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AR technology has brought impeccable yet impactful technological changes in real world. Business are leveraging this technology to further enhance the mobile apps.

Want to discover what is AR Zone? Below, in this blog post, we will take you on an exciting journey into the realm of augmented reality, where you can unlock a whole new level of interactive experiences right on your mobile device.

With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, AR Zone App is revolutionizing the way we perceive and engage with the world around us.

With AR Zone App, you can:

  • Bring your imagination to life
  • Create your own AR experiences
  • Explore the latest AR trends
  • Connect with a global AR community

As a leading AR app development company, we are passionate about creating captivating and immersive experiences for our users. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch mobile app development services, ensuring that your app surpasses all the expectations.

What is AR Zone?

The AR Zone app offers Samsung and Android device users an exciting augmented reality experience.

The app harnesses Samsung’s cutting-edge AR technology, leveraging the smartphone’s camera and sensors to track user movements and superimpose digital content onto the real world.

Besides, the app empowers users with the freedom to select various features and seamlessly capture photos and videos enriched with entertaining elements.

Apart from that, AR Zone allows you to enhance your images and videos by adding virtual items like emojis, clothing items, makeup, or even furniture.

This translates into a wide range of AR experiences, including measuring tools, virtual makeup trials, and animated emojis that can be placed in your surroundings.

Overall, this simple-to-use app ensures a fantastic 3D experience.

AR Zone app

Source: Samsung

Devices on Which AR Zone App is Available

This app is primarily available on selected Samsung models, including:

  • Galaxy Z Fold5
  • Galaxy Z Flip5
  • Galaxy S23 Series
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Series
  • Galaxy S20 Series
  • Galaxy S22 Series
  • Galaxy S21 Series
  • Z Flip

How Does the AR Zone App Work?

The AR Zone is a Samsung app that lets you experience augmented reality with as little visual obstruction as possible.

One of the most effective tools for Samsung smartphones is the Samsung Apps Store.

So, how does the AR Zone app works in actual? This Samsung app is all about delivering an immersive augmented reality experience with minimal visual interruption.

If you’ve been a long-time Samsung user, you might be well acquainted with the Samsung Apps Store, but newcomers might need a bit of guidance.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to make the most of this app and the advantages it brings.

Imagine an AR app that transforms your living room into a skating rink using the camera on your Samsung phone. Sounds pretty cool, right? But how can you get your hands on it and put it to good use? Well, the AR Zone is not only free but also blissfully ad-free, and you won’t encounter any in-app purchases.

How to Download AR Zone App on My Phone?

To download it, you can search for “AR Zone” right on the main page of Samsung Apps. If you prefer a direct link, you can visit here.

How to make use of AR Zone App?

Now, let’s talk about what is AR zone app used for and how to make use of AR Zone app on Android or on Samsung.

  • Begin by unlocking your device and swiping the bar to the right. This will reveal your apps menu.
  • Look for the AR Zone app among your apps.
  • Once you’ve located it, simply tap on it.
  • Then, choose the feature you’d like to explore and enjoy the augmented reality experience.

Exploring the Features & Functions of AR Zone App

features of ar zone app

Now let’s delve into AR Zone features and functions and discover how it can enhance your Samsung smartphone experience.

This remarkable app brings a range of exciting features to the table, including;

1. AR Emoji Camera

Have you ever wanted to create your very own emoji? With the AR Zone app, you can do just that.

Take photos and record videos with ease.

  • Start by snapping pictures of yourself, your friends, or your family to create personalized emojis.
  • Head over to the ‘My Emoji’ section and select the most recent photo you took.
  • The app offers various camera modes with different characters, allowing you to create animated videos.

How to Access AR Zone Emoji Camera on Your Phone?

  • Go to your Home screen and open the ‘Camera.’
  • Tap ‘More’ and select ‘AR Zone.’
  • Choose ‘AR Emoji Camera’ from the menu.
  • To add a new emoji character, just follow the simple on-screen instructions.

The ‘Mask’ mode lets you record videos, capturing animated selfies with mask emojis.

You’ll also find other camera options like ‘Scene,’ ‘Mirror,’ and ‘Play’ modes.

