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Businesses should pivot to new website platforms as Google winds down Business Profile Websites from March 1, 2024.

Here is the screenshot of the email Google is sending to its users who have previously built their websites using the Google Business Profile Website Builder.

google to shut down websites made with business profiles

Google has recently announced that websites made with “business. site and” will automatically redirect customers to the associated Google Business Profile listing, commencing from March 1,2024. Afterwards, your visitors will have the accessibility to automatically reach to your business profiles until June 10, 2024. 

After that date, they will encounter a “page not found” error when they try to access your website. After all, this immediate decision could be expected due to Google’s recent sale of Google Domains to Squarespace as well. 

The email which Google has rolled out contains the following details; 

From March 1, 2024, visitors won’t be able to redirect to business profiles that are made on domain as Google decides to discontinue those websites. Consequently, websites created using this feature will eventually be ceased.

In order to facilitate this transition, visitors will be sent to the company’s business profiles till June 10, and after the following date, business profiles won’t longer be supported. 

Primarily, businesses were utilizing a website builder feature that was launched in 2017 and now it is being phased out due to low engagement. 

In response to these significant changes, a Google spokesperson emphasized the company’s commitment to support small businesses in the online world. 

Though the business profile website will be discontinued in the near future, still small business owners will still have access to Business Profiles, ads landing pages, and other essential resources. In that way, they can easily engage with potential customers online. 

Google also provides guidance for users affected by these abrupt changes; 

If you’ve created your website on Google Business Profile Website, now is the right time to update your Business Profile using Google sites alternatives, namely, Wix, WordPress, Go Daddy, SquareSpace, and so on.  

There’s more information available about websites made with Google Business Profiles. You can easily access them on the Google Support page

  • Those websites that are developed on “” and “” will be automatically removed from March 1, 2024. To maintain your business reputation, we advise you to link your website to a new website alternative builder. 
  • For users who don’t create their websites based on Google Business Profile, these changes won’t impact their business. 

These updates are made by Google to further refine its services as well as provide its users with effective solutions. 

Best 10 Google Sites Alternatives to Watch Out for in 2024 

Perhaps you may be anxious about the latest news regarding Google shutting down business profiles made with the assistance of Google Profile Website Builders. Fret not; below, we’ll unravel the 10 best Google sites alternatives that will help you switch your website to a new domain to keep your site active and alive. 



One of the most popular website development platforms is It allows visitors to create diverse websites without requiring hardcore programming skills. 

Besides, it’s a fully hosted solution that provides everything from domain registration to security, and much more. 

Within just a few taps, users can easily set up their accounts and start building their own websites. It is one of the best Google sites alternative.


When it comes to the pricing of, Typically, it depends on the plan you choose. Usually, four paid plans are accessible on this platform.

  • Starter – $4/Month
  • Explorer – $8/Month 
  • Creator – $25/Month
  • Entrepreneur  – $45/Month 

2. Self-hosted WordPress (

Another prominent Google sites alternative is WordPress.Org. It is another variant of Word 

With the following website builder, users can effortlessly find hosting and install WordPress themselves without any assistance. 

You can purchase domains from Go Daddy, Blue Host, Hostinger, and other reliable services as well. By using one of the following services, you can get access to free domain names, auto installation, and user-friendly interfaces, and the list goes on. 

All these factors make Word Press.Org a tremendous option. 


The WordPress software itself is free, though, you need to pay costs for hosting and domain name registration. In general, the cost to run a self-hosted WordPress site costs around $70/Year.  

3. Squarespace


Squarespace is an eminent CMS (Content Management System) with a robust website builder. It’s best known for offering high-quality templates that are customizable. 

Aside from that, it manages all the maintenance and security work itself. 

Also, in this platform, you’ll find a wide range of marketing tools to reach and grow your audience efficiently. 


Squarespace is free to access; however, the paid plan starts from $16/Month and can go up to $49/Month. 

4. GoDaddy



One of the most well-likeable website creation tools that has grabbed the attention of almost every business in none other than Go Daddy

This one is highly known for selling web domains and hosting in cost-effective rates. 

Plus, the following tool provides visitors access to register domain names, host websites, and access tools for website management and creation. 


Go Daddy pricing starts from $5.99/Month (billed annually), and the prices can vary depending on the domain registration services, domain extension, and the duration of registration. 

5. Hostinger


One of the biggest yet exclusive website hosting companies is Hostinger. It’s best known for selling premium services and packages at affordable rates. 

With this enticing platform, users can create and manage websites efficiently, thanks to its user-friendly control panel. 

Moreover, this packages include SSL certificates, free domain registration, and various other features. All these parameters make them a popular choice for businesses.


Hostinger packages start from just $1.39/Month, making it a budget-friendly option. 

6. Wix


Wix is another prestigious online platform builder that offers the flexibility to register your website with ease. You’ll find various high-end templates and features which can assist you in improving your website performance. 


For a basic website, Wix is free to access. However, if you want to make use of customized themes and templates, you can switch to its premium package which starts from $16/Month. 

7. HubSpot CMS Hub

hubspot cms hub

HubSpot CMS Hub is another well-demanding website builder based on CMS system. It lets you create, design, and manage business websites hassle-free. 

The following platform provides a wide range of functionalities, namely, drag-and-drop editing tools, SEO tools, and analytics. Thereby making it an ostentatious platform for businesses. 


The basic package begins with just $300. Also, for premium packages, they start from $500+. Choose the one that best fulfills your business needs.  

8. Weebly


Weebly has acquired a legendary name as a web creation tool. It offers users to professionally develop their websites with exquisite themes and templates. This platform is ideal for e-commerce businesses. 


The starter package of this platform is free to utilize, along with 500MB of storage. Paid plans start from $10/Month and can go up to $100+ based on your business requirements. 

9. Google Workspace


google workspace

Google Workspace, also known as G-suite, is a suite of productivity tools that helps to enhance collaboration and productivity in a business environment offered by Google. 

It covers applications like Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Drive. 


The Business Plan to make use of Google Workspace usually begins at $6/Month and can go up to $18/Month (Billed Annually). 

10. Webflow



The last and the most common site builder is Webflow. The following building platform requires little to no coding and expertise to utilize it. 

In fact, it offers fast, reliable, and efficient web services and solutions. Hence making it a reliable option for both businesses and enterprises. 


Webflow packages start from just $14/Month. 

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