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Protecting Our Community: A Warning Against Trango Tech Impersonation Scams

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Dear Trango Tech Community,

We trust this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, we find it necessary to address a matter of utmost concern – fraudulent activities that have unfortunately been associated with our esteemed company, Trango Tech.

Background Check:

Recent developments have brought to light a disconcerting trend where certain individuals are exploiting our reputable name for malicious purposes. To set the record straight, our official domain is, and we want to alert you that any communication originating from a different domain should be treated with suspicion, as it might be a potential source of fraudulent activity.

The Culprit:

We have identified an individual operating under the name ‘Asher,’ who falsely claims to represent Trango Tech. ‘Asher’ has been reaching out to unsuspecting individuals via WhatsApp, offering non-existent employment opportunities within our organization. It is crucial to note that Trango Tech does not engage in recruitment or business transactions through WhatsApp.

Scam Alert:

The modus operandi of this individual involves requesting unsuspecting individuals to make payments via cryptocurrency to secure a job at Trango Tech. We want to emphasize that this is a scam, as Trango Tech never requires any form of payment during the hiring process. Our legitimate recruitment channels are conducted exclusively through our official website and verified email addresses.

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How to Verify Legitimate Contact:

Should you receive any communication purporting to be from Trango Tech, ensure it originates from our official domain, Additionally, our authentic team members will only use official email addresses for correspondence.

Reporting Scams:

If you come across any suspicious activity or receive unsolicited messages from someone claiming to represent Trango Tech, we urge you to report it promptly to our official support email at [email protected]. Your cooperation is instrumental in helping us combat these fraudulent activities.

Final Thoughts:

We want to reassure our valued community that Trango Tech remains steadfast in upholding the highest ethical standards. We are actively addressing this issue and appreciate your vigilance in helping us combat these scams.

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support. Together, we can safeguard the integrity of the Trango Tech community.

Alan Maxwell

Business Strategist

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