2. AR Doodle

Perhaps, you may search for what is AR Doodle. Normally, AR doodle allows you to draw and include virtual images to the real world using your camera.

If you’re a fan of doodle art, you’re in for a treat with the AR Doodle feature. Express your creativity with whimsical anime characters and abstract patterns—it’s a great stress-reliever.

What makes AR Doodle even more exciting is that it tracks your face, so your doodles move in sync with your head’s movements.

3. AR Emoji Studio

The AR Emoji Studio simplifies the creation of animated characters. It’s user-friendly and loads of fun.

Personalize your characters with different hairstyles, sunglasses, outfits, and even shoes.

How to Access AR Emoji Studio?

  • Open the AR Zone and choose ‘AR Emoji Studio.’
  • If you haven’t created an emoji, select ‘Create My Emoji’ for step-by-step customization instructions.
  • After customizing your emoji, tap and hold the back symbol to explore additional AR features.

4. AR Emoji Sticker

Once you’ve created your emoji character in the AR Emoji Studio, you can fine-tune it or add more characters by selecting ‘My Emoji.’

  • Access a wide array of emoji characters in the ‘All’ section.
  • Handpick contact numbers to share the emojis and GIFs you’ve created.
  • Creating a GIF is a breeze—simply tap ‘Get Started’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Deco Pic

Deco Pic is a delightful feature that lets you send animated stickers to friends and family.

Infuse your creativity by adding lip color, mustaches, and eye color to the characters.

The best part? Samsung users can seamlessly integrate this feature into their devices, making it easy to capture enjoyable moments.

6. Home Décor Feature

The AR Zone app introduces a Home Décor feature, enabling you to virtually furnish your space.

Experiment with different furniture and home essentials to infuse style and vibrancy into your surroundings.

7. Quick Measure

A standout feature of the AR Zone app, Quick Measure, allows users to conveniently measure object sizes and distances. It’s a practical tool that enhances the overall user experience.

Important Note

Not a Samsung user? No problem! You can now access these exciting features by downloading the AR Zone app from the Samsung Store.

Enjoy creating custom emojis, adding virtual furniture, and unlocking the app’s creative potential.

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Must Have AR Tools & Technologies for AR Zone App

These AR tools can be a real game-changer for your AR Zone application development.

1. AR Emojis

Transform yourself into a 3D avatar, then use it to send personalized messages and emojis that are truly ‘you.’

2. AR Doodle

Unleash your artistic side and bring virtual creations into the real world using your camera. It’s the ultimate canvas for your imagination.

3. AR Stickers

Add a sprinkle of fun and interactivity to your photos and videos with a collection of delightful stickers.

4. Quick Measure

Use your smartphone’s camera to measure the size of objects and calculate distances. It’s a handy tool for a range of real-world situations.

5. My Filter

Craft custom filters using your own photos and seamlessly apply them to your camera app. It’s your chance to give your photos a unique touch.

6. Deco Pic

Elevate your photos with stylish frames and captivating decorations, giving them an appealing visual boost.

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Top 6 Benefits of AR Zone App

ar zone app benefits

Samsung’s AR Zone app opens up a new dimension of augmented reality (AR) experiences.

It empowers users to place AR characters in their environment, fostering interaction and knowledge.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages:

Engaging Content

AR Zone offers dynamic, interactive content that reshapes the world around you.

Immersive Interaction

Users can position AR characters in various locations, allowing them to engage creatively with the surroundings.

Informed Exploration

Whether you’re a traveler or exploring your local area, the app serves as an informative guide, providing insights into landmarks and points of interest, making your adventures more enlightening.

Creative Storytelling

AR Zone lets you become a storyteller in your environment, adding unique narratives and imaginative elements to your surroundings.

Social Connection

You can share your AR experiences with friends and family, enhancing social interactions and bonding through interactive content.

Learning and Discovery

The app encourages learning through augmented reality, making educational experiences more engaging and enjoyable.

If you want to learn how to create an augmented reality app in detail, our comprehensive augmented reality app development guide will assist you with that.

