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In recent years, medical diagnosis apps have become increasingly popular as more people seek to take control of their health and wellbeing. With the advancement of technology, these apps have made it possible for individuals to receive an accurate diagnosis from the comfort of their own homes. As we enter 2024, there are now countless medical diagnosis apps available for download, each with their own unique features and benefits.

If you’re looking for your own custom medical diagnosis app, we’d recommend getting in touch with a healthcare app development company, like Trango Tech. Why? Because experts like Trango Tech will ensure not only your healthcare app development cost stays minimal, but the app is HIPAA compliant, boasts an easily navigable UI design, all the latest features and functionalities, and so much more! In this blog, we will be discussing the 8 best medical diagnosis apps in 2024, highlighting their key features, benefits, and how they can help you achieve better health outcomes. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to check your symptoms or want to monitor a chronic condition, this list will have something for everyone.

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What is a medical diagnosis app?

Medical diagnosis is the process of analyzing a patient’s symptoms in an attempt to identify any potential illnesses, ailments, or underlying conditions they may be suffering from. A medical diagnosis app attempts to do just that: after you enter your symptoms, such as a high temperature, pain, or nausea, it will employ AI, machine learning, and clever algorithms to determine your potential medical condition. Some apps even make personalized recommendations, such as the type of food you should follow, the kinds of activities or relaxation you should get, etc. With the help of a medical diagnosis app, receiving healthcare is now both economical and available at your fingertips.

Benefits of Healthcare Apps

Here are a few benefits using a medical diagnosis app can entail for both users, healthcare providers, and healthcare specialists.

  • Affordable & Instant Point-of-Care

Due to their portability, smartphone-based medical diagnosis apps and tools can be used by patients on-site or remotely as opposed to transporting them to a lab. This is especially helpful in rural places where getting access to high-quality healthcare is a big issue. In many cases, straightforward, low-cost accessories (such wearable medical technology) can deliver precise diagnoses on par with traditional equipment, which are typically expensive and time-consuming.

  • Decentralization of Healthcare

Point-of-care diagnostics that are effective, inexpensive, and easy to use have the potential to completely change how patients are screened. A medical diagnosis app can assist in overcoming the constraints brought on by a lack of sufficient personnel or inadequate tools.

  • Saves Time

Checking your symptoms with a medical diagnosis app will yield immediate results. You can save time by presenting your doctor with the analysis produced by your app rather than relying on trial-and-error diagnosis. Additionally, it can help give you a good idea of the diagnostic procedures you might require. This way, you can start your treatment earlier and recover more quickly in this method.

  • Increased Diagnostic Accuracy

The computational power, built-in cameras with specialized software and sensors, portability of smartphones, paired with the various methods used by a medical diagnosis app, can give you a rapid diagnosis with surprisingly high levels of accuracy, all at a relatively low cost.

  • Real-time data transmission and public health

A medical diagnosis app enables patients to monitor and collect data such as sugar levels or blood pressure while also transmitting it to their desired healthcare provider, in real-time too.

This enables healthcare providers to easily keep a digital record of the health of their patients and spot any anomalies or deviations that may arise, quickly. It can also be utilized as a tool for public health records to lessen or control epidemic and/or pandemic spread.

What do patients look for in a Symptoms Checker App?

Although the majority of mobile medical diagnosis apps fall short of patients’ expectations, they are still meant to enhance the quality of care for patients. 

According to Brian Kalis, managing director of Accenture’s Health practice, “just having a mobile app is not enough. Apps are failing to engage patients by not aligning their functionality and user experience with what consumers expect and need. Consumers want ubiquitous access to products and services as part of their customer experience, and those who become disillusioned with a provider’s mobile services – or a lack thereof – could look elsewhere for services.” 

Since the market for healthcare app development is predicted to reach $102.43 billion by the end of 2022, it is clear that there are countless opportunities for growth in the eHealth sector. Providers must recognize industry pain points in order to pivot and give app users experiences that change their lives. 

According to our research, these are the top characteristics that patients look for in a medical diagnosis app:

Ease of Use

A medical diagnosis app that is difficult to understand generally loses users rapidly. The sign-in procedure needs to be quick and easy. The software should have certain distinctive features, but the end users should have no trouble using the fundamental functions. 

Patients want for features in a health app that can save them time when scheduling, modifying, or canceling a doctor’s visit.

Patients search for features in wellness apps that enable them to rapidly track information, examine data, and have the ability to share information with a healthcare professional if necessary. 

Users of iPhones and Androids should have the same experience with apps. Patients seek out a medical diagnosis app that functions properly on both iOS and Android devices. Healthcare organizations should seek out a custom mobile app development company which offers dependable patient solutions, regardless of the patient’s choice in mobile devices.

