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Hosting over 6 Million Shopify stores and 2 Million live websites, it is one the most sought after eCommerce platform for business owners and companies alike. But all that glitters is not gold and Shopify (although a great platform) might not be the ideal choice for you to power your store on. Now, why you choose to cancel Shopify store subscription and switch over to any other platforms is subjective.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the X simple steps you can follow to easily cancel Shopify subscription. But before that, let’s discuss the drawbacks of using Shopify and potential reasons why you would want to cancel Shopify subscription.

Potential Reasons why you want to cancel Shopify subscription

The lack of personalization possibilities with Shopify is one of its biggest reasons why people deactivate Shopify subscriptions. Although Shopify has existing designs and themes to choose from and design your store with, there are only so many options to choose from. So Shopify store owners are limited in terms of modifications or giving their store a wholly unique appearance.

The hefty transaction costs associated with Shopify are another downside and major reason why people cancel Shopify subscriptions and switch over to other platforms. In addition to any fees associated with payment processing, Shopify charges its merchants a tiny percentage of each transaction. Let’s take this for example, if you sell a product for $100, you will only truly receive around $97 of those $100, not including any other hidden costs, taxes, or shipping.

In comparison to other ecommerce systems, Shopify also offers a very small number of payment methods. Even while it accepts widely used payment methods like PayPal and credit cards, it doesn’t have as many alternatives as their competitors, WooCommerce. For business owners who wish to provide utmost feasibility by giving their clients multiple payment options, these restrictions might be an issue and just may be the reason why they end up canceling their Shopify subscription or not opt for Shopify at all.

It can also be challenging to move your store to another platform since Shopify is a hosted platform. And since Shopify’s servers house all of your store’s data, you would need to export it and import it into your new platform, which is another hassle in and of itself.

These are just a few potential reasons or constraints we think you may face when using Shopify as your go-to eCommerce platform and choose to cancel Shopify subscription.

How to cancel Shopify subscription (Step-by-Step)

If you are facing any of the aforementioned constraints while using Shopify and you think it’s time to move onto a different platform, these are the 4 simple steps you can follow to cancel Shopify subscription

Step 1: Prepping Your Account Before Canceling Shopify Subscription

First things first, you need to clear your dues and credit line (if any). Shopify will email you the final invoice of any outstanding payments you have so you can pay them and move onto canceling your subscription. Although Shopify’s server keeps all your store’s data for a maximum period of up to two years, it is better to export all your store’s data yourself and create a backup, in case you change your mind later on in the future.

Step 2: Uninstalling The Apps

It is important you disable and uninstall all the Shopify apps and third-party services you’ve added or installed onto Shopify before you cancel Shopify subscription. You can do so by using your Shopify dashboard and navigating to the “Apps” section to view all the apps you have added and installed. Now you can easily delete them one by one until they are all removed and move on to the next step to cancel Shopify subscription.

Step 3: Transferring The Domain

After you cancel Shopify subscription, your domain name will not renew itself. If you bought a custom domain name, you should probably transfer it to a different registrar  because you run the danger of losing it if you don’t. You can access a few Domain Name System (DNS) settings in your Shopify admin panel, including your TXT, MX, and CNAME records. It is vital to understand that you may only transfer a domain from Shopify 60 days after making the purchase.

Depending on how you got your domain, there are several transfer procedures. If a third-party domain was linked to Shopify, you can easily delete it from the list of Shopify domains (Settings > Domains) by choosing Remove next to it. Then you can update the DNS settings with your new hosting provider. On the other hand, if you purchased your domain from Shopify, you’ll need to transfer its management to another hosting platform or registrar before you cancel Shopify subscription.

Step 4: Canceling Your Shopify Subscription

This is the final step before you officially cancel Shopify subscription. Go to Settings > Plan after logging into your Shopify account. Select the Deactivate shop button beneath your plan details at the bottom of the screen. You will next be required to provide a justification for deleting your Shopify account. Depending on the answer you give to the first question, you might see more questions. Click the Continue button once you have selected a justification.

Then, you will be prompted to enter your password again. Select Deactivate now after entering your password. If everything went well, you ought to be taken to a page stating that your store has been shut down and you’ve successfully canceled your Shopify subscription. You can discover details about your previous payments under the drop-down option titled “View your prior bills.” You can download these documents as well.

Final Thoughts (and NOTE)

Remember that if you decide to stop Shopify subscription, you will not be able to go back and begin from where you left. So, if you have even an iota of unsurety, we advise delaying instead of choosing to cancel Shopify subscription until you are certain that you are through utilizing the Shopify platform.

If you followed through these 4 simple Shopify subscription cancellation steps, then Congratulations! You no longer own a Shopify store. However, if in future you want to create a Shopify store again, it is very easy and you can do that yourself with the help of our blog on How to create a Shopify Store.

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