How to Uninstall AR Zone App on my Phone?

For those not inclined towards AR avatars, stickers, or emojis, the idea of uninstalling the AR Zone app may have crossed your mind. However, there’s a crucial detail to remember – AR Zone is a system application, and removal isn’t an option.

While the app poses no security risks, you can ensure it stays off your home screen by following these steps.

  • Open the App.
  • Locate the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Toggle off “Add AR Zone to Apps screen.

This action removes the app from your home screen but doesn’t delete it from your phone.

It remains accessible through your phone’s camera app.

To revisit or re-add it to your app page, go to the “MORE” option in your phone camera and select AR Zone from there.

Inside the AR Zone, you’ll find a gear icon; press it to return to the app’s page.

What I can do in AR Zone App?

At present, the AR Zone app may appear more as an entertaining addition rather than a fully-fledged software, according to some user perspectives.

Some primarily view it as an AR emoji app, missing out on its broader AR potential.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can accomplish with the app.

AR Emoji Camera

Transform yourself into an emoji character.

AR Emoji Studio

Unleash your creativity by crafting AR doodles for interactive fun.

Deco Pic and AR Emoji Stickers

Explore simpler features for adding creative elements to your photos and videos.

To unlock the app’s full AR potential and create a personalized AR avatar, you might need to consider using an additional AR Emoji Editor app.

Currently, the app does not support in-app purchases, which may limit its functionality.

How is AR Zone App Different from the Rest?

how is AR zone app is different
AR Zone Samsung app is a mobile augmented reality application that offers a unique experience. It has many features that make it stand out from the rest.

When we talk about what is AR Zone, the next query comes into mind: “How is AR Zone App Different from the Rest?”. The AR Zone Samsung App is different because it offers users the experience of being in the game with the ability to interact with objects and characters in real-time.

This is not possible with other apps, which are only limited to displaying images on a screen.

The AR Zone Samsung App also has many other features that make it stand out and give it an edge over other apps of its kind.

In short, AR zone app boasts various features that elevate it above the competition.

Unparalleled Interaction

What sets the AR Zone Samsung app apart is its ability to immerse users in real-time interactions with objects and characters, delivering an experience akin to being inside the game.

Unlike other apps that merely display images on a screen, this app lets you engage with the virtual world on a deeper level.

A Multitude of Features

The AR Zone Samsung app doesn’t stop at interaction; it offers a myriad of features that further solidify its unique standing among apps of its kind.

These additional features provide users with an edge and a broader scope of creative exploration.

The Samsung Origin

Developed by Samsung Electronics, this app swiftly made its way to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, a testament to its popularity and user appeal.

Is AR Zone App Compatible with iPhones?

Now, here’s a question for iPhone users.

Given the AR Zone app’s Android success, can iPhone users enjoy this augmented reality experience?

Before we explore iPhone compatibility, it’s essential to grasp the app’s origins.

iPhone Compatibility Conundrum

Unfortunately, the AR Zone app isn’t compatible with iPhones. Samsung designed and optimized this application exclusively for its Galaxy series of smartphones.

Its seamless functionality depends on the integration of Samsung’s hardware and software, rendering it incompatible with the iPhone.

Options for iPhone Users

While iPhone users may not access the AR Zone app, they’re not left without AR-related options.

Apple’s ARKit, AR lenses and filters on Snapchat, and the AR-based game Pokémon GO provide alternative avenues for iPhone users to delve into the world of augmented reality.

Apple’s ARKit

Apple’s ARKit serves as a comprehensive framework for developers, enabling them to craft captivating augmented reality experiences for iOS devices.

Numerous apps on the App Store harness ARKit’s capabilities, offering a plethora of engaging AR content.


Snapchat delivers a collection of AR lenses and filters compatible with iPhones. Users can revel in interactive and entertaining AR experiences through this popular app.

Pokémon GO

Gamers can venture into augmented reality territory with Pokémon GO. This AR-based game seamlessly blends the real world with the virtual, allowing players to hunt for Pokémon within their surroundings.

How to Customize AR effects in the AR Zone app?

