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Searching for Apps like Wizz? Planning to develop apps similar to Wizz? Don’t worry, we’re here at your assistance.

Needless to say, socialization is human nature. Although the world has become digitized, the essence of socialization remains unchanged. However, the way humans interact has evolved.

Socializing and interacting with friends has become much easier. With the advent of social networking apps, connecting with people with similar interests and passions is more effortless than ever. One popular social networking app is Wizz, which offers various features to enhance user interaction. With over 15 million downloads, Wizz has spread a diverse user base with shared interests.

According to Statista data, messaging and chat usage is growing worldwide and is expected to reach 3.51 billion in 2025. This means building a social networking app has got a lot of scope. If you’re based in the USA and looking to turn your app-like Wizz idea into reality, collaborating with a leading app development company is a great approach.

infographic showing messaging and chat app usage statistics

Interacting with people in person can be challenging, especially if you work 9-5. What if I told you that there are many apps like Wizz that can help you build a strong squad online?

Yes, you’re right.

You can hang out with friends via video chat and talk about your passions and interests. Are you looking for apps like Wizz to make great virtual friends? Don’t worry — this blog is here to help you find each app’s pricing, features, and other relevant insights that might interest you.

What is the Wizz App?

Wizz is a message-based networking platform that allows users to meet and chat with individuals worldwide. When it comes to its popularity, it is known as ‘Teen Tinder’ as it has a lot of similarities with dating apps like Tinder, which includes a swipe feature.

The app uses an age verification system to help users find matches of similar age. So, networking has never been this easy!

What Happened to Wizz App?

Recently, Wizz app was turned down by Google Play and Apple Store over the case of sexual exploitation of minors. According to the CNBC reports, the app in the beginning gotten popularity around teenagers due to its strong marketing slogan “safe space to make friends”. However, the concerns related to child safety started to rise and many complaints have been lodged against this scam.

As a result, the app store’s spokesperson cited a child endangerment policy and added a strict emphasis on prohibiting users from creating, uploading or distributing content that supports child abuse. Right now, the app is not available for use and the team is working on implementing advanced security measures.

Making Virtual Friends with Chat Apps Like Wizz

Connecting with like-minded people is no longer a hassle. Wondering what apps are like Wizz? There are many sites like Wizz that offer similar features and opportunities to find virtual friends:

Apps Like Wizz

Popular Feature

Target Users

Unique Aspects


Yubo Stream and Chat with Friends Teens and Young Adults Live-Streaming Option Free with In-App Purchases
Hey! Vina Women Networking Site Women Event Planning and Sharing Content (Articles and Tips) Free (VIP plan is paid)
Renz Instant Chat Platform College Students and Professionals Connect and Add User Profiles Free with In-App Purchases
Purp Goal-Oriented Site Millennials Working on Goals Together Free
Kik Anonymity Preserve Site Kids and Teenagers Anonymous Signup Free
JusTalk Voice and Video Messaging App Kids and Adults Interactive Games and Group Chats Some Free Features (with Premium Plans)
Moco Chat Room and Social Gaming Site Teenagers and Adults Social Networking Features Free
Marco Polo Video Chat Discussion Friends and Family Video Record Features Free with In-App Purchases
Azar Global Video Chat Adults Features Like Snapchat and Instagram Free with In-App Purchases
MeetMe Chat and Talk to New People Adults Interactive Q&A Session Some Free Features (with Premium Plans)
BeReal Real Photo Sharing Site Gen-Z Real and Personalized Emojis Free
BeFriend Swipe-Style Communication Gen-Z Hit Me Up Feature Free with In-App Purchases
LiveTalk Anonymous Messaging Teenagers and Adults Interactive Maps and Location-Based Searches Free with In-App Purchases
Wakie Community Forum for Conversations Teenagers and Adults Mood-Based Matching Free with In-App Purchases
Hoop App Finding New Friends on Snapchat Teenagers / Gen-Z Free Snapchat Add-On Free
Meetup Local Friend Explorer Teenagers and Adults Interest-Based Communities and Events Some Free Features (with Premium Plans)
ChatRandom Random Video Chat Adults Cam4 Chat Free
Skout Shake to Chat Travelers and Locals Buzzwink Free with In-App Purchases
Camfrog Chat Room Platform Teenagers and Adults Virtual Gift Store and Reward System Some Free Features (with Premium Plans)
Vero Social Networking Space User Who Hates Ads Connection-Based Networking Free

Top 20 Apps Like Wizz that You Shouldn’t Miss Out!

infographic showing list of 20 apps like wizz

Are you looking for other apps like Wizz that offer the best video chat app features? Here are the top 20 apps like Wizz that will help you discover online friends globally:

1. Yubo

yubo app logo

Google Play Rating: 3.1/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.5/5

Yubo is one of the popular social networking websites like Wizz developed by TWELVE APP in 2015. Its mission is to “meet new people” and “create community.” Today, Yubi is globally recognized in more than 140 countries by over 60 million users.

Safety is the foremost priority, and Yubo is the first social app worldwide to inaugurate 100% user-age verification and real-time video or audio moderation for livestreams. When it comes to content access, apps like Tubi also prioritize strict safety moderation policies and provide a secure environment for users.

Best for Use

Yubo is a live social networking app that specifically targets Gen Z to expand their social circle globally.

Key Features

Yubo is a great place for teenagers to find new friends, add them, and exchange messages. Here are some of the key features it entails:

Live Streaming

This feature allows users to broadcast live videos with their friends and the broader Yubo community. The real-time interaction fosters an engaging environment where users can share their experiences and talents and simply chat with others. The live streaming interface includes tools to comment and react during the broadcast.

No Likes/Followers

Yubo doesn’t offer “likes” or “followers” functionality, making it the most social app. This functionality reduces social pressure and, hence, forms genuine connections based on shared interests rather than popularity metrics.


This feature allows users to create and join groups based on common interests or activities. The app has two different communities based on age—one for teenagers and one for adults. In Yubo, people between 13 and 17 are considered teenagers, and those over 18 are considered adults.

