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Why UC browser showing my local videos in app? It’s still showing and I can share videos though I turned off storage permission. Does it uploaded my videos to server?

UC Browser is a popular web browser used by millions of people worldwide. It offers various features and functionalities that enhance the browsing experience. However, some users have reported a perplexing issue where UC Browser continues to display local videos within the app, even after they have turned off storage permissions. This article aims to explore the reasons behind this behavior and address concerns about video uploads to the server. If you are looking to get a browsing app made, Trango Tech has got you completely covered over this issue.

Why UC Browser Shows Local Videos in the App?

One of the primary concerns users have is why UC Browser shows their local videos within the app. When you grant storage permission to a browser, it typically allows the browser to access and display the media files stored on your device. However, even when the storage permission is turned off, UC Browser may still showcase local videos. This behavior can be perplexing and raise privacy concerns for users.

The Issue of Videos Still Showing Despite Turning Off Storage Permission

If you have disabled the storage permission for UC Browser and are still seeing your local videos within the app, it could be due to several factors. One possibility is that UC Browser might have cached the videos previously, and they are still accessible through the cache. Caching allows browsers to store certain data temporarily, enabling faster access to previously visited websites or media files.

Another reason could be that UC Browser has indexed the videos on your device during the initial scan. This indexing process enables the browser to quickly search and display files when you request them. Even without storage permission, UC Browser may retain the information about your videos, making them visible within the app.

Concerns About Video Uploads to the Server

Given the persistent display of local videos in UC Browser, concerns may arise about whether the browser uploads these videos to its servers. Users worry about their privacy and the potential misuse of their personal videos. It’s important to note that UC Browser does not explicitly state that it uploads local videos to its servers, but it’s crucial to understand how data is handled to address these concerns effectively.

Possible Explanations for the Behavior

While UC Browser’s behavior might seem intrusive, there are plausible explanations that do not involve unauthorized video uploads. As mentioned earlier, caching and indexing could be responsible for the continued display of local videos within the app. The browser may retrieve these videos from the cache or use the indexed data to showcase them without accessing the actual files on your device.

Additionally, UC Browser might employ a feature that allows users to share videos directly from within the app. To facilitate seamless sharing, the browser might retain certain metadata or thumbnail images associated with the videos, even if the storage permission is turned off. This behavior does not necessarily indicate that the videos themselves are being uploaded to the server.

Is UC Browser Accessing and Storing Your Videos?

Based on the available information, it appears that UC Browser does not actively access or store your videos without your permission. While the continued display of local videos within the app might raise concerns, it seems more likely that the videos are being accessed through cached data or indexed


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