What is the Finder App on Android?

In 2008, the world already addicted to touchscreen mobile phones was introduced to the Android operating system. Who knew it would revolutionize the digital experience and take us so far into the universe of amazing applications aka apps; each built to offer maximum convenience to its users.

The trend of naming android OS started in 2009 with Cupcake being version 1.5. Back then, things were pretty much basic like Gmail, Google Maps and Calendar, YouTube and so on but, the 13-year journey completely changed how we see, use and take advantage of our smartphones running on the beloved OS. With this, the best android app development company took the reins with creative, innovative and out-of-the-box applications.

With gazillion apps to download from the Google Play Store and some more already on your device, it’s possible for a user to get lost on the way to tracing the appropriate application for a specific purpose. Adding to the utility belt is the Finder App that comes pre-installed on every Android device to the rescue.

So what is the finder app and what can you do with it? Read on to learn more.

What is the Finder App?

To search for particular files and apps on your Android device, the Finder App helps you to trace the storage and access it conveniently. All you need to do is type in the name of the file or app in the search bar on clicking that small magnifying-glass icon on the device and voila. Yet another advantage to the user is that the app can be disabled or even uninstalled completely from the smartphone.

  • Features and Functions

There are instances when a user is clueless on what is the Finder app on Android. As explained, it helps in searching for particular files or applications on the device in an effortless manner. Instead of sifting through the folders, directories and list of installed apps or files, simply type in the name and direct you to the location.

Download and Installation

Like every other app, you can easily download the Finder app on the Google Play Store by typing its name. It’s free to download and before actually doing that, your smartphone’s security setting will also check if your device is compatible and also scan potentially harmful apps that you might want to remove.


  1. If you’re downloading on the desktop, go to https://play.google.com
  2. See other users’ reviews to base your opinion and click or tap the Install command to download
  3. Visit the Play Store from your Android device and type in the name of the application
  4. Click on Install or Download to proceed

All that being said, searching for Finder app on the Play Store may also  reveal:

  • It can be a remote mobile phone searching via SMS requests
  • It is a finance tracking app created by the Australian company

Now let’s have a quick view of both and see which Finder app you have on your Android device.

  • Finder – Remote Mobile Phone Searching

This particular Finder app helps in searching for stolen smartphones and also missing people using SMS for communication due to the possibility of internet unavailability. The coordinates can be determined either through GPS (only if enabled on the smartphone) or mobile and WiFi network details. Once the location has been retrieved, a response SMS bearing details of the surrounding wireless networks is sent to the alternate number.

  • Finder – The Finance Tracking App

Keeping track of your finances can be painful. This is where Finder; the finance tracking application, comes to the rescue and requires your bank account details to work efficiently. Developed by an Australian company, “Finder Ventures”, this app is only available in Australia as bank accounts should be within the country. As for working, the app allows users to manage their savings account, credit cards, home loans plus, other expenditures.

Note: If you’re a true foodie, then have a look at the best food delivery apps in the U.S.A.

Benefits of Using Finder App

Upon installation, the Finder app uses internet accessibility to conduct its search for particular files and applications on the device. Also, you need to allow system accessibility to integrate with the device and work. You can easily uninstall the application simply from your phone’s system setting. Click on uninstall to completely remove the app or, disable it if you wish to reuse later. 

As for Finder for remote mobile phone searching, not only it helps in finding stolen or lost phones but also helps in reaching your loved ones in the missing incident.

On the contrary, the Finder finance app tracking is your one-stop in managing all your bank related activities and other such finances.

All these types of Finder Android apps can save your valuable time and effort while you manage other important tasks at hand.

What is the Finder app on my phone?

With all the types of Finder apps, you might want to know which one you need and then download it accordingly. Just in-case you’ve already downloaded, all you need to do is check the application’s settings, read through the details or go to Google Play Store and click on Manage My Apps to see the information.


The Finder app on your Android device offers ultimate convenience to users. No matter which one you’ve picked, each has its particular merits with efficiency, effectiveness and time-saving being on top of the list.

With all the updates and progression in the world of mobile phones and ever-expanding app market, the future is indeed promising; powered by AI. According to expert’s insight, the global AI market may reach $70.9 billion by the end of 2023, led by machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics.

Android applications will give a richer, more personalized experience to users with each application built on the user’s intent. AI is likely to integrate with upcoming Android apps specifically text, image classification, voice recognition, face detection and likewise features getting most of the upgrades.

Now that the post may have answered your question as to what is the Finder app on Android; download it today from the Play Store. For more industry insights and trends shaping the mobile industry, visit our blog page. If you’re looking for android application development services, Trangotech is your one-stop for leading mobile app development and digital transformation services; catering to diverse industries for a brighter, advanced and more connected world. 

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