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Powerhouse Apps: Unveiling the Famous Applications Built with Parse

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What are some famous apps built using the Parse platform?

Parse, a popular mobile application development platform, has been utilized by numerous apps to power their backend infrastructure. While Parse gained significant popularity, it was shut down in 2017. However, several prominent apps were built using the Parse platform during its active years. Let’s explore some of these famous apps below, and if you’re looking get to your app rolling then Trango Tech has got all the solutions for you.

  1. Instagram: In its early stages, Instagram relied on Parse as its backend platform. Parse provided features like user authentication, data storage, and push notifications, which contributed to Instagram’s rapid growth and success.
  2. Uber: The ride-sharing giant, Uber, initially utilized Parse for its backend needs. Parse allowed Uber to handle user management, location-based services, and real-time communication between drivers and riders, enabling the seamless experience that Uber is known for. We are helping our clients for years to build an app like Uber.
  3. Twitch: A popular platform for live streaming video games, Twitch incorporated Parse to manage user profiles, chat functionality, and push notifications. Parse provided the necessary infrastructure for Twitch to handle the massive influx of users and deliver real-time updates.
  4. WhatsApp: Before being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp used Parse for its backend operations. Parse facilitated user authentication, message storage, and push notifications, enabling WhatsApp to provide a reliable and efficient messaging service.
  5. TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit, a platform for outsourcing tasks and services, relied on Parse to handle user management, task listings, and messaging between users. Parse’s features empowered TaskRabbit to create a seamless marketplace for users seeking assistance with various tasks.
  6. Headspace: Headspace, a well-known meditation and mindfulness app, utilized Parse to manage user accounts, meditation program data, and push notifications. Parse provided the necessary infrastructure for Headspace to deliver personalized content and track user progress.
  7. Onefootball: A popular app for football (soccer) enthusiasts, Onefootball leveraged Parse for features like user authentication, news content management, and push notifications. Parse allowed Onefootball to deliver up-to-date football news and engage users with personalized notifications.


It’s worth noting that while these apps initially used Parse, many have transitioned to other backend solutions or developed their custom infrastructure as Parse was discontinued. Nonetheless, the influence and impact of Parse on these apps during its active period were significant.

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