Verified Profiles

In terms of security, Yubo is one of the great sites like Wizz that uses face recognition and age-estimation features when signing up. So, if the app recognizes that the user is under 13 and the personal information shows above 18, Yubo will not verify the profile.

In-App Currency

Yubo includes a virtual currency, “YuBucks,” which can be used to purchase premium features and send virtual gifts to friends. There are various YuBuck bundles that give users the option to purchase their requirements.

Pros and Cons

Active and socialized members Not a great place to find partners
Robust security measures for verification Doesn’t give a lot of swipe options
Contacting features are free to use Challenge to dispute reasons for flagged accounts


Yubo is free to use. However, you have to pay for features, including purchasing virtual gifts.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 9.0 and up, iOS 5.0 or later
Size 115.45 MB Android, 189.1 MB iOS

2. Hey! Vina

Hey Vina app logo

Google Play Rating: 1.7/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.2/5

Hey! Vina’ is quite similar to Tinder, except for the fact that the vision of the app is to find women as a new friend instead of a date. The app works in a swipe interface, where you can see only one photo of the user. It uses a matching algorithm that allows users to see accounts of mutual friends, locations, interests, and information gathered from BuzzFeed-style quizzes within the app.

This is one of the highly popular sites like Wizz that has matched more than one million people and works across more than 158 countries.

Best for Use

It is best for women who have recently moved to a new city or for those who are seeking like-minded friends.

Key Features

Vina has helped ladies meet and nurture new friendships. The app offers various features that are as follows:

Profile Creation

This feature helps users create detailed profiles highlighting their interests, hobbies, and requirements. It uses matching algorithms to help connect users with potential profiles.

Quiz-Based Matching

To help you find the right friend, Vina has a fun and engaging quiz space that covers various topics, such as lifestyle preferences, personal values, and interests.

Events and Meetups

The app offers real-time meetups and events where you can take your online friendships in a physical space. Vina organizes various events that help users to build stronger connections.

Vina World

This feature provides different blogs, articles, and advice based on friendship, personal growth, and lifestyle. It helps you navigate social lives and improve your overall social interaction.

Icebreaker Questions

To initiate conversations, Vina provides a collection of icebreaker questions that make it easier for users to connect and build rapport.

Pros and Cons

Safe and secure site for women Limited number of active users
Matches based on common interests and values Limited geographical reach
Access to features like Q&A and quiz polls Not a great place to find a date


Hey! Vina is free to use. However, a Vina VIP subscription may cost around $5.99 (one-week membership) and $47.99 (six-month membership).

Hey! Vina

google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 500K+
Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Size 135.6 MB iOS

3. Renz

Renz app logo

Google Play Rating: 4.3/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.5/5

Renz is one of the best apps, like Wizz, that helps users make new friends and connect with people globally. The app’s unique and immersive social space makes it a compelling platform for modern social interaction.

Users can easily search for friends, send friend requests, and start chatting instantly. Additionally, they can add their social media accounts to foster connections.

Best for Use

Renz is an ideal platform for young adults, including college students, professional enthusiasts, and simple hobbyists.

Key Features

This app provides every solution under one roof, whether it’s interest-based communities or robust privacy controls. Here are some of the key features to check out:

Live Interaction

This feature allows users to engage with friends through live streams, live chats, and interactive sessions. Users can use tools like polls, Q&A sessions, and live comments during live sessions.

Location Sharing

It allows users to share their real-time location with friends, making organizing meetups and social gatherings easier. Moreover, it shows which of your friends lives nearby to foster in-person social interactions.

Enhanced Privacy Controls

Renz provides a range of privacy settings to control who can view your profile, posts, and activity. Privacy options include public, private, and friends-only visibility.

Integrated Messaging and Video Calls

The app integrated messaging and video call features that allow users to communicate seamlessly without the hassle of switching to other platforms. User can share photos, videos, voice messages, and documents with their friends.

Real-Time Notifications

It allows users to receive real-time notifications about new messages, friend requests, updates, event reminders, and other social activities.

Pros and Cons

Intuitive and easy-to-navigate features Small user base compared to others
Entails advanced matching algorithms Limited geographical reach
Create, find, and join events Complain of quick battery drain by many users


Renz is free to use. However, you have to pay for in-app features to improve your chat experience.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 100K+
Requires Android 7.0 and up, iOS 14.0 or later
Size 72.03 MB Android, 142.4 MB iOS

4. Purp

Purp app logo

Google Play Rating: 3.9/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.6/5

Purp is a great platform for expanding your social network. It helps you find and connect with people who share similar interests. The app employs a right-swipe mechanism to send friend requests and facilitates the exchange of new cultures, topics, and productivity.

It offers a productivity approach to help users achieve their personal and professional goals. To stay focused, users can access features like planning, tracking, and motivational tools. With these advanced features, do you often wonder how long does it take to develop an app? Well, based on the complexity and size, it generally takes 7 to 10 months.

Best for Use

The app is best for goal-oriented people. The most common users are fitness enthusiasts, personal development enthusiasts, and millennials.

Key Features

If you’re looking to make friends and work together towards accomplishing similar goals, Purp is a great app to get started. Here are some of the most common features as follows:

Task Management

This feature allows users to create and organize tasks into categories and projects. Tasks can be prioritized using labels like high, medium, and low priority.

Reminders and Notifications

Purp provides the option to set custom reminders for tasks and deadlines. Moreover, real-time push notifications ensure users are aware of upcoming tasks and deadlines.

Motivational Quotes and Tips

The app has a section where users can access daily motivational quotes for inspiration. Moreover, the app provides productivity tips to help users achieve their goals.

Personal Assistants

The popularity of AI has streamlined the work efficiently, and the use of personal assistants in the app helps users with their daily life tasks for developing new and innovative products.