If you’re eager to customize AR effects in the AR Zone app, the following steps will guide you through the process.

Before we embark on this creative journey, ensure that the AR Zone app is installed on your Samsung device.

If it’s not already on your device, you can conveniently download it from the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store.

Getting Started

Step 1 – Launch the AR Zone App

Initiate your AR Zone experience by opening the app from your app drawer or home screen.

Step 2 – Grant Permissions

The app may request specific permissions, including access to your camera and storage. Be sure to grant these permissions to ensure the app’s seamless functionality.

Step 3- Explore the AR Effects Library

The AR Zone app welcomes you with a user-friendly interface and a rich library of AR effects and features, such as face filters, stickers, and animations.

Take some time to explore these options and discover the creative potential they offer.

Step 4 – Customize AR Effects

Now, let’s dive into the exciting realm of personalizing AR effects to infuse your photos and videos with a unique touch.

Step 5 – Choose an AR Effect

Inside the app, locate the AR Effects icon and tap it. Browse through the assortment of effects and pick the one that captures your imagination.

Step 6 –  Customize the Effect

Once you’ve selected an effect, you often have the opportunity to fine-tune it. This customization might involve adjusting the effect’s color, size, or other parameters.

Experiment with the customization options until you achieve the desired visual appeal.

Step 7-  Apply the Effect

After tailoring the effect to your liking, tap the “Apply” or “Add” button to seamlessly incorporate it into your camera’s viewfinder. You can now harness this effect in real-time while taking photos or recording videos.

Step 8 – Capture Your Moments

With the AR effect seamlessly integrated, start capturing your precious moments.

The AR effect will gracefully adorn your frame, introducing an extra layer of creativity to your content.

Top Alternatives for AR Zone App

AR zone app alternatives

1.     Snapchat

Snapchat, the ever-popular social media platform, goes beyond fleeting photo-sharing moments. It presents an extensive AR experience.

Within its repertoire of filters, lenses, and AR games, Snapchat empowers you to dynamically alter your surroundings in real time. Let’s delve into Snapchat’s AR capabilities.

Snapchat’s AR Features

  • Snapchat boasts a diverse collection of filters and lenses, spanning from comical masks to captivating visual enhancements.
  • Snapchat stands as a superb choice for those seeking a socially engaging and playful AR adventure.
  • It’s the ideal platform for sharing your augmented reality escapades with friends.

2.     Google ARCore

Google ARCore stands as a versatile AR platform compatible with an array of Android devices.

It equips developers with the tools and capabilities needed to craft intricate AR applications.

Whether you aim to measure objects or insert virtual furniture into your living space, Google ARCore provides comprehensive solutions.

Google ARCore’s AR Features

  • ARCore skillfully identifies flat surfaces and generates a virtual map of your surroundings.
  • It meticulously tracks your device’s movements, enhancing the realism of AR experiences.
  • Google ARCore serves as a potent choice for those in pursuit of a versatile AR platform brimming with boundless possibilities.

3.     IKEA Place

For ardent interior design enthusiasts and furniture shoppers, IKEA Place emerges as an indispensable AR app.

This application enables you to insert virtual IKEA furniture into your living space, offering a sneak peek of how it complements your surroundings before committing to a purchase.

IKEA Place’s AR Features

  • IKEA allows you to see furniture items harmonize with your living space. Also, you can Immerse yourself in high-quality, lifelike 3D renditions of furniture pieces via this app.
  • Overall, IKEA Place stands as an invaluable tool, simplifying decision-making for home decorators and furniture shoppers alike.

4.     Pokémon GO

While Pokémon GO initially garnered acclaim for its location-based gaming, it also exemplifies exceptional AR gaming.

It encourages you to explore the tangible world, capture Pokémon, and partake in thrilling battles, all through your smartphone.

Pokémon GO’s AR Features

  • Via this app, you can encounter Pokémon in the real world through your device’s camera.
  • Also, you can capture captivating AR photos alongside your cherished Pokémon.
  • Furthermore, Pokémon GO proves an excellent choice if you seek to unite gaming and augmented reality within an immersive outdoor adventure.

