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Our expert developers are committed to delivering customer-centric travel app development services, ensuring that the app embodies the highest quality of intuitiveness and works seamlessly on all platforms.

Travel App Development Services You Can Avail

Our travel app development services will holistically encapsulate all your needs to deliver an app unlike ever before. What makes us different is our attention to detail on even the minutiae of aspects, which are essential components that either make it or break it for you.

Travel Mobile
App UI/UX Design

If you’re in the market to revamp your outdated Travel Mobile App, then look no further. Our UI/UX design services will completely rebuild your apps UI design from the ground up, keeping in mind to further instill, enhance, and preserve the UX.

Travel Mobile
App Development

We are apt at holistic travel app development for businesses of all types and sizes. We’ll design the front-end user interface, code the back-end, and integrate all the extra features and functionalities you need to efficiently cater your audience.

Travel Mobile App
Deployment & Support

Our travel app development and support team will help you overcome any and all obstacles during your travel app development process or post production, with ease, by guiding you at each step, providing clarification, and documentations as well. If the issue still persists, we’ll fix it for you!

Travel Mobile
App Integrations

Looking to add extra features and functionalities? No worries. Our travel app development services fulfill all your app integration needs, ensuring that you receive a travel app loaded with features that add value and enhance your customers’ experience.

Various Types Of Travel App Development Solutions

We are proficient in diverse travel app development services, each catering to a specific set of problems commonly encountered by business owners.

An all-in-one travel booking app, perfectly catering the needs of agents and customers alike.

  • 1
    Search and Filter

    Your users can search for flight and hotel bookings with results filtered for destination, date, number of passengers, and price range. s.

  • 2
    Booking & Payment

    Using the apps Travel Itinerary Generator, users can make payments from within the app to confirm flight and hotel bookings.

  • 3
    Itinerary Management

    App users can design their own custom travel itinerary and view all scheduled bookings for hotels and flights.

  • 4
    Push Notifications

    The app will be equipped with a push notification feature to notify and alert users of upcoming bookings, flight schedules, and more.

  • 5
    Customer Support

    In case your users find themselves stuck in a pickle, they can connect with customer support through in-app chat, email, or call option.

  • 6
    Review & Ratings

    Option to gather reviews and ratings from previous traveler journeys to help new customers make informed decisions about flights and hotels.


Easily plan your retreat or your route with a prized travel app while bragging about it to your friends on social media.

  • 1
    Personalized Recommendations

    TThe app will provide users with recommendations personalized on the basis of their travel and search history.

  • 2
    Real-time Information

    The app will provide users with information about bus and train schedules, routes, and stops, as well as real-time traffic updates.

  • 3

    The app will have Geo-Tracking Services which users can use to get detailed route directions, traffic updates, and ETA.

  • 4
    Offline Access

    The app’s vital features, such as maps, will be available for offline use as well to increase accessibility and feasibility.

  • 5
    Multi-lingual Support

    The app will have support for multiple languages which the user can choose from to cater users from every country, all over the globe.

  • 6
    POI Search

    We’ll integrate a POI (Point of Interest) search API that will allow users to categorically filter searches of interest to their destination.


No matter where you are in the globe, our Travel Assistance app will always be there to help you.

  • 1
    Image Text Translation

    Our app will come integrated with text from image translator to help travelers translate menus and sign boards easily and quickly.

  • 2
    Emergency Assistance

    Our app comes with Location-Based Emergency Services to connect you with local authorities as well as the embassy in case of emergency.

  • 3
    Offline Access

    Due to restricted availability of the internet, emergency features can be used both online and offline.

  • 4
    Social Sharing

    Easily share your travel journey and experiences with your friends and family through integration and support for various social media channels.

  • 5
    Itinerary Management

    Our app will feature an Itinerary management system to help users create, view, and edit or adjust their travel itinerary as needed.

  • 6
    POI Search

    We’ll integrate a POI(Point of Interest) search API that will allow users to categorically filter searches of interest to their destination.


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Trango Tech helps businesses transform by taking their idea and nurturing it into a physical product that offers measurable and noticeable results.

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Travel App Solutions By The Finest Travel App Development Company

Streamline your business operations with custom-built travel app solutions from the award-winning app development company.

  • Travel Booking System

    Our travel agency app for booking will allow users to book appointments and make payments for airlines, hotels, cruises, and more.

  • Social Travel App

    Allow your users to connect with, meet people, and make new friends all over the globe by sharing their travel experiences and journeys.

  • Travel Emergency

    Easily connect travelers with local authorities and embassies while also giving them the option for an E-wallet system for a cashless experience.

  • CRM System

    Designed to help travel companies and agents better understand the needs of their customers and maximize the conversion rate.

What Our Travel App Developers Will Integrate Into The Travel App

Trango Tech offers a wide range of travel app development services to help you run your business smoothly and effortlessly. Here are some of the solutions we have in store for you.

Our On Demand Travel App Development Process

Looking for travel app development services? Trango Tech, a leading company in this field utilizes a structured process to map out travel app development process.

Planning and Conceptualization

In this initial phase of app development, it's crucial to define the app's purpose, conduct market research, and create a clear concept with goals and objectives. You'll also need to allocate resources and budget while considering your app's monetization strategy in a well-thought-out business plan.