Ease of Accessibility

All users of the healthcare app must have access to clear and useful information. This means that a lot of apps neglect to account for patients with disabilities. All possible users’ needs must be met, and practical and useful functions must be offered. 

Patients typically download healthcare applications to find out more about their conditions, the underlying reasons, and to take advantage of any chances that present themselves. Apps must offer interactive tools to keep consumers interested and feel like they are getting personalized attention. 

Easy Communication with Professionals 

Nearly 75% of doctor, ER, and urgent care visits could be handled over the phone or via video, according to studies, says AJMC. Additionally, it was determined that an in-person visit took an average of 121 minutes. Numerous impromptu visits are routine and don’t require an in-person assessment. 

If developed properly, apps can save patients and professionals a ton of time. The patient experience offered by telehealth services must be on par with or greater than that of traditional in-person doctor-patient encounters. 


Social aspects in healthcare apps improved patients’ capacity to stick to treatment programs and healthier habits, claims the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Online communities offer a forum for communication amongst people in related circumstances. A high return on investment will be realized for everyone by fostering a supportive and helpful community for end users.  

Users are able to interact and share encouraging words thanks to social capabilities in medical diagnosis apps. For those who have received a distressing medical diagnosis, this place is crucial, and interacting with others can provide them inspiration and strength as they work toward recovery. 

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The 8 Best Medical App For Diagnosis

We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the 8 leading app for medical diagnosis you can use.

1. Ada

Ada healthcare app

An essential foundational element of happiness is good health. Ada – Check your Health is regarded as the leading AI medical diagnosis app. It is allegedly 35% more accurate than other existing apps, according to the team. Ada offers unmatched support to people who wish to take care of their health, with a user base of over 13 million users and more than 30 million completed symptom evaluations.

  • In-house medical team consisting of over 60+ healthcare specialists.
  • Symptoms checker assesses, diagnoses, and delivers health reports.
  • Certified and complies with medical device regulations and security standards.
  • Keeps users’ health information encrypted.
  • User details and health information are stored separately to assure privacy.
  • Medical library and a plethora of data that teaches users to take care of their own health.
  • Supports 11 languages currently.

Available on both Play Store & App Store 

2. WebMD


Popular medical information website developed an medical diagnosis app Android that makes it simple to use many services on your devices. It includes the Symptom Checker among many other functions. The medical diagnosis app will offer you with potential ailments based on your selected symptoms. After the diagnosis, you might find many options for medicine and treatment. The Doctor Directory, which can be used to find doctors in your area, is another useful tool the medical diagnosis app boasts. The WebMD Rx can connect you to well-known pharmacies if you require prescriptions in order to acquire the best prices.

  • Symptom checker for various ailments, diseases, and conditions.
  • Doctor directory for information about local physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies
  • Condition database
  • Customization function
  • Drug Interaction Checker
  • Medically reviewed information, causes, and treatments for any condition
  • Pill Identifier tool with information pertaining to drugs usage, effects, and interactions
  • Medication reminders and news alerts
  • WebMD Rx in-house store to purchase prescription drugs

Available on Play Store & App Store

3. K-Health


K-health, which currently serves over 6 million users, has integrated AI Medical Diagnosis into its app to offer consumers access to high-quality, inexpensive healthcare and health information based on machine learning and data from an immeasurable number of previous patient diagnostics and operations. It offers free services to children above the age of three as well as people with depression and anxiety in addition to physical health.

  • The price per visit is relatively less than a co-pay amount even without insurance.
  • Offers on-the-go prescriptions as well as refills, and more.
  • Next-gen AI-powered symptom checker with list of pertinent doctors, available 24/7.
  • Currently operates in over 48 different states all across the United States.
  • Plethora of various health guides including medical information written and approved by board-certified clinicians.

Available on Play Store & App Store

4. Symptomate


Symptomate is a cutting-edge AI medical diagnosis app with over 10 million users that makes use of a sophisticated symptom assessment and digital triage platform enabling patients to track symptoms and follow an accurate and speedy diagnosis of a medical problem. The user only needs to enter any symptoms they may be experiencing in the symptom checker. The app should then evaluate them once they have answered a few thorough pre-set questions.

  • Triage of professional knowledge, scientific literature, and statistical data
  • Medical devices regulated by FDA in the general wellness category
  • Registered as a Class I medical device in the European Union
  • Supports over 20 languages
  • Symptomate Infermedica Triage for business

Available on Play Store & App Store

5. Aysa


Many people want their skin to look its best, and fortunately, modest changes to your skincare routine can provide amazing effects. With its intuitive interface and sophisticated features, Aysa, which is powered by AI technology, upholds the same idea of simplicity. Aysa is a dependable medical diagnosis app for anyone looking to enhance the health and beauty of their skin because it is supported by VisualDx. For a more accurate diagnosis, users can take a picture of the affected area and respond to a follow-up questions. The medical diagnosis app will then examine the image and point you in the right way.

