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There are instances when recording a call on the phone becomes essential only to hear it back later. While the call recording feature is found almost on every Android phone, the high-end tech company, none other than Apple has disabled this option in its range of iPhones which prompted users to search about how to record call on iPhone without app.

Though iPhone users can always look for third-party applications or even a custom iPhone app development company that may offer a solution or viable support to call recording, doing so may be illegal or can even compromise your phone’s safety and performance. It’s better to consult local jurisdictions or law enforcement agencies before making any such attempt.

Call Recording in iPhone: How it Works?

Whether paid or free, almost all strategies to call recording on iPhone works the same way. You can set-up a three-way conference call which establishes a connection with other participants who can record the entire conversation.

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Now this may sound overwhelming and time-taking but it isn’t as iPhone easily allows merging of the calls. In-fact, you can even record calls using iPhone’s voicemail but, be sure your version of the phone and iOS meets the following criteria:

  • Set-up voicemail on your iPhone
  • Your phone’s iOS version is 9.0 or higher
  • Call waiting has been disabled on your device. Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Go to the iPhone’s Settings
  2. Click on Phone and select Call Waiting
  3. Simply toggle the switch to enable/disable the feature

There are hacks to enable call recording on iPhones but before digging into the details, have a look at a few things you should know about recording phone calls and some of the best apps for iOS to make the most of your smartphone.

How to Record Call on iPhone Without App

1. Use An Alternate Device for Call Recording

When you need to record outgoing call on iPhone without app or, even an incoming, one of the simplest ways is accessibility to another device that can be a smartphone, laptop or even a recording device and follow the steps below to proceed:

  • Simply make a call and turn-on the loudspeaker to amplify the sound
  • Enable the recording option on the alternate device and start saving the entire conversation

2. Google Voice

You can conveniently use Google Voice on your iOS device as a free easy-to-use VoIP service. You will receive a free phone number that can be used to make domestic calls and even record them using Google Voice.

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iPhone users having an active account on Google Voice can also make use of this feature but this option is available only to the residents of Canada and the U.S.A. Still, there’s a way around using Google Voice for call recording even with all the limitations by following these steps:

  • Set-up a Google Voice account on your iPhone by visiting
  • Install and run the app to complete the set-up
  • Return to the main screen of the application and click on the hamburger menu, three bars on the top-left
  • Go to Settings and then click on Calls
  • Enable Incoming Calls and record the conversation by dialing the number and then press “4” on the phone’s dialpad
  • To end the recording, press “4” again or simply disconnect
  • The entire recording can be accessed in your Google Voice inbox

3. The Voicemail Inbox

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Adding to the list is yet another simple alternative that works on almost all iPhones having an active and functional voicemail feature. Here’s how it can be done:

  • Click on Add in the call menu and select the desired phone number from the contact list
  • On dialing, the system will automatically adds the voicemail
  • You will hear a beep as a confirmation on enabling the voicemail
  • Select Merge option on the dialpad to change existing call and voicemail recorder into a conference call
  • The entire conversation can be recorded and accessed via voicemail’s inbox

4. Make Use of Recording Websites

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Nowadays, there are numerous, handy websites to manage call recording as well as perform many other tasks that a user may find too dull. For call recording especially on your iPhone, you can visit Recordator and then follow the instructions shared below:

  • Once you’re on the website, create a free account and dial the toll-free number for assistance. 

Important: However, the toll-free number may or may not work depending on the user’s country of residence. You can check the list of available countries and support details already mentioned on the website.

  • Select Add Call in the outgoing caller’s list, pick the desired number you wish to dial and make a call
  • When the recipient picks your call, select Merge option on the screen’s interface and it’ll automatically turn into a conference call with the toll-free number being the source of recording.
  • On finishing up, simply refer to the number in My Recordings section of the website and download the entire conversation as an audio file.

Is There a Way to Record Calls with Screen Recording on an iPhone?

Unfortunately, users can’t record phone calls with screen recording as the make and model of iPhones prohibits such by design. There are however third-party apps, voicemail services or even Google Voice. Even for queries like how to record incoming call on iPhone without app, you can follow the steps defined above.

List of Call Recording Apps for iPhone

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Rev – It’s free and can be used to record outgoing and incoming calls on your iPhone without any limit on the duration. You can also share and/or export the file to Dropbox or any other third-party service.

  1. TapeACall Pro – With a user base near 4.5 million and support of 50+ countries, TapeACall Pro is a popular choice for call recording on iPhone with so many sharing options including Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Email, Facebook and even Twitter.
  1. NoNotes – Record and even transcribe your calls of any length with the option to save them to the cloud storage.

So, Are You Ready to Record Calls on iPhone?

Now that we know how to record call on iPhone without app, it’s also important to abide by legal laws on doing so that vary from one country to another so be safe on your way and make the most of your iPhone. Happy recording!

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