Pros and Cons

Great life goal-focused platform Too many challenges and tasks can be overwhelming
Diverse community support groups Complains of privacy concerns by some users
Excellent task management features Not a great place for dating or random chatting


Purp is free to use. However, you have to pay in-app purchases to access premium tools and features.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 1M+
Requires Android 8.0 and up, iOS 13.4 or up
Size 212 MB Android, 150 MB iOS

5. Kik

Kik app logo

Google Play Rating: 2.6/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.3/5

Kik is a widely known social networking app that allows users to chat with friends via group chats and direct messages. Moreover, users can also play games, create memes, listen to music, watch videos, and browse the web.

This app is a great alternative to SMS text messaging and integrates with other multimedia (YouTube, Photo Bucket, etc.) and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).

Best for Use

Are you looking for apps like Wizz for 13 year olds? Kik is a great platform for teenagers from ages 13 to 24. This age group finds Kik appealing due to its easy-to-navigate and social features.

Key Features

Kik is a popular platform that enables users to connect with others in real time. Here are some of the commonly used features mentioned below:

Anonymous Signup

Kik allows users to sign up with just a username so that no one can access their personal information online. Moreover, the signup process is quick, and users can start chatting immediately.

Bot Integration

This feature entails a range of chatbots that cater to areas like entertainment, information, and other services. For instance, users can reach out to bots to play games or get some fashion advice.

In-App Games

A collection of mini-games is available that users can play directly within the app. Moreover, users can challenge their friends to compete for high scores and share their gaming experiences with chat groups.

Public Groups

This feature provides a public group based on shared interests, making it easier for users to connect with like-minded people.

Ask a Question

This tool allows users to create ask-question quizzes and polls to seek advice, gather opinions, or collect information on various topics.

Pros and Cons

Works as a text messaging without the need for a SIM card Children’s exposure to inappropriate content
Upgraded full-screen browser compared to other social apps Restriction on photo size and video recording time
Excellent blocking features to remove unwanted contacts Doesn’t have share location option in the messenger


Kik is free to use. However, to access advanced features, you must make in-app purchases.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 100M+
Requires Android 5.0 and up, iOS 14.0 or up
Size 272 MB Android, 235 MB iOS

6. JusTalk

Justalk app logo

Google Play Rating: 4.2/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.4/5

JusTalk is one of the popular free apps like Wizz that allows users to host video, voice chat, and group calls, similar to Discord. Aside from similar functionality, if you’re planning to build an app like Discord,  check out the cost optimization strategies and the features that need to be integrated.

In JusTalk, users can easily create groups for up to 200 members, where they can access tools like doodling, recording calls, playing games, sharing photos, pictures, stickers, locations, and more.

There are a variety of rich features that make it convenient for users to interact, communicate, and share with loved ones.

Best for Use

JusTalk has two versions: JusTalk Kids for children under 13 and JusTalk for adults. It is one of the best apps just like Wizz!

Key Features

JusTalk is an excellent platform for voice and video calls. If you’re wondering about the features, here are common tools it entails:

High-Quality Video Calls

This feature provides HD-quality video calls that work well even on slow network connections. Users can make group video calls with multiple participants.

Interactive Features

This tool allows users to draw and write on the screen during video calls. Moreover, it includes mini-games that users can play with friends during call or chat.

Group Chat

This feature helps users create group chats with friends, where the admin has control over adding or removing members and managing group settings.

Social Networking

This feature provides an activity feed where users can share updates, photos, and videos with friends, similar to apps like TikTok and other social platforms.

Real-Time Location

It allows users to know each other’s whereabouts anytime and enhances a sense of security. This tool helps individuals to participate in daily activities and shared experiences.

Pros and Cons

Seamless group calls with friends and family Poor parental control and privacy concerns
Dedicated versions for kids and adults Premium version is expensive
Works seamlessly on Android, iOS, and web browser Repetitive ads before signing in


JusTalk basic version is free to use. However, for the premium version, here is the following pricing plan:

  • Premium One Account: $9.99 / Monthly
  • Premium Family: $19.99 / Monthly
  • Premium Education: $59.70 / Monthly


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 6.0 and up, iOS 12.0 or up
Size 113.39 MB Android, 161 MB iOS

7. Moco

Moco app logo

Google Play Rating: 4.2/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.1/5

Moco is an efficient social networking app that allows users to connect with individuals globally without the hassle of physical travel. This app is quite similar to Facebook, where users can share photos and videos on their feeds.

Moco divides users into three groups: friends, nearby contacts within the city or nearby cities, and the rest of the app users organized by distance. The last group accommodates thousands of profiles globally and hence enhances the reach.

Best for Use

Are you looking for apps like Wizz for 16 years olds? Young adults and teenagers are most commonly drawn to Moco due to its exceptional social networking features. It is also great for those looking for casual dating apps like Tinder.

Key Features

Are you in search of new friends? Moco offers a range of features to help you improve social interaction:

Public and Private Chat Rooms

This feature offers private as well as public chat rooms where users can participate in conversations based on their interests.

Location-Based Features

Moco entails location-based features to connect with users nearby. Moreover, users can also add location tags in their posts and share activities and places with others.

Moco Gold System

This feature helps users to earn points and purchase them from the store to gain additional content or enhance their profile. These further leads user to interact more with other users.

Rich User Interaction

It offers diversified user interaction. You can send a private message, befriend the user, nudge them, view their profile, or play in-built games with them.

Pros and Cons

Continuous addition of new features Lack of customization options
Dedicated chat support team Chat rooms work really slow
Great social media alternative for making friends Complains of technical difficulties when logging in


Moco allows users to make new friends, play games, and interact absolutely free. For in-app features, you need to make purchases.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 5.0 and up, iOS 13.0 or up
Size 164 MB Android, 223 MB iOS

8. Marco Polo

Marco polo app logo

Google Play Rating: 4.4/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.8/5

Marco Polo is a one-way video chat service that is a great platform for recording video messages to send to a friend or group of friends. The recipients can watch you live but can’t send their video back like a Facetime call. It’s more like people in the chat are taking turns sending videos.

As the app is mostly based on video messages held in a simple thread, it gives you the feeling of listening to your friend’s podcast made just for you.

