgemini

capgemini logo

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Paris, France

Overall Rating: 4.1

Founded: 1967

No. of Employees: 357,000 (Globally)

Capgemini is a France-based multinational information technology company that assists businesses in transforming and managing processes by utilizing advanced technological resources. The company has high-end expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms. 

Compared to other tech companies, Capgemini has over 300,000 employees working across 50 countries. 

In 2023, Capgemini has won over six Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, including two global awards – Microsoft SAP on Azure Partner of the Year and Microsoft GSI Growth Champion of the Year

Let’s get insights into the pros and cons of the company:


  • Capgemini has a strong global presence, especially in the European marketplace
  • The company works on repeatable frameworks that bring value to business customers such as ASE, RAIN, and Techno Vision
  • Capgemini has strong experience in the following domains: Government and public sector, energy and utilities, manufacturing, telecom and finance


  • Capgemini has limited success outside its core business
  • The market position and USP are not clearly defined, which is Capgemini’s major drawback

Transform Businesses with Advanced IT Solutions

Capgemini is a global leader in engineering and tech, consultancy, and digital transformation. It plays an integral role today in most businesses, with networking and cloud computing being the top-tier core services, which has boosted Capgemini’s revenue growth. 

With over decades of experience, Capgemini is a highly trusted firm that helps you integrate innovative tech solutions to optimize business processes. 

If you’re looking to partner with a leading tech company, reach out to Capgemini to learn more about the services.

13. GDT

GDT logo

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Overall Rating: 4.2

Founded: 1996

No. of Employees: > 668

GDT is an award-winning multinational IT company in Dallas that digitally transforms customer networks worldwide. The company is well-versed in various technological solutions such as networking, collaboration, mobility, cloud and data centers, and cybersecurity. 

Moreover, GDT covers over 450 certifications with the world’s leading technology companies. The history, knowledge, and global reach are the core values of a rich and sustainable company that is at the forefront of IT thought leadership and expertise. 

In November 2023, GDT was awarded Application Experience Partner of the Year at Cisco Partner Summit 2023. 

Let’s move towards the pros and cons of one of the leading IT companies in Dallas, Texas:


  • GDT collaborates with the leading IT service providers, including Cisco, HPE, NetApp, Juniper, Fortinet, etc. 
  • The expert IT team helps clients figure out the most complex technical issues in a quick turnaround time
  • GDT covers various reputable sectors, including education, energy, healthcare, finance and retail


  • IT industry is highly competitive, and GDT needs to expand its service offerings in order to maintain its position

Your Trusted Partner for IT Solutions

GDT is one of the Cisco Gold Partners that specializes in consulting, designing, deploying, and managing advanced technology solutions for businesses, service providers, government, and healthcare. The company’s main assets are its team of architects and engineers with the highest level of certifications and experience. 

Undoubtedly, the recent data and IT sector faces obstacles as the tech progresses, such as cloud migration, manual tasks, cybersecurity threats, and lack of normalized data. GDT works towards the vision of designing, deploying, and managing data workloads through professional services. 

Are you looking for tech companies Dallas like GDT? Get a free consultation today to get expert insights.

14. Acer

acer logo

Industry: Electronics

Headquarters: Xizhi, Taiwan

Overall Rating: 4.2

Founded: 1976

No. of Employees: 7,500

Acer is a Taiwanese-American multinational tech company that produces electronic products, including PCs, tablets, laptops, hardware, servers, storage devices, and next-gen products. 

In 2024, Unit Sales recently ranked Acer as the world’s sixth-largest personal computer vendor. 

In addition, the company has a reputable name in the industry, operating in over 160 countries and delivering smart solutions for healthcare, medical, air monitoring, cities, water quality/conservation, etc. 

For more information, let’s delve into the pros and cons of the company:


  • Acer is continuously expanding its offerings to stay ahead in the tech industry. The company has entered the gaming market and launched a new stereoscopic 3D experience
  • The company is highly recognized for social, environmental, and governance and has acclaimed reputable awards
  • In addition to IT products, Acer offers integration of cloud services and platforms


  • Acer has faced many negative reviews related to poor laptop performance
  • The company has failed to cater to the high-end requirements for large B2B businesses

Experience the High-Tech Solution with Acer

Acer is well-known worldwide for its quality hardware and innovative tech products. Today, it is a powerful supplier of laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, monitors, and more. 

