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From Idea to Success – Ahyon’s App Development Journey in NYC

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Mobile and web app development in New York has gained significant popularity. Many companies have jumped the app development bandwagon to reap mobile app benefits, secure loyal customers, and build a solid online presence. And it is one of the 5 signs that you should invest in mobile app development for your New York business.

To be honest, the competition is cutthroat, and on top of that, if a website or application is showing signs of poor functionality, it can lead to drastic results. Amidst many businesses facing fierce competition was AHYON. Its status checked many boxes of the signs that tell it’s time to invest in a mobile app and needed an expert ecommerce app development company to find a working solution.

Ahyon is a marine transportation, peer-to-peer boating assistance, and towing service company. It wanted to take charge of marine transportation and assistance for people on Lake Tahoe but was facing difficulties in communicating effectively. This was when it decided to contact Trango Tech, a leading cross-platform and e-commerce app development company.

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Industry: Marine Transportation & Peer-to-Peer Boating Assistance

Landscape: Marine transportation steers global trade. The customers list mainly includes people with tug and towboats, barges, container ships, bulk cargo ships, ferry and passenger cruises.

The competitors list can include businesses providing peer-to-peer boating assistance and transportation services.

Size: The global maritime logistics and services industry stood firm at just over USD 77 billion in 2022 and crossed USD 83 billion in 2023. Moving on, the industry expects it to cross USD 151.5 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 7.8% during 2024 – 2032.

Background: Ahyon is an up and coming name in the marine transportation industry, facing multiple communication and operational challenges. It wanted a

App Idea: Application with navigation and transit integrations, along with engaging and easy UI and strong backend for smooth functionality.

Ahyon and Trango Tech: Project Talk and Goals

Ahyon and Trango Tech

Ahyon wanted to revolutionize the marine transportation services and approached us with a clear set of goals and vision for app investment. Our app developers collaborated with them to strategize an effective action plan with the objective of empowering Ahyon and its services of life-saving assistance at sea. We analyzed data from various aspects of marine transportation industry and deduced that it needs a custom website and a mobile application. We intended to enhance the user experience with a friendly interface and powerful functionality to provide users with an effortless way to access essential services, such as fuel and first aid.

In addition to this, we aimed to help Ahyon establish a robust monitoring system. It will assist in keeping an eye on the operations and allow Ahyon representatives to respond to situations promptly.

By enabling faster processing and efficient resource allocation, we helped Ahyon improve its working and operations and become a fundamental assistance service provider for people at sea.

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●     Challenges and Hurdles Faced by Ahyon

Ahyon is an up and coming name in the marine transportation industry. It was facing difficult situations and wanted innovative solutions. As we all know, the sea is unpredictable, and it takes no time for it to turn violent. Therefore, emergency assistance should also be quick to respond, efficient to collaborate, and practical to provide peace of mind. However, their work was challenged by slow and manual processing. The real hurdle was that they did not have digital platforms for communication and services. Trango Tech helped Ahyon streamline processing, communication, and service response with a tailored mobile app strategy to provide better services overall.

●     Trango Tech’s Solution: Recipe For Success in NYC

The team at Trango Tech brainstormed to strategize a comprehensive digital transformation assistance. It included a custom website, a mobile app powered by Flutter, and a monitoring system based on Laravel. These solutions efficiently work together in synergy to provide a user-friendly experience for people seeking aid. The website helped users to access information, make bookings, and talk with Ahyon support. On the flip side, the mobile solutions brought all the services into the hands of the users, helping them access all the services on the go, plus receiving notifications and updates.

●     Impact of Creatively Tailored Solution

Our creative and custom tech solutions implementation helped Ahyon transform its help and assistance service. It improved its response times, increased its reputation, streamlined operations, lowered the risk of errors, and expanded its reach. Ahyon’s life-saving service was enhanced, making a positive impact on the safety standards at sea. Finally, it solidified their position as one of the leaders in their niche and filed. Communication and collaboration improved, enabling Ahyon’s team to take quick actions in times of need.

●     The Business Side of Things

Our creatively thought-out strategies and dynamic approach for Ahyon comprised a powerful and focused set of solutions according to app market trends. We build a custom website with a smooth experience and engaging interface along with a custom app development with Flutter. It totally changed the outlook of Ahyon and redefined how marine assistance is served by professionals. Finally, to make sure everything is under the watchful eye of Ahyon, we utilized the power of Laravel to introduce a real-time monitoring system that improved operations and functionality. We integrated these tools to boost Ahyon’s processing power, efficiency, responsiveness, and quality of service. Finally, we contracted for app maintenance and support for smoother functionality in the long term. As a result, it reassured the people that they provide safe and reliable peer-to-peer, maritime, and towing services.

●     Technology Stack We Applied


A cross-platform, open-source, Javascript runtime environment. It can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, and more.


A general-purpose, high-level language. It supports multiple programming frameworks, including object-oriented, structured, and functional programming.

React Native

React native app development services help with better integrations. It is an open-source UI software framework built by Meta Platforms that help build for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP.


It is a free and open-source relational database management system empowering extensibility and SQL compliance.


It is a simple yet powerful programming and core technology of the Web, along with HTML and CSS.

●     Results of Our Powerful Strategy

Our masterful strategies in app design, digital solutions, and app store optimization (ASO) not only transformed Ahyon’s operations but also improved its credibility, business growth, and overall standings. As a result, it expanded its circle, enhanced customer experience, and drove sales and growth. In simple terms, it made them stand out in the competitive marine transportation industry.

The results were excellent.

ahyon results

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