5.     Augmented Reality Compass

Augmented Reality Compass is an exceptional navigation app offering an augmented reality twist.

It provides a unique way to explore and navigate your surroundings, making it especially handy when you’re traveling or trying to find your way in unfamiliar places.

Augmented Reality Compass Features

  • The app superimposes directions and points of interest onto your device’s camera view, ensuring you stay on the right path.
  • Besides, it offers information about nearby landmarks, businesses, and places, enhancing your understanding of the area.
  • Moreover, with this app, you can keep your hands free, as it guides you via your device’s camera display.
  • Overall, it is a valuable tool for travelers and adventurers, allowing them to explore and navigate with ease.

6.     YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is a versatile beauty and fashion app that incorporates augmented reality for a unique user experience.

It enables you to experiment with makeup, hairstyles, and accessories in real-time, helping you discover your ideal look before trying it out in reality.

YouCam Makeup’s AR Features

  • In this app, you can test a wide range of makeup products, from lipsticks to eyeshadows, in real time using your device’s camera.
  • Also, you can experiment with various hairstyles, hair colors, and hair accessories to find the perfect look.
  • Furthermore, you can try on virtual accessories like glasses, hats, and jewelry to complete your ensemble.
  • Overall, YouCam Makeup is a must-have app for fashion enthusiasts, beauty aficionados, and anyone looking to explore different styles and looks effortlessly.

The Potential Business Opportunities with the AR Zone App

As the Extended Reality industry continues to expand, the subsector of AR and Mobile AR is poised for significant growth.

By the end of 2022, there were approximately 800 million mobile AR users worldwide, a number projected to surge to 1.73 billion by 2024.

From a business perspective, the AR Zone app stands out as one of the few applications that offer users dedicated AR-powered features. While a newer beta version of AR Canvas is available for Android devices, it currently differs in functionality.

Notably, the AR Zone app has already garnered over 1,000 downloads on the Google Play Store, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.4, indicating significant potential for app entrepreneurs to surpass this milestone with a bit more effort.

Moreover, while Google Play and the Apple Store host apps with AR functionality, most of them are centered around gaming, making them non-direct competitors to the AR Zone App.

Notably, visual media giants like Snapchat and Instagram have not yet fully harnessed AR technology as a core element of their business models.

This presents a golden opportunity for app entrepreneurs interested in AR technology to explore this specific market and potentially transform an app like the AR Zone into a million-dollar business venture.

So, if you’re keen on developing a customer-centric app that effectively leverages augmented reality, consider partnering with an app development company and get an estimate for AR app development cost.

Monetizing an App Like AR Zone – Strategies for Appreneurs & Entrepreneurs

AR zone app monetization strategies

There are various monetization approaches for launching an AR-integrated app, ensuring it becomes a lucrative venture.

Sponsored Advertisements

You can choose to offer the app for free and generate revenue through sponsored advertisements.

In-App Purchases

In addition to ads, free apps can also profit from in-app purchases.

Revenue Models

If you’re interested in exploring effective revenue models for your app, check out a comprehensive blog on the subject.

Brand-Based In-App Purchases

In-app purchases can be structured in two ways: brand-based, where advanced features are sold for a specific price.

Third-Party-Based In-App Purchases

Third-party-based in-app purchases allow developers to earn commissions from third-party advertisers by displaying their ads within the app post-sale.

Premium Memberships and Subscription Services

Premium memberships and subscription services are additional profitable monetization strategies for 2021.

Real-Time Video Conferencing

Businesses can adapt the core functionality of the AR Zone and transform it into a real-time video conferencing tool, potentially revolutionizing the corporate landscape.

Business Opportunities

While the AR Zone app remains unavailable for major Android and iOS users, this creates substantial business opportunities for aspiring appreneurs.

Three Profitable AR-Related Ideas for 2024

To launch a unique app harnessing AR functionality, consider three profitable and technologically advanced AR-related ideas for capitalizing in 2021:

Augmented Reality Games

Develop and release an Augmented Reality game, an investment that has the potential for substantial returns, capitalizing on user interest in AR environments.