  • Built on data provided by VisualDx, diagnosis reports from over 47000 doctors and 120,000 medical images
  • Utilizes Apple’s Core ML to ensure robust security and complete privacy.
  • User profile only collects information such as first name, age, sex, and skin type.

Available on Play Store & App Store

6. Lexicomp

lexicomp app

Lexicomp is a drug reference app that gives its users access to over 20 medical databases. The app boasts complete drug-related information, including patient education materials, a pharmacogenomics database, IV compatibility, and information on current drug shortages. Additionally, because everything is stored on your device, you can use it even without an internet connection. The app offers a one-month free trial so users can assess if it’s good for them before they commit to a subscription, even though it does. It is available for iPhone app medical diagnosis as well as for Android.

  • Plethora of information on drugs, natural products, interactions, medical calculations and more – whether in the hospital, the pharmacy, or on the go.
  • Boasts an intuitive design, digestible content, and advanced search to help you quickly find and implement drug information and reduce medication errors.
  • Offers instant access to updates as soon as they go live – no cumbersome software downloads.
  • Offers clear, concise, and pertinent drug and related information for superior point of care.

Available on Play Store & App Store

7. SkinVision


One of the most well-known AI medical diagnosis apps, SkinVision, allows users to scan their bodies, after which the images are examined by the app’s machine learning (ML) algorithm to look for any potential dermatological conditions like skin spots, odd patches, moles, melanoma, or more appropriately, early signs of skin cancer. In order to monitor their skin health, customers can take preventative action using SkinVision’s skin health reports and recommendations.

  • Smart Check Camera feature that scans and assesses the skin condition of users.
  • Can (claims to) detect up to 95% of skin cancers.
  • Alerts and reminders to monitor changes and aid in recovery.
  • Personalized Body Map to track skin spots
  • Identification of Skin Type and Risk Profile

Available on Play Store & App Store

8. Healthily

Healthily app

Healthily is a specialist who informs people, offers them advice on self-care, and helps them keep track of their medical status to determine whether any preventive care is necessary. Through a plethora of blogs on various topics, Healthily also performs the role of a library, enabling users to learn about any medical condition or even just fundamental health parameters.

  • Healthily’s DOT chatbot to assess the health of its users.
  • Healthily has an extensive health library which users can refer to.
  • It comes with a Smart Symptom Checker users can use to gain pre-insights.
  • Healthily’s Symptom Checker boasts over 1300 various symptoms.
  • Helps users maintain a record of their health.
  • It’s a OneStop marketplace for healthcare and health related products and services.
  • Users can easily learn about various symptoms, conditions, ailments, treatments, drugs, nutrition, and more.

Available on Play Store & App Store


Medical diagnosis apps have revolutionized the way we approach healthcare in the 21st century. With so many options available in 2024, it’s important to choose an app that suits your specific needs and provides accurate information. Whether you’re looking to manage a chronic condition or simply want to stay informed about your health, the 8 best medical diagnosis apps in 2024 have something to offer. By leveraging the power of technology and staying proactive about your health, you can take control of your wellbeing and lead a healthier, happier life. If you’re looking for an on demand doctor app development company, we’d recommend Trango Tech which always stays up-to-date on all the latest and top healthcare tech trends, as well as new and improved technologies which are being explored and developed on a daily basis. 

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Q1: Are medical diagnosis apps accurate?

A: The accuracy of medical diagnosis apps varies from app to app. It’s important to do your research and choose a reputable app that has been validated and tested by medical professionals. Always consult with a doctor if you have concerns about your health.

Q2: Are medical diagnosis apps easy to use?

A: Yes, medical diagnosis apps are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Most apps provide step-by-step instructions on how to input your symptoms and receive a diagnosis. Some apps also offer additional resources such as educational materials and support groups.

Q3: Can medical diagnosis apps replace a doctor’s visit?

A: No, medical diagnosis apps should not replace a doctor’s visit. They can be a helpful tool in providing information and guidance, but a medical professional should always be consulted for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Q4: Do medical diagnosis apps store my personal information?

A: Yes, medical diagnosis apps do store personal information such as your name, date of birth, and symptoms. It’s important to read the app’s privacy policy to understand how your information is being used and protected.

Q5: Are medical diagnosis apps free?

A: Some medical diagnosis apps are free, while others may require a one-time or subscription-based fee. Always check the app’s pricing before downloading to avoid any unexpected charges.

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