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Innovation is a phrase synonymous with Apple as the tech giant is always on a roller-coaster ride to bring high-end, futuristic and feature-rich gadgets to the table while upgrading the existing ones to further steal the competition. 

Whether these “innovative updates” appeal or not appeal to users depends on their use of the device. Still, there are instances where some of the security or even aesthetic features in the high-end iPhone may become painful. In this scenario, it’s possible that businesses or users may approach a custom iPhone app development company for technical support.

Coming to the most notable changes, App Library tops the list and is one of the tremendous changes to the iPhone home-screen by Apple ever since the release of iOS 14. Android users who just switched to iPhones are likely to appreciate the feature, offering a fantastic way to categorize all the applications based on their usage. This can also include some of the best hybrid apps you might want on your mobile’s front screen for quick and convenient access.

As for average users, it’s possible that they don’t like the single-page layout of iOS 14 and like their apps to spread across multiple screens. If your query is the same as how to get rid of the app library on the iPhone Screen, somehow hide it, or disable it for good, then the details below will be helpful!

You should know that iPhones no longer allow undoing the app library just as conservative users would like. Still, there can be hacks and legal tricks to reach the goal without damaging your phone’s OS or compromising any app or device’s performance. 

While you can always skip using the library by hiding it behind the home screen pages, find out how you can work your way around the “Hiding your iPhone app library from the Single screen.” Let’s find out!

iPhone App Library: How to Hide it

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The App Library is displayed only if you swipe the home screen pagination to the end. If there are already enough pages on your iPhone, it’s possible the library won’t irritate you. Another way is adding home screen widgets to keep the applications organized in different folders how you want to attenuate the library.

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Can You Edit the App Library?

Even with the release of iOS 16 and random upgrades that Apple has been doing with its devices, there isn’t any customization option to manage the app library. You can edit applications in the library with a few tweaks and hacks.

The Homescreen Not Displaying App Store Downloads

It’s evident that users download apps from the App Store but what if none appear on the home screen and the app library is the only way to access them? Here are a few quick fixes:

  • Go to the iPhone’s Settings
  • Tap on the home screen and select it for all newly downloaded applications

Doing so would make the app icons visible or available on the home screen like they used to be before the release of iOS 14.

Home Screen Pages: How to Add

Photo Credits: pcmag

Like in Android and even iOS, a new home screen page is automatically created when your device’s running out of space to welcome a new app or widget icon. You can still always check and make sure that all the pages are showing up simply by following the steps below:

  • Long-press the home screen that’ll trigger the Edit mode and tap on the pagination connectors/dots at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the pages of the home screen that you want to display
  • Hit Done when ready

How to Delete Apps from App Library in iOS 14?

The App Library in the iPhone has also changed how you can delete apps. Here’s how:

  • Long-press the home screen app icon
  • You’ll see the Remove App option instead of Delete App
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to either Delete the App, Move to App Library, and/or Cancel to avoid taking any action.
Photo Credits: osxdaily

Here’s a rundown of each action to help you manage the app library accordingly:

  1. First Option – Delete App: Selecting this option would remove the app from your iPhone permanently
  2. Second Option – Move to App Library: This would delete the app icon from the home screen without uninstalling or deleting the application itself
  3. Third Option – Cancel: As it says, no action will be taken with a choice to proceed later

Alternatives to Disabling App Library

When your primary concern is how to remove the app library on your iPhone or disable it directly, it’d be worth knowing that Apple has restricted such action from ever happening. Still, there are alternatives to proceed without harming the phone’s apps or performance.

  1. Skip Swiping the Last Home Screen Page

App Library is accessed only when a user swipes the last of the home screen, whereas this particular feature was introduced in iOS version 14 and onwards. The simplest way is to avoid swiping the previous screen which depends more on personal preferences and user psychology. Just be like the feature is never there and you won’t be irritated.

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  1. Reveal/Unhide All Pages on the Home Screen

It’s possible that you’ve hidden some of the applications post updating the iOS version to 14, only to keep the home screen looks clean and organized. If this is the case, unhide or restore these pages to bring back the typical home screen look. Here’s how it can be done:

Long-press the home press until jiggle mode is enabled and tap on the small dot icon.

Check or select the pages you wish to unhide and tap “Done” in the top-right corner.

3. Move New Apps to the Home Screen

A default option in the App Library is to let users automatically move freshly downloaded applications to the library rather than adding each on the home screen for a cluttered look. You can also revert the settings by enabling this feature, letting newly downloaded apps drop and show on the home screen.

Wrapping Up

To disable the app library on iPhone or not depends on the users. If none of the above tricks and hacks work, the only option left is jailbreaking your iPhone but that is not recommended for security and optimal performance reasons. Keep your phone clean and uncluttered for ease of app management.

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