15 Best Apps For Realtors: For iOS & Android

There are so many things you need to do in a day, and so many people to keep happy: new clients, landlords, tenants, your team…and that’s before we talk about the paperwork, the inventory (so many keys!), the people you need to be in touch with and more.

So how do you make your life simpler? Well, one way to do so is to simply download an app for real estate agents. Why? Because downloading real estate apps won’t just simplify your business; it will give you hours back of your life, not to mention, even save you money! And that means….more clients, and more revenue! But before we dive into which app for real estate agents you should download and how they can help you, let’s discuss what real estate apps are.

What Are Real Estate Apps?

Real Estate apps are basically applications that are aimed specifically towards real estate agents, buyers, sellers, investors, and even landlords, aiding them by increasing their reach and streamlining the property dealing process and making it more efficient. There are a wide variety of real estate apps available, each with its own specific features and functions. Some apps allow users to search for properties, view listings, and get real-time updates on the real estate market. Other apps provide tools for managing leads, scheduling appointments, and tracking sales and commissions. Still, others offer resources for creating and sharing marketing materials, such as flyers and brochures. If you are looking for mobile app development for real estate, then just get in touch with us at Trango Tech.

Now that we’ve discussed what real estate apps are and who to contact if you’re looking to create your own real estate app, let’s move on to what benefits do the best apps for realtors entail.

real estate apps

Benefits of Real Estate Apps

There are a plethora of benefits real estate apps bring about. Some of the benefits they entail are:

  • Connect with Potential Leads

With real estate marketplace apps, it has become easier for real estate agents, buyers, sellers, property owners, and renters to connect with each other.

  • Easier Communication (w/ clients and staff)

With designated real estate communication apps, it has become easier for realtors to communicate with clients, reach out to potential leads, and with other members of the team as well.

  • Increase Market Reach

With over 5 billion smartphone users worldwide, real estate apps have helped remove the limitations associated with physically going to look for places. Now, users can search, view, and purchase property from the comfort of their own homes, while also removing the need for a middleman agent.

  • Increase Sales and Retention

Real estate mobile applications offer a plethora of various different sales channels like calls, email marketing, promotional texts, and more, directly to potential leads to churn more revenue and generate more sales. 

  • Increase Organizational Skills

These apps act like a centralized platform for the real estate market, enabling realtors to maximize efficiency and help them divert more focus to targeting and converting their audience to customers.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to how you can shortlist and choose the best apps for realtors.


How to Choose The Best Apps For Realtors

When selecting the perfect app for real estate agents, there are a few crucial characteristics and qualities to keep an eye out for. These consist of:

  • All-in-one capabilities: Your app should enable you to more effectively manage every element of your daily life rather than requiring you to use various apps for different tasks.
  • Features that save time: Your software should make it easier to complete time-consuming tasks including payroll, internal communication, and scheduling. It should be easy to use and not convoluted.
  • User onboarding: With the help of login authorization and instructions on how to use each function, every user should be able to get up and running reasonably quickly.
  • User profiles and communication tools: Each user ought to have a profile that sets them apart from other users and makes it simple to get in touch with them. Using the app, you ought to be able to phone or message other users.
  • Push notifications: Your mobile device should be configured such that the most pertinent news, updates, and communications are immediately displayed as notifications.
  • Who is the app intended for? Do you require a real estate app that primarily serves the needs of real estate agents? Or do you require the greatest possible software for users? Or perhaps you require a combined app.

Now that you know what real estate apps are, what are the benefits they entail, and how to gauge the best apps for realtors, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 real estate agent apps so you can dominate your marketing, improve communication, and boost productivity.

Our Top 15 Picks: Best Apps for Realtors

1.    Connecteam

Businesses may effectively and efficiently connect with and manage their staff with the Connecteam mobile app for real estate agents. It is used in a variety of sectors, including real estate, to improve teamwork and keep projects and tasks on track. Connecteam is used in the real estate sector to connect and notify agents and brokers about new listings, open houses, client meetings, and more. In order for everyone to stay on top of their schedules and tasks, it enables real-time updates and messaging. Additionally, it enables the sharing of information and documents that are accessible to all team members, such as property listings and contracts. Real estate professionals benefit from Connecteam because it improves productivity and streamlines communication. It enables quick and simple information sharing between brokers and agents, which helps lessen confusion and errors. Additionally, it enables better collaboration and communication among team members, which may speed up and enhance the effectiveness of their job. In general, Connecteam is a useful app for real estate agents and professionals aiming to boost productivity and communication. It enables rapid and simple sharing of data and documents and keeps teams informed and connected. Real estate professionals can use Connecteam, one of the best apps for realtors, to keep themselves organized and on top of their business whether they are working from home or in the office.