Digital Painting App

Introduce a digital painting app that empowers users to create 3D sketches and scenes, integrating image recognition features for expanded creative possibilities.

AR-Enabled Ecommerce App

Launch an ecommerce app enabling users to try on outfits through AR features, integrating AR/VR elements to enhance the shopping experience, similar to popular shopping apps.

Exploring the Location of Quick Measure in the AR Zone App

While many Samsung users enjoy AR features like emoji stickers and AR doodles, owners of Samsung devices equipped with a DepthVision camera can access a more practical AR application – Quick Measure, designed to enhance everyday life.

Initially, Quick Measure was integrated into the AR Zone app. However, it is now available as a separate application preloaded on recent Galaxy S and Note devices, and users can download it from the Play Store if their device is compatible.

This feature makes use of AR to offer real-world measurements, providing users with a useful tool beyond the realm of entertainment.

Top Features of AR Zone App

  • AR Emoji Camera
  • AR Emoji Stickers
  • AR Emoji Studio
  • AR Doodle
  • Deco Pic
  • Quick Measure
  • Picture Link

What is AR Zone on Samsung Galaxy S20?

AR Zone is a software feature that is available on Samsung Galaxy S20 and some other Samsung devices.

It is a platform that allows users to access a variety of Augmented Reality (AR) features and applications, including AR emojis, AR doodles, and AR stickers.

To access AR Zone on the Galaxy S20, users can swipe up from the home screen to open the app drawer, then find and tap on the AR Zone icon.

Alternatively, some Samsung camera modes, such as the “AR Doodle” mode, may also launch AR Zone automatically.

Unveiling AR Zone App on Samsung Galaxy S20

The AR Zone is a nifty software feature found on the Samsung Galaxy S20, as well as several other Samsung devices.

This digital playground opens up a realm of Augmented Reality (AR) possibilities, from expressive AR emojis to doodles and stickers.

To embark on your AR adventure, all you need to do is swipe up from your home screen, revealing the app drawer. There, you’ll spot the AR Zone icon. A quick tap on that icon, and you’re ready to dive into the world of AR creativity.

There’s another way the AR Zone beckons you. Sometimes, when you’re in certain camera modes, like the “AR Doodle” mode, it automatically launches AR Zone, setting the stage for your AR escapades.

What is AR Zone App in A Nutshell – Bottom Line

The AR Zone app is a revolutionary new way to express yourself and explore the world around you. With its AR emojis, doodle, and stickers, you can transform yourself, your photos, and your videos with virtual elements.

AR Zone is a great way to have fun with friends and family, or to simply explore your own creativity. It’s also a great way to learn about new cultures and experiences.

The AR Zone app on Android and Samsung phones brings the exciting world of augmented reality right to your fingertips.

With its diverse range of features like AR emojis, AR doodle, and AR stickers, this app allows users to unleash their creativity and enhance their photos and videos with virtual elements.

Whether you want to transform yourself into a playful AR character or add interactive AR stickers to your surroundings, the possibilities are endless.

Make sure to download the app from official sources and keep your device’s security measures up to date.

To summarize, the AR Zone app opens up a world of augmented reality possibilities, providing a unique and entertaining way to express yourself and engage with your surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is AR zone app on Android?

The AR zone app on Android is a feature that allows users to access augmented reality experiences on their devices. It provides various AR functionalities such as AR emojis, AR doodle, and AR stickers.

What is AR zone app on Samsung Phone?

AR zone on a Samsung phone is a pre-installed application that enables users to explore augmented reality features. It offers a range of options like AR emojis, AR doodle, and AR stickers for users to enhance their photos and videos with virtual elements.

Is AR zone app Safe?

Yes, the AR zone app is generally safe to use. However, it is always recommended to download applications from official app stores and ensure that your device has security measures in place to protect against potential risks.

What is AR zone app on my phone?

The AR zone app on your phone is a feature that provides access to augmented reality experiences. It allows you to create AR emojis, use AR stickers, and engage in other interactive AR activities.

Is AR emoji safe?

AR emojis are generally safe to use. However, it is essential to exercise caution when sharing personal information or images while using AR emoji features, as with any online interaction.

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