Moreover, the company aims to revolutionize the tech sector, and its recent advancements are a testament to its commitment to innovation and the next-gen future. 

As a global company, Acer delivers extensive support and services worldwide. From technical assistance to warranty support, their support team is always available to help you. 

If you’re looking for reliable and innovative results,  partner with a reputable company today to get value-driven solutions.

15. HCL Tech

HCL tech logo

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Uttar Pradesh, India

Overall Rating: 3.7

Founded: 1976

No. of Employees: 224,000 (Globally)

HCL is an Indian multinational IT company that operates in over 52 countries. The company works in various segments, including software services, IT services, and business processing outsourcing. HCL is one of India’s top publicly listed companies and ranks in the Forbes 2000 list. 

Let’s explore the pros and cons of HCL company:


  • HCL has built key partnerships with many reputable companies
  • The company has a strong R&D team that focuses on innovation and diversification
  • HCL offers services worldwide and has an extensive global delivery networking system


  • The competition in the IT industry is very high, and it poses a risk of maintaining a competitive advantage

Partner with a Reputable Industry Leader Today

Over the last twenty years, HCL has successfully expanded its portfolio of various IT solutions and has become a leading player in the tech industry. The company acquires a Google Cloud-first approach for data, analytics, and AI projects in thriving industries such as retail and consumer packaged goods, finance, healthcare, and life sciences. 

If your business is in any of the above sectors and you are looking for a well-known IT company, HCL can be a great choice. 

16. DXC Technology

DXC technology logo

Industry: Information Technology

Headquarters: Ashburn, Virginia

Overall Rating: 4.4

Founded: 2017

No. of Employees: 130,000 (Globally)

DXC Technology is an American multinational IT firm that delivers B2B solutions. The company operates globally in over 60 countries and focuses on helping businesses run their internal operations efficiently. 

Compared to other competitors, its team achieves result-driven goals by modernizing IT, optimizing data architectures, and providing robust security and scalability across complex cloud environments. 

Apart from that, the portfolio of services includes analytics, cloud applications, cloud infrastructure, enterprise applications, data security services, IT outsourcing, and mobility solutions.  

For more in-depth insights, let’s uncover the pros and cons:


  • DXC Technology has a proven track record of developing innovative products
  • The company’s low-cost structure assists in producing products at a budget-friendly range, thus making it affordable for customers
  • DXC Technology has a diverse workforce consisting of employees from various geographical, cultural, and educational backgrounds


  • DXC Technology has faced challenges from new entrants and lost a small market share in niche categories
  • The company typically caters to large businesses, while it may not be a suitable choice for small and mid-sized companies due to price structure

Upscale Business Growth with the Leading IT Company

DXC Technology is listed among Fortune 500 IT companies that have catered to nearly 6,000 businesses worldwide. It serves managed service provider solutions to the leading tech giants such as Azure, AWS, VMware, Oracle, and Google, while it delivers ITO solutions to U.S. airlines, auto manufacturers, and aerospace and defense firms. 

Are you looking to grow your business to success? Partner with a reputable IT company to expand new opportunities.

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17. Salesforce

salesforce logo

Industry: Cloud Computing

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Overall Rating: 4.4

Founded: 1999

No. of Employees: 12,000

Salesforce is an American cloud-based company that provides services like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, e-commerce analytics, and application development. 

In September 2022, Salesforce became the 61st largest company worldwide by market cap, with a value of $153 billion. 

Moreover, it has also attained the 491st rank on the Forbes 500 2023 edition.

If you’re looking to know more about the company, let’s explore the pros and cons:


  • Salesforce’s core business is based on CRM and has acclaimed worldwide recognition globally
  • The company comprises of robust ecosystems and partners that have built thousands of adds-on and integrations for managing business operations
  • Salesforce is one of the top-tier software companies in the USA that holds a large market share


  • The cost of the software is relatively high for small and mid-sized companies
  • Salesforce’s software takes time to set up and can be cumbersome for businesses lacking expert IT resources
  • The company needs to maintain strong security protocols to protect customer data

High-End and Reliable Tech Solutions Awaits You!

Salesforce has been in the tech industry since 1999 and evolved into the most innovative CRM solution. The company has a team of customer success managers, program architects, a diverse network of partners, and independent software vendors who contribute to customer success. 