Best for Use

This app is best for interacting with friends and family to stay connected through video messaging.

Key Features

Marco Polo is the leading video messaging app that has made conversation a lot easier. Here are the following features it entails:

Video Messaging

This feature allows users to send and receive video messages (polos) that can be viewed at the recipient’s convenience. The interface is user-friendly and enables quick recording and sending with just a few taps.

Video Playback Controls

It offers professional video playback controls that allow users to play, pause, and rewind video messages. So, users can easily re-watch or catch details that might have been missed.

No Time Limits

Many message apps impose time limits on video messages, but Marco Polo enables users to record and send videos of any length.

Filters and Effects

Users can get access to fun and engaging filters and effects that can be applied to video messages. The options include visual filters that enhance the video quality and catchy voice effects.

Text and Drawing Tools

Apart from video messaging, Marco Polo also provides text and drawing rolls that can be used to annotate the videos. Users can add captions or draw directly on the video frames.

Pros and Cons

Asynchronous video conversations No text or direct messaging option
A diverse collection of filters and voice effects Access older chats through a subscription
Video doesn’t self-destruct by default Way too many notifications


Marco Polo is free to use. However, to access in-app features, you must purchase them and grow your network.

Marco Polo

google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 8.1 and up, iOS 15.0 or up
Size 105 MB Android, 167 MB iOS

9. Azar

Azar app logo

Google Play Rating: 4.2/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.3/5

Azar is a chat and video messaging platform used to make new friends and find potential matches. With live video chat features, you can have one-on-one conversations with people globally. This app’s main focus is facilitating casual conversations and cultural exchange.

This social networking platform was developed by Hyperconnect Inc. and ranked as the #3 communication app. Additionally, the effects present in the Azar app are similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories. Users can share their stories online among people to foster long-term connections. Currently, Azar has more than 100 million downloads and is available in 90+ countries.

Best for Use

Azar typically targets young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. Users are more inclined to make friends and find potential partners.

Key Features

Looking to discover new people of different cultures and races? Azar is a great platform to create a diverse social circle. Here are some of the common features it entails:

Live Videos

Azar’s live video option offers users a platform to interact with like-minded individuals globally. With just a click, you can engage in real-time conversations with people and expand your knowledge in various domains.

Guest Mode Option

This feature allows users to access live video chat as a guest. You simply need to click on the guest icon at the bottom right corner. Once the host accepts, you’ll join it as a guest right away.

Gender and Regional Filter

Do you have preferences when it comes to building a social network? Users can easily choose the gender and region of the people they want to meet by searching on the Discover tab.

Backgrounds and Effects

If you’re looking to make your video chat more interesting and engaging, browse through Azar’s catchy background options and fun effects.

Gift Options

While participating in the live chat, users can also send virtual gems as gifts to the host by pressing the gift button on the bottom right icon.

Pros and Cons

Promoting cultural exchange and international friendships Encounters of scams and inappropriate content
Works on 90+ language translation Lack of children’s safety features
Robust verification process Repetitive ads can be overwhelming


Azar is free to use. However, you must purchase items to access in-app features and streamline communication.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 100M+
Requires Android 8.0 or up, iOS 15.0 or up
Size 399 MB Android, 237 MB iOS

10. MeetMe

meetme app logo

Google Play Rating: 4.1/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.5/5

MeetMe is a social networking app that offers interactive livestreaming solutions. Users can easily chat with people, trade pictures, and take part in anonymous polls and quizzes. Moreover, it gives an option before signing up, whether the user is going to use it for friend purposes or for dating. Based on the selection, it creates a user experience to help you navigate the best results. So, it is one of the best dating apps, like Wizz, for finding potential matches.

The app offers new product features like levels that entail tracks, rewards, and gamified elements in the live stream. When live streamers grow their audience, they can earn points and progress through levels like Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The app has more than 4.5 million active users, 190,000+ new members signing up daily, and 74 million chat messages per day.

Best for Use

Most MeetMe users are adults between 18 and 30 years old, and they use the app mostly for dating purposes.

Key Features

MeetMe believes in the notion that human connection is the key to a happy life. Here are some of the key features the app offers:

Ask Me

This feature allows users to engage with others through interactive Q&A sessions, where they can ask and answer questions in real-time.

Virtual Gifts

Users can send and receive virtual gifts during live streams or chats, which can also be converted into real-world currency. Streamers can also earn Diamonds, a virtual currency in the app that can be exchanged for cash.

Match Search

Users can access a variety of filters to search for like-minded friends, including age, location, interests, and more. Moreover, the discovery option suggests potential matches based on user profiles and activity, making it easier to connect with new people.

Ads Free Option

In order to access the ads-free user interface, users can opt for a premium subscription for uninterrupted browsing and a seamless video chat experience.

Profile Themes

The app offers personalization tools, including various themes and backgrounds, allowing users to keep the profile fun and engaging.

Pros and Cons

Exceptional site features Limited user information
COPPA compliant app Basic plan has limited features
Robust safety and verification process Spammy ads might raise some red flags


MeetMe’s basic plan is free to use. However, the premium subscription service called MeetMe+ is a paid one:

  • MeetMe+ One Month: $7.99
  • MeetMe+ Three-Month: $17.99
  • MeetMe+ Six-Month: $29.99


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 50M+
Requires Android 5.0 or up, iOS 13.0 or up
Size 214 MB Android, 290 MB iOS

11. BeReal

Bereal app logo

Google Play Rating: 3.4/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.8/5

BeReal is one of the leading apps like Wizz for teens that informs users to post one unfiltered photo daily. If you’re wondering how it works, it sends you a notification at a random time, stating, “It’s time to BeReal.” Users have two minutes to take a photo of whatever they’re doing and have to share it with friends.

According to Social Media Today, the BeReal app was on the top list of chat apps, downloaded 315% more in 2022 than earlier. Moreover, it is also ranked #4 as the most downloaded app on social media after Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. While the use of social media is accelerating, if you’re planning to create an app like Instagram, check out our detailed guide to help you navigate the development process.