2.    DotLoop

DotLoop is a fully integrated transaction management app that is extremely popular among real estate brokers and real estate agents. It helps streamline transactions and eliminate the need for paperwork, all while enabling them to seamlessly collaborate with each other, and maximize productivity. DotLoop also comes integrated with an AI algorithm that accurately predicts the required forms (accurate up to 85%), making it one of the best apps for realtors

3.    BombBomb

BombBomb, although not made specifically for the real estate industry, helps real estate agents build, nurture, and cultivate relationships. By creating personalized video messages, through BombBomb, real estate agents are able to send them as video emails. The philosophy behind BombBomb was that people usually forget to reply to messages, or don’t remember them. So by using video messages, people are more likely to remember them and reply to them. Ultimately, helping drive more sales. BombBomb is one of the best apps for realtors as it is being used by more than 30,000 real estate professionals.

4.    FreshDesk

FreshDesk is a highly useful cloud-based customer support app for real estate agents that is feature-rich with an easy-to-use and understand navigation menu, helping real estate professionals find fresh leads. It has support for multiple channels such as live chat, phone call, email, and social media, all of them used by real estate professionals to improve the customers’ experience and support. Real estate professionals can also automate answers with a pre-programmed bot to give their leads an instant reply.

5.    CINC

CINC, aka Commissions Inc., is a marketing and sales tool popular within the real estate industry. It helps real estate professionals generate new leads through targeted campaigns, personality drip campaigns, a conversion engine, and a database management system. CINC enables real estate professionals to monitor and track user behaviors, such as properties they have viewed. It also allows them to directly cater calls, messages, and emails directly from one screen within their system. This enables businesses to create a lasting impression, help increase conversion rate, and maximize their customer satisfaction efforts. CINC also boasts a subscription-based AI system that helps real estate agents immediately respond to leads.

6.    Close

Close is an all-in-one sales multichannel CRM platform that helps businesses manage their sales team and process. In the real estate industry, Close is used to streamline communication with clients, monitor and keep track of leads, and manage the sales process from start to finish. It allows real estate professionals to keep all of their client information in one place, easily access past communication and notes, and schedule appointments as well as follow-up tasks. Why Close is so highly valuable to real estate professionals because of its ability to help manage a large number of leads simultaneously. With the platform’s lead tracking and prioritization features, real estate agents can easily identify the most promising leads and focus their efforts on converting them into clients. In addition to its lead management capabilities, Close also offers a range of sales automation tools that help real estate professionals save time and increase efficiency. For example, agents can use the platform to set up automated email campaigns and follow-up tasks, helping them stay in touch with leads and clients without having to spend hours on manual outreach. In short, Close.io is a valuable tool for real estate professionals looking to streamline their sales process and improve their communication with clients. By helping agents manage their leads, schedule appointments, and automate key tasks, Close can help real estate professionals close a greater number of deals more efficiently and grow their businesses.

7.    Cloud Agent Suite

Cloud Agent Suite is a popular platform used by real estate professionals to use Multiple Listing Service (MLS) tools for an improved Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), alerts for new listings, and searches, all to generate new leads. This CMA application is also used as a virtual staging app for real estate agents to create stunning reports, property reports, presentations, 3D simulations for home tours, and flyers, to close deals more efficiently and gather a greater number of listings.

8.    LionDesk

Liondesk is a customer relationship management (CRM) app for commercial real estate professionals. It helps agents, brokers, and teams manage their leads, clients, and transactions by organizing and automating various tasks such as email marketing, lead generation, and task management. Liondesk is being used to streamline and optimize the sales process for real estate agents. E.g., agents can use Liondesk to keep track of their leads, schedule appointments, and send automated emails to their clients. It also has a feature that enables you to make and attend calls from within the system while simultaneously being able to record notes or minutes during the call. This allows them to be more efficient and effective in their daily tasks, freeing up more time to focus on closing deals and building relationships with clients. It is also beneficial for real estate professionals because it allows them to centralize all of their client and transaction data in one place. This means they can easily access and update information on their clients and transactions, making it easier to track their progress and stay organized. In addition, Liondesk’s powerful analytics and reporting tools allow real estate agents to track their performance and identify areas for improvement. Overall, Liondesk is one of the most valuable real estate agent apps for professionals looking to improve their efficiency, productivity, and success in the industry. By automating various tasks and providing a central location for client and transaction data, Liondesk helps real estate professionals stay organized and focused on their business goals.