Are you ready to grow your business faster than ever? Partner with the leading CRM company today to acquire upgrades, advanced features, and groundbreaking technologies. 

Furthermore, you can also check out various tech companies in Austin to get the best CRM solutions.

18. Qualtrics

qualtrics logo

Industry: Experience Management

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Overall Rating: 4.5

Founded: 2002

No. of Employees: >1,200

Qualtrics is a multinational experience management company that offers a cloud-based subscription software platform. It helps businesses make critical decisions and drive automated actions to improve revenue, efficiency, and operations. 

Also, the company has vast experience in data, making it the largest database of human settlements in the world. 

If you’re wondering what makes Qualtrics stand out from others, you need to check out the following pros and cons of the company:


  • Qualtrics offers in-depth data collection and real-time insights, which deliver immense value to customers
  • The company is a recognized leader in the experience management industry
  • Qualtrics operates in over 28 offices worldwide and has global recognition


  • Qualtrics has limited offerings to acquire new customers and generate revenues. They need to implement diversification in the services
  • Its software has limitations in customer service and support, which makes it difficult to achieve customer satisfaction

Improve Business Operations with Intuitive Cloud-Based Services

Qualtrics empower businesses to constantly access and upscale the efficiency of key experiences. 

Additionally, robust analytics and data visualization make understanding the market landscape and assessment research a lot easier for customers. So, you can retain the best customers and employees while protecting your company’s revenue. 

If you’re on a mission to build a unified digital experience, choose Qualtrix to improve customer experience and reduce risks and operational costs. 

19. Intuit

intuit logo

Industry: Enterprise Software

Headquarters: Alto, California

Overall Rating: 3.3

Founded: 1983

No. of Employees: 18,200 (Globally)

Intuit Inc. is a California-based company that specializes in financial software solutions. Its products include the tax preparation application “Turbo Tax,” the personal finance app “Mint,” the small business accounting software “Quickbooks,” the credit monitoring service “Credit Karma,” and an email marketing platform called “Mailchimp.” 

Intuit made it to the list of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies in 2023 and ranked#14 as the leading tech company in the USA.

Are you eager to learn more about the company? Let’s uncover the pros and cons:


  • Intuit has a strong online presence in Asian countries like India and China
  • The company acquires a high customer base for Quickbooks Enterprise solution
  • Intuit has a strong commitment to innovation and has made great investments in Research and Development (R&D)


  • The company depends on seasonal patterns, where a large portion of the revenue comes from tax-related products. The seasonality can lead to fluctuations in quarterly results
  • Intuit has a limited global reach and needs to expand its offerings to various geographical regions

Drive Efficiency with All-Inclusive Software Solution

Intuit’s mission is to provide businesses with an opportunity to prosper. The company operates in over 20 locations and 9 countries and has 50 million users globally. 

With the rise of AI, Intuit utilizes this opportunity and focuses on areas like machine learning, knowledge engineering, and natural language processing to help businesses drive success. Are you planning to initiate tech startups in Dallas? Reach out to its team of experts to achieve long-term value and success.

20. Sabre

sabre logo

Industry: Travel Technology

Headquarters: Southlake, Texas

Overall Rating: 3.3

Founded: 1960

No. of Employees: <6,232 (Globally)

Sabre is a travel technology company in Texas known for being the largest global distribution systems provider for air bookings. It offers software solutions, including planning airline crew schedules and managing hotel operations. 

Also, the other travel sectors include car rental, hotels, rail carriers, cruise lines, tour operators, and travel management companies. 

If you’re eager to learn more about its tech products and services, let’s evaluate the pros and cons of one of the best software companies in Dallas, Texas:


  • Sabre has a strong market presence in the travel industry and delivers software solutions to various travel sectors
  • The company is widely trusted and has strong partnerships with key players
  • Sabre has a tremendous financial performance that allowed it to enter into various markets and improve continued growth


  • The travel industry is highly competitive, and Sabre faces competition in GDS and travel agency sectors
  • The rapid technology trends can make Sabre vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks

Streamline Travel-Related Operations with Sabre

Sabre has a broader range of tech solutions that help customers market, sell, service, and operate their businesses efficiently. Since partnering with Sabre, many travel companies have improved the travel experience and assisted in reducing costs, driving loyalty and accelerating innovation. 