Best for Use

BeReal is highly popular among college students who are seeking online platforms to socialize with like-minded people.

Key Features

BeReal wants people to show the real side of their lives. Here’s what feature it offers to the users:


This tool entails reaction emojis that use your face instead of classic reaction smileys. All you need to do is tap on the smiley button, where you’ll access the reactions. After selecting your reaction, follow the on-screen instructions to take a selfie.


The discovery tab allows you to view publicly posted photos. After taking a picture, you have the option to make it public or keep it in friends only.

Zero Followers

BeReal doesn’t work like social media apps. It means that you can’t have followers on BeReal. You have the option to add friends, but you are required to post a BeReal moment to view your post.

Dual Camera Mode

BeReal has this feature, which activates the front and back cameras to take photos. You can take a selfie and a picture of your surroundings simultaneously.


Do you want to view your past pictures? You can access the timeline in the memories tab. It shows a calendar of all your captures, which you can easily view each of them.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use with a minimal learning curve Doesn’t use filters
Automatically private user accounts Not preferred by influencers
Authentic and promotes a realistic lifestyle Random alerts to send a picture can be overwhelming


BeReal is free to use. If you’re looking for advanced features, you can go for in-app purchases.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 8.0 or up, iOS 15.0 or up
Size 59 MB Android, 180 MB iOS

12. BeFriend

befriend app logo

Google Play Rating: 3.9/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.7/5

BeFriend (formerly known as Swipr) is a popular social networking site that enables users to meet new friends and expand their network. Currently, this app is used by over 30 million people in the United States and has helped people find like-minded people online.

The app’s interface is similar to Tinder. You can connect with people by swiping right to their profiles. Moreover, users can share public messages and chat with people without being in the ‘friend’ list. Users can also make video and audio calls anonymously.

Best for Use

BeFriend is used in over 50+ countries, and most users are teenagers under 18.

Key Features

If you’re looking to build meaningful connections, Befriend has got you covered. Here are the following features below:

Chat and Video Call

This feature offers robust chat and video call tools to facilitate seamless communication among users. It also provides private one-on-one chats to foster long-term connections.

Instant Voice Chat

This feature provides a live chat option that creates a more personal and immediate interaction. You can send recorded voice messages and use various voice filters to make conversations more engaging.


Befriend has a ‘hit me up’ feature that signals your availability for a chat or meetup. Your friends can get the alert that you’re free and open to connecting. Additionally, the app suggests spontaneous activities or virtual hangouts based on the user’s current availability.


The interest-based groups offer discussion forums where users can participate in related discussions and share tips, advice, and experiences.


This tool helps users discover potential friends nearby, making it easier to arrange meetups and participate in local activities.

Pros and Cons

Requires minimal learning curve Limited free features available
Ability to connect with people through Snapchat Limited local connections
Deliver access to daily diamonds


BeFriend is a free app overall. To improve networking, you can make in-app purchases and access more features and advanced tools.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 1M+
Requires Android 8.0 or up, iOS 11.0 or up
Size 70 MB Android, 156 MB iOS

13. Livetalk

livetalk app logo

Google Play Rating: 4.1/5

Apple Store Rating: 3.1/5

Livetalk is a widely popular app that helps people connect with others locally and worldwide. With just a single tap, you can interact with strangers and communicate on a video call. Above all, the app is quite similar to the classic ‘Chatroulette’ or ‘Omegle,’ where you can talk to strangers randomly from the comfort of your smartphone.

Best for Use

The app specifically targets teenagers and adults between the ages of 18 and 30. It is ideal for those who want to learn new cultures.

Key Features

Livetalk aims to connect people with like-minded individuals to expand social connections and to provide the best communication experience, it offers the following key features:

Interest-Based Matching

This entails an advanced matching algorithm feature that navigates the user’s interests, hobbies, and activities to offer compatible options to the user.

Interactive Maps

The app has an interactive map option that displays nearby users and popular hangout spots, making it easier for you to plan meetups and activities together.

Chat and Messaging

The app has built-in chat and messaging features to help users communicate with new friends, coordinate plans, and get to know each other better.

Robust Privacy Options

The app prioritizes privacy and safety by offering robust security options, where users have control over who can view their profile or contact them.

Profile Verification

To build authenticity, Livetalk has the verify profile option, allowing users to verify their identity and grow trust.

Pros and Cons

Supports multiple languages Moderation is not immediate and effective
Fun and interactive features and effects Privacy risks are on a higher scale
Quick and easy-to-navigate user interface Location-based matching is not in the free plan


LiveTalk offers a basic plan with limited features. The app also offers premium subscription plans with weekly, monthly, and annual subscription options.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 100M+
Requires Android 5.0 or up, iOS 15.1 or up
Size 20 MB Android, 98 MB iOS

14. Wakie

wakie app logo

Google Playstore Rating: 3.9/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.5/5

Wakie is a voice chat social networking platform where users can talk to people with similar interests globally. To be more specific, it is a pseudonymous community where you’re free to discuss any topics anonymously.

The app is free to use, but if you’re looking for premium features, you need to go for Wakie Plus to get the best social experience.

Best for Use

In terms of user segments, Wakie is mostly used by people who are eager to explore other cultures and backgrounds through socialization.

Key Features

Do you want to have spontaneous conversations with people globally? Here are some of the key features that make this app stand out:

Instant Voice Call

This feature allows users to initiate and receive voice calls with Wakie members instantly, facilitating real-time conversations with strangers.

Anonymous Communication

The Wakie app is a great platform for anonymous conversations. Users can have honest and open conversations without the pressure of revealing personal information.

Mood-Based Matching

You might have heard about interest-based matching, but have you ever heard about mood-based matching? Users can indicate their current mood and get matched with others who are feeling the same emotion.

Text Chat Option

This feature supports text chats and provides alternative ways to communicate with people besides voice calls.

Scheduled Option

The app also allows users to schedule conversations for later, providing more flexibility and planning. It is best for those who want to arrange calls at a convenient time.