9.    Hurdlr

Hurdlr is a financial tracking and management real estate agent app that is being used by realtors, property managers, and landlords to track and manage their income, expenses, and taxes. One of the primary benefits of Hurdlr for real estate professionals is its ability to track and categorize income and expenses automatically. This helps users quickly and accurately see how much money they are making and where their money is going. Hurdlr also provides real-time updates on tax deductions and credits, allowing users to make informed decisions about their financial planning. In addition to its financial tracking capabilities, Hurdlr also offers features such as invoicing, receipt scanning, and mileage tracking. These features help real estate professionals to streamline their business operations and reduce the time and effort required to manage their finances. Overall, Hurdlr is a valuable tool for real estate professionals looking to simplify their financial management and get a clear picture of their income, expenses, and taxes. Its automation features and real-time updates make it the best expense-tracking app for realtors looking to stay on top of their finances and grow their businesses.

10.  Zillow

Zillow is a full-featured app for real estate agents with over a million of homes and apartments for sale or rent, which includes listings made by agents and for-sale-by-owners as well as rental listings from other individuals, apartment buildings, and property management firms. Users can find local real estate professionals and agents via Zillow’s real estate agent directory, and the app’s built-in mortgage tool makes it simple to calculate payments. Zillow aggregates listings from nearly every Multiple Listing Service system in the US, making it the go-to app for real estate professionals and other users. As a result, if a property has been advertised for sale, it will almost certainly appear on Zillow, making it the best open house app for realtors as well as the best mortgage calculator app for realtors.

11.  Exposio

Exposio is another innovative app for real estate agents that helps them manage and showcase their properties in a more efficient and effective way. It allows users to create interactive, 3D virtual tours of their properties and share them with potential buyers or clients. One of the major benefits of Exposio for real estate professionals is the ability to conduct virtual tours of properties without the need for in-person visits. This saves time and money and allows a more efficient and convenient way for buyers to view properties from anywhere in the world. Exposio also offers a range of features to help real estate professionals manage and showcase their properties, including adding photos, floor plans, and other relevant information to each virtual tour. This helps buyers to get a better understanding of the property and make more informed decisions.

12.  Canva

Canva is a graphic design app that allows users to easily create professional-looking designs, such as logos, social media posts, and marketing materials. Canva is being used as a real estate agent app to create promotional materials, such as brochures and flyers, to market properties to potential buyers. It is also being used to create social media posts and graphics to promote listings and engage with followers on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. One of the benefits of using Canva app for real estate agents is its user-friendly interface, which allows even those without design experience to create visually appealing materials. It also offers a wide variety of templates and design elements, such as images, fonts, and graphics, that can be easily incorporated into designs. In addition, Canva offers features such as collaboration tools, which allow multiple team members to work on a design together, and the ability to save and access designs from any device. This can be particularly useful for real estate professionals who may be on the go and need to access and update materials quickly. Overall, Canva is a valuable tool for real estate professionals looking to create professional-looking designs and promotional materials to market their properties and engage with potential clients. Its user-friendly interface and wide variety of design elements make it a useful tool for creating visually appealing materials that can help real estate professionals stand out in a competitive industry.

13.  MileIQ

MileIQ is a mobile app that allows users to track their mileage, whether they use it for tax purposes or for reimbursement from their employer, it’s on them. This real estate agent app is especially useful for professionals as it allows them to accurately track the miles they drive for work purposes, such as visiting properties, meeting with clients, and attending industry events. This can be particularly useful for agents who work on a commission basis, as they can claim their mileage as a tax deduction. In addition to tracking mileage, the MileIQ app also allows users to categorize their trips as business or personal, making it easier to keep track of and categorize expenses. It also provides detailed reports and allows users to export their data to other applications, such as Excel or QuickBooks. The MileIQ app is beneficial for real estate agents in several ways. It helps them save time and money by automating the mileage tracking process, and it also provides a more accurate record of their expenses. This can be particularly useful during tax season, as it allows agents to claim all of the deductions they are entitled to. Additionally, this real estate agent app can help professionals demonstrate the time and resources they invest in their work, which can be useful for negotiating higher commissions or fees. All this makes the MileIQ app the best mileage tracking app for realtors as well as the best tax app for realtors looking to accurately track their expenses and maximize their income.

