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Does Bumble Update Location in the Background if You Haven’t Used the App for a Few Days?


Bumble is a popular dating app that allows users to connect and communicate with potential matches. Like many other location-based apps, Bumble uses your device’s GPS functionality to provide relevant matches based on your proximity to other users. However, there is a common question among Bumble users: Does the app update your location in the background if you haven’t actively used it for a few days? In this article, we will explore how Bumble tracks location and whether it continues to update in the background.

How Bumble Tracks Location

To offer location-based features, Bumble requests access to your device’s location services. When you open the Bumble app for the first time, it asks for permission to use your location. If you grant permission, Bumble can access your device’s GPS information to determine your current location accurately. Bumble utilizes this data to match you with potential matches in your vicinity.

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Does Bumble Update Location in the Background?

Bumble does not continuously update your location in the background if you haven’t actively used the app for a few days. The app primarily relies on real-time location data to provide accurate proximity-based matches. If you haven’t opened the app or interacted with it for a while, Bumble does not update your location until you open the app again.

Factors Affecting Location Updates

There are a few factors that influence how Bumble updates your location:

App Activity

Bumble primarily updates your location when you open the app and actively use it. If you haven’t launched the app or engaged with it for a certain period, the app doesn’t retrieve your current location.

Background App Refresh

If you have enabled background app refresh for Bumble, the app may occasionally update your location while running in the background. However, this is generally infrequent and depends on various factors such as battery optimization settings, network connectivity, and device capabilities.

Battery Optimization Settings

Some devices have battery optimization settings that restrict the background activity of apps. If Bumble is affected by such settings, it may limit the frequency of location updates while the app is not in use.

Privacy Considerations

Bumble understands the importance of user privacy and takes measures to protect personal information. The app adheres to privacy guidelines and only uses your location data for matching purposes. Bumble does not share your location with other users or third parties without your consent.

How to Manage Location Settings on Bumble

If you want to have control over Bumble’s access to your location, you can manage the app’s location settings on your device. Here’s how to do it:

On iOS:

  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Bumble.
  • Tap on “Location.”
  • Choose the desired location access option: “Never,” “While Using the App,” or “Always.”

On Android:

  • Open your device’s Settings.
  • Select “Apps & notifications.”
  • Tap on Bumble.
  • Tap on “Permissions.”
  • Adjust the location permission to your preference.

By managing these settings, you can customize how Bumble utilizes your location information.


In conclusion, Bumble does not update your location in the background if you haven’t actively used the app for a few days. The app primarily relies on real-time location data when you open and engage with it. Privacy considerations are also taken into account, ensuring that your location information is used solely for matching purposes. Remember, you have control over Bumble’s access to your location through the app’s settings on your device.


Q1: Can other Bumble users see my location? No, other Bumble users cannot see your exact location. The app only shows your approximate location (e.g., city or neighborhood) to ensure privacy.

Q2: Does Bumble track my location even when I’m not using the app? Bumble does not continuously track your location when the app is not in use. Location updates occur when you open and actively use the app.

Q3: How accurate is Bumble’s location tracking? Bumble’s location tracking is typically accurate, as it relies on GPS functionality. However, keep in mind that factors like network connectivity and device limitations may affect location accuracy to some extent.

Q4: Can I opt out of sharing my location on Bumble? Yes, you can manage Bumble’s access to your location by adjusting the location settings on your device. Refer to the “How to Manage Location Settings on Bumble” section for instructions.

Q5: Does Bumble use my location for anything other than matching? Bumble primarily uses your location for matching purposes. The app does not utilize your location data for any other activities without your consent.

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