Design and Wireframing

The design and wireframing stage focuses on creating an intuitive user experience through wireframes, prototypes, and visual design elements. Front-end and back-end development work concurrently to build the user interface and the underlying infrastructure while ensuring security measures are in place.

Development and Testing

During tourism app development, our team writes code to bring the app's features to life. Rigorous testing is essential, covering unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing to identify and resolve any issues. Optimization efforts are made to enhance performance and compatibility across various platforms and devices.

Deployment and Maintenance

After successful testing, you're ready to deploy your app to app stores while adhering to platform-specific guidelines. A well-planned launch and marketing strategy will help your app gain traction. Post-launch, ongoing maintenance involves monitoring, updates, user support, and incorporating user feedback for continuous improvement.

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    FAQs on Travel App Development

    Got queries for your travel app development? We have answered all the essential questions below which will help you in developing a successful travel app.

    The cost of developing a travel app can vary widely based on several factors. Some of them include;

    • The app's complexity
    • Targeted audience
    • Platform chosen (iOS, Android)
    • Features and functions
    • UI/UX Design
    • Technology stack 
    • Development team’s size, location, technical abilities, and skillset. 

    In general, simple apps with limited features and functionality cost you around $10,000 to $40,000+. Conversely, complex apps with intricate functionalities will cost you in-between $20,000 to $75,000+. Reach out to any leading travel app development company and get your customized digital application for your travel business.

    By following the ways listed below, you can expect a compelling tourism app development for your business. 

    • Decide on the type of software

    Assess what type of travel app you plan to create, which could be mobile, desktop, web, or a mixture.

    • Choose a similar app

    Choose a working application or apps similar to your app. You can find many travel app templates which match your idea possible.

    • Select the desired features & functions

    You can benefit from our ready-to-use features developed by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered feature library or choose any customized options required by you.

    • Choose the platform for launch

    Decide if you want to launch on iOS or Android, or on Desktop OS (windows or Mac) or web, or a combination of these.

    • Select your team and timeframe

    Select a team from your chosen time zone (global) and decide how long it will take you to develop the travel app from beginning to end. The lifespan of an app has become longer and longer due to constant updates.

    • Launch the app

    Ready to launch your travel app? We are here to make your launch successful. Count on us and get exceptional travel app development services now.

    If you want to distinguish your travel app from the rest of your rivals, make sure to include the below features in your app.  

    • User registration and profile creation
    • Search and booking functionality for flights, hotels, and activities
    • Geolocation and mapping services
    • Itinerary planning and management
    • Reviews and ratings
    • Real-time updates and notifications
    • Payment gateway integration

    How long it takes to make a travel app will vary depending on its complexity and features. Simple apps with basic features and functions can be developed within 3 to 6 months, while a more complex app with advanced features could take 6 months to 1 year or more of development based on your app needs. Factors like design complexity, size of the development team and support and testing phase are the other factors that affect the development timeline.

    The exact timeline for the creation of a travel app for your business can be obtained by contacting the experts at Trango Tech. Rest assured, your hands will be all over the high-level travel app development solutions.

    Trango Tech stands out for its competence in travel app development, providing customized products that match your unique needs. Our travel application development company is backed by a team of experts that comprises experienced developers, designers, and project managers, which guarantees quality and timely delivery of your mobile app. Additionally, building long-term relationships with clients is one of our main priorities along with maintaining transparent communication and ongoing support and maintenance services.

    The platform you choose for your mobile application (iOS, Android, or both) should correspond to the audience you are targeting and your business objectives. iOS, however, is more preferred for the reason of its higher level of user engagement and spending, which makes it more suitable for monetization. Nevertheless, Android dominates the global market with a larger market share, which means it is accessible to users from all over the world. Ultimately, that decision should depend on your app requirements and target audience.

    Yes, Trango Tech offers complete support and ongoing maintenance services for the mobile app after development and launch. The deployment of a dedicated support team will be available to address any issues, bugs, or updates that may occur after the launch. We also provide our regular maintenance services to make sure the app is kept up to date and continues to meet the needs of your users. Our mission is to keep the app development process running while maintaining a high degree of efficiency. Nevertheless, we will charge a little free depending on how long it will take.

    Yes, Trango Tech believes that confidentiality and proprietary intellectual property protection are important. Please note that we are ready to sign an NDA to safeguard your app idea and any other confidential material related to your project. Your security and trust are vital to us, and we execute your app development process with all due diligence and professionalism while maintaining confidentiality.

    It is necessary to take into account factors like user experience, design, functionality, scalability, security, and integration with external service providers when developing a travel app. You need to focus on smooth user experience, user-friendly design and app reliability if you want the app to be successful. Furthermore, the issues of scalability to match the growing number of users and security measures to protect user data are the essential elements considered during the process of app development. Any trustworthy travel app development company will assist you in creating a spectacular app with all essential features.

    Yes, Trango Tech has a record of successful travel app projects, which encompass the following: booking apps, itinerary planners, and travel guides. Our team has vast knowledge and expertise in the creation of travel apps that are innovative and user-friendly, which makes them attractive to modern travelers. We can present case studies and samples of our previous works to show our strengths and capabilities in mobile application development for the travel industry.