If you’re looking to expand your travel business in the global market, partner with Sabre today to get greater access to customers worldwide.

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Reach out to Reputable IT and Software Companies in Dallas

Dallas has experienced a big shift in the economy, where many tech entrepreneurs have landed their feet to thrive in the tech sector. Big tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have set up business here and spurred various job opportunities for the residents. 

Looking into it practically, Dallas offers a lower cost of living than other states, meaning low operational costs for startups and a high quality of life for the residents. 

The list of 20 biggest tech companies in Dallas mentioned above shows how the economy and region play an integral role in upscaling a tech business, whether it’s a startup or an established business.

If you’re looking for high-end tech solutions for your business or perhaps planning to start your own IT business, Dallas is the most preferable place to make your vision a reality. For top-notch mobile app development, you can partner with Trango Tech today to build user-centric and intuitive mobile applications. If you are looking for app development costs, check out our cost calculator, which will give you a detailed estimate based on your requirements.

Tech Companies in Dallas FAQs

Which big companies are based in Dallas?

Dallas is not only a city of Museums and world-class restaurants, but it has also become a home for big tech companies. It has been a magnet for corporate headquarters and operations, attracting over 22 Fortune 500 and 43 Fortune 1000 companies. Here are some of the top IT companies in Dallas:

  • ExxonMobil
  • Texas Instruments
  • AT&T
  • American Airlines
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Toyota
  • McKesson

Which companies have relocated to Dallas, Texas?

There are various well-known tech companies in Dallas that are relocating from higher-cost states. According to Texas Economic Development, there are around 89 active relocations and expansions of tech companies in Dallas.

Many tech and software development companies in Dallas have successfully relocated in recent years, including JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Liberty Mutual, Charles Schwab, and Toyota. 

In 2023, Texas won awards for ranking as the Best State for Business Expansion, with over 1100 investment projects in 2022. 

How has the tech industry evolved in Dallas over the years?

Dallas has become a dream for many tech entrepreneurs looking to build a successful IT business. The city has upscaled a thriving tech sector and ranked as the third-most tech opportunities in October 2021. 

Moreover, the biggest driver of compelling businesses to relocate to Texas was COVID-19, which allowed CEOs to pause and witness the healthy economy of Texas cities. 

While the energy sector remains a huge driver of the Texas economy, several key sectors have begun to take a major foothold, especially IT. There are many tech companies in Texas that have surpassed California and become the nation’s top exporter of technology. 

With more Dallas technology companies discovering the benefits of relocating to Texas, this state has a huge chance to become the next Silicon Valley in the coming years. 

What are the emerging trends in Dallas’ tech industry?

Dallas offers a growing entrepreneurial culture that is an excellent opportunity to foster innovation and drive tech solutions. Many IT companies in Dallas are integrating emerging trends and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The city is a hub for several innovative platforms, like the Dallas Innovation Alliance, which aims to create smart cities through advanced technology.

Moreover, disruptive technologies are game-changers that have brought major changes in lifestyle and work dynamics. Technologies like blockchain and 5G are popular tech innovations that have created new opportunities for tech companies in Dallas.

What are the major issues faced by Dallas IT companies?

While the tech industry has seen significant growth in recent years, many IT and Dallas software companies face several challenges. 

As technology is evolving at a rapid pace, tech businesses need to stay ahead in order to compete with the emerging trends in the market. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Cybersecurity threats

Organizations face constant risks of cybersecurity attacks on their data, infrastructure, and privacy. Tech and other SaaS companies in Dallas need to implement security measures to protect information against evolving threats.

  • Data privacy and regulation

As the volume of data continues to grow, data privacy concerns have also increased. Tech and other software companies in Dallas, TX, need to implement stricter regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, to handle personal data.

  • Talent shortage

Many software companies in Dallas, TX, face a shortage of skilled professionals for emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, cybersecurity, and data science. There’s a need to upskill top talent with constantly evolving tech trends.

  • Ethical considerations

Technological advancements pose various ethical concerns related to AI, automation, and other emerging technologies. Businesses need to address issues like algorithm bias, job displacement, and privacy invasion.

  • Sustainability and environmental impact

The rise of technology consumption has also impacted the environment. Many IT services companies in Dallas face the challenges of reducing their carbon footprints, managing electronic waste, and adopting sustainable practices.

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