Pros and Cons

Unique voice chat features Limitations in accessing features
Access to the global community for cultural exchange Covers limited geographical regions
Anonymous option to maintain privacy


The Wakie app is overall free. To access more features, you need to go for in-app purchases.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 5M+
Requires Android 8.0 or up, iOS 14.0 or up
Size 62 MB Android, 117 MB iOS

15. Hoop App

hoop app logo

Google Playstore Rating: 4.0/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.5/5

Hoop is a popular social networking platform for making new friends and is a free add-on to Snapchat. This integration enables users to view profiles worldwide and connect with them. Not to mention, there’s no chat in Hoop, and all the conversations happen on Snapchat.

It operates similarly to social media and allows users to discover and connect with others in a safe environment.

Best for Use

The app is typically used by teenagers and young adults, typically ranging from 13 to 25 years old.

Key Features

Discovering new friends has become a lot easier. For more info, here are some of the key features the Hoop app entails:

User Discovery

This feature enables users to connect with friends globally, and its advanced algorithms recommend profiles based on shared interests and location.

Profile Themes and Effects

The app allows you to customize your profile using a range of backgrounds, color schemes, and effects to showcase your personality to the world.

Age Filter

If you’re tired of coming across older matches, the Hoop app allows you to set age preferences for the profile you wish to discover and interact with.

Reward System

This feature entails a reward system where users can earn diamonds through in-app activities like sending friend requests or maintaining an active presence on the platform. These diamonds help users unlock additional features, such as sending more friend requests and accessing premium profile themes.

Interest Tags

This feature helps users to add their interests and hobbies as tags on their profile, so the matching algorithm enables them to connect with others with similar interests.

Pros and Cons

Swipe-based matching system Poor verification process
Integrated with Snapchat grows the network No private account option
Fun and engaging features like daily spin for free diamonds


The hoop app is overall free. If you’re looking to acquire premium features, you need to go for in-app purchases.

Hoop App

google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 5.0 or up, iOS 15.0 or up
Size 28 MB Android, 63 MB iOS

16. Meetup

meetup app logo

Google Playstore Rating: 4.3/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.7/5

Meetup is a great spot for making virtual friends and building local connections. Millions of people prefer using this app to meet new people, find support, learn new things, and get out of their comfort zone.

The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to connect with popular meetup groups, such as tech, fitness, career, social, hiking, and new-in-town communities.

Best for Use

The app is used by teenagers and adults, typically those aged 13 to 40. Many of them are professionals looking for networking and hobbyists seeking to talk about similar interests.

Key Features

If you’re looking to join groups related to your interests and hobbies, Meetup is a great platform to go for. Here are the key features it entails:

Search Intended Groups

This feature entails advanced search options like keyword search, category filters, popularity, and engagement filters that allow you to find your desired community and groups,

Event Schedules

The app allows you to create events with detailed descriptions, images, and logistical information such as time, date, and venue. Moreover, you can also set up events as one-time or recurring occurrences.

Social Integration

Meetup has social integration features that connect the app with popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, enabling users to share events and invite friends.

Location-Based Matching

The geolocation option automatically displays local events and groups based on the user’s current location and matches them to communities nearby.  A map view offers a visual representation of events, which makes navigation easier while attending them in person.

Reviews and Ratings

The app includes a reviews and ratings section, where users can leave reviews and star ratings for group communities and events. This makes it easier for others to gain insights and perspectives on each platform’s offerings.

Pros and Cons

Ideal for travelers used to strengthen the community Limited features available in the free plan
Entails features like RSVPs, notifications, and group messaging Limited local connections
Great for learning and career advancement opportunities


Meetup’s basic version is absolutely free. If you’re looking for premium features, you can subscribe to Meetup+, which costs around $3.99 per month.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 7.0 or up, iOS 15.0 or up
Size 69 MB Android, 214 MB iOS

17. ChatRandom

chatrandom app logo

Google Playstore Rating: 3.7/5

Apple Store Rating: 3.5/5

ChatRandom is a video chat platform that offers fun features for meeting people online. It is a free and easy-to-use app that can be used without the need to sign up. In terms of how it works, it has a random chat feature that pairs users with new people at random, which is quite similar to apps like Omegle.

To sum up, if you’re someone who struggles with socializing with people, this platform is a great way to interact and ease any difficulty you face while talking to people.

Best for Use

The users are typically young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 who are open to meeting new people for networking purposes.

Key Features

If you need random people to socialize with, this app is good to go. Here are the key features of ChatRandom:

Chat Rooms

This feature allows users to access themed virtual spaces to talk to multiple people with shared interests. Users can participate in group conversations and have fun discussions.

Cam4 Chat

The app has a Cam4 chat feature, where users can video chat with up to four people simultaneously. This feature is ideal for those who enjoy engaging in virtual conversations and want to expand their social encounters.

Location and Language Filters

These filters target specific regions to foster connections. This is particularly preferred by travelers, expats, or those who love exploring different cultures.

Virtual Gifts

This feature sends digital tokens of appreciation, which include fun and whimsical icons. It is very helpful in breaking the ice and adding a fun element to the interaction.

Random Usernames

Do you want to stay anonymous while talking to people? Users can automatically get a random username when they join the platform, which allows them to chat without revealing their identity.

Pros and Cons

Best for random chatting with strangers Poor security and verification process
Anonymous username option Limited features in the free plan
Specific chatrooms based on interests


Chatrandom app is free to use. To access more features, you can make in-app purchases.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 1M+
Requires Android 4.4, iOS 12.0 or up
Size 35 MB Android, 83 MB iOS

18. Skout

Skout app logo

Google Playstore Rating: 3.8/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.4/5

Skout is a location-based social networking app that helps users find potential friends within a radius of their location. Currently, the platform is available in 189 countries and 16 languages, catering to more than 5.5 million users.

Moreover, you can also broadcast live streams and purchase virtual currency called diamonds for use within the app.