14.  PalmAgent ONE

The PalmAgent ONE was developed with the purpose of aiding real estate agents and professionals to easily operate from any location remotely, at any time. With the aid of PalmAgent ONE, agents may quickly determine the most crucial figures they must offer to clients: buyer estimates and seller net sheets, based on the state and county. PalmAgent ONE frees up agents’ time from manual calculations and displays data in simple graphs: To automatically generate attractive, comprehensive graphs and tables, you must enter the sales price, down payment, interest rate, broker fee, and up to seven more pieces of information (depending on the report).

15.  Curb Hero

Curb Hero is an app for real estate agents that allows real estate professionals to quickly and easily identify and market properties based on their curb appeal. With the app, users can take a photo of a property’s exterior, and the app will analyze the photo to determine the property’s curb appeal score. This score is based on a variety of factors, including the condition of the property, the landscaping, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the exterior. Real estate professionals are using Curb Hero in a variety of ways. Some are using it to identify properties that have high curb appeal and are likely to sell quickly, while others are using it to identify properties that may need some work before they are ready to hit the market. Additionally, some real estate professionals are using this real estate agent app to help them market properties more effectively, by highlighting the property’s curb appeal in listings and marketing materials. One of the key benefits of Curb Hero for real estate professionals is that it allows them to quickly and easily assess a property’s curb appeal, which can be a significant factor in determining its value and marketability. By providing a reliable and objective measure of curb appeal, Curb Hero can help real estate professionals make informed decisions about which properties to invest in, and how to market them effectively. Additionally, the app can help real estate professionals save time and effort by automating many of the tasks involved in assessing and marketing properties, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks. Overall, Curb Hero is a valuable tool for real estate professionals looking to optimize their business and increase their success in the industry.

Key Takeaways

Real estate apps are mobile applications that are specifically designed for professionals in the real estate industry. These apps for commercial real estate are used by a wide variety of professionals to help manage their businesses and stay organized and informed.

Real estate apps are useful for real estate professionals because they allow them to access information and tools on the go. Using apps for commercial real estate, professionals can stay connected and informed, even when they are away from the office. These apps can help to streamline communication, increase productivity, and make it easier to manage and grow a real estate business.

You can choose from a wide variety of different apps for commercial real estate to help you out from our list of best apps for realtors. They include Connecteam, DotLoop, BombBomb, FreshDesk, CINC, Close, Cloud Agent Suite, LionDesk, Hurdlr, Zillow, Homestyler, Canva, MileIQ, PalmAgent One, to Curb Hero, each entailing its own set of benefits. If you want to create real estate apps like these, just get in touch with us, the leading custom mobile app development company and we’ll help you shoot for the stars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tools and apps for commercial real estate do agents use?

There are a plethora of tools real estate agents use to make their lives easier, streamline business, and generate more revenue. Here is a list of the 15 most common real estate agent apps used by real estate professionals; PalmAgent One, Connecteam, Zillow, BombBomb, FreshDesk, CINC, Homestyler, DotLoop, LionDesk, Close, Hurdlr, Canva, MileIQ, Curb Hero, Cloud Agent Suite.

Which app is best for house selling?

That would be none other than the real estate agent app, Zillow. What makes it so sought after? Well, that’s because Zillow aggregates listings from nearly every Multiple Listing Service system in the US. So if a property has been advertised for sale, it will almost certainly appear on Zillow.

Which app is better: Zillow or realtor?

Because of its vast reach, Zillow’s app is deemed the one of the finest real estate agent apps overall. The most popular real estate website in the United States, according to its website, is Zillow and since Zillow receives more traffic than Realtor, you will inevitably receive greater visibility and engagement. This is another reason why Zillow is superior to Realtor and is regarded as one of the best apps for realtors. In addition, compared to Realtor, which exclusively uses listings submitted by agents to the MLS, Zillow has a far wider selection of properties (including FSBO listings).

What app do realtors use for pictures?

Realtors use a variety of different real estate agent apps for pictures but we recommend Exposio. Why? Well, the Exposio photo processing engine eliminates all of your labor by combining various exposures through which the lighting is improved to resemble how the human eyes perceive it. This is why Exposio images are so appealing, making it a highly sought-after app for commercial real estate.

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