Best for Use

It is typically used by teens and young adults who are looking to build communities within the area.

Key Features

Skout is a great platform to connect with people close to your location. For more information, here are some of the common features:


This unique feature in the Skout app sends virtual interactions or “winks” to show interest.  This playful interaction is helpful in breaking the ice and starting a conversation.

Live Broadcasting

Users can go live to chat with their friends and random people. Viewers can comment and send virtual gifts to grow engagement and following.

Buzz Feature

This feature allows post status updates, photos, and thoughts, just like social media platforms. You can grow engagement through likes, comments, and shares and stay updated on your friend’s activities.

Skout Travel

The app has a Skout travel feature, allowing users to travel virtually to different cities worldwide. This is especially useful for travelers who want to make friends before visiting a new place.

Shake to Chat

This fun feature instantly lets users connect with a random person by simply shaking their phone. It is a great tool for spontaneous interactions and enjoying conversations.

Pros and Cons

A safe and fun environment for users Doesn’t entail an age restriction under 13
Available on all platforms (iOS, Android and web browser) Messages from random people can be overwhelming
Covers a large pool of active users Profiles have incomplete information


Skout is a free app with many features for building long-term social networks. In-app purchases allow for more premium features.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 50M+
Requires Android 5.0 or up, iOS 13.0 or up
Size 199 MB Android, 288 MB iOS

19. Camfrog

Camfrog app logo

Google Playstore Rating: 3.5/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.4/5

Camfrog is a video chat and instant messaging platform that helps users connect with like-minded people worldwide. It is a convenient way to connect with family and friends who live far and wide, and its popularity has grown, especially during COVID-19.

Currently, the app is available in more than 25 languages and is growing rapidly as the need for virtual communication tools is expanding. Additionally, while social networking apps are on the rise, if you’re looking to build an app like Camfrog but struggling with taking out an accurate estimate, you can use our app development cost calculator to make informed decisions.

Best for Use

The app is usually used by teenagers and adults looking to expand their social circle. If you’re looking to network for professional purposes, it is not a good choice.

Key Features

If you’re looking to connect with others through video conversations, Camfrog is an ideal platform. Here are some of the following features it entails:

International and Local Live Chat Community

Users can access a range of chat rooms related to their interests and locations. Whether they’re interested in discussing local issues or simply want to mingle with like-minded people, the app has you covered.

Virtual Gift Store

Sending gifts is one of the easiest ways to break the ice. You can send virtual gifts and stickers to spark conversations with strangers.

Rewards Option

The more you engage with different communities, the more you can unlock exciting rewards, which include experience points, bonus coins, and special status

Public Chat Rooms

Camfrog ensures a safe and secure environment for users. You can access public chatrooms to expand your social network online and private chat rooms for more intimate conversations.

Filters and Effects

The app has a huge collection of filters and effects that users can apply to their videos during conversations. This makes chatting a whole lot more fun and engaging.

Pros and Cons

Entails a wide range of features Limited user privacy controls
Live directory of users and video chat rooms Outdated interface design
Option of instant messaging, chat rooms, and video chat Intense competition from newer platforms


Campfrog’s basic version is absolutely free. To get the paid subscription features, you can go for the following plans:

  • Green Room: $6.99 / Monthly
  • Purple Room: $19.99 / Monthly
  • Gold Room: $69.99 / Monthly
  • Platinum Room: $129.99 / Monthly
  • Diamond Room: $299.99 / Monthly


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Requires Android 5.0 or up, iOS 13.0 or up
Size 65 MB Android, 184 MB iOS

20. Vero

vero app logo

Google Playstore Rating: 3.8/5

Apple Store Rating: 4.1/5

Vero is one of the popular websites like Wizz, that works on the model of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. The content feed is quite similar to Instagram, where users share a variety of content. Moreover, you can make friends on Vero in the form of connections, which are broken down into three types: Close Friends (diamond image), Friends (3 people), and Acquaintances (handshake image). It helps users categorize connections for specific posts and acts as security for what they publish.

In 2021, Vero received recognition at the Webbys and was named an Honoree in the Best Visual Design — Aesthetic Category.

Best for Use

This app is mostly used by Gen-Z groups that are looking for alternatives to mainstream social media platforms.

Key Features

Vero is an excellent alternative to social media apps. It helps users connect with people and allows them to share their content in the form of photos, texts, and videos. Here are some of the most common features:

Vero Collections

This feature enables you to organize posts made on social networks. You don’t need to create custom collections. Instead, the posts will be automatically assigned a collection based on the type of post.

Direct Messaging

After accepting connection requests from both ends, users can easily send messages and share content in a private chat room.

Disappearing Messages

The app offers an option to keep your messages viewed once, like Snapchat. Alternatively, you can set the messages to disappear after they’re viewed by your friend.

Introduce User

This feature allows you to promote other users on your account. After clicking on the introduce user option, you can promote someone’s profile, create a post, or add a link for your followers to follow them.

Content Segmentation

This unique feature makes sharing a lot more secure and private. Users can segment contacts where they can control over whom to share photos, links, music, and videos.

Pros and Cons

Highlights videos, music, and other art Limited communities available
No ads, algorithms, or data-collecting Less appealing to non-creators
Modern-looking user interface


Vero app is a free app. To access premium features, you can go for in-app purchases and build a strong social network.


google-play app-store
Price Free
Downloads 1M+
Requires Android 9.0 or up, iOS 15.0 or up
Size 157 MB Android, 281 MB iOS

How Apps Like Wizz Make Money?

Wizz is a game-changer when it comes to expanding social interactions worldwide. It works on a freemium model, offering basic features to users at no cost. However, the platform charges called “Wizz Gold” work in the paid category and offer premium features like profile boost, accessing secret chat, and adding video to the profile.

  • Wizz Gold One-Time: $0.99
  • Wizz Gold Weekly: $6.99

These social networking apps like Wizz generate revenue by employing various monetization strategies. Here are some of the common strategies these apps integrate:

infographic showing 4 common app monetization strategies

In-App Purchases

Apps like Wizz offer premium features in the paid plan that provide a seamless networking experience to users. These features may include advanced filters, profile boosts, geo-location matching, and more. Moreover, users may also access virtual goods like stickers, emojis, or themes to make conversations more personalized.

Subscription Services

These apps similar to Wizz provide subscription models that allow you to access exclusive features. The payment plan is executed on a monthly and yearly basis. Moreover, some apps also work on a freemium model, where the basic features are free and more advanced functionalities require a subscription.


Social networking apps can also generate revenue through banner ads, native ads, video ads, and sponsored content. It aids in creating money through clicks and impressions.

Partnerships and Collaborations

One popular way to generate revenue is by collaborating with brands to offer special promotions, discounts, and exclusive content to users. Moreover, apps like Wizz can also host and promote events within the app, sponsored by companies looking to reach the app’s user base. For example, many apps like CapCut have utilized this strategy to create significant revenue streams through in-app promotions and advertisements.

When building apps like Wizz, if you’re wondering how much does it cost to make an app, you need to watch out for the features that you want to integrate and other factors like complexity, size, location, and timeframe.

Collaborate with Trango Tech for Apps Similar to Wizz

The global pandemic has revolutionized social culture, and people are now more inclined to use online social platforms to expand their friend circle. Wizz has facilitated users globally, offering a platform to discover online friends and host diverse communities and events. If you’re a socially awkward person and want to expand your social circle online, many well-known apps like Wizz work like a friend-making wizard.

Moreover, if you’re thinking about creating a social networking app, Trango Tech has you covered. We are a team of highly experienced app developers who have worked with diverse industries, including social platforms. Reach out to us today to turn your vision into a globally known app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Wizz a Dating App?

A. Wizz is not solely known as a dating site. It describes itself as a safe platform for meeting and chatting with friends globally. The app’s core user base is reported to be between 13 and 21 years old who are looking to expand their social network.

Many publications, including the NCRI study, claim Wizz is a Tinder-like app, but it is due to the fact that it has many features similar to Tinder. Users can look at strangers’ profiles and can swipe one way to dismiss them or start a conversation by swiping right.

While Wizz is not exclusively a dating app, it may be used by a small group of users to look for potential romantic partners. It depends on the user’s preference and goal. Are you looking for more apps better than Wizz? The above platforms are highly popular for expanding your social network. Moreover, if you’re figuring out how to create a dating app, you can partner with our app development experts to bring your idea into reality.

Q. Is it safe to use Wizz App?

A. Wizz is known as the ‘safe space’ for youngsters to meet like-minded people and entails robust security measures to maintain privacy. The users must be 13 and over, and they are required to take a selfie with Yoti, an AI app that verifies age by analyzing a selfie. After successful verification, the user’s age goes to confirmation and they can then access the app easily.

If you want to enhance security, you can review the shares with the app and ensure that details about your location are removed. You can also turn off visibility to prevent people from reaching out.

However, Wizz doesn’t have integrated parental controls, but they can use other apps like Qustodio to safeguard their teens from the potential risks.

Q. Why did the Wizz app get banned?

A. Wizz was recently removed from Google Play and the Apple Store due to the alleged sextortion scams identified on the site. Many users have reported that minors are forced into producing child sexual exploitation material alongside poor child safety precautions, which led the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in the US to take legal action against it.

As a result, the rising sextortion cases in regions like North America and Australia have strictly criticized Wizz and called it incapable of protecting minors and young adults online.

Q. What are the Wizz alternatives?

A. In the world of online social networks, there are many Wizz alternatives you can look out for on both Android and iOS platforms. These alternatives are mostly random chat apps as well as social platforms and video calling apps. Looking for more apps like Wizz apart from these top 20 apps similar to Wizz? Check out these ones, too:


Minutiae is an antisocial networking app that allows users to send random photos to each other. It sends a random notification to capture any moment and share it with friends.


BlaBla.Cam is a simple, Omegle-style networking platform where people can video chat with strangers online.


Mirami is one of the popular apps that are like Wizz, allowing you to access online video chats with strangers. You can join the community and talk with the users about shared interests.


It is a free and anonymous chat app for gays where they can be friends with similar people around the globe.


This platform is great for engaging and having fun chatting with strangers online. You can access chat rooms for conversations and participate in live streams.


This app is specifically for pet lovers. It allows people to chat about pets online with their friends and even allows pet adoption.


It works on a swipe-and-chat system that facilitates making new friends globally. It uses gem-based currency for ice-breaking interactions.


It is a free app that doesn’t require registration. You can access chat rooms anonymously without any verification hassles.

Q. What is the cost of building an app like Wizz?

A. If you’re wondering how much it costs to build an app like Wizz, consider its complexity and the functionalities it entails. The average app development cost of the Wizz app is between $20,000 and $30,000, depending on the complexity and features it entails. For more in-depth cost estimation, here’s the cost breakdown of each app development process:

App Development Stages

Timeframe (Weeks)

Estimated Cost

Analysis and Prototyping 2-4 Weeks $5,000 – $10,000
Front-End Development 4-8 Weeks $35,000 = $70,000
Back-End Development 6-10 Weeks $40,000 – $75,000
QA and Testing 3-5 Weeks $15,000 – $40,000
Deployment 1-2 Weeks $30,000 – $65,000

As far as the cost of app development is concerned based on the framework you opt for, here are some of the general estimates:

Type of App


React Native App Development Cost Basic: $4,000 – $10,000

Intermediate: $10,000 – $30,000

Advanced: $35,000 – $100,000+

Hybrid App Development Cost Basic: $10,000 – $50,000

Intermediate: $20,000 – $100,000

Advanced: $55,000 – $200,000+

Android App Development Cost Basic: $5,000 – $20,000

Intermediate: $30,000 – $60,000

Advanced: $70,000 – $150,000+

iOS App Development Cost Basic: $10,000 – $50,000

Intermediate: $50,000 – $100,000

Advanced: $100,000 – $150,000+

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